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2010 Christmas Party
Our 2010 Christmas Party was enjoyed at Galston Club 

Kenthurst UC Community Craft meets in the Hall on Wednesdays from 9:30 to noon.

Come and bring some craft work with you, or come to be inspired and learn and use some of ours!
Enjoy the company of a friendly group of people over morning tea.

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Since we began on 25th March 2009, we have been keeping some notes from each of our meetings —
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8th December 2010   11 present

Our second year of Kenthurst Uniting Community Craft came to a happy conclusion this week and we celebrated with mince tarts and cheese muffins for morning tea. Some of us made and decorated small Christmas tree friezes.  Others tried their hand at copying a decoration using styrofoam balls, ribbons and bells.  It was a little tricky but after practice the results were excellent.  Rosemary demonstrated how she made the attractive tree decorations using old Christmas cards, which she gave to us at the Luncheon. So we will be back again 19th January.

  May Christmas be for us all a time of peace and joy, remembering: "Jesus is the Reason for the Season."

1st December 2010   7 present

Seven of us met for morning tea and craft today before leaving to join the others at the Galston Club for our Christmas Luncheon.

Some new ideas for Christmas cards gave those interested, opportunity to copy  and keep for future reference.  Grace brought along a selection of ribbons including some lovely tartans which we experimented with, trying to copy a decoration obtained at the Cherrybrook craft show.

The Christmas luncheon was a great success.  The table was beautifully decorated and everyone received some lovely Christmas mementos.  Thankyou  Gwenda for the bells and crackers, Deanne for the Christmas angels and Rosemary for the tree decorations.  I supplied the cards and placecards.  However we all participated together in making it a happy time.  After our Bible readings and grace we were served, firstly the mixed platters for entree, followed by turkey and vegetables, then Christmas pudding and custard, concluding with cappuccinos or similar.  We brought the chef out to congratulate him at the conclusion of the morning.

Our last morning for the year will be next Thursday 8th December.

24th November 2010   6 present

We enjoyed a smaller group this morning, plenty of chatter, sharing and a happy time for all. Marilyn brought along her musical group's new CD, called 'Never Say Never' which was sung acappella by Circular Keys Chorus. Very enjoyable. Gwenda also displayed some of her Christmas craft - cards, knitted socks, a pretty covered box, as well as a decorated notebook. We reminded those who were not with us last week, that we will also continue on with craft next week, finish early and then join all our women at Galston Country Club for our Christmas luncheon. Our wind-up for Christmas will be 8th December until next year.

A very pleasant morning.

17th November 2010   9 present

Today started with small numbers but grew to 9. We did have apologies from regulars. Beryl was in the early stages of producing another beautiful quilt and we took the opportunity to look through the photo album of quilts she has made. It was quite touching to read the thankyou letters she has received, which tell of the children with critical conditions who have chosen her quilts. Marilyn contributed a Teddy for the Children's Hospital and invited us to a craft display and sale at Galston Uniting Church on the weekend 27th and 28th of November from 11am.

We reminded ourselves also that on the same weekend there is a similar event at the Cherrybrook Uniting Church - we could go to both and get a really good craft fix!

Heather and Gwenda displayed Christmas projects, some with patterns, which inspire us to get busy with our hands. Time passed quickly and Robyn who came in a bit later had us laughing with her over her hits and misses with craft.

Gwenda is collecting money now for our Christmas Luncheon which are looking forward to.

I will not be with you next week which means, I will see you on the 1st December, first for our usual morning of craft, following which we will organize transport for all to the Galston Club for the Luncheon. Christmas is coming!

10th November 2010   10 present

After so much creative energy being expended the previous week, we were mostly in the safe zone of knitting which gave us plenty of opportunity for chatting, which we are very accomplished in.  So a happy time was had by all but we missed some of our regular members who sent apologies for their absence.  Most of us contributed to a display of Christmas crafts which gave us opportunity to look at members' work and obtain patterns or ideas for us to copy.  We will continue this display next week so look out any more Christmas items you may have lurking in hidden places.  A number of craft displays are coming up over the last weekend in November when we can view and buy work at Galston Uniting Church and Cherrybrook for which we received a printed invitation from Rosemary.  

The highlight of the morning was viewing the really wonderful finished crosstitch picture that we have watched Deanne completing this year.  It will no doubt become a family heirloom and one candidate may be her dear little granddaughter who was with us for part of the morning. 

We all received flyers re our Christmas Luncheon with details also of the dates we are ending and starting in the New Year:  8th Dec and returing 19th January.  We will need to contact members we haven’t seen recently so that all know these details. 

This weekend is the Arcadian Artists weekend with different venues in the area including Galston and Dural displaying and selling a wide variety of craftmanship and artistry.  Signs will point the way and brochures are available at the Galston shops.  My paintings and cards are at Gordon Finlayson’s at 12 Garemyn Rd  Middle Dural, and I will be there from 10am - 12 on Sat and 1 - 3pm on Sunday.  Would be lovely to see you.

3rd November 2010   11 present

Last minute stitching of fascinators and a flurry of hats and we were ready for our photo shoot before departing for our Post Melbourne Cup Luncheon.

What fun we had at the Wild Pear Cafe, and more photos for memories of a happy day.   It caused us to decide we should do something special in the way of dress for our Christmas Luncheon, now only four weeks away.  So we decided that the theme would be: red, green and white which we could apply to dress, jewellery or whatever our creative women could come up with.  So happy planning.

I will be doing a notice to hand out next week detailing dates, time etc.

Those of us with our hats at the ready continued to enjoy a morning of knitting and other activities.  I shared about the special day to be held at the Castle Hill Library on 17th November, which will include stands, speakers and seminars. 

We also reminded ourselves to bring Christmas items others may wish to copy and have them ready next week as Christmas is just around the corner.


27th October 2010   11 present

It was good to be back with our lovely group of women. The day was busy with knitters and those decorating hats for our post Melbourne Cup Luncheon next Wednesday following our Craft morning.

Three beautifully crocheted blankets were on display from Rosemary, what a great effort!  Also nine teddies made by Deanne will go with my next delivery to the Children’s Hospital. We recognized the need to get onto our Christmas projects so it was suggested that we bring along any ideas with samples next week.  Then we can individually or together share, teach and make some of the ideas presented.

