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Christmas Party
Christmas Party at Regal Gardens, 2012

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Come and bring some craft work with you, or come to be inspired and learn and use some of ours!
Enjoy the company of a friendly group of people over morning tea.

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We also support Wrap with Love by knitting squares to be made into wraps. There is a Gallery of photos showing where some of these wraps are being distributed.

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5th December 2012   14 present

Today is Josie's birthday - we sang and we celebrated. December is also Beryl and Lesley's birthdays. Rosemary gave Beryl a card and we wish her and Lesley a Happy Day.

We are thinking of Lesley, Suzanne and Robyn. Our thoughts are with our ladies.

We celebrated Christmas and the end of our Craft Year today at Regal Gardens for lunch. We had fun together and I think everyone enjoyed a change of venue. Regal Gardens is so attractive with their linen table cloths and serviettes. Heather and I were saying "we like to dress up and play Ladies!"

I love being "Girlie!"

Thank You Louise for saying Grace for us and reading a Helen Steiner Rice verse on a book mark that Elizabeth gave us.

We chose our meal from the menu prior to today and that was a great idea. There was something there for everyone. We took along Bon Bons and lemon squash was placed on the tables. We finished with tea and coffee.

Between courses we played a game of "what were those decorations I showed you?" What is a Christmas Party without a game? We had four winners who guessed 9 out of 10 - so clever!!!

Look at those lovely gifts and cards that were shared together. Thank you ladies.

Today was a day of sharing and giving. Let us not forget the reason why we celebrate Christmas. As I write this I am looking at the first Christmas decoration I bought for Rod and I for our first Christmas, it is now 41 years old. It's a plastic Nativity Scene, with all the beautiful decorations we have in our home (and some I have bought overseas) this plastic one is my favourite. Now I have mentioned it I am going to bring it to show you.

We are back together on 6th February, 2013.

I have appreciated the support you have given to me this year. Thank you.

I have appreciated the support of our Committee. Thank you Louise, Josie, Heather, Deanne and Rosemary. Thank you Lesley for looking after our kitchen. Thank you to all of you for all you have done for us.

Have a Happy Christmas with your families and friends. Have a Happy New Year too. From my family to your family ~ Take good care of yourselves.

28th November 2012   14 present

Our music today was In the Mood for Christmas by the Australian Army Band, Sydney

Rosemary we wish you a very Happy Birthday for Thursday. We sang Happy Birthday and gave Rosemary a birthday card from all her friends at Craft.

I was reminded of the 3rd verse of The First Noel as we made our 3 Wise Men.

Then Wise Men from a country far
Looked up and saw a guiding star
To seek for a King was their intent,
And to follow the star wherever it went.
Nowell, Nowell, Nowell, Nowell
Born is the King of Israel.

Our 3 Wise Men continued today for a couple who hadn't made them and this gave me a chance to complete mine.

It's Christmas wherever we go now - carols are playing in the shopping centres, here at craft today and in our homes. It's a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Catch-up time with friends, shopping, sending Christmas cards, wrapping gifts and decorating our trees. This is a lovely opportunity for us to wish each other a Happy Christmas by dining out for our craft Christmas lunch. Regal Gardens next Wednesday 12.30.

We shared around the table and Heather told us of a couple of local events and services - Wesley Uniting Church Castle Hill and Rouse Hill House organised by The Catholic and Anglican Churches. Dates will be in the Local Papers.

Dot has settled into her new home at Flinders Village. Lona told us how much Allan enjoyed the celebrations that surrounded him by turning 80. Joan told us of the close relationship she has with her young granddaughter and how she has learnt from her. Gaynor has just returned from a wonderful cruise taking her and Peter up to Darwin across to Fremantle.

Deanne has been to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and also School Spectacular which is being televised on Christmas Eve.

Leslie was sitting being a "good girl" and helping Deanne to complete her grandson's scarf to take overseas next week - while Deanne was completing her 3 Wise Men. See this group is all about "helping and sharing!"

Marilyn told us how she can purchase tickets for anyone wishing to attend The Messiah at The Sydney Town Hall on Wednesday 12th December at 7.30pm or Sunday 16th at 2.15.

Louise has just had a wonderful time away in Blackheath with "The Girls" it all slightly changed when "The Men" arrived on the weekend!!! Louise brought Jane to craft and Jane told us how Louise (her daughter) has returned to Tasmania for a short time and is back and forth to be with her Mum and to attend Swan Lake and Castle Hill Players performance.

Beryl told us as she was busy preparing dinner the other night - the telephone rang , her husband answered it and they were trying to give their bit about some "hearing promotion". Beryl's husband told them "he wasn't interested" but-- they tried to continue until her husband told them "you need to go yourself." How good is that?

Squares just keep "rolling in" the pile Heather was given today would just about make a rug.

Our morning tea was very festive today with Josie's Christmas cake and my Reindeer Forest banana cake.

Don't forget to check the Church Website for Christmas Service times, and of course our page and updated photos.

Wednesday 6th February is the start of craft for 2013. We will have a day of sharing stories of our time over Christmas.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 5th December - Regal Gardens!!!

21st November 2012   10 present

Lots of chatter this morning - this is the second last get together for the year. Good to have Heather with us again, after holidays with family in Brisbane. Heather brought beautiful photos along with her of her daughter and granddaughters. The elder granddaughter wore her magnificent graduation dress. She looked stunning. Of course Heather being Heather knitted all the way up to Qld.

The Messiah had been performed at the Sydney Town Hall this last week, both Marilyn and Josie attended and enjoyed the inspirational music and overall production. Joan mentioned that she had sung as part of the Messiah choir many years ago, and for the Guinness Book of Records. Several of our members spoke of shows they had been to, including Mousetrap, which Jane had seen back in London in 1949.

We had a query last craft day, re The Wise Men which Deanne was demonstrating to us. Rosemary solved the riddle today - namely the meanings of each of the Wise Mens' name, and the bearer of each gift to the baby Jesus. Well done Rosemary.

Grace has finished her beautifully knitted dress with white yoke and pale pink skirt.  What an achievement! She is a very gifted knitter.

Joan mentioned the up and coming concert to be given by the Crossroads people.  They will be singing, and doing skits by their very talented youngsters. It will be held on 6th Dec, 4.30 - 5.30pm. 

Lesley had a few extra menus for our Christmas Dinner to be held on 5th Dec, for those who had not yet received one.

Apart from all the social activities mentioned our craft ladies either knitted or crocheted during our time together.  There were quite a few ladies who could not be with us today due to other commitments.  It is a busy time of year. We are looking forward to next week as it will be the last craft day for 2012; and then our Christmas Luncheon the following week.  

14th November 2012   10 present

Our music today was Baby Bach

Today we sang Happy Birthday to Deanne and gave her a birthday card.

Happy Birthday Deanne for Friday from your friends here at Craft.

I am going to commence my report with the details of a couple of invitations that we have been given.

Galston Uniting Church invites us to a Service of Creativity giving us the opportunity to admire "The Hanging of the Quilts" at their service on Sunday 25th November, At 11 School Rd Galston. TIME ~ 10am.

Our other invitation is from Crossroads to attend their Sing-along on 6th December TIME~ 4.30-5.30pm. That's the Church Website that we are all familiar with Church information, our reports and photos. Thank you to Heather and Peter for this.

Treasury of Craft will be at Westfield North Rocks from 6-8 December.

Today we made our 3 Wise Men. We unpicked, we filled, we sewed, we glued, we drew and we had so much fun and happy chatter together. Deanne you were such a patient teacher. Thank you.

## For our ladies who were away today, if you would like to make your Wise Men we will set up for you to make yours on Wednesday 28th November.

We tried to remember the names of The 3 Wise Men so what did we do simply because we HAD TO KNOW NOW!! ! I phoned Rod and he "Googled" and their names are Gasbar, Melchior and Balthasar. Thanks Rod.

Grace is back from her Victorian holiday and had a wonderful time.

Marlene brought in some beautiful crocheting she had crocheted in High School.

I mentioned also that Little Jeremy is going into Hunters Hill Private Hospital on Friday to have grommets in his little ears.

We missed our friends who weren't with us today and if you're not well please rest so you can be back with us real soon.

Next week I will be away so I request that you all be good and I will see you on the 28th!!!

KITCHEN DUTIES~ Wednesday 21st November ~ Louise.

