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These notes are from the 2009 meetings —
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9 December 15 Present (Christmas Party!)

Our Celebration Christmas Lunch was a fitting finale for our first year as the Kenthurst Community Craft Group.  There were so many crafty surprises scattered throughout the afternoon and such fun recognizing that many of our cracker hats matched our clothes.  Top marks to Kylie for answering so many of the riddles.  The meal was beautifully served without being hurried so our programme fitted in well.  I thought the staff were extremely good and was pleased to have a spare ‘Christmas Pudding’ to give to one of the waitresses who admired them.

It was good to remind ourselves that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” and to read the Christmas story from the gospel of Luke.  Louise gave the grace before the meal and because it was not easy to be heard by everyone as there were other large groups in the room, handed out the story she had planned to read  and which she had thoughfully prepared copies for us all.  We received all manner of little gifts including beautiful lavender sachets prepared by Heather.  Everyone received a Certificate of Merit and  my four wonderful friends and helpers received the “Christmas Pudding” award for faithful service.  Our thanks to Gwenda and girls who arrived early to help decorate the tables.

Everyone present contributed to the joyful time we had as we enjoyed our lunch, took photos, laughed and shared with each other.  It was disappointing that Carol was called in to work and was unable to come.  My feeling is (as I mentioned to one or two of you) that we should reimburse her $20 from our funds which are currently over $70 as she not only missed the meal but more importantly, such a special time we shared together.  I will be taking all the mementos we saved, to her on Friday and would like to include the refund if you all agree to that.

I will also make certificates for others of our group who were unable to attend and give then out next year.  We all just loved our Knitting brooches made by Rosemary and as suggested by Josie, they could be our official Kenthurst Community Craft badges to wear to our meetings.  What fun!

May this Christmas be special to each one of us and may the love, joy and peace we encountered today always be a part of our fellowship together.

2 December 11 Present (last meeting until 3 February 2010)

A good morning - despite most of core group away. Marilyn, Rosemary, Heather & Alison helped with the setting up of room and kitchen also the bump down.  Rosemary kindly brought along the Spotlight pamphlets that we talked about last week and most ladies took one. There are a few left over if anyone else wants one. Johanna read us her daughter's Christmas poem (which she composed) - it was just beautiful.  

Money collected for our Christmas luncheon next week, brings the total so far up to 16, that does not include the Creative Memories ladies. 

Reminded our ladies of commencement date (3rd Feb) next year as this is our last craft morning get together for the year.

I look forward to our celebration next week.

25 November 14 Present

It is one calendar month to Christmas and today some of our sharing focused on the real Christmas story which left us with a sense of peace or as a Scripture on the beautiful calendar produced by Johanna’s grandson: “the peace of God that passes our understanding” which I think we all need with the rush and bustle of an often secular season.

Rosemary, Heather, Joan and Johanna brought us encouraging and in Johanna’s case, amusing, anecdotes and verses.

We admired Gwenda’s cards and versatile desktop magnifier for close work and I was encouraged by comments about the scrapbook I am making for my daugher Evelyn. Alison also brought albums and once again I realised there is so much we can learn from each other. Heather had completed a cute little teddy with flowery blue eyes.

We had a craft focus today on decorating painted styrofoam balls with sequins secured by little pins. It was painstaking but at the same time restful to proceed at a slow pace. None of us managed to complete a ball in the morning and we took home the sequins and pins we needed to finish.

Next week with three of us away, we have asked for help in the kitchen and the setting up and taking down of tables. Rosemary and Marilyn will help in the kitchen and free Josie up to look after the finances and share any notices etc. Others will help with the tables and we hope Alison will also come and help.

Next week will be the last craft morning and also the last opportunity to pay for the luncheon the following week.

We will miss our weekly group but with other Christmassy commitments we will be occupied and I am sure we will continue our creativity over the break.

18 November 21 Present

This number included Margaret who came to show us how to make two different Christmas cards, and Mandy her assistant who was busy helping.  It also included Betty who dropped in to show us her latest project: a paper tole picture featuring pelicans.