We were also reminded of the Christmas Luncheon on 1st of December so soon I will do an invitation with details for the luncheon plus the dates our members need to know re the end of this year and the beginning of next.

I love what Heather has done, creating a book of projects we have had.  It will be a wonderful resource book to refer to and great to show new members.

My thanks to the wonderful friends who filled the gaps while I was away and having learnt that Gwenda had been so unwell, it was truly great to see her back and to hear from Kylie, news of Jeremy. 

20th October 2010   13 present

A 'chatty' group of knitters this morning. Robyn returned after a break and is making knitted santa clauses for Christmas. Patricia from the Village shared some of her 92yr old mothers' creations. Very beautiful work, depicting shadow boxed needlework, Christmas decorations, and painted wooden spoons. Also each of our crafters had 'show and tell' to share of either their current project or finished article. Very fine work by all. Heather read an amusing article from a magazine entitled "You're not going out in that", which completed a great morning get together. Gwenda not very well today, we do miss her. Bev - our fearless leader, is returning next week after her wonderful holiday overseas. Next week we are to commence our Melbourne Cup fascinators/hats for our luncheon on 3rd November.

13th October 2010   10 present

Enjoyable morning with a visit from one of our new ladies Patricia from Kentgrove, to familiarise herself with what we are about. I will follow up with phone call. Gwenda still away unwell. Grace brought along many items of interest which she had made, including crocheted and embroidered doilies, a large quilt, table cloths and wall hangings. Heather had information for us about the new way of distiguishing wool ply which unfortunately is not listed on skeins of wool anymore.

The reading today was a little 'sugary' - her word, read by Louise, about life in general. Most of our group kept their fingers busy with either knitting or crocheting. We will start making our hats for Melbourne Cup in two weeks time, to be worn the following week at our luncheon after craft.

6th October 2010   11 present

Good turn up today, with our newest member Grace joining us from the Lodge. Louise took the reading this morning, which was on motherhood &,dash; humorous and witty.

As we went around the table to share on our latest project and information of interest, the current Spotlight sale on items to make hats/fascinators for the Melbourne Cup next month was mentioned. Also several of us took advantage of Heather's expertise in learning 'invisible provisional cast-on', using both crochet and knitting needles and two different colours of wool. Heather has put together an album which depicts samples and directions of the different projects we have been shown and accomplished. Suzanne showed off her beautiful crocheted rug and embroidered carry bags. The rest of our girls just knitted and crocheted and enjoyed each other's company. Unfortunately Gwenda could not be with us today as she was unwell, we wish her a speedy recovery.

Another enjoyable morning was had by all.

29th September 2010   10 present

Today was a very chatty, noisy, happy day - perhaps it was because we didn't have our music or everyone just wanted to be heard!!

What were we all doing? Suzanne was continuing her crotcheted rug, Suzanne was also teaching Phyllis and Jane to crotchet. Johanna was busy knitting her red and black scarf, Louise is now crotcheting her sister a coffee plunger cover after having completed one for herself and one for her son. Heather, Beryl and Wilma were knitting. I was knitting my hot pink cardigan. Show 'n' tell was fun: I showed a few of my hand made sewn items I find very useful - a pull string plastic lined face washer bag in Laura Ashley print that I bought in England some years ago - it's a must in my Toilet bag when travelling; a small chook eye pad you place in the microwave, a wet umbrella holder and a weight holder. Suzanne brought for Wilma (or was it Wilma bringing it for Suzanne, sometimes I am a bit "da" when it comes to detail!) well anyway it was a pink and orange Crucifix orchid and when it was pointed out to us you could see Jesus on the cross - its just extraordinary. Jane brought to show us one of many candles of Jesus that her son is making. Jane is helping him by sewing covers to protect them. Phyllis brought a wall hanger she had made with many puffy flowers on and also puffy flower brooches she is at present making.

Louise read a small verse that Phyllis carries in her bag along with a miniature cross called Unicraft. This brings me to the items of Unicraft that Heather brought along to show us. Next week we need to bring along wool, knitting needles and a crotchet hook as Heather is going to show us Invisible Provisional Casting on.

I gave out our dates for coming events.

Lastly today we very happily sang Happy Birthday to Wilma. We gave her a little card and her birthday thought was - A birthday is getting a book you've always wanted and finding time to read it.

Don't forget to come again next week it's our time to have fun eat a yummy morning tea and just be together. We missed Josie who wasn't well and we hope Josie you are feeling much better.     —Gwenda

22nd September 2010   9 present

Today we welcomed back from holidays Louise and Josie. We have missed you both and now we will be missing Beverley as she too is now having a break! We were busy today with Louise, Heather, Gwenda, Marilyn, Beryl and Elizabeth all click-clacking on our knitting needles. Rosemary was crocheting and Deanne was fancy working. We discussed some fun events to add to our diaries. On 27th October we are going to be inspired by Josie's friend Katherine to decorate a fascinator or a hat which we will all wear on Oakes Day 3rd November (day after Melbourne Cup) when we lunch at The Wild Pear Cafe. We talked about our Christmas Lunch and our finishing day for this year. These dates I will type out separately and hand out next week.

We had a display of different cushions that we brought along to share with each other. We were still excited about our little flowers we were making last week and we shared more of them this week.

It was funny watching Heather finding items in this big box. Items that didn't sell at the church garage sale.

Louise shared some of her holiday stories with us. She set off with her dear little dog (cross kelpie) to Mildura. And what didn't Louise do? I can only pass on a few points of their adventure. It was lovely to see how green the country side was and beautiful wattle trees. Louise spoke of her Paddle Wheeler trip up the Murray. How fantastic is this! Louise took her 25-yr old cross-country skis and with a spray of WD40 and travelled to the snow. Louise described the snow fields as MAGNIFICENT!