7th November 2012   17 present

Our music today was Dining Music: An Affair to Remember and we finished our morning with French Café

Today was our Post Melbourne Cup High Tea ~ and what a buzz was in our room. Our Committee came last night and we set the tables in readiness for the day we had ahead of us. The pots were on in our kitchens and the food was delectable. I do thank our Committee for this and Elizabeth for her traditional Almond Bread. As we poured the tea and coffee we admired the beautiful elegant cups we were pouring it into and then everyone shared their beautiful stories about their china. If some of these cups could tell a story I think they may have had something different to tell!!

Beverley came to join us today how gorgeous was that!! Josie and I knew and we kept the secret right up until today when "the bubble burst" and there was Beverley. Beverley shared her beautiful stories of the relaxing cruise she and Graeme have just been on around their hometown in New Zealand meeting up with family and friends.

I thank Rod for coming with his beloved camera to take a group photo for us (see above).

We have missed Jane and we welcomed her back with a hug and it was lovely to have her daughter Louise with us too.

Last week I forgot to write in my report that we were visited by Betty Boslem from Crossroads and we were happy to give her the 30 Christmas Stockings that we had knitted for them along with $50 donation to purchase the sweets to fill these stockings. We received a card of thanks from Crossroads through the week and I will bring that with me next week.

I didn't take notes today of the finer details of your stories ~ I enjoyed sitting back and just listening.

NEXT WEEK ~ We are going to make Three Wise Men. Deanne is our teacher and has put together some kits for us. These are made from material and we will fill and decorate our own. If you would like to participate they are $3 for your 3 Wise Men. Please bring along a sewing needle and a pair of scissors.

Don't forget your menus to Deanne. - underline your choices, write your name on the back and $29 payment to Josie.

KITCHEN DUTIES~ Wednesday 14th November ~ Gwenda!!

I love Wednesdays and I love the friendships that have made this group what it is. I loved giving Beverley the bell to ring today. We only have to look around the room to know that you all feel the same.

31st October 2012   13 present

Our music today was The Great Relaxation Collection

Tomorrow is November!! A couple of days ago I was talking to a friend who has finished her Christmas shopping, and bought her Christmas cards!! I wasn't game to ask her if she had wrapped the gifts - I didn't want to know!!

My shopping is more exciting when I hear Christmas Carols echoing around the shopping centre - it makes me want to skip as I shop~~~!

Beryl and Heather brought in some beautiful crocheting for our display table it was exquisite - eg table cloths, rugs, doilies even a pin cushion. Had this been a sales table there wouldn't have been anything left!!!!

Beryl and Ann were busy showing us how to do Basketweave crochet. It's so pretty. Alison has had a wonderful holiday with Jack in Noumea and told us so many stories that "We are coming with you next time" Allison. - For those of us who haven't been to Noumea Allison tells us it's just like France and I love France!!

Beryl has been to Tasmania and brought us a gorgeous photo of Tulips in Wynyard. They had a wonderful time too.

Ann has been holidaying in Surfers Paradise.

The rest of us gave our news as - just being happy to be at Craft!!

Heather brought along some more materials for us to help ourselves to.

Treasury of Craft 6-8 December at North Rocks Westfield.

10 am - Its Time To Dress Up for Post Melbourne Cup High Tea Morning Tea.

Deanne has put together our menus for Christmas Lunch at Regal Gardens. Have a look at it, choose your main and dessert, write your name on the back and underline your choice, we will then give it back to Deanne with our payment of $29 by 25th. phew!!!!!!! " I sure hope I thought of everything....."

Marilyn gave us the dates for The Messiah at The Sydney Town Hall -Wednesday 12th December at 7.30pm and Sunday 16th at 2.15pm.

The Reject Shop is moving into the old Dan Murphy shop at Castle Towers.

DON'T forget to dress as you would like for Post Melbourne Cup and bring along your cup, saucer & plate and a story to go with it. Please give me a ring if you would like me to bring one for you.

Have I forgotten anything ladies I would like you to tell me if I have.

Wasn't today a lovely day. We miss our friends who weren't with us and we hope you are all well.

24th October 2012   9 present

Our music today was Life is Beautiful from ABC Classic FM

Wasn't it only a couple of months ago that we were dressing up for our own Melbourne Cup? Well no, it's hard to believe it was a year ago!

In two weeks time let's do it again ~ here is a reminder of what we are planning ~ DATE ~ 7th November.

Dress as you would to go to the "Races" eg Hats, Fascinators, Flowers - just let your imagination help you. I am happy to help you too. It's just meant to be "happy fun". We are having a HIGH TEA ~ this will be provided by your Committee.

BRING ~ A cup, saucer and plate and a story to tell about where it came from, did a friend or family member give it to you, did you buy it for yourself, perhaps it "just appeared in your cupboard!!!". if you don't have any I do and I am happy to bring a set for anyone - you just need to tell me.

Wrap them carefully and we will then take them home to wash.

We need to know how many we are catering for by next week please.

Here is a glimps of the conversations that took place this morning. ~~
CD's and old Records, Les Mis at The Riverside Theatre, Re-location of the Council Chambers to Bella Vista, New Railway station effecting the Showground , Weekend away to the Blue Mountains with a craft group. Not easy to pay rates anymore. Cemeteries. Last night's show Who do you Think You Are. Australian Story featuring Malcolm Brown journalist on the case of Azaria Chamberlain. Photographing tombstones as part of ancestry interests. The Nut shop gives free Baklavas with a Coffee. Funny cat stories and I loved Grace's story of her daughter having a crystal clock sitting on a doily that her Grandmother had crocheted ~ her cat jumped up on the mantlepiece in need of that doily, he fetched the doily without knocking the clock over!!! This led to many cat stories. Such a talented group we are knitting and story telling all at the same time!

I told everyone that 13th March next year will be our 4th birthday and it just happens to fall on a Wednesday so ~~~ A Party We Will Have.

Thank You Lesley for more of your loveable teddies.

Thank you Beryl for coming in after her Tai Chi with a bag of lemons.

We do need to have our "Going Crazy with Crocheting". Bring along a No 8 (imperial) or 4mm crocheting hook. I do know that we need 8ply wool though ~~~. I will let you all know when we are going to do it.

Deanne is putting together Three Wise Men for us to fill and decorate. We will do these on 14th November. Please send me an email if you would like to do these as I am quite excited about them. Deanne will bring hers next week to show us what we are making.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 31st October ~ Lesley

Don't forget the Church website with Reports, photo gallery and Church news items ~

Have a good week everyone. We miss you when you're not with us yet we know we will see you soon.

17th October 2012   13 present

Our music today was from the movie Lady in Lavender

How fresh and clear and beautiful this Spring day was this morning. The birds were singing and talking to each other it makes us want to go out and what better place to go to but to "craft!"

I will send Heather a few new photos. Heather and Peter may place a couple on our page on the Web, which is

We love visitors and today we welcomed Emma who came along to tell us about Samaritan's Purse and how our group can help in the future.

Ann told us she will soon be off to the Bong Bong Races where you dress as you feel is appropriate and wear your galoshes!!

Heather told us of this gorgeous little cafe in Dural which is so delicious we want to go there now!!! - I mean the food is delicious.......!

Josie had a lovely time in Medowie with a relative and told us her koala story -there was a strange creature crossing the road which turned out to be a koala with her baby on her back looking, looking, looking for a Eucalyptus tree - again she crossed the road as rough as her trip was "with her baby on her back" at last she found her home and up, up, up she went.

Deanne was continuing with her new style of crocheting and we look forward to our day of "Going Crazy with Crochet" and all of us learning this new style!!

Elizabeth showed us some amazing photos of some rugs her friend has made and sewn together, this is an amazing achievement for her as she is very arthritic.

Lesley reminded us how intelligent our little dogs can be when she told us about her little Granddog called Trevor.

Dot is busy packing and "throwing" and getting ready for her move.

I handed out a list of dates for our upcoming events - so please remind me to give you one if you didn't receive one today.

We continued to complete our Christmas bags and a couple of you made one.

Our bus to the City next Monday leaves Round Corner at 8.45. Thank you to Rosemary for organising this day.

Have I forgotten anything ladies? Please let me know ladies.

We miss our friends who aren't with us each week. We do think about you.

10th October 2012   13 present

Our music today was by André Rieu

What creations we created this morning and they are all different.

What am I talking about? Today was "decorating a Christmas shopping bag" day.