So it was a very busy (dare I say, noisy!) morning.  Around 10 of us completed the cards and gift tags, learning much about cutting, sticking and punching in the process.

Along the way we admired Betty’s picture and the rug Heather completed, which had been started by a former resident in the village.  We were challenged to hear Josie has completed 14 Christmas cards and Gwenda had mass produced over 100!  Carol had completed two knitted teddies and Rosemary gave us some different teddy patterns we can copy.  A touch of humour was added with Gwenda’s chosen quotation.

Rosemary also brought in a box of sequins and pins which can be used to make beautiful Christmas tree balls.  We admired the ones her son had made and next week, those who have managed to buy some styrofoam balls and hopefully paint them, will reproduce our own decorated balls.  Suggestions for painting: Acrylic paints bought in tubes quite cheaply at Warehouse style shops (where you may also find the balls) or large marker pens.

We are aware that on our last morning, 2nd December, that three of us will be away:  Louise, Gwenda and Beverley.  Therefore we will take time next week to ask for helpers so that all bases are covered: the kitchen, setting up the tables and taking them down, looking after the finances, including the payments for The Christmas luncheon etc.  Encouraging others to actively assist in some way is something we would like to be happening as we begin again next year and we will also welcome short contributions of an encouraging nature to be shared by members of the group.  Next week Rosemary and Heather have some pre Christmas encouragement for us all.

I will prepare a list of things we are doing for our luncheon as a reminder..  Also as requested will have an interview style conversation with Carol about her recent time with family in America

Thankyou to all of you for all you contribute to our happy Wednesdays.

11 November 14 Present

It was a relaxing morning together as we all pursued our different projects.  We welcomed Carol back after her time visiting family in America.

Gwenda brought along the album she had made of her family’s history.  This had been a CWA project and it was a fascinating read along with the photograhs going back several generations.  Beryl had some wonderful samples and photos of Tunisian crocheted rugs which was inspiring as well as teaching alternative ways for us to try.

When Alison arrived we admired the beautiful Christmas cards she had made at a workshop. She explained the process of using a template, sponge and stamping and some are eager to try for themselves.

Next week Margaret will return with our Creative Memory products and will give us a hands on demonstration of two Christmas Cards.  Those who would like to be involved will make two cards, paying $5 for all the materials. Please bring sharp pointed scissors.

4 November 16 Present

Today we were blessed with a very comprehensive introduction to “Creative Memories”.  Margaret and Caroline had much to show and demonstrate to us and there was plenty of time for questions and the opportunity to purchase the products we were interested in. In two weeks time when Margaret returns with our orders she is willing to give us a hands on demonstration.  So it was a busy morning but we still had time to knit and chatter and admire each others work.

We welcomed Marilyn home from her trip with the choir to America and it was lovely to have Gwenda’s two daughters join us for the morning. We handed out the flyers with information about our Christmas luncheon and dates for our final craft day for 2009 (2nd Dec ) and starting date in 2010.(3rd Feb)

28 October 14 Present

There is a definite air of friendship among our ladies most of whom enjoy nothing better than a cup of tea, knitting and a good chat. Well there is nothing wrong with that. 

We were happy to welcome Ellen as a first-time attender. There was only one person interested in making the bottle top Christmas tree but five who wanted photocopies of the 10 different cards from one patterned sheet of paper. Some of us are keen on making our own Christmas Cards.

Today we admired two rugs, one from Heather and another which just turned up at her place. We aired the idea of donating an item such as a knee rug as the new residents arrive in the village next year when the fitouts are completed.  This was well received.  Also admired was Johanna’s framed cross stitch - a street scene in Amsterdam - the detail was fascinating. 

We were donated a number of long stitch and cross stitch kitsets from Judy who appeared out of the blue.  Some donations are hard to shift!

Today's quote to remember:  "Creativity is like chocolate for the brain."  We are looking forward to the Creative Memories demonstration next week.

