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Melbourne Cup hat parade, 2011 
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Kenthurst UC Community Craft meets in the Hall on Wednesdays from 9:30 to noon.

Come and bring some craft work with you, or come to be inspired and learn and use some of ours!
Enjoy the company of a friendly group of people over morning tea.

Suggested craft topics—

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Since we began on 25th March 2009, we have been keeping some notes from each of our meetings —
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14th December 2011   13 present

Our last day for the year and Georgie, Turbo to her grandchildren, brought in a tray full of beautiful cup cakes. They tasted as good as they looked, the cake was as light as a feather and truly melt in the mouth. Georgie is off to Perth for Christmas. Elizabeth brought in yummy rum balls and also a beautiful Christmas card with thanks to the Committee, which was passed straight on to the group, because everyone is individually a blessing to us all.

We all enthusiastically agreed our Christmas Luncheon was a great success, with special mention of the mystery Santa Claus. Photos were passed around and everyone received copies of those they featured in.

Heather was not with us but delivering the knitted and crocheted rugs to the Wrap With Love facility. While Heather and Rosemary have been the major contributors of rugs, all who knitted squares are included and Margaret, our guest at the Luncheon, who sewed most of them together.

I informed the group of my move to the Sunshine Coast, probably mid to late February and was able to show photos of the home we have bought, on my iPad.

Starting with a report from Louise on the box of gifts we made up, we all shared on a variety of topics, some pertaining to the topic: Share on a happy event over the past year.

Grace with some prompting and laughter told us about the pumpkins in the garden fronting the Lodge and how to help them along when bees don't come visiting. We are grateful to Grace for helping us set up every Wednesday and hope our friendly group has helped her as she has had such major changes in her life in recent times. Gwenda told the amazing story of finding a friend she had lost contact with over the years. We are all waiting to hear that Kylie's baby has arrived safely. Josie is sharing a special time with her eldest son while he is currently staying with her. I love her Birthday gift which will see her and a friend, guess who, attend a Show in the New Year.

We enjoy hearing about Marilyn's choir - there must be some way we can get together with them next year....Deanne and Suzanne entertained us with Grandma stories which we all love and relate to. I have not remembered what others talked about so add to the Report if you wish,
May you all have a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

7th December 2011   17 present, 18 at Christmas lunch

17 is a record Craft Morning attendance, so we needed all the tables. For those who made the effort to look Christmassy and those who brought the beautiful hand made gifts for us all, a big thank you. The morning went too quickly but we did enjoy the poem and story brought to us by Jane. I also read some of the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke.

We had two more birthdays, how is my memory? Were the birthday girls Lesley and Beryl?

A beautiful blanket was on show with squares in a heavier yarn knitted by Heather and sewn up by Margaret who was our special guest at the Luncheon to thank her for all her work.

Rosemary brought in a completed crocheted rug and Beryl had two beautiful quilts, a feast for the eyes. I wonder do some of our women work in their sleep!

Once again The Galston Club provided a wonderful spread and worthy of our three cheers for the Chef and his mother who makes the Christmas pudding. We were sorry to hear that Georgie and Johanna were not able to join us at the Christmas Luncheon, for health reasons.

The tables looked beautiful and the arrival of Santa Claus was a big surprise, a bit of fun planned by Mother Claus, Deanne.

Next Wednesday is our last for the year and remember to think about what you can share, the topic being: "a positive event or happy moment you have had this year".

30th November 2011   16 present

We are all looking forward to our Christmas Luncheon next Wednesday, 7th December at 12 noon. We will have craft as usual in the morning and the following Wednesday, 14th will be our last for the year. That day we will share around the group, either a significant happening in the year drawing to a close, or a memorable Christmas.

This morning we shared about the current Christmas fairs and arising from that, a novel idea for cutting a suitable card to look like a teacup with a slot for a tea bag. Gwenda had just designed another version which was attractive and simple to make.

Heather reported on a new kind of needle which is square and helpful for arthritic hands. Looking forward to seeing a pair and the knitting they produce.

Josie has finished and sewn up the rug she is sending to an indigenous community in Alice Springs. The rug is beautiful, and cleverly knitted with triangles some of which make bows. Josie will celebrate her birthday before we meet again so Gwenda made a lovely card for her and we do wish her a happy day. Deanne's nephew recently married in Nepal, is having another ceremony here so Deanne is making a Welcome embroidery as an additional gift.

Georgie showed us the tiny cup and saucer we heard about previously, cunningly made using a tic toc biscuit, marshmallow, half a lifesaver and sprinkles!

Elisabeth has started knitting a Christmas stocking complete with a Santa. We look forward to the finished result. Elisabeth expressed beautifully how we all feel about our happy group.

23rd November 2011   14 present

It was good to see a variety of Crafts happening this week. I think we must all be feeling a little Christmas-ed out already, as decorations were nowhere in sight! However Deanne was finishing and framing some lovely Christmas embroideries as gifts. She was a birthday girl along with Rosemary who was crocheting another rug using the colours of stained glass. She brought in two completed ones last week, a very fast lady.

Beryl was hand quilting a patchwork quilt, a time consuming job after the quick machine piecing at the start. Beautiful! Others were knitting, knitting and more knitting! Jane had made her first Teddy with Gwenda's pattern.

Gwenda brought a colourful box for small gifts. We need to bring them in next week.

Thanks to Rosemary for some Christmas fabric, to Gaynor for the lovely baby jumpers for the Children's Hospital. For the Filling for teddies etc which we have stored in the cupboard for anyone to use - it slips my mind who was the donor.

Georgie, bless her, is in demand not only for her cup cakes but as a demonstrator for her clever cup with saucer from a tic toc biscuit! Next it will be how to ice her cup cakes!

We are so blessed to have such a garden of beautiful women getting together every week. What flower do you think you are like? I once saw myself as one of those pink trumpet vines!

Our $25 for the Christmas Luncheon is due next Wednesday. That is going to be another wonderful time together.

9th November 2011   12 present

Thankful for the air-conditioning, we had an informal chatty time together with everyone knitting except for Gwenda. She produced a colourful Christmas decoration from a large pinecone and colourful small pieces of fabric and wadding. This was first shown to us by Heather and a second variation gilds the tips of a pinecone and adds a bell and bow. So next week girls, how about some of us put the knitting down and give it a go? Pine cones will be provided.

Gwenda brought along a double sided patch worked star with a small amount of machining followed by glueing the sides together. I have taken a pattern of this if anyone is interested. Smaller ones connected together would look great, the variations are up to our imagination.

Louise is making one of the blankets which Gwenda has made popular with pink contrasting with a variegated yarn. We learned of a big O Birthday from Suzanne. Her family gave her a surprise birthday party and the guests received a beautiful invitation which was good enough to frame.

Beryl has now over 70 knitted decorations and is attaching a card and Christmas verse to each - a labour of love! We learnt from Heather today, that over the years, 580,000 blankets have been distributed by Wrap with Love! There was another one to be sent from us on display today.

Marilyn has tickets for a Christmas Musical Concert with the Circular Keys choir on 10th December and contact her for more details. The Uniting Church combined choirs will be singing the Messiah in the Sydney Town Hall on the 13th and 18th December and Marilyn can help with more information also. (phone 9651 3667).