Louise and Josie were playing with black patterned bags and the rest of us had red spotty bags to play with. We were cutting, glueing and decorating.

We will continue next week to finish them and anyone who wasn't with us today and would like to make one please ring me 9654 2774 or send me an Email and I will be happy to go and buy you a bag they are $1 each. I need to know before Sunday next.

Dot and Lona came for a little while and we miss you when you aren't with us.

It was so good having Elizabeth back at craft after her operation.
We miss all our ladies when you are away.
Josie shared a poem about The Good Old Days which brought back lots of memories to most of us.

Rosemary read one out that had similarities. It was comparing what Grannies refuted to compared to Mothers and Girls of today.


## Next week I will give you these dates on a separate sheet. ##

We did have fun today sitting around the table creating!!


Give some thought to dressing up for our High Tea. That means Hats or Fascinators. Please bring along a "Cup, Saucer and Plate" and a story to go with it ~ eg where did it come from? or who gave it to you?

KITCHEN DUTIES - 17 th October ~ Rosemary

3rd October 2012   11 present

Our music today was Sanctuary A Breath of Spring

It was very funny when Louise asked Dot how she was going with her plans to move to her new home? Dot -" I'm going for an interview on Monday" ---

Rosemary "Are you going for a job?" (we do have fun at craft)

Our Handy Hints and What Cant You Do Without was a lot of fun. Louise and Marilyn both brought the most extraordinary books with them and they were the same!!! They were titled "Good Friend Receipts" presented by Presbyterian Women and written in 1895!!!



Promote. Vegemite. Hair dryer. Carbohydrates. Toothpaste. Husbands. Tea and Toast. Perfume. Cereal. Knitting.

Two of my grandsons Lachlan 12 and Cooper 7 came to Craft today. Lachlan told us he can't do without his books and Cooper told Louise about Hulk Spiderman and did a drawing of this character for her (isn't that cute)

Well the fun doesn't stop there! Next week is play day!!!

I will bring the bags, glue and some decorations. Heather will bring the felt. Rosemary will bring the bags that are samples and you can bring anything that you may have that will look good eg your button tin of buttons.

Needlepoint News is out for October our next will be in February 2013.

Next week I will have some extra dates for you to write in your diaries. We are going to have a "Go Crazy With Craft" day coming soon!!!

Our Church Website is have a look at the church news and our page as well as photo gallery.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 10th - Suzanne.

Suzanne I am happy to look after the kitchen until you are ready to come back.

26th September 2012   13 present

Our music today was Flora Australis by Stewart Dudley

What a lovely surprise for us when Kylie and Cayla came to craft today, it was a little like Teddybears day out for Cayla.

Knitting Christmas stockings for Crossroads created an interesting conversation between us as quite a few of us are knitting them. We are very close to our number requested which is 30. We have enjoyed helping them out.

Heather called in on her way to deliver a large supply of Wraps to their warehouse. We look forward to hearing more from Heather about her day next week.

Betty came with several shoe boxes of material, wool and fill which was appreciated by some of us.

In my mind I can see what Marilyn saw yesterday "The Tulips in Bowral" so beautiful.
One day Marlene may show us how to knit the band that was on her gorgeous cardigan today.
Louise told us some happy news that Jane is coming home and we are thinking of her.
Josie spoke fondly of the time she had with her family for a birthday celebration just as Grace is looking forward to seeing her sister.
Dot celebrated at Dural Country Club her birthday with friends - I feel a little bit of mischief there.
Joan had a lovely get together with friends for dinner. They are the Decibelles singing group at Kenthurst Uniting.
I am enjoying time with children for the holidays and Movies on Friday.

A conversation took place when I mentioned Kylie having an imaginary friend. It seems that a few of us have had these "little people in our lives" it's a mystery isn't it!!!

Every week at craft is so different. We don't just walk in the door and do what we think we have planned to do. Do we? We never know where our conversations are going to take us or who we are going to help.

We do miss our friends who weren't with us today or haven't been with us for a few weeks. We miss you and we look forward to seeing you when you can be with us.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 3rd October - Deanne

19th September 2012   12 present

Our music today was from the motion picture Midnight in Paris

I am a lover of music and have a great collection of "the love of my life" in my home. When I went to see this movie with Rod and my girls - I instantly fell in love with the music and had to see the move again - not so much to hear the music but to concentrate on the story this time!!! My children do sometimes tell me I'm strange so my answer to that is "Well I don't like being ordinary!!!"

We at craft are a bit like that aren't we but in a unique way, look at what we chat about and do. It's fantastic really and so interesting.

Look at the Christmas stockings that are coming in for Crossroads. Quite a few of us were knitting them and sewing them up today.

I loved the story of Joan's friend who collects Teddies and will one day give them all to The Children's Hospital.
Heather gave us the 2012 dates for Treasury of Craft. I have them if anyone would like them. I will carry them with me each week. A proportion of this organisation's proceeds go to Children's Medical Research.
Louise brought a couple of squares that Jane has knitted we think of Jane and we send her our continued love.
Heather brought in a display of Christmas crafts - we will continue to bring these to give everyone ideas. We have plenty of Christmas material if you would like them to play with.
Lesley is knitting and sewing up Teddy bears.
Beryl your Patchwork is exquisite! Two beautiful covers just left my head shaking and your colour combinations are so beautiful.
Grace was busy sewing and crotcheting squares together for a Wrap.
A gentle reminder of our Webpage have a look at what's happening at the church then our page and photo gallery.

October 3rd bring or tell us your Handy Hints and what do you have in your cupboard, pantry, fridge, freezer etc-- that you can't do without. An example of my own is Vegemite and Cornflakes. "What is yours?"

October 10th We are going to make Christmas Bags - this is decorating shopping bags with felt or Christmas material motifs, beads sparkle glue etc etc ---.

Today was so much fun and noisy from chatter and laughter.

Dot told us she will be moving and we told her she won't be moving away from our craft group. Between us we will pick you up Dot.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 26th Marilyn.

12th September 2012   9 present

Our music today was - Tranquility by Hennie Bekkers

Last Sunday morning a little after 8am Josie and I were setting ourselves up for our craft stall at Kenthurst Rotary Park as part of The Orange Blossom Festival. Thank you Joan for inviting us to be a part of your Church set-up.

I would like to say a big Thank You to Josie. Thank You to Rod my husband and Thank You to Heather and Peter.

I am proud to say our money raised is going to Frontier Services. There are some photos of our stall here.

# Don't forget Betty from Crossroads has asked us to help out by knitting small Christmas stockings if you would like to. I have the pattern. She has asked for 30.

Heather brought her Herb chart after some of us were discussing which herbs go with what! Heather please can you bring it back next week I became distracted and forgot to look at it.

An incredible conversation took place about Handy Hints. ~~~

We will have a theme day of Handy Hints - Today was just a taste of what's to come --- I am still laughing at the WD40 .
I have always been fascinated with Handy Hints and one day when my life gets quiet I would love to write a book on them. I don't just love bags, shoes and Pink!!

Ann has informed us that Mama and Papa ducks now have 12 baby ducks. These little creatures are wild and spread themselves between her and Heather's property they love the dam on Ann's land. We must all be aware that they may wander onto Kenthurst Road. We want to know they are ok so perhaps we should continue our 40kph past their houses!

Heather told us that our count of Wraps for this year is 21 so far that's a wonderful achievement for everyone to know.

Mary from the Church called in with some material for anyone who could make use of it.

When Gaynor mentioned Knit Wit we all had a story of our own to tell of our sewing and classes we attended in the 1980's.

Elizabeth sends her love and will be back with us very soon.

We missed our friends who weren't with us today and hope everyone is well.

KITCHEN DUTY - Wednesday 19th September. -- Lesley.

Take good care of Yourselves

5th September 2012   12 present

Our music today was - An Affair to Remember (back by request)

Happy Birthday, To dear Georgie (Dot) Have a lovely Birthday.

As I was saying today when I was in Woolworths late on Monday evening picking up a few grocery items (that grew to half a trolley) I was tired and I started to think it would be interesting to know what our craft ladies think is an essential item to be in our pantry, fridge or freezer!!! Have a think and bring your ideas next week - this may be helpful or just a bit of fun----

Heather, Josie and I were focused on our saleable items for The Orange Blossom Festival stall next Sunday. Josie was busy making price tags and attaching them.