Josie told us of all the fantastic places she and her friend Katherine visited in America. Josie flew into Los Angeles and headed to Portland where they stayed with friends in their garden cottage and travelled around in luxury visiting and shopping in many picture-pretty places taking many photographs along the way. Bend was a place of flowers and beauty with trees that reached the sky. Fantastic Mountains and produce. Josie showed us a baby outfit made by Katherine's Grandmother made from a duster, also a skirt and blouse made from a chux and tea cup and tea bag with a sharing verse to share with a friend.

Today was a great day full of adventure stories and lots of chatter, fun and laughter. We will look forward to being together again next week.

15th September 2010   10 present

Today we welcomed back two of our travellers, Marilyn from her trip to Broken Hill and Deanne who enjoyed some of the outback country by camper van. They both gave good reports of their time away.  Also Wilma returned to the fold after looking after her husband who had surgery.  It made us seem more like family to have them with us again.  Phyllis arrived with beautifully knitted teddy bears using Gwenda’s pattern and she is giving them to the Blind and Deaf Institute.  She also displayed some of her beautiful patchwork which we admired.   The decorated bag Rosemary showed us last week,  inspired some of us to learn to make flowers with the button centres.

Suzanne had thoughtfully bought some coloured bags without any lettering which she made available to us and Heather had templates for us to use.  I had some patchwork fabrics and a box of suitable buttons to stitch at the centre, and am looking forward to decorating my bag.

I think everyone else was knitting and enjoying the musical selections which Gwenda brings us each week on her CD player.  Thankyou Gwenda and all the ladies who have helped in the kitchen over the past few weeks.

Once again we received another bag of wool donated for our use from a local resident.  Next week you are encouraged to bring an interesting/ beautiful/ or cushion with a history to share and maybe there will be an incentive to learn a new skill, copy a great design or just enjoy the choices all have made.

Well I am signing off for a few weeks and will see you again on Wednesday 27th October.  You will be pleased to welcome Josie back next week and she will have plenty to share about her time in America.  When Louise returns it will be interesting to hear how the mentoring programme is going.  Perhaps one of our group will be able to do a weekly report or share it among you.  Most importantly have fun,  and I will miss you all.

8th September 2010   8 present

Today we focused on Bags.  Over time we have seen many bags which we have bought and brought.  Today Gwenda focused on knitted bags using a  thick fluffy yarn. She is about to line two bags with a soft candy striped cotton fabric.  We all loved Rosemary’s bag which really fired our imaginations to create our own versions.  Featuring a heart and flowers, the dark blue background was perfect.  Some of us will be making some of the rosette flowers next week which were finished with a button in the centre. The bags were sold as a fundraiser and so was the African style print bag which was made by a friend of mine for supporting schools in Mozambique. We will continue to admire bags as we create them but in a fortnight on 22nd of September, cushions will be featured.  So each bring a cushion, whether bought, received as a gift or home made.  If a cushion has a story all the better.

Jane had a story about connections with the narrator of the new TV programme  about the history of England which commenced last evening, and worth watching.  (ABC 8.30pm Tuesdays).  Some of us are also joining in with the Numbers and Letters game on SBS at 6pm each evening - good for stretching our brains. 

Today a younger woman brought in a bag of wool and knitting which had been her mother’s,  who passed away recently.  We received it gratefully.

We are looking forward to our travellers returning with tales from afar.

1st September 2010   7 present

Welcome to Spring!  I have been enjoying the spring flowers that come out in bloom at this time of the year.

Today we were shocked to learn of the accident which injured Gwenda's husband Rob and their son last evening when someone driving on the wrong side of the road collided with them. Both were injured but under the circumstances it could have had far worse results.  We think of Gwenda as they all recover from the shock and injuries it caused and we hope she with be back with us next week with a good report.

We were a small group again until we were joined by 2 new members.  Judy is a new resident of the units across from the church and Anneke works for Uniting Care and in particular with the accommodation and well being of new residents. So we are so glad to have them join our happy group.

Heather spent time with Anneke as she renewed her ability to knit and she was well on her way before the morning was over.  I showed the simple but fiddly skill of quilling and 2 or 3 had a go with good results.

Phyllis who told us she could only come every second week owing to another  engagement, brought along a box she had made from gold card.  She had succesfully photocopy-enlarged the original pattern for the small soap box so it was probably 4 times as large and looked great.  Heather had another blanket to display with alternate squares crocheted in vibrant colours which was a most successful departure from all knitted squares.  As usual there was lots of chatter and plenty of knitting happening.

25th August 2010   6 present

We sorely missed our regular friends today. We know that several are travelling and we look forward to hearing of their travels when they return. 

Today my friend, Dianne brought a collection of her beautiful quilts and wall hangings to show us. We were also encouraged to bring our patchwork and quilting for display.  Heather had a wearable example and had used seminole patchwork on the bodice of the elegant dress which she also made.  Beryl had finished her colourful children’s wall hanging and also exhibited a new quilt, teaching herself how to quilt it as she went.  I brought along my patch-worked wall hanging with a theme of love and friendship and the beautiful Japanese fabrics I bought at the Craft Show, enticing me to use them.

After a welcome cuppa we then settled down to enjoy Dianne’s beautiful work. Her Japanese ‘stepping stone’ wall hanging was special. We all admired the beautiful quilt she made from a multitude of three inch squares she sourced from a bag of scraps of different Japanese fabrics. The other quilts all demonstrating different styles of patchwork & quilting, were inspiring. Diane was happy to answer questions and talk about her work and techniques and we thanked her with a bunch of colourful poppies. 

Next week for those who were disappointed I didn’t continue with quilling, I will bring the materials next week.  The following craft day we will be featuring bags and ask that you bring along any type of bag that has been either hand made or could be copied.  Happy crafting.

18th August 2010   7 present

With fewer numbers you would think it would have been quieter but not so, we had plenty to share with each other and enjoyed our morning together. Some of our members are travelling and others are home unwell or looking after an unwell husband.

Not long before we starting packing up, a young woman came in having seen our banner. She recently moved from out of town and while not being specific, said she was interested in a wide variety of crafts and wanted to join a craft group. We hope she returns next week.

Marilyn was wearing another beautiful jumper which we saw her knitting last week, well done! We will miss Louise over the next three weeks but it was interesting to hear about the role she is preparing for. It is a World Vision Initiative and through schools, it offers a mentoring programme for children who could benefit from having some special attention once a week.