We have the dates for three excellent Christmas Fairs coming up, all over the same weekend: 26th & 27th November. Cherrybrook and Galston Uniting Churches and the much recommended, Danish Church Fair, at Pennant Hills. We will clarify whether they are open both days next week.

2nd November 2011   16 present

What a great morning we shared yesterday!

There was one disappointment when we heard Heather was unable to come as she had hurt her back in a fall. Dear Heather, we love you and hope you with soon be better, you were missed.

Congratulations to you all, for coming wearing gorgeous, smart and fun hats, and a pair of red gloves; for bringing your beautiful china cups, saucers and plates and joining in with the spirit of the occasion to make our day so happy. Didn't you just love, all stories about our china and Pass the Parcel? Grace was the winner of a lovely coffee mug.

Thank you Rod for our photo shoot and delivering the outcome so quickly. I have had the individual and other photos developed for you to receive next Wednesday, and what truly beautiful girls we are!

Thanks to Georgie for the beautiful cup cakes, Josie for the splendid sandwiches, Gwenda for the yummy cheese twists and Heather, Louise and I, all contributed in different ways. I think I am running out of adjectives! It was special for the Committee to do this for our members and they were so appreciative. It was not an onerous task for us and we enjoyed the results.

We will continue with Christmas ideas next week.

PS: I know someone who has finished her Christmas cards already!

PPS: It is not me.

26th October 2011   15 present

Another busy morning with 15 present.

We didn't achieve all we set out to do but there is always another week and we will continue with decorations including those using pinecones in two weeks' time. Still many took the opportunity to make or observe using old Christmas cards to make round and heart shaped decorations complete with bells and bows.

We enjoyed hearing about Heather and Deanne's holidays. Rosemary made us all want to rush off and see Mary Poppins and what a great idea to go to a matinee performance ......

Rosemary had completed another beautiful crocheted rug in blues and greens. Deanne had knitted a great collection of teddies while away, which will be greatly appreciated by the Children's Hospital. My cousin, Annette is also taking one home to her Craft group in New Zealand, so the pattern Gwenda took from one her grandson received in Hospital travels on to bless more children. Annette so enjoyed her visit and has other patterns and ideas to take back to her group who have been making beannies for gifts to those who went through the Christchurch earthquake. Many survivors have been severely traumatised. She showed some craft from the camp she attended with "The Abbey Girls" - a tile as would have been seen in the original Abbey, a Lino cut and print and the train which was made for her depicting the manuka or tea tree flower. Lona reminded us of the beautiful Christmas Chalets her daughter makes as she told how the daughter won them back in a raffle. They would make a lovely gift or centerpiece and she has other gingerbread items which I am sure Lona would be happy to take orders to pass on.

Annette took away a pattern for a jumper to protect penguins which have been soaked in an oil spill. After the birds are cleaned up, they are fitted with a knitted jumper to protect them from the remaining oil during preening.

Grace had stepped out of the pages of Aladdin in her colorful caftan and headscarf. So we look forward to next Wednesday and our High Morning Tea. So remember to wear a hat and bring your cup, saucer and plate with a story. Thank you everyone for contributing in many ways to the joy of us being together every Wednesday.

19th October 2011   15 present

Today we finalized the arrangements for the Post Melbourne Cup High Morning Tea. On the 2nd of November we will arrive at 10am dressed in our Melbourne Cup outfits and wearing our hats of course. Come elegant or amusing or casual, whatever your style for the day which will of course be governed by the hat you wear. The Committee will be providing the Morning Tea at no charge, paid for through our funds. Georgie who of course is making the cup cakes has changed her appointment and will be with us. We still would like the use of a fourth cup cake stand. We all loved Johanna's idea that we bring our own pretty china cup, saucer and plate. So will make sure all hear about this and I will bring a couple of extra sets in case someone doesn't remember. Where possible bring a set which has a story or history to it as we will all have the opportunity to share, which is something we enjoy doing and hearing from each other. There will be at least one fun game to participate in following our Morning tea and knitting will be permitted!!

More Christmas ideas were presented to the group and there will be hands on opportunity next week using pine cones and fabric.

Lesley was knitting another colorful tea cosy representing a liquorice all sort. We hope to see the finished result next week. Beryl is powering along, having been asked to make 70 knitted Christmas decorations for a seniors' party. A couple of us are hoping to help her reach her target. Robyn breezed in with donations of wool and Lona also dropped in, it is always lovely to see others of our group who are unable to be regular.

All were knitting which reminded me of Charles Dickens' story of The Tale of Two Cities, where the women resolutely knitted and looked on as the guillotine decapitated the unfortunate citizens during the French Revolution! I promise that won't be happening!

12th October 2011   9 present

It was a quieter morning than last week which we all enjoyed but today was a nice change when we all had a chance to catch up and chat with each other.

Gwenda helped us make poinsettias amid much laughter as we struggled to cut and fold correctly. Thank you Gwenda, your instructions were great. Jane, with a little encouragement read another delightful story of her childhood revisited. We learnt it was recently published in a writers' magazine, good work! It was good to see Leslie again and she was knitting a bright and interesting tea cosy from a book she obtained from Dural Library. Beryl was carefully pinning patchwork pieces together ready for machining. The many pins showed how she does such neat work. She also had completed a beautiful baby blanket with Tunisian squares joined with variegated yarn and a neat crocheted border. Kylie came with Jeremy as Superman. He is such a happy boy and Kylie has a precious baby bump now with the promise of maybe a Christmas baby.

We shared our decision for a Morning High Tea with the group. So on the 2nd November we will arrive at 10am wearing our Melbourne Cup hats and enjoy a morning tea with the usual High Tea accompaniments of sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, heated savouries, and the crowning glory — cupcakes, Georgie's of course! She had already offered some time ago.

There will be no charge to our ladies as our finances are in good shape and the committee will supply the food and expenses will be reimbursed. So it will not be our usual craft morning but if anyone can't help themselves, knitting will be permitted! We will need to know the number coming over the next two weeks and make phone calls to those who may be away.

Of course there will be a hat parade and photographs. An important consideration was that we are finished by lunchtime before those who wish to see the doctor have arrived.

We looked over some Christmas ideas with samples and next week we will follow through with some of them together and show further ideas.

We missed Heather, Louise and others, and look forward to your return next week.

5th October 2011   17 present including 5 guests

I think we nearly reached capacity seating this morning, and what a morning! We were treated to view the expertise of Betty with Gold Work and Nina with Bobbin Lacemaking. They have travelled from Queensland and Ballina to attend a conference in Sydney on Needle Lace making. This was their day off for an Excursion and they came to us! An early start from Dee Why and meeting up with a friend Sue saw them arriving early at Kenthurst. We were very privileged as they talked about their crafts, displayed their exquisite work and answered all our questions. It reaffirmed my understanding that gifted craft people love sharing and encouraging others - time and distance and a free day was put aside by them for that very purpose. However they enjoyed being with us and felt the warmth of our group and complimented me/us.

Although that could be thought of as a hard act to follow, it really is all of us enjoying what we make, what we can give away of our work and the pleasure of being together that counts. Having said that, think about extending yourself and trying a new craft, you might surprise yourself!

Our other guests were Janette and Linda, Gwenda's cousins. They also showed us two new craft projects, Janette was using a large round loom, like doing a large French knitting as she explained, and the resulting tube could become a scarf or beanie. Linda was covering a calico Teddy with small patchwork pieces of random shapes and the result was a lovely colorful bear. It is good to have visitors, so consider who you could invite one day.