Beryl W arrived with several knitted toys for us - they are gorgeous and we appreciate this.

Heather became involved with Wrap With Love in 1992. They are celebrating their 20 years with a party. Their founder was Sonia Gidley King who passed away a couple of years ago, she would be pleased her work is being carried on.

All our ladies had some happy stories to tell today.
Marlene is off to see South Pacific tonight.
Grace's nephew became a dad on Father's Day.
Lona's scarf she is knitting will travel to Canada when finished.
Marilyn's group Circular Keys concert in Chatswood was a sell out!
Joan is preparing for her Church Stall on Sunday at Orange Blossom.

# 5th December is our Christmas lunch at Mother Earth. The cost is $25 for a 2 course meal this includes a cool drink and tea or coffee.

# Just another reminder to look at the church website which is we have a page and part of that page Heather & Peter place all the photos that we take at craft. Take a look at how happy your Teddy is when he met his new friends at our Teddy Bears Picnic.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 12th September - Rosemary.

Today finished in a funny way I thought the time was later than it was I am so thankful to Louise for saying "we are earlier today" and Oh My Goodness so we were !! - as everyone could have been having a second tea or coffee I was washing up, packing up turning off the music!! I was on a mission for some reason that I don't even know about??? We did have an early mark!!

Don't forget to bring or tell us - what you have in your pantry fridge or freezer you can't do without for next week!!

29th August 2012   15 present

Our music today was - Teddy Bears' Picnic

To complete our Theme of Teddy Bears Picnic last week I wrote the first verse - well ... A song isn't complete without its chorus - so here it is~~

Picnic time for Teddy Bears,
The little teddy bears are having a lovely time today
Watch them, catch them unawares, (are you singing -I am)
And see them picnic on their holiday.
See them gaily dance about.
They love to play and shout.
And never have any cares.
At 6 o'clock their mommies and daddies
Will take them home to bed
Because they're tired little Teddy Bears.

Today was a lot of fun with all the Teddies returning to have a picnic on the rug together, and how about Dot's little Teddies in their cars!!
These were just amazing I will explain - they were mini Mars bars with smartie wheels and steering wheel and the drivers were Tiny Teddies. Dot you are so thoughtful and we appreciate you creating and bringing them for us.

Our sharing time started with Rosemary reading a Helen Steiner Rice verse called How Wonderful Fathers Are. Appropriately chosen with Fathers Day this weekend.

Johanna's Teddy was given to her for her 80th birthday with little messages written all over by her family.
Marilyn's Teddy came out of the cupboard for the day and he had a lovely time out and loved the other Teddies company. He was looking very shy when he first arrived but that changed!! He is over 60 years old.
Ann brought a basket of friends for their day out, 2 Teddies Ann has made and Cleopatra was out on the town flashing her beautiful earrings and her long eyelashes.
Ann's husband bought her the Teddy that was wearing glasses so she could see to complete her knitting. Her knitting needles had pearl ends -I would love pearl ended knitting needles, pearls are my favourite stone.
Heather's Stable Table was "one of a kind" the top was covered in Teddies. Heather's foldout of children's knitting patterns was intermingled with teddies.
It was lovely having Marlene and Marilyn back with us we missed them.
Lesley had an unusual card that was a woven Swan.
Heather brought more lovely Wraps and warm cosy Tea Cosies.
Josie has completed a fancy stitch Tea Cosie. These are for our stall.
Marlene is knitting a gorgeous green scarf.
Joan has knitted many Ribbon scarves and kindly gives them away.
I am knitting a bright yellow Tea Cosie with daisies on top (& it's not pink)

I would like to encourage you to look at the Church Website which is this has a gallery of our craft photos as well as Information about The Church. We have a page on this Website.

KITCHEN DUTIES- Wednesday 5th September - Gwenda & Georgie (Dot)

22nd August 2012   16 present

Our music today was - Teddy Bears' Picnic by Vintage Original 1920- 1940 Recordings

In 1932 Jimmy Kennedy wrote this familiar song ~~

If you go down to the Woods today, be sure of a big surprise,
If you go down to the Woods today, You better go in disguise!
For every bear that ever there was will gather therefor certain because
Today's the day our Teddy Bears have their picnic.

Today was our Teddy Bears Picnic and what a fun day we had with Tiny Teddy biscuits for morning tea and lots of chatter and fun and beautiful stories about our Teddies. I was surprised how many of us didn't have Teddies as children, myself included. Please bring your Teddies back next week for a "Picnic photo " of them together, on a rug, on the floor. Teddy Bears Picnic is over a couple of weeks.

Joan has a couple of musical bears, one sings Happy Christmas songs and just won't be quiet and only takes a breath when his batteries are removed - see they do have character. Another Teddy has adoption papers.

Dot's patchwork Teddy was given to her in 1990 by her daughter and sits on her bed - imagine the stories that Teddy would tell if she could talk.

Lona told us of the origin of The Bandaged Bear was started by her daughter as a fund raiser for Camperdown Children's Hospital.

Working in Woollongong Louise was given her gorgeous Teddy and having her dog minded at the kennels they loved this dog so much that they gave Louise a little dog - he became best friends with her Teddy - their names are Betty and Ruff.

Beryl has knitted a couple of Teddies for The Children's Hospital as well as the miniature CWA Teddy.

Heather's Granddaughters gave her a cute little Teddy to take to hospital when she had her hip operation. Little Teddy now sits on her bed side table.

Rosemary brought a gorgeous little Mohair Teddy called Scamp.

I showed my miniature board game of noughts and crosses: the play pieces are Teddy bears and Gollywogs; also some Teddy books and a blue Teddy that was given to my son when he was born in 1974.

Deanne's Teddy was given to her by her 80-year-old cousin that was given to her by her Uncle. This tender and fragile Teddy enjoyed sitting and watching us and listening to our stories.

Gaynor brought her "Prim and Proper" Teddy that was given to her on her 80th birthday and told us of her Teddy Kev who has travelled everywhere with her and Peter.

Grace's amazing Teddy just about had "healing powers" for her when she was in Manly Hospital.

Alison has been collecting Teddies in her travels. A gorgeous face on Mouldy Teddy another from Salamanca Markets in Tasmania and another from Yorkshire.

Johanna's daughter Chris came to visit us today.

I just wonder what would happen if we were to leave these Teddies in a room together ALONE!!!!! Oh my goodness the mind boggles!!!!!

Thank you so much for your participation in today's Teddy Theme don't forget it's Teddies day out next week too.

I would like to encourage you to look at The Church Web Site which is this has a gallery of our craft photos as well as information about The Church. I will be sending Heather some photos from today. These photos can be seen on our Teddy Bears Gallery.

KITCHEN DUTY - Wednesday 29th August. Marilyn.

Take Good care of yourselves

15th August 2012   9 present

Our music today was - Music for Grand Dining by The Blue Mountains Trio

The next couple of weeks is going to have a ring of Teddy Bears to it. It's Teddy Bears Picnic so let's bring out the teddies, teddy stories, books etc etc etc! I made a suggestion of us knitting Teddies over the next few weeks if you would like. The Children's hospital appreciate our support and I know this time of the year is a sad and crucial time of sickness for many babies and small children that are being admitted there every hour. I love Teddy Bears.

I have a selection of easy knitting patterns for anyone who wasn't here today and would like one. I'll keep bringing them.

We were kept busy this morning with many conversations taking place especially when it came to Antiques!!

Happy chatter, laughter, sharing and friendship is what brings us together each week.

Joan is knitting scarves for The Orange Blossom Festival sales table.
Joan told us a lovely story of how she was waiting for a taxi to take her home from Round Corner when a Church friend came along, took her home and Joan was able to pass onto her some children's jumpers that she had knitted for "The Needy" in Papua New Guinea.

Josie and I were making Teddies from washers.
Rosemary is crotcheting her rug, the colours are gorgeous and give a feeling of happiness.
Louise brought in a finished Wrap and some wool for anyone who would like it from Heather. We missed all our ladies who weren't able to be here today.

Grace told us of her new furniture and a lovely story of where the Mahogany timber came from. She shared her "cat sitting" story with us also. It can be amazing what can happen when we house-sit. I have a few terrible memories of my own experiences!!!!