21 October 12 Present

Our Craft group has also become a friendship group as well!  I note there is more talking and less production!  It’s all good.

Yesterday we admired Deanne’s 3 dimensional Christmas stocking which she will use as a decoration.  She also shared on the cloth she is embroidering, finishing what her mother started.  Beryl had another beautiful quilt she is completing.

Together 8 of our group participated in Christmas card making and the results were excellent and it was a pleasurable experience for all.

Next week those who are ready will start on the Christmas tree made from milk bottle tops copying one brought to us by Elisabeth.

Elisabeth shared on her trip to NZ and Heather said she had time on her holiday to do lots of knitting.  A short story reminded us of the importance of receiving graciously as well as giving, which many of us find easier.

Alison who arrives later after another commitment showed us an impressing selection of 10 different cards made from an A4 sheet of patterned paper and matching decorations and card.  

That is another option for those who bring the necessary materials next week.  I will photocopy the sheets which give the guidelines for the designs.


14 October 9 Present

Wonderful to be back!  I did no knitting while I was away and so now I am fired up again and especially keen to start my Christmas cards.  Thankyou Gwenda for showing us such a wide variety of options for making our own cards.  Next week we will do some hands on making 2 easy but great looking Christmas cards.  

We had such a happy time and seemed to be very noisy with all our chatter and laughter.  “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine should.” so I sure we went home all the better for a good laugh.

I admire Rosemary who joins in everthing but still manages to knit through it all and is finishing a beautiful rainbow rug.  Niela brought two beautiful well designed  rugs knitted by a friend in stunning black grey and red .  Robyn brought 3 jumpers knitted by her mother, to give away and we admired Beryl’s neatly quilted baby blanket.

Perhaps Gwenda, could you email us all that very relevant word you gave us from your autograph book.

We look forward to seeing Heather next week and are letting you know that on Monday 2nd Nov we are visiting the W Pennant Hills Sports Club for lunch, meeting there at 12.30pm.  This for us to talk about our Christmas lunch there on the 9th December and check out the facility and menu.  So we hope you can join us.

Looking forward to next week.

7 October 8 Present (school holidays)

Less knitters than usual probably due to school hols and holidays in general. A quieter morning! Georgie brought along a lovely tray of cup cakes freshly made than morning - very popular. It was good to have Gwenda's daughter with us also - she reminds me of her mother. There were no announcements, other than a reminder about our Christmas card making next week. Louise read a delightful story with a scripture from Colossians, regarding patience. Look forward to next week as it will be good to have you all back - we have all missed your smiling faces.

30 September 11 Present

Another good morning - several away due to holidays, illness etc. Joan Brennan brought along two beautifully decorated Christmas stockings made by her daughter-in-law. They were elaborate with Christmas tapestry themes and tiny metal emblems. Joan also brought along a folkart box she had painted with farm animals around the sides, front and back and a farmhouse on the lid. Very grand. Gwenda gave the announcements including a reminder for everyone to be thinking about Christmas card making later this month and also the knitted Christmas puddings.A good time was had by all, and we finished on time.

23 September 12 Present

A good morning - great to have Gwenda back - we have missed her. We did not expect such a good turnout as Sydney had experienced a red dust storm that morning. Elizabeth brought along a new friend - Deanne who was busy with her Christmas stocking embroidery - quite spectacular and very colourful. Heather showed us an amazing crocheted wrap, which had been given to her to give away. The black outline surrounded many colourful motifs, with an attractive border. Gwenda read from her book 'A Lifetime of Girlfriends' and then showed her newest project - a cot rug for her new grandchild, expected in Feb'10. Very pretty with lots of colour and each square in different stitches. The morning went quickly, finished 12.15pm.

16 September 11 Present

Had a good morning, such a nice group of ladies. Heather brought four teddies to be given to the Westmead Children's Hospital - will take them to Hillsong tomorrow. Notices and reading; Louise read out a delightful story, finishing with prayer. I gave the Christmas lunch details again for the ones who were not there last week. Wilma mentioned the bottle tops once again for the Christmas tree - to keep collecting. No new articles brought, so no new photos to add to our album. We finished early and left about 12.15pm.