28th September 2011   10 present

It was so good to be back to our happy group. I appreciate how you all filled in for me and thank you for the reports and emails, I loved receiving them.

10 present, including Margaret, invited by Louise, who shared the challenging time she has had with a broken foot. We do hope she will come again.

I had photo collages of my trip on the iPad and shared some experiences. I do hope I didn't talk too long!

There was a variety of creativity happening and I was particularly impressed with Josie's inventive way of knitting squares. I think it has great possibilities. Also, I loved the flowers Gwenda was making. Rosemary and Grace were having good success knitting with circular needles making beanies and a jumper respectively. Gaynor read an interesting and challenging piece about the changing face of America and the replacement of Christian ethics. A lighter note was a poem brought by Georgie - and it had its challenge too.

Heather furthered our understanding re Random Acts of Kindness after revisiting the city and Josie read the delightful story about a little girl, her dog and a letter to God.

I put out the crafty items I found while traveling which prompted us that we need to start our Christmas crafts in October which means next week! How shall we begin? If you have a new idea, or craft sample which could be simple to demonstrate and make, bring it along next Wednesday. We will have to be guided a little by the amount of time our guests, Betty Cox and friends, will take talking about and displaying their lace and gold work. I will buy gifts for the guests who don't live in Sydney and flowers for their driver.

Gwenda, we would like to have a go making flowers next week and let the Christmas ideas be a foretaste of what we will be doing in the weeks ahead.

21st September 2011   11 present

The sun shone outside without the wind of the last couple of days and this was the conversation that took place as each of us arrived. Inside we were setting up our tables, chairs were placed in their positions, our banner placed up on the footpath (oh my goodness did we bring it in?) My dear husband Rod has taken a walk to check! Yes, it was!

Dot (the village cup cake fairy) arrived with a tray of her delicious chocolate cup cake butterfly cakes WHAT A TREAT THEY WERE! We shared around the table some happy stories. Gaynor is off to the Barossa Valley with her Probus Club. Grace enjoyed a concert at the Conservatorium of Music, Jane has completed a dear little cardigan for her Great Grandchild in Tasmania. Beryl had a huge task: to complete she is re-knitting a cardigan as it has stretched. Deane is knitting a Teddy bear and told us how proud she is of her Grandson who has been elected as Vice Captain of his school for 2012.

Marilyn told us that Gloria Jean at Cherrybrook is the venue for a new knitting group. Marilyn also told us how her mother taught her "Look up in hope God plans for you, and all His promises are true." Heather told us in the CBD in Sydney this month on lampposts you can read about "Random Acts of Kindness". We will continue talking about some stories associated with this subject in future weeks.

I continue to crochet squares for Wrap with Love. I shared my latest craft of making paper flowers this will also continue over to another week when I will give the instructions and our ladies can make them as well.

14th September 2011   12 present

Our girls never fall short of something to say - much chatter all morning along with the clickity clatter of knitting needles. Poems were read out during our 's & t' segment, including an aussie one from Banjo Patterson, one from the American NV Peale, also Heather read out Bev's favourites as well. Elizabeth shared her favourite poem 'Black Swans'.

We were so pleased to welcome back Beryl who has had some health issues of late. She has not been idle while convalescing, her beautiful quilts were so colourful and a picture. Heather brought along a very striking wool quilt with black & white striped borders with an unusual effect. Gaynor shared that the Orange Blossom fete held the previous Sunday at Kenthurst proved to be a good money raiser for the church. They sold goods and services worth $303. Our morning seemed to be over so quickly, then it was time to pack up. Christmas ideas will be discussed during this next month.

7th September 2011   14 present

Today we had the usual chatter, and most people knitting, Rosemary finishing off the beanies to go overseas, Gaynor finishing B1 and B2 and other items for the stall at Kenthurst Fair next Sunday. Grace continuing with her fair isle jumper, Gwenda crocheting squares for a change. Lesley finished her vest (with crinkly wool) after many years. It's good to see unfinished objects completed.

Poems were the order of the morning, favourite or otherwise, some were able to recite them from memory, some were well known, others were sayings with a moral code, some were amusing; we will have some more next week.

We received some photos from Iceland, Beverley and Graham sailing on the North Sea, icebergs and a tiny village nestled in the valley.

31st August 2011   15 present

Another wonderful morning of sharing each other's creative gifts. Alison visited after quite a while and was working on a speech she has to give for her TAFE Art Diploma course. She also shared a lovely book she has made with her son. She has done the illustrations and he colours them in and writes the text. (He is 9 years old.)

Apart from admiring all the many creations that many have done, we also heard about remedies for stings (eucalyptus leaves, panadol tablets crushed and applied). Georgie had a joke for us, Gwenda shared a "dotty" moment and Josie showed us the 2-metre (almost) scarf she has now finished. Lona told us about a knitting box she found at her specialist's waiting room where patients are invited to knit a row or two of a square while they are waiting, which she did! The creative work that goes on between meetings is truly astounding and it is a joy to see the results each week!

For next week everyone was invited to bring along their favourite poem.

24th August 2011   15 present

Many different conversations were taking place this morning sometimes two or three at once and we hadn't even sat down!!

The cups and saucers sang from the kitchen as Georgie and Lona prepared the kitchen for morning tea. OH MY WAS I IN TROUBLE?-- I hadn't been shopping for our special blend of coffee beans!! Next week it will be doubly appreciated-----I HOPE!

We all admired the latest Wrap with Love that Heather brought in completed. It looked wonderful as it was a group effort with several of the squares crocheted by Heather.

I shared a reminder that on Sunday 11th September The Church has a stall at the Orange Blossom Festival at The Rotary Park Kenthurst and would appreciate any donations for selling eg. Craft, cakes, slices,jams etc.

I shared a thought for the week a favorite quote from Sophia Loren - "when you look in a mirror, what you get out is what you put in! My handy hint was a cooking tip - When cracking an egg for cooking crack on a straight edge bowl or cup , not a sharp edge and you won't have shell where you don't want it.

Around our circle Jane told us how she had a chest of drawers in her car that was troublesome for her to remove by herself and just out of the shadows appeared two men passing by who she called on for HELP! Heather shared our latest Wrap and told us this is the best time for wool sales. Can you believe Heather once knitted a dress from 2 ply wool? Show n Tell from Elizabeth with a double Damask embroidered drawstring bag. What do I do with it she asked? Lesley found a half started jumper and wool in her cupboard so is knitting it to see how far her wool will go. Grace has returned from her daughters after minding her four cats and two dogs, and told us how beautiful the Orchid Show at Round Corner was last weekend. Gaynor shared a handy hint with us - If you have curly wool that needs to be straightened - wind it around a bottle , wet it and allow it to dry in the sun. AND BINGO!! Gaynor also explained some visitors to the church this morning were a group to possibly start Care for Seniors which would be a wonderful service to our community.

We also thought about Bobbie J who is in Hornsby Hospital Cardiac Ward having investigations.

Beverley we thought about you as today you leave for your 17 day cruise. We had another happy smiling fun morning even without the plunger coffee!!