We had a thought for the day provided by Elizabeth - the aging Beautitudes I will call them, some of which we could identify with.

Over the next few weeks we will focus on patchwork with a visit from my friend Dianne and also a display of handmade bags, when Gwenda is back from her holiday Yes, Gwenda we acknowledged, you are our bag lady! 

11th August 2010  11 present

We were all happy to get out of the cold and come into the warmth of our Craft Group this morning.

  Gwenda helped Phyllis and Louise cover boxes, providing some of the decorations.  Phyllis who was very pleased with the result of her box is enjoying the company and asked for a teddy pattern to knit at home.

Louise provided a thought for the day to which we could all relate. Everyone else was knitting it seemed and we admired the lovely beanies Heather had nearly completed and the beautiful purple wool that Marilyn was knitting.  Deanne shared a lovely pattern of a child’s cardigan and copies were made for those interested.  It was lovely to see Suzanne back with us and hope she finds other occasions to return.

4th August 2010  

We were a noisy lot today!  However it was all good as we are no longer just acquaintances with one another but friends.

We welcomed Phyllis as she joined us today and we are learning how best to communicate as she is profoundly deaf but lip reads well.  Her craft interests include patchwork & quilting, and knitting.  She enjoyed looking at our photo album and joined with others who wanted to make gift boxes and little fans.

We also welcomed  Jane back from her holiday in Tasmania to see her new great granddaughter and we enjoyed her photos.

Kylie had completed Jeremy's jacket sporting a sailor's collar and medals like his dad.  It really was an accomplishment and we look forward to see him wearing it.  Josie was making the last of her order for three Teddy bears.  We wished her well as she flies to USA for 5 weeks holiday with her American friend and look forward to travel highlights when she returns.

Elizabeth brought a lamp and shade which needs some restoration which is quite a challenge. 

Next week some of our members will be covering boxes with Gwenda's help.

28th July 2010   9 Present

Outside may have been chilly but inside we were warm and found lots to laugh about.  It was just one of our brilliant and spontaneous sharing times while our hands managed to stay busy.  As always Jeremy brought happiness as only a baby can and we can’t wait to see his little jacket finished with all the medals.

Today was focused on knitting and box decorating. Josie had completed a lovely teddy with a lace skirt and necklace and has an order for two more. She also shared a humorous passage about aging which left us feeling we were young after all.

Four of us were decorating boxes and each one was as unique as the decorator.  Gwenda was covering a rectangle edged with lace and topped with mementos, similar to the orignal shown to us last week.  

Carol had a large hat box finished in a texured black surface.  She was decorating it in a USA Western style with a leather-like fringe around the perimeter of the lid and deorations on the top.  She will be using it to store yarns and as a decorative element in her home and we look forward to seeing it finished next week.

Beryl who had a pale blue and white paper like delicate china, covered an oblong box and lid.  The lid featured a photo framed with lace.

I had a smaller dark blue box in the shape of a hexagon.  The lid was covered with a bright paper and edged with a gold cord.  Oblong pieces of the patterened paper were glued to the sides and the box was topped with a bright pink bow.     Time passed so quickly and we all look forward to next week.

21st July 2010   11 Present

There were many projects to share today, starting with Heather demonstrating how to gather fabric ready for smocking, using a remarkable little appliance (a smocking pleater). She had samples of finished garments and smocking magazines for us to enjoy.  Heather has pursued many crafts which she has used for embellishing garments and we look forward to more demonstrations.

Rosemary had nearly completed a beautifully crocheted blanket, each square edged in black.  With jewel colours it resembled stained glass.

Elizabeth was also nearing the completion of a beautiful jumper for a grandchild, and Kylie had knitted little medals to decorate a jacket for Jeremy.  Gwenda was starting a new decorated bag for a friend and showed us a hat box which she had decorated for her sister’s birthday.  The variety of 'toppings' made it both attractive and interesting and we are invited to make our own version next week.  We need craft paper, lace and any items we want to use.

I will bring materials to make fans and soap boxes which we learnt to make early last year. 

I had a magazine from the Craft Show with a pattern for using an attractively knitted square to make various garments.  Of course a very interesting blanket could also be made using this square, a scarf, or childrens’s jackets. It is a distintive version of a square some have already been knitting for blankets.

14th July 2010   10 Present

Good to have Heather, Johanna and Beryl back today. Heather brought another beautiful full sized rug in to show us. Suzanne had completed 3 bears and Beryl increased the number of beanies for the childrens' hospital - all for a good cause. Most of us kept fingers busy with either knitting or crocheting today. Louise shared a Helen Steiner Rice reading entitled "Before you can dry another's tears - you too must weep."

Bev and Gwenda away this week. Newsflash: Bitter/Sweet - Suzanne will be working in a Castle Hill doctor's surgery from next week, so unfortunately she will not be available for KCC. We will miss her as she has been a very valuable member of our group.

7th July 2010   11 Present

Another bleak morning outside and warm friendship inside. 

We had apologies from Beryl, Heather and Josie went down to see if Johanna would like to come, but not this week. Knitting is still our most dominant craft activity and Deanne returned with a lovely finished cardigan.  Marilyn made a colourful pom pom for Louise’s beanie using a shop-bought gadget. Elizabeth had a bright craft idea from a friend in Coffs Harbour.  A simply knitted band with long wool tassels which made a colourful neck warmer cum scarf when buttoned up. Gwenda was weaving wool on a fork, not quite sure that was, she will have to show us!  Although away next Wednesday, the following week she will bring a covered box and invite us to make one ourselves the next week.  

I demonstrated how photos could be printed on fabric using an inkjet printer and specially fused fabric with A4 paper.  This technique opens all sorts of possiblities to those interested in patchwork and quilting.

Louise shared some humorous quotes and I read a poem about babies which is what we experience every week as we have the privilege of seeing little Jeremy grow and develop.

Photocopies of some of the favourite recipes were available today.

30th June 2010   11 Present

Perhaps the coldest morning this year, was warmed by our chatter and clicking needles. We were pursuing a number of different projects including, crocheted squares, a garment for Jeremey, cutting squares for patchwork, caps for children in the cancer ward and knitting, knitting, knitting!