9 September 8 Present

We had smaller numbers today and were aware that some of our group were not well. However 8 of us enjoyed a lovely morning together and were once again excited at each others acomplishments.

teddiesHeather wearing her attractive and versatile cardigan brought a basketful of teddies and on closer examination we found some little girl teddies with lacy skirts and some creative eye treatments. We can also obtain patterns from her for the water bottle carry bag which I have made and will take away with me.

Beryl showed us how she has used tunisian crochet to make tea cosies, a teddy and a beautiful knee rug. The clever carry-alls for various sewing implements which she made and one copied from an original used by a soldier and now belonging to Louise, have a special name which eludes me. Beryl has patterns for these also. We loved Jane’s little highlander complete with bagpipes and admired the lovely wool Louise is using to knit a jumper Thankyou Josie, for another of Patience Strong’s thought provoking words on friendship and the roads we travel. Jane shared so beautifully on the death of her corgi dog which prompted some more doggy stories. It is very precious to share these meaningful events with each other.

I intended to give the date of our Christmas Luncheon (Wednesday 9th Dec.) to those present. I think it is good to give everyone notice of this early so we put it in our diaries, knowing how busy it gets in December.

I will miss you all and be back again on Wednesday 14th October. Thankyou for all your help.

2 September 12 Present

Lona and Beryl are to be congratulated for making small bags from a man's tie, from patterns obtained the previous week. Heather brought along colourful samples of holders for our bottles of water. These look very practical and it was suggested that they could also be made with long handles big enough to go over the shoulder, keeping us hands free. Heather will prepare some in stages for next week so that we can view the process of making them.

Our focus this week was on Tunisian crochet, also known as Tricot or Afghan crocheting depending on the pattern book. Beryl displayed some of her work for us to view and Rosemary and Wilma also brought samples from classes they had attended. Beryl firstly instructed the beginners, then was able to help those of us wanting to learn new stitches. It was exciting to see the possibilities of this craft and most of us have found it to be very relaxing yet also quite compulsive at times!

We all agreed that we will have our Christmas lunch at the West Pennant Hills Sports Club on Wednesday 9th Dec at 12.30pm. They will provide us with a main dish of turkey, cranberry sauce and ham with baked vegetables, followed be the choice of a hot or cold dessert and tea and coffee all for $25 a head. We expect that our funds (from gold coins for morning tea) will allow us to subsidise this by at least $5 a person which makes it very reasonable. Water will be provided on the table and women may pay for any other drinks they choose from the bar which operates separately from the restaurant. Later, we will go there for lunch one Thursday, as a committee, to check out seating and decide on decorations etc.

We will start on all things Christmassy when I return in mid October. I will be away from 11 Sept until 10th October so will be back for Craft on 16th.

26 August 17 Present

dolls photo Time goes quickly when we’re having fun and it did this morning.  By the end of our time together it was like happy chaos as we  enjoyed playing with the paper punches brought and demonstrated by Alison.  Carol demonstrated many ways to use squares creatively for decorating cards and scrapbooking. Suzanne completed a twisted wrap which was greatly admired and Josie talked about the gorgeous thanksgiving pilgrims she shared in making. Rosemary was making a pretty child’s garment knitting two different yarns together and Beryl and Lona began making small shoulder bags from discarded mens’ ties which need to be completed at home with the sewing machine.  We enjoyed hearing about Georgie’s 80th birthday celebrations with family and friends in Perth and all of us had a happy time sharing.

19 August 14 Present

Highlights today were Gwenda’s armada of tiny teddies, Suzanne’s gorgeous pink princess teddy, Elizabeth’s baa baa white sheep jumper and three more blankets expertly sewn up for us by Margaret Pritchard.