17th August 2011   15 present

Today we had two more members sharing on something precious. Lona brought a heavy brass paperweight which she remembers on her father's desk when she was a child. She loved to hold it and her father gave it to her before he died.
Gwenda showed us a tobacco tin which was given to her by the sister of her grandfather. It is treasured as it is the only known artifact belonging to him. Our hearts were touched by the sad and happy episodes of his life.

Jane read a beautifully written short story which we found out was a true story from her life in London before she was married. More please!

Nearly everyone was knitting, no surprises there! Rosemary was the exception, she was near to finishing a baby's blanket and delivered two baby layettes and two booties. They are beautifully made and will go the Westmead Children's Hospital. Gwenda was knitting a baby blanket and others were knitting squares and some scarves, notably Josie's in navy for her granddaughter.

Heather reminded us of the Samaritan's Purse annual collection of Christmas Boxes for underpriviledged children. I brought along a crocheted butterfly which could be quickly made.

We were sorry to learn of Beryl's accident and pray she will soon have completely recovered and looking forward to craft again. Everything went very smoothly today but outside it became overcast, the weather was getting chillier with light rain.

I am falling asleep over my laptop so it is time to close. I am sorry to be missing all the fun of our special craft group, over the next five weeks. We arrive home on the 22nd September and will be happy to be back the following Wednesday.

10th August 2011   15 present

Many of our women shared with us on Wednesday, some about their projects and others brought something precious to share which will continue next week. Heather and Rosemary gave reports on the ABC Knit -in they attended at local libraries last Friday. Grace has knitted many interesting squares for St Andrews and they will be collected by Nancy Ghazaleh at the end of the month. We are encouraged to add our squares too.

Special items were brought by six members.
Beryl wears her mother's engagement and wedding rings and to her they are priceless. Heather brought a very beautiful child's tea set that her mother played with nearly 100 years ago. Jane was given a Union Jack doggie door stop given to her by a family member who brought it home from England. Georgie showed a photo of her daughter, Jewell, and Deanne was excited to conclude that Jewell had looked after her mother, as a compassionate nurse. Deanne brought a doll that she received as a child and how much it meant to her and still does. She is relieved to have the treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome behind her but found knitting a bit of a challenge. I brought a special piece of china representing the Hans Christian Anderson's princess who could feel a pea under a massive pile of matresses; and also finished a crocheted wrap for a special friend.

How lovely to see Kylie, and Jeremy wearing the lovely hoodie made by Gwenda. Also we were delighted to hear Kylie is expecting another baby.

Josie had completed another beautiful layette for the children's hospital and the hooded baby cape was greatly admired at the baby shower for a young friend.

Another happy morning.

3rd August 2011   15 present

What a morning we had, with a record attendance of 15 wonderful women!

Tea and coffee plus a cream sponge from Grace was an essential part of our morning and Josie and Marilyn were very busy in the kitchen.

We had an interesting time sharing around the room, as well as hearing from those who had brought an item of significance to share with us. It was good to hear from Beryl and Lesley who had both returned from their travels.

Beryl and her husband went north to Queensland to share a 70th Birthday and Beryl brought back an interesting postcard of a quilt which had been made with leather pieces. She also read an amusing but sometimes accurate, prayer for the elderly. Some of us had photocopies made of this classic piece.

Lesley and husband travelled the Great Ocean Road for the first time in years and gave us an interesting description of the plane flight they had over Wilpena Pound and Lake Eyre.

Louise showed us a bell bought in Kashmir when she joined with friends over 20 years ago to trek in the Himalayas. The bell had a beautiful tone which lasts well after it has rung and also when the rim is stroked. I'm sure it brings back many memories. Rosemary shared a card from 1900 sent by her grandmother to another relative. It was in great condition and Rosemary will be labelling the envelope: Don't discard! For different reasons we can all identify with that.

We admired the photographs of fine Asian silk embroidery in a book from a current display at the Buddhist temple in Wollongong. Elizabeth's son and daughter in law(?) brought the book back from the exhibition which Elizabeth hopes to see before it closes.

Marilyn showed us the cup and saucer which was just the right size for her first cup of tea as a child: a lovely childhood memory.

We welcomed Grace's daughter, Josie who was visiting. She showed us some pictures painted on fabric and like Grace, has been creative in many different ways. Suzanne had completed the cushions made for the new lounge in the family room. Well done! Lona was knitting a white shawl for herself in a pattern which looked complicated but was deceptively simple and one I want to try. It was good to have Lona and Georgie with us and Georgie read an amusing piece about an elderly couple's wedding present list.

Heather displayed our latest blanket to which many have contributed squares. Amazingly that it is the 17th this year! I think Heather did more than her fair share of squares, but she is not admitting to it! She and Rosemary will be attending the annual ABC Knit-in this Friday. We would like to think of a way to appropriately thank the person who sews all our squares together.

Squares we won't be sewing together, are those we are making this month for the St Andrews school. Pupils are going to sew the squares together and donate to the homeless. Grace has already done some beautifully patterned squares and the graphs she made are available for us. I will shortly make contact with Nancy Ghazaleh who brought in the yarn for us to use. I will suggest she comes at the end of August to collect the squares from Grace, who will be collecting those we knit.

Well a long report but it is good to review our days together and realise how productive we all are, and the joy we are sharing and taking to others.

27th July 2011
 16 present 
Christmas in July  See Photo Gallery

Today we had two guests: Helen and Lorraine visited us as members of the Galston Uniting Church's quilting Group. We have been invited to join them for a weekend away in September and later for their exhibition. We will consider where and when we could have reciprocal visits.

We found that a number of Craft Books had been left for us to take, plus the magazines we get to enjoy brought in by Gaynor. Grace also had some interesting craft pattern books for us to borrow and had made graph patterns of the patterned squares she has been knitting.

We were reminded of the Knit-in's happening next week for Wrap with Love. Rosemary has been making Wraps for several years and has completed 134, a wonderful effort.

Next week we are bringing in an object, ornament, etc etc which has a special meaning for us to share with the group. I am writing the quarterly report for the church and intend also to have a new Needlepoint News ready for next week.

Christmas in July  See Photo Gallery
A total of 17 women enjoyed a beautiful 3 course meal at the Galston Club today. Gwenda and I decorated the table and put out the bon bons, sweets from Louise, and gingerbread house from Lona. Louise said grace. Before dessert we sang the first of our Christmas songs, Jingle Bells and found five Lucky numbers to receive small gifts. Everyone was busy answering the questions about The Twelve Days of Christmas and with Marilyn's help, we sang the song and the others on our song sheet. Gaynor thanked Chris the Chef who also cut up the gingerbread house which most of us wrapped in a serviette to take home - we had enjoyed a very substantial meal! We also had lots of fun, laughter, and chatter, as usual. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the joy!

20th July 2011   13 present

Today we all took turns sharing, not only about the craft we were involved in but also events and anecdotes.

Heather is still collecting squares for blankets for our goal at the end of the month to have as many blankets as possible to send away.

We all admired the baby jackets Heather has made which will go to the children's hospital. Also the beautifully patterned squares which Grace has knitted and some of us are eager to try out. Gwenda had finished Jeremy's hoodie with perfectly matched Teddy bear buttons. Now we want to see him wearing it!

Rosemary was nearing the end of her massive ball of yarn and that will also be the finish of the rug which is going to an orphanage in Kathmandu. Marilyn brought in a vintage but unfinished table cloth using appliqué and some embroidery. We all offered suggestions but Grace's offer to see if she could complete it was warmly received.