Lesley decided that she wasn't happy with her faded curtains - so the curtains came down, cabinets were emptied so they could be moved because "we are going to re-paint the room"; in one drawer were old photos - of course they had to be re-sorted and that meant old photos had to to GO - boxes of vases "(who needs 12 vases?) " says Lesley and china went to St Vinnies (or was it The Salvos?) The furniture went back where it belonged, the china and vases were placed inside ~~ all this because The Curtains Had Faded!!!

I brought in my Sunday entertainment and it was a miniature Strawberry Tea Cosie - this pattern I was happy to share also.

Betty Boslem came to visit and requested our help by knitting 30 Christmas Stockings for The Crossroads Group. We are very happy to help them out. I have the pattern if anyone would like it.

Louise Thank You for photocopying the patterns for us today.

I shared that Josie knows a lady who could come and demonstrate jewellery making with us and who would be interested? We will talk about this again later.

By this time it it was time to clean up the kitchen, pack up the tables and chairs turn off the music and say goodby for another week.

KItchen Duty - Wednesday 22nd August ~ Deanne.

Next Week is ~ Teddy Bears Day Out!!

8th August 2012   10 present

Our music today was - Scottish Moods by The Pure Sound of Scotland

Next Monday morning at 6am is the closing ceremony of The Olympic Games. I have had many late nights and many early mornings watching the games so it will be a change in lifestyle when they finish. Prior to the Olympics Rod and I watched the Tour de France for three weeks and I suffered "jet Lag" from that so I just wonder "What's Next". Neither of these made me feel athletic - it just made me sit and do my knitting!!!

Our morning started with us admiring, playing, arranging and planning what to do with the most gorgeous tiny crocheted squares that a friend of Deanne's gave her. So many ideas were suggested - eg Tea cosies, pot holders, knee rugs, baby pram covers, cushion covers.

Ann started to sew them together I think next week we may see a "tea cosie" from Ann!!!!
Lesley told us the best colour to sew them together with is "Grey" This led to a Grey discussion. If taking a small sewing kit away make sure you have grey cotton it blends with everything!! thank You Lesley I didn't know that and I will remember that. Lesley was offering three books to anyone who would like them. Tapestry , Quick Quilts and Painted Furniture.
Deanne showed us a couple of little bags cutely decorated that she bought at some markets.

How good is our communication here at craft? I have received an email from Ann telling me that the little black children's bags are available from Woolworths for 69c. Our "network works". Thank You so much Ann. If anyone would like some please phone or email me and I will see if Dural have them and I will bring them next week for you.

Josie continues to decorate her little washer bags for our stall at the Orange Blossom Festival. They are so elaborate Josie.
Suzanne is home from Tasmania after taking down her novelty washers and door draft stoppers. Beryl is giving the finishing touches to her beautiful patchwork.
Louise told us how Jane is and we are thinking of her and sending a card.
Elizabeth is hoping to be home this week. We are thinking of her too.

I explained to our ladies that if anyone has Motel shampoos, conditioners, hand creams etc- that my CWA group pack these into emergency bags that we take to local hospitals and are given to patients that have been hospitalised without being able to pack a bag. Thank You Heather for what you have given me.

Thank You Suzanne for the bag of washers you have so kindly given us. I look forward to making those little teddies and some rabbits.

I was knitting little Coconut Ice shoes -I know they are cute even if I say so myself!!!

August 22-29. Remember the song "If you go down to the woods today"~~~ It's teddy bears picnic - think teddies, books or just little stories to tell ~~~ September 9th Orange Blossom Festival. November 7th - High Tea, wear a hat, dress up, bring your favourite cup & saucer "It's Post Melbourne Cup"

KITCHEN DUTY - Wednesday 15th August - Lesley.

Most craft groups meet and do their knitting, chatter together and have a cup of tea!!! We are special look what we do and there's more I just can't fit it all on one page!!!. Have a lovely week and keep warm.

1st August 2012   8 present

We missed Gwenda’s beautiful selection of music. May have to get our act together here.

It was a very cold morning but the company was warm, with chatter and laughter, cups of coffee and tea to warm us.

Josie was finishing off the handbags from face washers for the stall at Orange Blossom. Lesley and Deanne were continuing knitting their jumpers.
Lona was putting a shell edge around the baby wrap for her granddaughter, almost finished now.
Georgie was continuing to do the squares for the wraps, has changed to bamboo needles hoping that will ease the pain in her thumb knuckles.
Robyn brought some beautiful hand painted (Hobby Tex) table cloths she had done some years ago.
Heather was knitting a few more rows on the Christmas beaded balls, (such a long process) no more after this.
Marilyn was enjoying knitting with some different threads, squares to add to the wraps.

Wrap with Love at ABC 702 on Friday 3rd August will be their 10th Anniversary and their last time in their studios, from now on the various Libraries around the country will continue to have a day once a year where knitters can get together and bring their collection of wraps and squares. Many Libraries have knitting circles regularly each week. So if you are not going into ABC Studios or attending a library on Friday listen to the broadcast on radio or on computer.

Elizabeth is making good progress after her knee operation, now in rehab.

Hoping that all those that couldn't make it today are well, we did miss your company, see you next time.

25th July 2012   12 present

Our music today was - An Affair to Remember by Bernard Walz

When I opened my front door and looked outside at 6.30 this morning it was wet, misty, cold and foggy, I closed the door real quick and thought to myself "the only thing missing is snow!" I then turned on the heater ~~~ it's amazing how the day changed to become warm and sunny!!!

We were all looking forward to our lunch outing yet in the meantime we were doing as we do best ~ our craft.

Our music was very soothing and we were relaxed.

Heather, Deanne, Marlene & Georgie were knitting squares.
Lesley was knitting the back of a vest.
Louise was knitting washers with Giggles wool.
I was knitting Christmas puddings.
Johanna was knitting sleeves of her jumper.
Rosemary was crocheting a rug.
Ann was knitting a ribbon scarf.
Josie was making novelties with face washers.

Robyn brought in a box of saleable items for our stall at the Orange Blossom Festival in September.

Today we went to lunch to celebrate "Christmas in July". What does this really mean and where did the idea come from? Well I have done my homework and I have found a little information that will tell us something of The Origin of Christmas in July -- I am sure there are many stories out there that will tell something different yet similar. ~~~. This is my story ~~~

In July 1980 a group of Irish tourists went for a vacation in Sydney's Blue Mountains. Away from the Summer temperatures of their own country they were overjoyed to experience a downfall of snow. It is believed that they convinced the proprietor of a local hotel in Katoomba to hold a party called "Yulefest". The idea was an instant hit and caught on the imagination of everyone present there. The proprietor saw a golden opportunity in this and henceforth held a Christmas party each year in July.

KITCHEN DUTY ~ Wednesday 1st August. ~~ Lesley.

Next week I will be missing from craft as its Grandparents Day at our Peter's school so I wish you all a happy couple of weeks. Elizabeth is still recovering from her surgery and anyone else who isn't well we send you our love.

Take good care of yourselves.

18th July 2012   14 present

Our music today was - Moonlight Piano

Today we sang Happy Birthday to Ann. Ann is celebrating her birthday on Friday.

Our soft warm slippers came to craft again today, there aren't too many places we would feel comfortable in wearing our slippers to are there?

We were admiring the latest warm rugs that Heather brought in today.

We talked about the difficulty in trying to find Cashmere garments.

How do we measure an armhole? Do you measure the curve or straight down? Heather confirmed you measure straight down! That's our learning hint for today!!!

Heather and Peter have just returned from being with their family in Queensland making notes along the way of comfortable motels, cafes etc.

Despite picking up the "flu" Lesley has had a holiday on The Ghan. Joining The Ghan in Adelaide they travelled to Darwin - one highlight on the train was how a few of them formed a little knitting group. Lesley spoke of The Kimberleys, the waterfalls, the amount of water in the rivers and the sunsets in Broome.

Deanne and her husband took two of their grandchildren to Dubbo zoo and jail - the jail was very intriguing and amazing. The children were very excited and loved their holiday.

Josie told us how upon visiting jail in Norfolk Island how dark and dingy her memories are of it.

Ribbon knitting continues ~ thank you Josie for showing Lona and I how to knit with this unusual yarn.

Next week 25th July is our Christmas in July lunch at The Galston Club, we are booked for 12.30. Craft is as normal yet we will pack up a little earlier. ~~~ For a little bit of Christmas cheer let's dress in Red, Green, White, Gold or Silver or all of them. Let's have fun!!!!