It was interesting to move around and see how busy everyone was -  knitting squares, baby clothes, cardigans and teddies and Lona and Paulette are progressing with their tunisian crochet. We are always pleased to see Alison, knowing with another commitment she cannot arrive until 11am.  She will be doing a papercraft demonstration for us next week to which Carol may also contribute.  Some of us are looking forward to the Stitches and Craft show this week and all of us are looking forward to being together again next week.

12 August 14 Present

A good day was had by all, took 4 photos of workmanship.  Heather modelled a beautiful jacket she had knitted that week, very unusual, could be worn 2 ways.  Beryl finished (hurray) her dressed teddie, looked great, a good job.  Wilma modelled her in-the-round jumper and Robyn finished both m/f teddies for pending grandchild.  Rosemary shared Wrap with Love get together at Hornsby Library - 300 knitters gathered, wraps are to be sent to Eastern Europe - very succesful knitting.  Carol displayed her scrapbook of our efforts - looks great. Paulette brought a bag of buttons for all to share.


5th August 17 Present

Where to start! 

We had a full on day but first of all we rejoiced with Susanne and the birth of her baby granddaughter - so pink was right all along!

We welcomed back Carol who has missed several weeks and we are glad she is well again.  She has taken the album and new photos home to create some more pages for us.

We also met Gwenda’s life size gollywog and another little teddy with pockets and shoe laces knitted by Josie. We were amazed at the way Wilma has found a way to knit sleeves and whole jumpers using circular needles which eliminate the need to sew up any seams. Lona is having good success with Tunisian crochet and Carol is starting crocheted squares. 

Advance notice was given for the Stitches and Craft Show from 19 - 23 August at Rosehill Racecourse.  Marilyn told us about the choir she belongs to which is representing Australia at Nashville in October and we look forward to a first hand report when she returns.  Beverley shared a reading and thoughts on inspiration and then helped 5 enthusiastic women create folding photo albums.  Until they were completed all participants went through a time of wondering if it was all going to work.  But everyone succeeded in producing a great result - wonderful.  Too soon it was time to pack up after another happy time together.

29 July 17 Present

Today we had the record number present to date and were thrilled that the notice board which Josie and Louise faithfully lug out to the gate every week, caught the attention of a passer by and Marlene came in to see what we were up to.  We hope she will return.  We were also pleased to hear from Carol who we have missed over recent weeks - she has not forgotton us and will be back. We welcomed Georgie to our group for the first time although we met her on the KIPDay when we admired her exquisitely knitted baby bootees.  

Two completed blankets of all our donated squares have been expertly sewn up by  Margaret Pritchard.  Beverley is to send a thankyou card. 

We had so much to admire this week:  Josie’s creatively sewn teddies, Gwenda’s miniature gollywogs and her completed bag which we have seen in the making, Alison’s creative paper work, Suzanne’s knitting nearing completion and this week’s special event:  Heather’s grub roses.

Heather gave an interesting demonstration with samples of her own beautiful work, colour photo copies and books featuring this craft.  What a great variety of possibilities there are with this beautiful embroidery skill and I am sure that some of us will give it a go.  Thankyou Heather.  Paulette and Lona are valiently pursuing the new skill of Tunisian crochet and we are all having a wonderful time together.

22 July 15 Present

On the warmest July day for 19 years it was rivalled by our warm fellowship.  It was good to see Paulette back after time in hospital and recuperation with her daughter. We enjoyed the second installment of  Gwenda’s gollywogs, the ones she had made herself with delightful names and there are more to come!  There is a picture of Gwenda with some of her dolls at the end of the Galleries folder.

Elizabeth brought in a Christmas tree made with fabric covered milk bottle tops which we will be able to copy and need to be saving our tops for.  Also we nearly missed the exciting photo book made for Johanna’s husband's 81st birthday.  She brought it in to show Alison and it is very possible we will have the opportunity to produce our own.  Another happy day together.