Deanne was pleased to be with us, having been unwell and told us about her trip with her husband to Melbourne to celebrate his 70th Birthday. Dinner on the tram and a show were the highlights. Josie also was back with us after missing two weeks with a chronic back condition, and she had finished the very pretty baby's cape she had been knitting, what a beautiful gift for the new baby. And baby news is on the agenda as we are delighted at the news that Louise will shortly be a grandmother which is very special.

We are happy that Elizabeth is in better health after having a stent inserted. Joanna has just celebrated 57 years in Australia and told us a little of living in Holland as a child during the second world war. We are grateful for the safety we have have living in Australia.

13th July 2011   11 present

A thank you to Elizabeth for bringing her friend Jenny on Wednesday. Jenny's creative productivity is amazing considering she is a busy school teacher. So we were blessed that she came to us in her school holidays and showed us wonderful range of products decorated with patchwork and appliqué. Afterwards many of us made purchases of bags, placemats and other items.

Our own members have been very productive too. Grace has completed the dress we have watched grow under her fingers and was wearing it with justifiable pride. Well done! Suzanne was knitting a cushion in blue chenille and Rosemary was knitting with the largest ball of yarn I have ever seen: 400g.

Heather attended the Quilt and Craft show recently and made a beautiful bracelet from Swarkowski crystals which was greatly admired.

Gaynor who was absent the previous week shared her all-time favorite book: "The Red Chief" by Ion L Idriess. She read a selection which showed the descriptive style in which this well-researched book about the last of an aboriginal tribe, was written. We now look forward to our next sharing, which has proved to be so popular, when we bring something that is precious to show and tell on August 3rd.

Heather handed out our the notices for our Christmas in July which we are looking forward to. Our payments are to be in next Thursday to Gwenda.

6th July 2011   11 present

It was music to my ears to hear such a happy buzz of chatter as we arrived today.

It was Elizabeth's Birthday, so there was a lovely card from Gwenda and of course we sang Happy Birthday. We trust Josie will soon be on her feet again and we missed her presence with us.

After settling down with our teas and coffees, as planned, we shared books which we chose as special for a variety of reasons. Gwenda chose a classic how to fix anything book and we found out what kitty litter is useful for. Others enjoyed biographies and books with generational themes. Louise chose a book by the Somalian author, who now lives in USA who also wrote Infidel. Little Black Samba was Beryl's choice and Heather brought her Kindle which is the Internet based book promoted by Amazon. I brought my favorite book: For Love of a Rose, a family biography over several generations, concluding with the amazing story of the Peace Rose.

We were reminded of the various knit-in's later this month and Elizabeth has invited a crafty friend, a teacher, to join us next week and to share her crafts with us.

We talked about the Christmas in July to be held at the Galston Club on 27th July, and Heather showed us the posters and handouts which will be available next week. Posters will be displayed in the church foyer and Fellowship Centre at the Village. It is open to all to book and pay for on or before 20th July. We agreed that some of us will knit squares in August, as requested, for St Andrews School who want to sew them up for a rug to give to the homeless.

Heather displayed the most recently completed rug and Grace brought a rug which had been made with a variety of floral motifs and leaves - a garden throw. Rosemary had nearly completed a cardigan in a happy yellow shade for a child; one of several whose destination is an orphanage in Kathmandu. Beryl had with her a new cardigan knitted in a lovely shade which is hard to explain! Looking forward to next Wednesday.

29th June 2011   16 present

I was surprised when I counted 16 present! What a busy happy morning.

Heather and Rosemary updated us on Wrap with Love and the Knit-in Groups happening in July. Gwenda shared on her weekend in Canberra and our newest member, Leslie on her forthcoming trip to Lake Eyre. Marilyn reported that her choir Circular Keys won the National Championship at Newcastle, a great achievement. Jane read us a humorous episode of when she was caught out doing tai chi to Glen Miller band music. And lots more.........forgive me if I don't recall it all!

We presented our proposed event, Christmas in July at The Galston Club on the 27th July. The Committee made a quick decision that we will invite women from the Village and the church to join with us. This morning at Craft, 10 women indicated they would like to come, so that is a good start. After next Wednesday we will contact anyone who has not been present over the previous two weeks to hear about the event. Publicity is being addressed: suggesting poster size for the Village and Church notice boards and handouts for all with necessary information.

As a committee we will discuss the details over our bi-monthly lunch next Wednesday, at the Galston Club and hopefully speak with with the Catering Manager.

Next week we will be bringing a favorite book to share. Remembering the success of sharing a childhood favorite, this promises to be an enjoyable morning.

Just before leaving I met Nancy from St Andrews School who came to ask if we could knit squares which the children will be sewing together to make a rug for a homeless child. We were all packing up, so I took her details and told her we had our own rug making projects at the moment. She produced a bag of wool/yarn and I said some of the ladies may be willing to make some towards the end of July and I would get in touch with her later.

22nd June 2011   7 present

We had a number of our faithful members absent for different reasons on Wednesday, However no reports of sickness as far as I know, which is a good thing at this time of the year. Seven of us were all knitting, knitting, knitting. Louise looked smashing with her cardigan, matching scarf which she has completed and matching hat which Jane knitted for her. It was good to see Jane again.

We all joined in solving the world's problems; discussions on Ireland, resulting from the book "Angela's Ashes" which June brought in; and best of all hearing about Louise's enjoyment at her school reunion in Armidale. It was the 150 year reunion and the celebrations included a street parade, special themed exhibitions in the classrooms, such as gold mining, and a Dinner dance.

Louise was thrilled to meet two fellow classmates from when she attended the school. Elizabeth shared a book, one of series, which had a quilting theme running through it. We reminded ourselves that we will be sharing about a favorite book on the 6th July, just two weeks away. The year is flying by.

11th June 2011  

Knit in Public Day  
11 present

11 Hardy souls braved the wintry morning to Knit in Public at the Kenhurst Shopping Village on Saturday 11th June.

We were thankful that the rain stayed away until nearly midday and we even had short breaks of warm sunshine.

We talked with the few people who wanted to know what we were doing and some took away flyers about our Craft Group. Rugged up, we were a cheerful bunch and enjoyed hot drinks from the corner cafe and some muffins, loaf and slices. 8 women were from our Craft Group and we had three visitors - friends and relatives of Gwenda. A big thankyou to all who came and brought samples of their work, to Peter who delivered our tables and Heather who supplied some of the props.

We did it! Despite the weather!

8th June 2011   11 present

It was Johanna’s birthday today, 89 years! So it was a joy to sing Happy Birthday to her and meet her daughter. Gwenda had prepared a thoughtful word for her and a beautiful card.

Today was a Presentation morning, and Heather showed us various methods for appliqué work. We learnt the materials to use and the different steps to achieve a lovely finish. Heather used samples of her own work and some items which she had specially prepared. Thankyou Heather, you went to a lot of trouble and taught us well, it makes me want to do some straight away!

We heard today that Hobbytex is no longer providing demonstrations and all their products are now on line. We are beginning to see that shopping on the internet is taking over more and more. So on 6th of July instead of our planned demonstration we will choose a book that is a personal favourite, and share it with the group. It was most interesting when we chose a childhood favourite, so I am sure we will enjoy this as well. We were all knitting this morning and we greatly admired the cardigan Gwenda had finished and was wearing. It was her signature shade of pink and looked very cosy.