Wilma displayed her granddaughter’s first quilt which included photos which had been printed on fabric — for her boyfriend, the photos were of him and their times together, a great achievement.  

Carol shared an album featuring her grandmother with letters and drawings from her by grandchildren in their early years. What a wonderful memento to treasure and an inspiration for all of us.

We are all learning many new skills from each other, not necessarily to follow ourselves but to be enlarged in our appreciation of this wonderful world of craft.

Today we received 2 large cartons of a large variety of wool and other yarns.  We are most grateful for this contribution from the church. Some of our ladies sorted them into colours and bags.

We have missed Heather for two weeks and do hope she will be able to join us next week.

23rd June 2010   8 Present

It was a crispy morning and we were glad of the heating.  Otherwise we felt in excellent spirits enjoying our morning tea and lots of chatter.

Three members shared on their visit to the craft show where the most expensive outlay was the amount we paid for our parking. Still we all received something different from attending, which made it all worth while.

We welcomed Carol back who has finished another course with a view to helping elderly handicapped people - what a wonderful goal.  She brought with her a recipe from her grandmother for baked beans.  Two more recipes have been promised and when the second page is full we will get copies next week.

Although a number of our regulars were away, we knew why and look forward to their return.

Amid all the chatter we admired the finished rug that Josie had been crocheting which look magnificent.  She is posting it to her sister today so others will have to admire the photo we took.  Rosemary had two cosy and colourful garments she has been knitting, a cardigan and jumper which will be donated to the Salvation Army via the Guardian Chemist in Castle Hill.  

Others of us were crocheting, sewing up bears and knitting.

Another happy morning together.

16th June 2010   14 Present

Firstly we must mention our Knitting in Public Day at the Kenthurst shops.

In glorious sunshine we enjoyed knitting and chatting and welcomed 11 visitors along with 12 from our Craft Group. A young granddaugher was knitting alongside her grandmother, however the youngest was Jeremy at 4 months.  Our banner looked great above the tables, which displayed a variety of garments and rugs. We are thankful for our new donated tables which were put to good use immediately.  Our visitors were interested in our patterns and we were ready with the photocopies.  Apart from our happy bunch the shopping centre was very quiet, maybe the long weekend had something to do with it. We are grateful for John from the coffee shop who cheerfully kept us in teas and coffees and also provided a plate of raisin toast fingers. 

Thanks to three husbands who helped with transportation of tables etc.

Today we had a very busy happy morning.  Jane read the story she had written about her wedding day.  Such a different place and time in England after the war and we loved her extra humorous touches.  Beryl had an interesting piece she shared with us about the patchwork of our lives, blending the unlovely parts with the wonderful until a beautiful pattern was achieved overall. 

We admired the finished cardigans of Louise and Marilyn, they were wearing them and looking lovely.  Well done, girls!  We also had a birthday which Louise had celebrated while away so Gwenda had a card and a special thought for her.

Also we shared recipes and Rosemary and Suzanne arrived with baking as well! The reccipes will be collated and others are invited to join in with more next week.

9th June 2010   9 Present

Today we returned with our wedding photos to include those not present last week.  We shared our wedding stories with each other and the group.  Next week we will bring in our favourite recipes, written not baked!

The highlight today was Beryl sharing her journey through patchwork. Her collection of photographs and a selection of finished quilts illustrated the different techniques of piecing and quilting, both by hand and machine. We all learnt about the skills Beryl demonstrated and moreover an appreciation of  the patience and time this craft requires.  

Today, some were knitting, crocheting and sewing up teddies and of course having a great time chatting and sharing with each other.

We reminded everyone about our Knitting in Public this Saturday 12th June and hope we have a good turn out.  We are to bring a ‘plate’, two folding chairs if possible, some samples of our work, and of course some knitting.  We all have our individual responsibilies re equipment so now we hope and pray for a fine Saturday morning.

Don’t forget to give me details of where our knitting etc can go, so that I will be able to collate them.  

2nd June 2010   9 Present

Today some of us brought in our wedding photos.  It was not quite like the baby ones,  as we could quickly recognize each other except for some of the waist measurements!  Since a number of loyal members were not present and some had forgotten to bring photos, we have decided to continue next week so that we can all join in.  So please look them out early and put them with your craft supplies. 

We are also having a craft demonstration next week when Beryl and Heather will share with us some basic patchwork skills.  I am sure this will be an advantage as some of us will be attending the Quilting and Craft Show at Darling Harbour 16 - 20th June.

Today Heather brought in a beautiful knitted rug in squares with a vibrant and interesting arrangement.

Wilma had brought in a beautiful table runner while I was away and I was so happy she brought it in again for me to see.  It was made by her granddaughter in patchwork which included very intricate and colourful machine embroidery - just beautiful!

We had an interesting time talking about various outlets for knitting in particular, and realising that it would be useful to collate them for future reference, we are encouraged to supply details for me to put them together and print a copy for each of us.

We also had a discussion re our new name (Kenthurst UC Community Craft Group - changed by request of the church so we comply and are under their insurance policy). It was suggested that we have the wording underneath:  “An initiative of the Kenthurst Uniting Church.”   Heather will compose a letter for us to peruse.

I will be sending a report as requested (to the next church council) when I have made some alterations and it has been approved by the committee.  A sample was available for anyone to read during our gathering today.  Our thanks also to Louise and Heather for supplying an advertisement which has been printed in the Kenthurst Community newspaper for our Knitting in Public Day.  Everything seems to have been done so far towards that event but we will do a check list next Wednesday to make sure.  My husband Graeme will deliver the two  tables he is donating, to the Kenthurst shopping centre and return them to their new home in the church hall.

Well, that must be one of the longest reports but we always have such an exciting time together!  It was good to have Kylie and Jeremy with us and we were so happy to hear him cry at last!  

26th May 2010   6 Present

Small group today, many away, its a busy time of year. Suzanne brought along some rope to help in our banner display for KiP day on 12th June. Louise shared a reading from her 'The Pattern of our Days' book, entitled 'Neighbours'. We received a letter from the Uniting Church Council regarding our craft name change, and also the need for a report of our group's activities to be furnished to the Council before their next scheduled meeting on 18th August.