We send our love to Elizabeth as she undergoes surgery today. Our thoughts and love also go to Jane.

KITCHEN DUTY - Wednesday 25th July ~~ Marlene.

11th July 2012   13 present

Our music today was - Pout Mayo presents 'French Cafe'

Today I took us back to 13th March, 2009 when at 2.30pm Louise, Beverley, Josie, Heather and I met for the first time to form a Committee to start a new craft group as an activity of Kenthurst Uniting Church.

Louise brought us together as a way of involving the community and it happened - just look at us today!!

Sometimes we have to move on and our lives change. Beverley moved interstate and then I told you that Louise is taking a break from being on our Committee. We were sad to know that Louise was thinking about this. We knew we had to respect Louise's wishes and not our own.

We know Louise will be there for us and be with us at "craft."

We welcomed Deanne earlier this year to join our Committee and now we would like to tell you that we have invited Rosemary and happily Rosemary has accepted.

We presented Louise with a certificate of Appreciation - Louise has been our inspiration for us all being here on a Wednesday. Louise has shared many wonderful thoughts, ideas, love and concern for us all in many ways and we are so thankful for all of them.

JULY - Today was "SLIPPER DAY" and we had fun with that. We will continue this for the month.

AUGUST - we are going to concentrate on making little saleable items for a stall at The Orange Blossom Festival at The Rotary Park at Kenthurst on 9th September. This theme will continue for the month.

SEPTEMBER - our Theme for the month is "Teddybears Picnic" this can be your teddy, a doll, a teddy book etc....

I don't remember how this came up or who said it yet it makes housework look and sound easy ~ "Dust is security - it protects the furniture" Someone else added "as long as you don't write your nome in it."

Grace told us of her relative who is a scientist exploring the idea of making children's immunisation easier to administer. It could be in the form of a patch.

Beryl has been making some wonderful patchwork bags.
Suzanne has been making some Teddybears for her grandchildren out of face washers. - so cute.
Rosemary has organised and needs payment for our outing to "The Good Old Days" at the Sydney Town Hall on Monday 22nd October.

How lovely for us to have been visited near to the end of our day by Louise's daughter-in-law Sonia and her beautiful little Ruby. She is gorgeous Louise.

We know of a couple of our ladies who are not well, we are thinking of you, we miss you and look forward to seeing you back with us soon.

KITCHEN DUTY - Wednesday 18th July -Rosemary.


Take good care of yourselves

4th July 2012   13 present

Our music today was - 'Romance' - by George Amatino

I would love to know what the kookaburras were trying to tell me at 5am this morning? I did get up and my thoughts were focused on our Craft group so to my selection of music I went ~~ That's when" Romance " jumped out at me - as I played it with the kookaburras still on my front verandah I was wishing I could bring them to craft as background music with our music!!!!

We welcomed through the doors two ladies, Beverley and Beryl, who came to our Knit In Public Day and we look forward to seeing them both again.

Our conversations started when the subject of clothes dryers & washing machines came up!!

Rosemary is looking after bookings for The Town Hall Concert on Monday 22nd October - the tickets are $30. Thank You Rosemary.

Allison told us of the wonderful opportunity to have fun and learn that her little Jack is having at his "holiday church camp" ~ singing, acting, climbing, flying fox & much more. Allison showed us photos of Jack at their visit to The Reptile Park one with a koala and the other with a Python wrapped around him and his Auntie.

Heather had some sheets showing different knitting patterns that can vary the plain knitting for squares.
Suzanne has completed her very pretty baby rug.
Gaynor is knitting her baby jacket.
Dot's news is that she can't get warm, especially her "nose" so -- lots of remedies and suggestions were given to her!!

Marilyn was up with my kookaburras this morning as her singing group Circular Keys sang a few items at the opening of the new Bunnings store at Castle Hill.

Ann is home! We heard details of her wonderful trip. Do you remember Ann made several quilts to take to her relatives? Well they were gratefully appreciated. As they walked through Paris they could hear the voice of Edith Piaf seeping out of the buildings. It's hard for me to repeat all that Ann told us, the magnificent scenery was breathtaking, the history of the Ruins leaves your imagination running wild. One of Ann's grandchildren gave them a little giraffe to take with them his name is Healthy Harold - well HH was photographed everywhere they went and picked up a couple of friends along the way.

Josie is taking names & money for our Christmas in July on 25th.

I talked about The ABC "Knit In" and asked you all to have a think if you would like to participate - it's on Friday 3 August.



Come to craft wearing your SLIPPERS, it was suggested to come in your nightie, pyjamas and dressing gown as well ~ BUT ~ don't forget ~~

We missed our ladies who weren't with us today and I know a couple of you aren't well so please look after yourselves - because we miss you. Have a good week and keep warm.

27th June 2012   13 present

Our music today was - 'Kreisteriana' - Encore for Violin & Piano by Robert Schumann, 1838

We were on the front page of the Kenthurst News along with a photograph for our 'Knit in Public Day'. All very exciting!

This week we enjoyed our time together despite the cold and rain - then the sun arrived to brighten us up as we made our way home. Brrr - winter.

However the knitting needles were busy clicking all morning as well as the chitchat, what a happy group we are. Heather as always supplies our wool for the taking each week - a good supply is always on hand. We are grateful to have a suitable choice to choose from.

Two more birthday celebrations this week, an important one for Marlene, and also Allison who we were pleased to see return. Gwenda is off to the country for a few days and was knitting an open knit scarf to match her outfit. As we all know she loves pink - so no guessing the colour.

We discussed our outing coming up in October - a concert at the Town Hall. There are several of our group interested in attending. Rosemary is to organise the tickets. As we shared personal stories around the table Marilyn read out words from Julie Andrews 70th birthday bash. The words were very clever and a spoof on the song 'My Favorite Things'.

Towards the end of this coming month we are looking forward to 'Christmas in July' at our usual haunt the Galston Club. We have enjoyed this time together each year as an extra outing between friends.

20th June 2012   14 present

Our music today was - Il Suono Noble In Concert - Music for Trumpet and Organ by Jiri Neradilek and Kurk Ison

As I typed in 'June' it hit me (except for it being cold): What happened to March, April, May? Good grief they must have been there!! Are the days going faster or are we just being busy and enjoying our lives and having fun doing it?

This morning we closed the door to keep the warmth in and we were snug.
We chatted about our successful Knit in Public Day and shared our story with those who couldn't be with us on the day.

Grace told us about the remarkable operation her great niece experienced in January when she underwent spinal surgery this was an amazing operation for such a young girl.
Suzanne has knitted a snake door draft excluder for her granddaughter - how novel. The question is "will it stay at the door?? Suzanne has knitted with Ribbon wool and this led to a great conversation about the varieties of this wool and the price variations.
Rosemary had a book of "Little Patchwork" (I hope I have this right)
Georgie told us how she and a friend were at Dural Shopping Centre looking after The Anglicare donation of food items for "the needy" when a man gave them a trolley load of Woolworths goods. This is heart warming isn't it?

Elizabeth spoke of how special time is when it's spent with friends and family - she has been in Gloucester with these very people for an Anniversary celebration. Grace shared photos of High Tea for her sister's 60th birthday.

Gaynor has been given baby wool and unfinished baby jumpers as a challenge to see if she can finish them - and she is! It can be difficult when you try to complete someone else's unfinished work.
Marlene is knitting with "the prettiest of pinks" in Bendigo wool.
Johanna's 90 birthday will never be forgotten. The family took her to Elanora Conference Centre for a gathering of family and friends. Johanna has a book her daughter has put together of Johanna's life before she came to Australia.

Josie felt privileged to have been invited and told us the family had written a song about Johanna's life to the music of Waltzing Matilda.
Josie is going to knit a Tea Cosie which could inspire us all to make some.

Talk about cosie's for Tea Pots - Heather has knitted a throw-away-cup a Cosie and also a material one with buttons!!!
Heather also was giving out Enid Gilchrist paper patterns. They would date back to the 50's. It's amazing what comes through our doors!!!

Marilyn told us you can wash wool in hair shampoo and Josie told us she has washed her car in it too. Marilyn with The Circular Keys have just come 3rd in their performance at Chatswood Concourse. The groups who perform show amazing talent and variety.