WWKnitting in Public Day is this coming Saturday. The weather report is forecasting showers but anything can change over the next three days. We have been favoured with beautiful weather the last two years, so we invite the same for Saturday! All the arrangements have been made and individually we are to bring seating for two if available, and a plate for morning tea to share with visitors. Of course we should all bring our knitting and be at the Kenthurst Shopping Village between 9.30 and 10.00am. Invite friends and family to join us.

Next Wednesday 15th June, there is a Memorial Service in the church and we will not be meeting in the hall but in the Village Fellowship Centre. Parking is available off Jones Rd, in the village grounds and also on Jones Rd where it is only a short walk to the Centre. A sign will be posted on the front door of the church for those who may not get this communication or get to hear from us personally.

1st June 2011   14 present

The configuration of our seating was different as we found sufficient tables and chairs had been left in place. However that meant we were seated with four around most tables and I guess that most of us preferred our usual arrangement. It was a good to recognize that we value being part of a united group enjoying an openness together.

Everyone was knitting and we were reminded to continue knitting squares with the end of June in mind when the ABC host the knitting challenge. Heather gave us information and ideas and we are planning to coordinate the colours and yarns we all use as much as possible.

Heather showed us two really beautiful bags she had made and will make copies of the pattern for our use. Also she will do a demonstration next Wednesday on how to applique. I had not corrected changed dates for the the Hobbytex demonstration so am grateful that Heather will bring her demonstration forward.

It is very encouraging that since our morning tea, we have seen more of our members each Wednesday. I am so encouraged that the group we all enjoy has made an impact elsewhere as well. We have made progress in more ways than our creative endeavours. Louise has a report on our morning tea ready to go to the local paper and I have sent her some photos to choose from.

We discussed our Knitting in Public Day and the arrangements which are the same as last year since they worked well then. We will each bring a plate to share for morning tea and with those who join us. Also we are to remember to bring a chair and 1 extra. Josie will speak to the proprietor of the corner coffee shop who welcomed us last year. We have the permission of the shopping centre and insurance details are in place. We are registered on line with the Knitting in Public site, along with hundreds of other groups all around the world which is pretty awesome when you come to think of it! So now we just need help with the two tables, some items to exhibit and others to sell at the morning tea, and for us all to bring our knitting on a very fine sunny Saturday June 11th morning.

25th May 2011   12 present

Knitting needles clicked away to the music of "Midnight Piano". I think every one was knitting except for Rosemary who was crocheting. We welcomed June as a new member of our group, June is a friend of Gaynor's and was a visitor to our Biggest Morning Tea last week. Suzanne called in to say hello and brought her dear little granddaughter Amelia and her daughter in law.(I apologise I don't know her name).

Despite today being cold and windy we were snug and warm inside and our normal chatting, laughter and happy conversations kept us warm.

The coffee aroma from the kitchen was inviting and we were happy to share our thoughts with each other. Georgie (who asked for her name tag to be changed to Dot) shared a beautiful story with us about Nat King Cole. She shared also a story about an elderly couple wishing to marry at the age of 89 and 92 and their pharmacy requests this was hilarious!! Georgie (Dot) is happy for me to copy this for us. Beverley you will love it too. Louise shared about the kindness of Bakers Delight last week. Louise told us of her little friend and of her progress with her knitting she has progressed to smaller needles and is now making lots of extra stitches!! Elizabeth told us about her short holiday stay at The Intercontinental Hotel in the city with her son Andrew and his family and then was kidnapped and taken to Hamilton Island. Deane is knitting a new cardigan for herself.

Marilyn has returned from Newcastle after competing with her Circular Keys group and asking how they went: she excitedly yelled "WE WON". It was lovely to hear her stories and excitement. Marilyn was wearing her winning medal with pride. I am still knitting Jeremy's little hoody. Josie is knitting for her friend an absolutely beautiful pink baby cape (it's the softest of pinks), Rosemary is crocheting her blankets. Heather BLESS HER has made a patchwork bag! Several of Heather's family and friends are going to be spoilt at Christmas with these beautiful gifts. Lona shared a crochet book of dolls with us and is happy to loan it to anyone. Georgie (Dot) was knitting her beloved booties. June told us about her holiday at Port Douglas and Gaynor passed on to us how happy the Church is that Kenthurst Community Craft are a subsidiary of Kenthurst Uniting Church.

18th May 2011  
16 members present plus 18 guests
Biggest Morning Tea


Thankyou to everyone for contributing to the success of this morning. The results are above and beyond what any of us anticipated.

Already we are hearing from the guests in particular, how much they enjoyed the morning. Judging by the happy chatter everyone had a great time meeting known and new friends and acquaintances.

It is also possible that as a result of today, we may have new members.

There was good interest in both the display and sales table which contributed to the takings. Altogether we raised $387, plus a donation of $50 from our own funds, and a cheque for $437 is being sent to the Cancer Council.

It was great to see so many of our members make today a priority and invite friends. It was very heartening to see a good number of the village residents attending and others from the church. I think it made a good impression on all who visited. I think this is an occasion where we can all justifiably be very proud of the outcome. However I would like to also praise our Heavenly Father for our beautiful day and equally beautiful women.

11th May 2011   13 present

On a chilly morning we were cosy inside and had plenty to share. My friend, Valerie, enjoyed the morning so much she would love to be with us every week. Thank you Louise for the supply of paper which will improve the appearance of future Needle Point News. Between cups of tea and coffee and plenty of chattering, I think we were all knitting and it was interesting to see two of our members, Beryl and Gaynor, knitting socks. Josie was crocheting a cushion cover to match the rug for her granddaughter and she also brought in her second baby layette, soft and beautiful. Jeremy who joined us this morning will soon have a new hoodie being knitted by his Grandma, Gwenda. Louise had made great strides with her heather coloured scarf and Rosemary with her bobbly one.

Gwenda showed us a versatile neck scarf she found on her recent trip to Tasmania and we wonder if any of us can make a pattern for it.

Beryl shared about her holiday with a group from Probus, visiting all those interesting towns associated with Ned Kelly and beautiful Bright with the Autumn leaves. We enjoyed reading her itinerary and viewing the photos.

We wish Marilyn and the Circular Keys well as they compete with other choirs next week and would love her to bring back some photos as well as the trophy!

We talked about the Big Morning Tea next week. After some discussion, and after I had left for the airport with our guests, it was decided to leave the issue of donations to the cancer council, with the wording on both the handouts we use to invite others and also the information shared with the village. I am sure those who come understand the concept that this is a fund raising venture and will respond accordingly and as they are able.

4th May 2011   13 present

On the day, everyone was given opportunity to share a favourite book from their childhood. Most of the group participated and read an extract from a rather worn and much loved book. While I cannot remember all the titles, I recall that most of us related to the memory of reading Milly Molly Mandy, Anne of Green Gables , the Heidi books and the poems by AA Milne. We also learnt a little more about each other in the process. In a Bible Study I attended today, we were reading from The Purpose Driven Life, about community and I thought about our Craft Group and how we have grown together into something quite special. We have decided to have a similar morning, the first Wednesday in July, when we bring an author or specific book that is currently special to us, to share why, and read an extract.