A quieter morning with so many away, however our fingers were kept busy.

19th May 2010   11 Present

Bev is absent today - not well. We missed you! Busy morning as four of our ladies spent time sewing up squares to make into a rug. Wilma kindly displayed a beautiful patchwork/embroidered table runner made by her granddaughter. It was expertly presented in both colour and workmanship (workwomanship?) This was a Mother's Day gift - lucky Mum.

Deanne showed us her finished supper cloth, also expertly embroidered. Marilyn kindly shared the 'Great gift of Giving': listening, affection, laughter, written note, sincere compliment, a favour, solitude, good cheer. Louise and Heather updated us on the WWKiP preparation. All other members were busy knitting to their hearts content. A good morning.

12th May 2010   14 Present

A busy day of fun and laughter and a baby to bring joy to us all, dear little Jeremy.  Once again knitting occupies most of us - some short term projects and some longer.  However Josie and Suzanne are crocheting and Josie continues with her tartan blanket and Suzanne, a baby’s blanket in lovely pastel shades. 

Beryl has completed more pot holders using the donated cotton yarn.  They are attractive and practical and would be great for our proposed stall later in the year.  Jane brought the larger of her knitted Scottish dolls to admire.

Our participation in the WWKIP day was discussed.  All the practical details have been confirmed:  Location: Kenthurst Shopping Village which has an undercover area if it rains; Public Liability Insurance: this is confirmed and the document has been forwarded to the relevant Real Estate, with no extra cost; we are now registered on the WWKIP day site - visible for a week before others will take our place on the list; Josie has spoken to the owner of the cafe who is pleased to assist us with tea and coffee orders on the day.

We will all bring our own seating and an extra for visitors, and also slices etc for morning tea.  Date and times: 10 am - 12 noon  Sat 12th June.  Over the next two weeks we will discuss the display we will mount of our work.  Heather will do some publicity for us to hand out re our Craft Group.

It was interesting to learn that this world day of knitting was inaugurated by a woman from Alice Springs especially since I had just learnt of the Beanie festival held there annually in July.

Gwenda has found a useful booklet on knitting for distribution by the Salvation Army which is endorsed by Spotlight and Guardian Chemists.  This may be a suitable outlet for some of our work. A discussion was held with Barry Johnstone, who came to inform us re insurance and the tables, following a letter we sent to the church.  They are obliged to keep the heavy tables but are quite happy for us to buy our lighter tables and are going to provide a larger space for us to store them at the end of the couch.  For us to be included in the church’s insurance we are to use UC (Uniting Church) in our title. Heather will supply a letter confirming this.  So officially we are:  Kenthurst UC Community Craft.  We will use this for any offical business.

28th April 2010   14 Present

Alison dropped in and Louise and Marilyn left early for a funeral.

It was a little somber as it was learnt that Angele’s husband had died. Perhaps in the future she might like the companionship of our Craft group which she did attend a few times last year.

It was a scarf morning and some of the members shared their scarves and patterns.  Heather had some beautiful examples and Gwenda had an interesting collection.  I appreciated Rosemary’s help in getting me started on the bobble yarn for a scarf.

Next week we are to bring a baby photo of ourselves for a guessing competition.  It was a quiet but productive time together today and we all made good use of the time.

21st April 2010   11 Present

Today we trialed our first new lightweight table. Althought heavy to carry by the handle, once up it is easy to move around and a great improvement on the heavy timber ones. We had enough in funds to cover the purchase and will save toward another.

It was a busy morning with plenty of sharing around the tables. We had not seen Jane for a long time and it was good to welcome her back and give her help and encouragement with her knitting for a new great grand daughter.

Louise gave us a resumé about the the Kairos programme she was part of with 18 women in Berrima Correctional Centre. The excellent outcome was due in part to the detailed preparation and prayer.

We noted the Spotlight knitting party: Saturday 1st May, 12 - 3 pm. Also we passed around the items I bought from the MAD (Make A Difference) craft group's sale at Winmalee. It was good to see what another graft group had made and are keeping the thought in mind about a possible sale of our own later in the year.

Patchwork keeps coming up and in the near future we will have a morning of demonstration and for some, hands on, about Patchworking. Heather, who brought some examples of seminole patchwork today, and Beryl would be able to instruct and help us in simple projects, I am sure. However next week will be Scarf Week and we are to bring along any scarves and patterns we have so that we can share ideas.

A lovely postscript was hearing Wilma's touching story of receiving a letter from her mother, written and posted the day she unexpectedly died.

14th April 2010   10 Present

We arrived to see four small tables with tableclothes so we added one and joined them together for another configuration which mixes us up a little.

We were pleased to welcome Elisabeth back and Ryan made a return visit with his mother, Carol.   Ryan made a small felt dog with attitude. Most of us were knitting but with a variety of projects.  Marilyn, a towel edging; Rosemary, a coathanger cover; Josie starting a crochet rug; myself a coathanger cover knitted with lace; and others knitting squares and shawls.  Beryl, however was making a beautiful comfort pillow for a woman going for a breast cancer operation.  As well she had a collection of handkerchief holders in exquisite pastel colours with lace - she is always amazing.  I showed my finished bolero which had a few subtle differences to Heather’s gorgeous pink one.  Everyone loved the colour dubbed ‘raspberry’ and I loved the feel of the yarn : Moda Vera - Cupcake from Spotlight.  We remembered Louise at Berrima Correctional Centre and I shared a Thought for the Day from an article on Happiness and a confirming poem by Helen Steiner Rice.

I am going ahead and buying one of the fold-up tables (refunding can come later) as Heather has sent the letter and our proposals, and this will give an opportunity for the church to view one on the premises.

Also next week I will suggest that the following week (28th April) in the same manner that we shared coathangers, we can bring in different scarves and patterns to share and make before winter.

7th April 2010   10 Present

Happiness prevailed on an otherwise showery morning and knitting was the order of the day for most of us.  Beryl had knitted some beautiful baby jackets and was finishing the matching booties. Gwenda was making good progress  doing battle with the large needles to complete a second shawl for a friend.