Jane brought along as part of our ongoing Queen's Jubilee a cup that she owns that was brought out for The Queen's Silver Jubilee. Jane read us a story written by her daughter Louise. She tells how Jane attended The Silver Jubilee celebrations in pouring rain with her sister and how she herself attended the 50 year celebration - this meant a lot to Louise as she felt she was following in her mother's footsteps. Jane I am touched by your story and thrilled you have shared it with us.

I brought along two novel ideas of what you can do with a face washer. The first was a hand bag and the second was a rabbit. I think these would sell well on a stall. They were loaned to me by a friend.

We will have further discussions about having or sharing a stall at The Orange Blossom Festival in September.

25th July is our Christmas in July lunch. Josie has the sheet for names and collecting our money of $22.

I hope I have remembered everything. Please let me know if you think of anything else. Beryl we send you our love and hope you are feeling well real soon.

We miss all our friends from craft when you aren't with us.

13th June 2012   9 present

Our music today was - Life is Beautiful with ABC Classic FM

Today is Heather's birthday and after we sang Happy Birthday to Heather, Joan then sang a 2nd verse which is just gorgeous it was written by June Polimeris.

Diamonds and jewels flashed today as we wore our Tiaras and Crowns for The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Our display table featured Royal Magazines, Glasses, Deanne's Caravan teapot (this teapot is a Coronation Pot that was Deanne's Mother-In -Law's). We passed around a school photo of Deanne's where she is wearing red, white & blue socks celebrating the Queen's visit in 1954. Heather had a couple of beautiful books about The Princess, Queen and Queen Mother, I had a couple of Crowns one being St Edwards Crown and the other being Imperial State Crown, both were bought a few years ago at The Tower of London, I brought a London Taxi, a London Bus and a Beefeater.

Joan told us how when she was nursing in Canberra - they were to form a guard of honour at the Airport for The Queen's arrival and one of her friends standing innocently in line experienced the elastic in her pants giving way and - we know what happened next!!! Yes it was in front of The Queen.

Deanne brought along her doll that she had given to her mother and it has been returned to her - this exquisitely dressed doll wears clothes made by Deanne. This doll is being given to Deanne's 5-year old granddaughter with a pram, pillow and blanket. Another exquisite item that came to craft was a bed cover Joan brought that was made by her grandmother in the 1800's. I was stunned by its beauty and its age. Joan's grandfather gave it to her saying "you can have it and look after it". This cover was made in Yorkshire travelled to Egypt and then settled in Canberra. This is such a remarkable story that I was overwhelmed by its serenity.

What an overwhelming morning this has been of memories, treasures and beautiful stories and there were only nine of us here today!!

25th July is our Christmas in July lunch at The Galston Club. This is a 2-course lunch being a Main and a Dessert. The cost is $22 per person.
We will supply drinks for the tables.
Next week we will start taking names.

Our Knit in Public Day is on Saturday. We decided if the weather is not nice with heavy rain and wind we will sadly yet sensibly cancel. I am happy if you're unsure what is happening to phone me at home or on my mobile at any time. My mobile number is 0416 147 714 or home 9654 2774

Some dates for your diary.
Hills Knitting Bee Teas and Satellite Knit In.~
Monday 18th June 10 - 1pm Powerhouse Discovery Centre.
Tuesday 17th July, 10- 1pm The Hills College Castle Hill Campus.
This is in Conjunction with Radio 702 ABC Sydney, or phone Powerhouse Discovery Centre on 9762 1300.

Sunday 9th September is The Orange Blossom Festival - we have been invited to share a stall with the Church or have our own. Have a think about this and we can discuss it next week.

Wasn't today Amazing?
We missed all our friends who weren't with us today and look forward to seeing you soon.

6th June 2012   12 present

Our music today was - Soothing classics for the Perfect Bath.

The weather is unusual isn't it? When I left for craft I needed my sun glasses as the sun was shining. When Gaynor arrived 20 minutes later we needed to rub her down - she was wet from the rain!

Today is Louise's birthday. A card was posted to her knowing that Louise was spending the day with her sister. That is "precious." We wish Louise, Gaynor and Johanna love and Happy Birthday Wishes. We sang Happy Birthday to Gaynor and Johanna. All birthdays are special yet Gaynor and Johanna were celebrating very important ones.....

Angele came to visit us and we look forward to her coming again if she would like to. We would like that.

We loved Heather's cushion covers and glasses cases made from the sample material that was left in Heathers carport. Just stop and think for a moment of all the projects that have been made that have come from "Heather and Peter's Carport" pretty amazing I think!!!!!

Josie told us about her lovely time away at Beverley's home in Queensland. They talked & shopped & talked & dined out, went to the movies, and spent time with friends they knew and Beverley's daughter. I can just imagine how beautiful this time together would have been. Marlene and her husband have just enjoyed a week away in the region of the Lockyer Valley.

Beryl told us of their bus trip with Probus on Monday to Warragamba Dam. Beryl has also made a scissors case and handy little fabric Country Gift Box. These came from the lovely Craft Magazines that Peter Williams brings for us to "observe, memorise and go home and produce the goods" we often turn to these magazines for inspiration and ideas. Most of us have created something from these books.

Johanna is looking forward to her family being with her and taking her away for her birthday.
Lona is crochetering her "Rainbow rug" it is growing Lona.
Dot talked about the lovely Celebration of The Queens Diamond Jubilee that took place at the Village on Tuesday.
Thank You Dot for the delicious little chocolate cup cakes we shared for morning tea.

Grace your pink dress is growing fast. Many of us asked how she can work such an intricate pattern without "the pattern" and knowing where she is up to?????

Josie was telling us that Bev used to say (and please correct me if I get this a little wrong) "if you don't make a mistake in your knitting then you're not knitting"

Today I handed out our June Issue of Needlepoint News. The next one will come out in September. Let's enjoy this one first.

Next week we are going to have a Theme of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Come dressed for the occasion. - bring something or several "something's" and we will have a display table. To set the scene Deanne brought today Red, White & Blue Balloons. That was so thoughtful Thank You Deanne for thinking of them.

On the 16th June is our Knit In Public Day. It is fast approaching isn't it.

30th May 2012   13 present

We missed Gwenda with her beautiful selection of music, we made up with the music of our chatter

Our usual chatter was about all sorts of things, plus, knitting, crocheting and sewing going on at the same time.

In our sharing time: Gaynor was browsing through one of the many magazine that come our way and found an article on 'How knitting is of value in many ways to keeping us healthy and useful in life physically and mentally'.

Louise gave Grace a card which we all signed expressing sympathy in the passing of her mother.

Suzanne showed us her excellent result of decorating a sloppy joe for her granddaughter, who loves to get parcels from the postman not knowing that they actually come from Grandma.

Rosemary reminded those who are going to the Variety Concert in the Sydney Town Hall about times to catch the bus etc.

Deanne told us about her 17 year old grandson, who plays the drums, was invited to join a band, "Five seconds of Summer" which is having some success in a variety of places.
Deanne is completing a pram cover to go with her doll's pram that she is passing on to her granddaughter.

Lesley had a book of knitting sayings, (and although I did not get any of them to include, she might bring them again next week, especially for those not here today).

Heather brought a pair of dishwashing breeches as another example of something practical that can be made for a trading table or street stall, including a rhyme.

From then on the chatter became a discussion about having trees removed, street lights replaced, horse floats removed, (that is becoming a hazard in the street rusting away and becoming a rubbish dump).

We missed Joan, Lona. Josie and Gwenda. Look forward to seeing you all next week.

23rd May 2012   16 present

Our music today was The Most Beautiful Piano Ever by Kingsley Looker, Volume 3.

The time is 3:50am and I am wide awake, had enough sleep and thinking about our day yesterday (probably because I didn't do this yesterday!!!) The kookaburras are talking just outside my front door - so I have company!!!

We talked about our Biggest Morning Tea and how successful it was. Josie sat in a corner finalising our paperwork and our final figure was $767.50. This is a tremendous amount of money for us to pass on to The Cancer Council. Thank You Josie for handling the money so well.

Deanne sent a Thank You card to Bakers Delight thanking them for their generous donation. Thank you so much Deanne.

Grace shared some happy memories with us of her family and her growing up.
Joan brought along a handbag that her daughter-in-law gave her with an imprinted photo of her and Charles with their 13 Grandchildren. It's beautiful Joan. We also admired a fancy worked mirror that Joan carries in her handbag.
Teddy came to visit us today!!! We love visitors. Suzanne brought him along. This is a continuation of our Treasured Memories. Suzanne has had him since she was born and he is wearing a white smocked dress that Suzanne made for her Intermediate Certificate.