Once again the kitchen was busy preparing Cappucinos and enjoying Grace’s almond crescent biscuits. The hands were busy knitting as we listened to each other sharing and the time flew as always.

Our important topic at the moment is the Big Morning Tea we are having in two weeks’ time. It will be a Devonshire Tea and we can invite friends and family with all donations to the Cancer Council. Wearing pink is optional.

27th April 2011   9 present

Definitely Autumn was in the air today and a shower or two as well. All of us were knitting or crocheting as we enjoyed morning tea and chatting together, all the time accompanied by a wonderful selection of music from Gwenda.

The photos of our Easter Hat Parade were on show and copies both to give away and order. Patterns from Kim for making bags are available for photocopying; for hot water bottle covers from Gwenda; and a book of basic garments to knit from Grace. Josie and I have completed our layettes and are presented ready to deliver - Josie is already onto her 2nd set. Heather had completed the bag kitset which she won last week and the fabric adorned with heart and hand embellishments is delightful.

I shared an email about putting the important things in our lives first which was a little long but gave a message which gave us images easy to recall. Our sharing turned to the Royal Wedding and the documentary on Cleo which became a lively discussion. We also learnt that Gaynor’s grandfather invented the safe hot water bottle and sandshoes as well as other items - amazing!

We confirmed dates and events ready for the next edition of Needlepoint News and were reminded of the Big Morning Tea (the pack was in today’s mail) and next week when we will each have opportunity to share about a favourite childhood book.

20th April 2011   11 present

Our Easter Hat Parade was a wonderful success with a great variety of confections.

Rosemary’s bunnies and ears were lots of fun, Josie and Gwenda featured Easter chickens and Louise was very fetching and so Australian in her model. Heather’s hat was beautiful and elegant and I decorated mine in a Jane Austen’s period style. Marilyn looked stunning with a fascinator of yellow and Beryl copied a hat she wore on her honeymoon 40 plus years ago.

Georgie got up at 5am to make two plates of decorated cupcakes and they tasted as good as they looked. She was happy to receive some tulips, saying they were the first she had ever been given.

Then to top it all Kim brought a huge bag full of the most impressive quilts and bags that left us amazed at her handiwork. I was taken with the Christmas individual pieces that are velcroed onto a large quilt which she hangs up at Christmas. She gave us a number of patterns for the bags which we will duplicate next week. Heather was the recipient of a kitset for one of the bags which she deserved, having finished another beautifully knitted rug. Rosslyn showed us her crocheted vandyke baby’s rug and together we tried to decipher an American crochet pattern. Louise shared devotional extracts for both Good Friday and Easter Sunday as a balance to the delightful chicks, bunnies and Easter eggs which all symbolise new life. Thankyou Josie for our Easter eggs.

Lovely to have Gwenda back from her holiday in Tasmania and we heard the lovely story of her grandson’s christening on the ship which his father serves on. The bell used will have his name engraved on it and will be in a museum when the ship is scuttled next year. Beryl had made a number of sachets using lace from Louise which could be sold either at the Big Morning Tea or Knitting in Public Day. This might challenge some of us contribute other items and a new suggestion or project - to design and knit/crochet a hot water bottle cover.

We all rejoiced that Johanna has had an excellent medical clearance. A lot to remember and report, all good news.

13th April 2011   10 present

On such a beautiful day, it was a shame to be inside, but we will leave that for Knitting in Public Day (11th June). However we all brought some sunshine inside and shared it with two visitors who came to be helped with crochet patterns with Grace. Roslyn and Kim were able to come as they don’t work during the school holidays and plan to return next week for some more instruction and also Kim will be bringing some bags, patterns and patchwork to display.

We are reminded to wear “Easter Bonnets” next week when we will enjoy homemade cup cakes fresh from Georgie’s Bakery.

We also shared our plans for a “Big Morning Tea” on behalf of the Cancer Council. We will have a Devonshire Tea, a display of craft and can invite friends or relatives to attend. Date: 18th May.

There was interest shown in a magazine clipping which showed ten ways to use a knitted square and photocopies were made and knitting patterns also were copied.

Beryl took home some of the old lace that Louise brought the previous week, washed it and made it into a beautiful, lace, satin-lined handkerchief sachet which was a wonderful surprise. Thanks Beverley.

It was such a happy chatty time together and we look forward to the return of Gwenda and other members who have been away.

6th April 2011   10 present

Today we welcomed Betty who gave us a great demonstration of paper tole which inspired some of us to attend the classes which are held at the Fellowship Centre on Thursday mornings. Betty was quite an entertainer and we enjoyed some happy laughter. We thanked her with a bunch of tulips, still in bud, which she will have pleasure in watching them open.

We also welcomed a new member, Gaynor known to some of our ladies already, so she felt right at home and we look forward to her company in the future. An email was received from Gwenda, on holiday in Tasmania, saying she missed us but was having a great time.

We thank Beryl for the pattern for her clucky Easter hen made to hide an Easter egg. Alison brought along adorable little bird boxes, made to conceal a small gift. I was able to copy the design and hope to construct one before next week and have the pattern available for others to use.

By the end of the morning we were all knitting. Next week we will remind our members that on the following Wednesday we will have an Easter Hat Parade. Louise showed us an amazing collection of hand made lace and was happy to find a home for most of it with the costume shop at Round Corner.

30th March 2011   10 present

Today we caught up with Robyn who is happily planning a new garden, and later Alison dropped in so they helped to fill the places of those who were away.

Beryl brought in a farmyard of hen and chickens and we look forward to her pattern for an Easter hen which she will have for us next week.

I was contacted by one of the local women who wanted to learn to crochet and Grace is going to get in touch with her.

Louise had two jokes she had kept to share with us which gave a light moment.

I was aware we did not have the usual musical background which Gwenda arranges but our chatter made up for it.

We are considering having a Big Morning Tea for the Cancer Council at the end of May and various suggestions were put forward.

We look forward to Betty demonstrating paper tole next Wednesday.

23rd March 2011   10 present

Recently Gwenda bought on our behalf a new electric jug and coffee plunger. So now we have more options including cappuccinos and the kitchen is operating well.

Heather had made a fascinating new scarf with yarn from Lincraft. She demonstrated how it is knitted which looked complicated but apparently is not. Only one ball is required and the pattern is on the inside of the paper surround.

Beryl is copying a crocheted hen which she made when still at school. It is another pattern that would fit an Easter or styrofoam egg. We plan to make a written pattern to share before she sews it up.

Josie is well on the way with the baby layette she is knitting and Gwenda was focusing on building up her card supply using an embossed frame around a bird motif. Each card was completed a little differently making them unique.

I showed some quilled butterflies I had enjoyed making, and two knitted pandas.

Georgie came early for the doctor and joined our group, knitting the little booties she makes for newborns. With a little encouragement she told us of her interesting time overseas around Christmas time. What a traveller! Since some know she is famous for her cupcakes, we have asked her to make some for our Wednesday before Easter when we wear our Easter bonnets, meaning any sort of headwear we can come up with!

We wish Gwenda well as we miss her for three Wednesdays on a wonderful holiday to Tasmania. Also Rosemary is off to Melbourne with Probus on a very interesting trip and will be away next week. Grace shared her enjoyment of the Riverdance performance she attended.