Deanne has completed the embroidered cloth started by her mother and will finish a crocheted edge at home.  We admired her beautiful cross stitch picture which is a work in progress.  Carol arrived wearing the bracelet she was making the previous week which we all admired. Beverley had completed the knitted bolero except for the collar and was pleased Heather had brought hers along to see how it was finished.  

While there were no birthdays celebrated this week Gwenda made a beautiful card for Heather and Peter’s Golden wedding Anniversary.  Congratulations and love from us all! Heather filled us in about the proposed letter to the church, of our intention to purchase and donate two large folding tables which are lighter and easier to manage.  We hope they will respond positively and buy one or two more. Thankyou Heather for attending to this and the letter you have emailed us is excellent.  In a few weeks we will have funds to cover the cost of two tables.

We shared and passed around sheets on the current wool sale at Spotlight; a story about a knitted Australian flag; and futher information on the Virginia Farm Wool Works.  (Ph: 9654 1069 or 

We also had an unexpected demonstration. Firstly Gwenda and then Heather showed us the contents of their handbags!  It was every husband’s nightmare what they managed to put in one small bag, which was then inserted in the handbag of choice; and Gwenda uses a different one every day!  We laughed till we cried at their ingenuity.  How about this for a list and I still didn’t note everything: handcream, panadol, immodium(!), voltaren, tweezers, pens, Vicks, bandaids, makeup, CWA badge, baby photos (of course), handkerchief, cardholder etc. But neither of them had the most important thing:  a spare safety pin!

More fun next week when we will be pleased to have Josie back from a family visit and hope some of our members who have been unwell will be with us again.

31st March 2010   11 Present

Well --- Today was "wet Wednesday" but the weather didn't keep 11 of us at home.

Today was a quiet and friendly craft day, we all sat around just one of our large tables and our conversations included us all. It was a very friendly day. Our weather proof banner was placed out the front, our tables and chairs in their positions, morning tea set up and our day was ready for chatting, show'n'tell and our thought for the day. Our background music was a selection of Andrew Lloyd Webbers.

We missed you Louise and hope you will be feeling much better soon. Elizabeth hasn"t been well either.

Beverley we missed you too and we promise you we were well behaved!!

Show'n'tell - Suzanne was busy with her cute pink bunny she has been knitting. It was lovely to have Carol back and she was busy making a bangle using twine, beads and safety pins, Wilma guided Marilyn to knitting Moss Stitch and I plodded along on those dreaded size 20 needles. I thought my task of knitting my shawl was over until I showed a friend who pleadingly asked for one for her birthday.

I showed my little knitted jumper with a bunny and pom pom tail that I had knitted for Jeremy for Easter. Marilyn read a very meaningful thought for the day on friendship given to us by Louise. This is Offering A Hand Of Friendship — Josie went to visit Johanna to enquire if she was coming to join us — Johanna who hasn't been well knew she would be feeling breathless walking up the hill so Josie drove her up and home.

I thought that that would be a happy way to finish my little report.

24th March 2010   11 Present

We had a lovely quiet morning, everyone pursuing their own projects.

There was one birthday girl: Marilyn and she received a lovely card from Gwenda who also had a special word of encouragement for her.

We did have 3 apologies: Josie, helping a friend and Elisabeth & Susanne who were unwell and we pray they recover quickly.

We were happy to see that Beryl was back and she caused great amusement when she presented a finished, cream blanket she started last century!  The rest of us are seeing if we can match that, but are reasonably sure that any project we start this century cannot be completed in the next century by us.

Wilma showed us a bright idea made from hand towels.  An easy project to safetly store cups or glasses to take to a picnic or function.  The hand towel was folded up about a third and sewn down each side and in the middle and variations of this idea could be made. In the absence of a thought for the day, I circulated two pages illustrating the interesting concept that some fruit and vegetables when sliced or whole, look remarkably like the parts of our body which they help to function.

Again it was a struggle to put those heavy tables out and away and we are investigating the price of new light tables with the idea we could propose to the church that we buy two from our funds and ask them to match it.  Anyway it is up for discussion and at the present Heather and I are looking into ways and means. 

17th March 2010   17 Present

It was a day with a difference as we welcomed Rae Woolnough from the Hills Shire Council who came to demonstrate her skill as a felter.  As a bonus she also informed us about events in the Shire during Seniors week. (or is that Over 55’s .....?).

Firstly we welcomed our visitors, Naomi my cousin from the Gold Coast and Jan, Gwenda’s friend from Glen Innes. We love to share our happy group with visitors and hope they take something away with them to inspire their own creativity.

Other news items included the photos taken by Louise at Wollongong of a butterfly closely resembling the one brought in by Wilma, an Orchard Swallowtail.  I will try to identify it for next week.  Deanne had visited the craft show and I shared a newspaper item about an initiative from the Anglican Retirement Villages;  Dream, Believe, Create and their exhibition at Castle Hill. A recent enthusiastic email from Pam about her knitters at Emu Plains Correctional Centre, raised the possiblity of visitors in the future.  Thankyou Marilyn for your beautiful thought for the day, reminding us to act on promptings to show kindness and thankyou also, Lona for assisting in the kitchen.

Then a happy interruption which had all of us excited, was the arrival of Kylie and little Jeremy, a perfect little baby.  Just as well the bunny had his face embroidered on last night, it was ready and waiting to present to Kylie but just a little on the large size for Jeremy as yet. 

Then it was over to Rae who gave us a very comprehensive demonstration on felting illustrated with some beautiful examples of her work.  She is a great communicator with a few fun stories along the way and she had gone to a lot of trouble with the presentation.  It was enjoyed by us all whether or not we will pursue it ourselves, it was very informative and gave us an insight into another craftperson’s expertise.  We thanked her with flowers, a bouquet of proteas.

As she was leaving she said she had spoken to many different groups over the years but as she joined us today, she said she immediately sensed a warmth among us and a beautiful atmosphere within our group.

10th March 2010   12 Present

We were all impressed by our new banner as it was displayed and then positioned under the two other signs at the driveway entrance on Kenthurst Road.  At the cost of $60 we knew it had to be a discounted price and Gwenda will be writing a ‘thankyou’ to John Stanford.