15 July 13 Present

Gwenda provided us with a wonderful display of golliwogs and promises more next week.  Beverley learnt from her a simple way to give her golly some hair!  Niela showed us her knitted Christmas puddings which we enthused over and copied the pattern.  Josie read a poem of Helen Steiner Rice on Time.  It was ‘timely’ as there never seems enough for all we want to do. Heather shared publicity on an ABC knit-in day on Friday 7th August.  Lona has started on Tunisian crochet after her success in completing a beautiful crocheted pillow.  Suzanne is nearing completion of a delicate pink matinee jacket and therefore hopes her new grandchild will be a girl.  The room was filled with happy chatter and we all agreed we are blessed to be part of such a friendly group.

8 July 13 Present

On a chilly winter’s morning we were warmed by each other’s company and the opportunity to having nothing more important to do but chat and knit.  We welcomed Margaret McDonald, visiting and looking forward to opening a craft group for Hillsong seniors.  We took the opportunity to have her read two of her poems which blessed us all.  She was impressed with our group and hopes to return as her group will be once a month.
Today, Suzanne had completed a child’s beanie and was completing a pink baby’s matinee jacket to match bonnet and bootees were admired recently.  Elizabeth was sewing up an attractive pink cardigan for a grand daughter and Gwenda had rainbow of skinny scarves and the simple pattern for us to make them.  There may be a rush to visit Morpeth after the showing of a gorgeous bag Beverley bought who travelled there with Josie and Marilyn on the bush tour last Friday.  Thankyou again to Heather who keeps up regular publicity for us in the church bulletin.

1st July 15 Present

Time flew as most of us were happy to knit and chat.  On finding out that Westmead Children’s Hospital needs a continuous supply of teddies to give to every child in hospital or attending the emergency department, we asked Gwenda to demonstrate how she sews up her teddies. It is a simply process to knit these loveable teddies as they are one long oblong starting with feet, then trousers, jumper and head.  She showed us teddies in various stages of construction which was very helpful. Beverley shared more on friendship and read a prayer for knitters.  We were fascinated by the wonderful book Alison brought to show us.  It includes a family tree but much more with photos, maps and anecdotes and was put together by her aunt who is now 100 years old.

24th June 10 Present

Another happy morning with plenty of knitting and lots of chatter. It was good to see Louise with us again and Gwenda shared on friendship which led to sharing with each other.
Heather brought a  beautiful jumper she had embroidered with ribbon and wool embroidery after last weeks query about ribbon embroidery.  Rosemary who attends some knitting events will keep us in touch with forthcoming dates from time to time.  Alison asked if we would be interested in signing a petition to keep an historic village intact and not sold by the council.  I think all signed.  Her sister is knitting squares for us also. Johanna does the most beautiful cross stitch which we can feature in the future when we need to introduce an alternative to knitting.
 A variety of craft books have been loaned to the KCC members to borrow by one of the Kentgrove Village residents.

17th June 13 Present

Our pile of blanket squares increased to the point that we estimate we have the makings of two blankets. Josie and Suzanne had completed beautiful baby clothes and Beverley a cot blanket and teddy. Gwenda was excited to have completed little Peter’s red jumper and five cuddly teddies for Westmead Children’s Hospital.
We are always interested in the hand knitted clothes worn by some of our ladies especially Heather. This week Beverley demonstrated how small concertina books are put together, and then was joined by 5 of the women who proceeded to make their own. Josie shared a word of encouragement which was timely and Heather contributed some appropriate sayings for crafty ladies.

13th June (World Wide Knit in Public Day)

I recorded that 16 were present and we had 8 visitors.
We were blessed by warm sunshine from the beginning of our knitting in public at 10am till we packed up at 12 noon. We are grateful to the men that helped with the chairs and tables and for all the women who brought plates of goodies for our morning tea. We did enjoy this extra time out to just knit and pondered the awsome thought that as we were finishing, all around the world as the morning broke women would be carrying on where we left off over 24 hours. I have forwarded this report to the WWKIP Day internet site and asked if they would forward the number of groups taking part this year.