Please note that Betty is confirmed as our demonstrator of Paper Tole on 6th April and on the first Wednesday in May we will share on a Childhood book we fondly remember. A short extract can be shared or a story surrounding the chosen book.

Another happy day!

16th March 2011   8 present

Today we attempted to celebrate St Patrick's Day. Green was present and also a shamrock and Irish music but we didn't exactly enthuse or were crazy enough! Which is OK!

But our enthusiasm as Beryl shared on her trip to Alstonville made up for it. The happiness she had seeing photos on the wall of the beautiful restored house, now a museum to the early settlers in the area, was conveyed to us all. I guess it struck chords, as it becomes important as we get older to find out more of the past generations to pass on to the next.

We plan to make opportunities in the second half of the year for others to share on the topic of family and genealogies. It might motivate us to get our photos and family trees into some kind of order, or is it just me!

Josie had completed a stunning throw for her grand daughter's 21st and Rosemary brought in her wedding gown. How lovely was that! I think it brought back memories for all of us to see the photos as well.

So once again between sharing and showing we continued our knitting.

It was a surprise to be interrupted by Jennifer Hansley who was looking for someone to teach three ladies in the area to knit. Out response was that we would be delighted to welcome them to out Wednesday morning craft group where we could teach them. We hope they will accept the invitation. Thankyou, Heather for quickly finding information for her to share with them.

Note that Heather would like to defer teaching on applique until later and it was suggested we ask people to bring in their favourite childhood book and to share a short portion or recount some of the story if the book is not obtainable. This would be in May.

9th March 2011   9 present

Chickens, ducks and rabbits everywhere! It was a good move to start early for Easter. So we were all knitting except Josie, who completed her rug. ready for crocheting around the perimeter. When finished it will be a beautiful 21st present for her Granddaughter. We all admired the colour combination.

Louise shared a prayer for Lent which led to discussion and some of us learnt that on the the day before the lenten period starts it is customary to make pancakes. Next year perhaps?

Some of our regulars were away and we look forward to their return next week.

Next Wednesday will be our St Patrick's Day celebration with some green here and there (no orange please, we don't want any violence!) So add a touch of creativity just for fun. For anyone interested, I will have quilling materials and some Easter ideas to try out.

At our committee lunch we decided that we would return to the Kenthurst shops for our Knitting in Public Day. Gwenda told us of our healthy bank balance and it was decided that she would buy two new kettles for our use only and a six cup coffee plunger.

We are happy with our first Wedesday in the month to be a demonstration day.

2nd March 2011   7 present

A happy morning with all of us knitting. However we had lots to share and talk about. Heather had some lovely Easter projects to inspire us and had patterns ready so we can gather the materials needed. We all admired the fine knitting covering small foam eggs and the chicken and rabbits as well.

Gwenda showed us a bookmark with the Lord's prayer, which she received when she and Rod went to an Easter Service in London. Please correct me Gwenda if my memory is wrong but I think it was at Westminster Abbey.

She had us all laughing at the Easter chicken, which when wound up, hopped backwards. I showed some Easter cards and a few photos from our Northern Territory holiday. Grace showed us a small round piece of delicate embroidery made by a distant relative. Rosemary brought 2 ivory awls, also very old and used to make the holes in fabric for fine embroidery.

We had an interesting time discussing among other things, the widely divergent subjects of the Christchurch earthquake and the bombing of Darwin. Remember St Patrick's day in two weeks and the Craft Fair at Rosehill next week and we look forward to some of those unable to be with us returning next week.

23rd February 2011   9 present

Although we were a very small group, it was very noisy, and I suppose that is good everyone giving of information to one another.

Jeremy came without his mother, Gwenda had her hands full with the help of all the other surrogate aunties. Phyllis was wanting to learn to crotchet and Rosemary was helping her.

Louise tried to keep control of the group without the bell!! And do her embroidery with the help of Deanne. Mostly others were knitting. Robyn came and Allison dropped in for a short while.

Everyone was asked to bring some ideas for Easter craft next week, then the following week we will have a hands-on activity (that gives everyone time to get their materials together).

If I have forgotten anything please forgive.

16th February 2011   13 present

It was lovely to have the distraction of Jeremy who is nearly 1 and a dear little boy. He was so quiet I nearly forgot he was there.

Our group was busy pursuing a variety of crafts and some were completing unfinished projects.

Josie is underway with a new rug for her daughter-in-law and it was lovely to see Johanna who has nearly finished a scarf for her granddaughter. We admired the folded star pattern in a round frame, which Heather had finished.

Deanne was well on her way crocheting a cot blanket in variegated yarn. And the rest of us were knitting as far as I can remember.

We are considering new ideas for the venue for Knitting in Public day in June. I will miss you next week and looking forward to the following week when Heather will encourage us to look ahead to Easter with some new or novel ideas.

9th February 2011   12 present

Such a happy gathering this morning for our feature on St Valentines Day.  Music, poetry, readings and information was shared together with heart-shaped biscuits,  chocolate hearts, one large pink lollypop, a red rose and rose attire.

Rosemary inspired us with a pile of crocheted baby blankets which is love in action, considering that they will all go to places of great need.  We loved Marilyn's beautiful quilt made by a friend and Gwenda's Santa sack, a gift to a sister at Christmas.  Again we see that love is behind these precious handmade gifts from the heart.

Grace showed us how to make roses from ribbons which was not as easy as it sounded but some of us had a go.  With some encouragement she shared of a time in her life when with her husband they had a store in Junee and a business making school uniforms.  We all have such different stories to tell and each one of us is like a knitted square that makes up a blanket of love and beauty.

It was good to see Phyllis again who would like to learn another skill.  She plans to come every second week and would like to learn to crochet.

We hope, Heather, you will up and about soon and look forward to seeing you next week.  

2nd February 2011   9 present

Again we had 9 participants on a day forecasted to be the hottest this summer. The air conditioner was appreciated and we had a very happy morning with lots to share. Gwenda and I exchanged cards for our birthdays!

Our little publication, Needlepoint News was distributed, which features future dates for demonstrations and special days. Next week Grace will show us how to make ribbon roses and we will be featuring Valentine's Day. That means we bring, wear, sing, read, compose, the list is endless - anything which reminds us of Valentine's Day. Just for fun!

I brought my finished quilt to show Beryl and she loved it and is anxious to find the shop Country Pickins for herself. (corner of Quarry Rd, Dural). She had a nearly finished quilt and some nifty ideas we enjoyed.

Elizabeth brought two bags simply but most effectively decorated and will bring them back next week. Deanne was learning from Rosemary how to crochet a baby rug. Others were knitting.

It was good to see Suzanne back again.

19th January 2011   9 present

It is good to be getting back into some routine again with our lovely craft group. On the 1st of February be ready to share on the particular role you have as part of the committee. And hopefully I will have Needle Point News ready.

I think the new ideas we have for this year are excellent and look forward to the demonstrations. It is good to have Grace volunteering to share a skill with us, Ribbon roses on the 9th February.

Heather had a newly completed rug to show and I think we could all put in a square or two regularly as I am sure there will be a need in the flood disaster areas.

The photos of our Christmas Luncheon will be available for orders on the 2nd also, for those who were not present on the 19th, so I will get them printed after that. It was good listening to everyone's news and more on 2nd.

(There is no Craft on Australia Day, 26th January)


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