Marilyn gave us the long awaited pattern for the loosely knitted triangular shawl with colourful samples for us to examine and everyone took home the photocopied pattern.  So we can expect a harvest of shawls in the near future.

The knitters were in fine form as we all pursued our different projects.

Louise shared about her involvmment in Kairos prison ministry and her forthcoming visit to Berrima correctional facility.  For those interested and able, there are opportunities to be a support and our letters, posters and baking need to be brought on Wednesday 7th April.  Heather shared a thought-provoking short story on how we can choose to perceive and react to circumstances of life.  Robyn had photos of her new little grandaughter.

Thanks to Wilma who helped in the kitchen and all those who helped to set up and take down the tables. 

Next week we expect to have Rae from the Hills Shire Council who will demonstrate her creative skills with felting and share with us about events in this year’s Senior’s week. 

3rd March 2010   12 Present

We are continually surprised with the freshness we have at every meeting.  It is quite extraordinary how much we all have to share.

So today we had photos of Gwenda’s gorgeous new grandson, Jeremy born last Friday to Kylie.  Then Heather’s lovely shrug to admire and  Lona’s delicate lemon baby shawl. We delighted in Alison’s scrapbook photos of her son Jack and Beverley’s bunny, then listened to a reading from Gwenda on friendship which seemed a beautiful example of our group.

A different coathanger cover was shown, it provided a zip so that our diamond tiaras would hopefully escape any search by a thief.  Also patterns were available for making a cover for a mobile phone which would be bright enough to be seen in our handbags.  We were grateful for Marilyn’s help in the kitchen and Alison’s for putting away the tables which we are to clear weekly and also Johanna’s contribution of another plate of her wonderful fruit cake.

Wilma showed us a gorgeous photo of her and her two sisters when they were young girls wearing dresses their mother made from the same material but using different style and patterns for each one.

We are looking forward to having our new banner to display next Wednesday.

17th February 2010   11 Present

banner picThis is a computer image of our future banner in place.  There will be a minor change of layout to make it easier to read as one drives by.  So I will be emailing the details to John and will arrange collection and payment in 2 weeks’ time. I am away next week but everything is under control and we hope and pray Heather and  Josie are back in good health next week.  It was good to welcome Alison back this morning.

Today was another amazing morning, or that is what I thought - did those there feel the same as I?

Wilma’s husband provided his ‘show and tell’ for today: a beautiful moth or butterfly, quite large, which after finding shelter in his garage went to butterfly heaven. At Rosmary’s suggestion I took a photo and will endeavour to find out the name and more about our butterfly.

This prompted Suzanne to share a short affirmation which she keeps as a daily reminder.  It reminded us that we are here on this earth for a relatively short time and we should make the most of it by sharing love and kindness to all.And on it was a drawing of a beautiful butterfly, and they all live for a very short span of time.

  That was followed by a 3-part Thought for the Day by Beryl with the subject of tapestries.  The first in Yungaburra Qld, the second in Griffith and the 3rd a beautifully worded poem on the tapestries our lives are weaving.  And I could add the beautiful tapestry we are weaving together in our group.

Craftwise we admired the group of tunisian crocheted samples which Beryl produced to accompany a talk at her Probus group on this creative skill.

The main subject was covered coathangers which five of our group brought so that some of us could learn how to make them.  Rosemary was competent in a number of different styles beautifully decorated with posies and ribbons, and had photocopied patterns for us. Wilma had a great collection and also several lace knitted covers for large tissue boxes. For the bold or eccentric they could double for a hat!  She also had patterns available for photocopying.  We had a few good laughs about the younger generations not being ‘into’ them as they say.  However I thought Rosemary’s idea to make ones for future wedding dresses for the grandchildren was a lovely idea. Suzanne brought along a box of the dearest little hangers for babies and little children and had sewn little posies or fancy animal buttons in the centre. So it was most interesting and inspiring and we learnt quite a number of handy hints along the way.

So thankyou everyone for just being there and thereby contributing to the special atmosphere of love and acceptance.

10th February 2010   13 Present

A quieter morning with quite a number of women sharing with us in different ways.  We admired Heather’s clothing co-ordination and not for the first time. She is a very elegant lady!

  Beryl was persuaded to show us the bag she has nearly finished in tunisian crochet.  It is part of a presentation she is giving to her Probus Club which is highlighting creativity in various forms.  Once again we thought of the concept of connecting which involved knitting or it could be any craft.  Heather and Beverley shared their encounters with women and knitting which may have ongoing possibilities.  

We thanked Rosemary for supplying us with photos of our Christmas Luncheon and they went into our new second album.

Louise shared some inspiring passages for our Thought for the day.  

clownsMost of us were knitting today when Louise showed us the pattern and explained the construction of Jack in the Box.  Some of us have started the squares which are required and we look forward to Sharon teaching us to cover boxes and the plan is to put them together.  Next week we are going to bring along covered coat hangers and learn from those who are in the know, how to make them ourselves. It was good to welcome Robyn and Suzanne back among us for the first time this year.

3rd February 2010   15 Present

It was a chattery morning as we all caught up with one another after the Christmas break.  We agreed we needed and enjoyed the break and were now happy to be back together for another year of friendship and creativity

We welcomed Marlene  who joined us for the first time. Josie had a good response as she made up a roster for helpers for setting up and and clearing away.

Two large rugs were displayed which Rosemary had completed and Beverley managed to complete her Tunisian crochet rug during the morning.  Beryl had knitted a lovely soft baby blanket using the same technique as starting a square with three stitches.

Marilyn showed us a darling little baby’s jumper in soft pastel shades for a new grandchild on the way.  Gwenda, also expecting a grandchild, had completed a baby blanket in cheerful coloured squares with different patterns .  She had also bordered towels with a lacey knitted edge using cotton in a variety of colours.  Patterns were available with simple instructions.

Heather shared our Thought for the Day and Louise will  coordinate contributions.  Next week we will have a clever clown pattern available, which we have dubbed “Jack in the Box”.

Happy Knitting!

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