10th June 9 Present

On a chilly but sunny winter's day we were warmed by the companionship of our community craft group. Busy fingers, happy chatter and good music fueled with tea and coffee and some welcome heating allowed us to forget the chill. However we were aware of some who were unwell and unable to attend. Elizabeth brought a number of quilts to display.
Carol blessed us all with a wonderful demonstration of scrapbooking with examples from her own albums. She thoughtfully provided us with sheets of notes for us to refer to and covered all the essentials of this craft. Knitters kept knitting in anticipation of our Knit in Public Day next Saturday morning 10 – 12noon. We now have sufficient knitted squares for our first group blanket.

3rd June 12 Present

On a brisk June morning we enjoyed the warmth of being with good friends and knitting together. Gwenda gave a demonstration of card making. We were impressed by the often very simple but effective ways of making cards.
Our pile of knitted squares have grown and we welcomed a new member, Elvie. Johanna brought in home made fruitcake which we all enjoyed.
Towards the end of our morning, Josie and Beverley put together an interesting scarf which kept everyone guessing. I don't think anyone missed a stitch with their kntting as they watched.
We are now officially taking part in Knitting in Public Day, Saturday 13 June 10 – 12 noon. Our members will bring a plate — morning tea will be served for members and visitors.
Next week Carol will demonstrate skills with scrapbooking.

27th May 15 Present

Plenty of happy chatter today as we all knitted, and piles of donated wool for us to use. A good collection of knitted squares came in and lots of sharing of photos, books and ideas.
As a large number had requested to learn card making on the surveys, we will have demonstrations over the next 3 or more weeks and opportunity to make our own. Gwenda will do the first demonstration next week.
Peter from the church, took photos of the group together, one serious and the one on this page for fun. One will be used shortly on a church Link newsletter.

20th May 12 Present

All ladies knitting and crocheting today. Robyn was a new crafter who brought her own overlocker. Heather had prearranged with her a demonstration on how to use it.
Marilyn brought a big bag of very thick wool which had been donated. Heather also brought along many samples of her handiwork.

13th May 12 Present

We enjoyed an excellent display of blankets from some of our members. Most were of knitted squares but 2 stood out as quite different: Beryl's blue and white blanket was in Tunisian crochet and Rosemary brought along an interesting tartan crocheted design.
Beverley had compeleted a rug with 81 hexagonal motifs which had been given to us. We are donating the remainder to a clothing bin! The committee of four had lunch together, all agreeing that the Community Craft group was well on track.

6th May 12 Present

After learning to crochet a previous week, Lona returned with a large square she was adding to. She was thrilled with her new skill.
We welcomed two new members Rosemary and Elizabeth who brought Maggie, a friend who belongs to a craft group on the South Coast. She was embroidering a beautiful scene from a photograph printed on calico.
As a group we decided to join the WWKIP Day on Saturday June 13th, (World wide Knit in Public Day) To be registered on line and Louise will handle the publicity. Hand knitted rugs of squares were on display brought along by Heather.
We will also start knitting squares as a group next craft day. Display and materials to be organised.

29th April 13 Present

Demonstration of Paper Tole by Betty. Very impressive!
Louise brought along her crocheted coffee pot cosy completed - well done!
Photo Box and templates were shown and Paulette and Joan made copies

22nd April 9 Present

22nd April 9 present

Demonstration of Embossing cards by Gwenda. Greatly enjoyed by us all including Angele's granddaughter, Chloe. Angele was very happy with her first attempts at crocheting

15th April 7 Present

Carol brought her son who had his own Scrapbook and showed us his knitting. He was very excited to learn quilling. Paulette brought along her beautiful knitting.

8th April 8 Present

Beverley demonstrated making 'soap boxes'. Particularly enjoyed by Paulette who also tried quilling.

1st April 11 Present

Beryl who has many skills demonstrated Tunisian Crochet and Candlewicking

25th March 2009 8 Present
Opening of Kenthurst Community Crafts

Delighted that Alison responded to seeing notice at Round Corner and Beryl heard about it at Probus. Thankyou Heather for flyers and Josie for publicity at Hope Radio and in the Kenthurst Community News.

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