Jane has had her daughter from Tasmania staying with her. Ten days led to two weeks, isn't that lovely Jane.

Heather spoke about an exhibition called Wild Tea Cosies at Hornsby Library that finishes today. I recommend we keep an eye out for another as I have met this lady Loani Prior and her tea cosies are WILD! She is a renowned author of several books - one being How Tea Cosies Changed The World.

Marilyn has returned from being in Yass and Canberra with friends. Elizabeth told us how one of Deanne's Easter chickens is loved by her little granddaughter who will not go to bed at night unless her little chicken is in "the pocket of her pyjamas". We love cute little stories and that is one of those.

Marlene thanked us for making her feel so welcome. Georgie waved to us at the door, she hasn't been well and didn't wish to share her cough with us. Get well Georgie we missed you.

Lesley passed the morning tea roster around for us to fill in the gaps, this will work ~ it's a great idea Leslie.

13-17 June is the Craft Exhibirion at Darling Harbour.

16th June is our World Wide Knit in Public Day. - What to bring? 2nd July is Waltzes from Vienna at The Sydney Town Hall if anyone is interested in going.

Anything you have made to display.

Anything you have made to sell ~ eg handicrafts, cooking etc etc ~~~ A chair for you and one for a visitor

Tea, coffee and hot chocolate can be purchased from John in the Take Away Shop - we will let him know we are coming.

It's now 9am and I havn't been sitting for 5 hours writing to you, it's amazing how the time flies when the phone starts ringing!!!

16th May 2012   Approx. 48 present for our Biggest Morning Tea

Our music today was The Romantic Mozart

Today was our Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea or otherwise known as Australia's Biggest Morning Tea.

Our preparation started a couple of months ago when we registered with The Cancer Council and we started to think about our day.

Louise, Josie, Heather, Deanne and I prepared the room by arranging the tables and chairs, setting the tables, displaying our handicraft and sales tables yesterday afternoon. How pretty it looked as we walked in this morning.

Mozart was playing, the aroma of coffee and the smell of freshly baked scones was welcoming and inviting for ourselves and our guests.

Our Display table should make you feel proud, because of the beautiful work you have done.

Our Sales table was full of top quality handicrafts.
Our home made biscuits, slices and lemon butter were looking delectable.
Our tables with a yellow theme of daffodils, chrysanthemums and serviettes were pretty enough to go in a Vogue Magazine.

A little bit of mystery and a little bit of fun was had when we tried to guess how long our zipper was and how many tea bags were in the jar?
Our winners were Gaynor Williams and Robyn Olson.

Oh yes!! Not to be forgotten was how Deanne and Leslie not only wishing to look after the kitchen - they were dressed the same right down to their red shoes - and that was unintentional.

A couple of us tried to do a head count today and we kept coming up with a different number!! - so my number is only an approximate number. If anyone knows for sure I would like to know please.

Thank You to our Committee for all your hard work and support. Thank You to all our craft ladies - you are just amazing and we appreciate you so much.

We do need a little breather although our Knit in Public Day is on 16th June.

9th May 2012   14 present

Our music today was Moving Pictures by Roger Woodward

We loved having Beryl back with us today. When someone in our family of friends is away - We Miss Them-

Elizabeth brought her sister Dianne to craft today. We loved having you with us Dianne and we wish you safe travelling when you return to Townsville.

Just one week to go!! The time has gone quickly from when we first started to plan our Biggest Morning Tea.

Today was so exciting. We set up a table to resemble our coffee shop and we are going to be happy with the end result of our guests and ourselves dining in style for a Devonshire Tea.

Our sales table will be an exquisite little gift shop-on-the-side! What beautiful items we have.

I have to mention a few because Beryl has been sitting at her sewing machine for hours preparing aprons, tissue covers, pot holders and did you see what she has done with three Chux? They are a pair of pyjamas.
Josie and Elizabeth have been busy knitting scarves.
Gaynor has knitted baby clothes .
Leslie has knitted "babies and teddies in blankets"
Rosemary has a dusty pink knitted vest - so elegant!

A box of haberdashery items and wool have been donated to us by a lady who lives "not far away" amongst these was a zipper measuring????? It went on forever ( you could just about use it as a skipping rope.) " HOW LONG IS THE ZIPPER" is going to be another of our Guessing Competitions for next week.

We continued our Theme of "Memories from our Earlier Years" today and Louise brought her stunning silk dress that was made in Bangkok that Louise wore in Sri Lanka in her diplomatic days of work. This is extraordinary Louise and I would love one day to hear more!!!! Please..... Louise's dress is an Emerald Green - for those of you who weren't here.
Marlene brought doilies that were her mother's fancy work.
Marlene also shared with us a silver bracelet that was her husband's auntie's. I hope I have it right Marlene? This bracelet is gorgeous and would be over 100 years old.

Well ladies today was so busy, so interesting so loud but at one stage I could hear Roger Woodward playing the piano it was full of life and I wouldn't be surprised if you are feeling a little weary?

Thank you for all the care and enthusiasm that you bring to this group. You are all very special people.

2nd May 2012   14 present

Our music today was Sanctuary by Samuel Reid & Earnest Lyons

Today we sang Happy Birthday to Grace, and Louise gave her her birthday card. Grace celebrated her birthday with her family and being away in the country was able to catch up with many friends.

So many lovely stories were shared today as we talked about precious memories of what means a lot to us that we have never wanted to part with - some hanging in wardrobes, in drawers and on shelves.

Rosemary brought her yellow Going Away Outfit that she made. A beautiful dress and jacket.
Heather had a beaded dress in apricot, a piece of material her parents-in-law had brought back from a trip to Hong Kong. This material came beaded so Heather made her dress to fit in with the beads - it's beautiful Heather.
Josie shared of some confusion with her birthday date - yet a very special letter sent to Josie from a family friend could just about confirm her date. Along with this note came a very delicate beaded necklace.

I brought along my Gonk named Mathuserland, bought for me at Dalmar Children's Home Fete by my sisters many years ago. On my Wedding Day they produced him and told me we couldn't go away without him. He has since travelled around the world and has badges sewn and pinned on him to prove it!
Deanne brought a smocked nightie she had made for her Intermediate Certificate. It's so soft and pretty.
Elizabeth had a very unique unusual powder compact given to her as a gift by her first boyfriend. This little compact had a handle.

Marilyn lived in a semi-detached house and became friends with two sisters who lived next door to her. They thought a lot of Marilyn and on her 21st Birthday gave her a Donald Simpson necklace and earrings set which she has treasured over the years.
Grace had a very lovely stoned necklace that she was wearing, bought for her by her father when she was 12 . Quite a few suggestions were passed around as to what this stone was -- Was it Golden Topaz? ..... Or....?

The stories that went with these treasures and memories make us think how special our lives are and have been!


Next week we are going to continue our sharing stories of "What we Treasure".
Deanne has a white table cloth to be fancy worked if anyone would like to have it? Deanne has also completed a gorgeous hooded jacket she has knitted for her great niece.

I brought in several of my little delectable baby shoes knitted to resemble mouth watering treats. These will be on our Sales Table at our up coming Morning Tea. Heather brought another Wrap With Love rug today.

Several of our ladies have been busy knitting scarves and squares.

We welcomed Rev Esther Kim. Esther is The Minister from Kenthurst Uniting Church and has been wishing to visit us to say hello, introduce herself and see our group and activities. Heather and I sat with her and introduced each of our ladies and invited her to walk around and chat with each of them as well as us explaining what we do, how we do it and where it goes.

Ladies, we would like you to bring your items for display and for sale next week please, so we can be organised on "The Day."

18th April 2012   14 present

Our music today was of Paradise, CD2 by various classical composers

There was a buzz of excitement around our craft room as new items of craft were displayed to share with each other.

Heather with Rugs - and a supply of wool for anyone to take.
Heather told us in total this year there have been 11 Wrap with Love Rugs. That's a remarkable figure when it's only April.
Grace has completed crocheting around a couple of these.

Myself with Strawberry and Blueberry shoes to fit a 1 year old. These are for our Sales table at our CC Biggest Morning Tea next month.

Gaynor brought us a bag of baby jackets, bonnets and booties ~ all for our sale table. Elizabeth is knitting scarves with Metalic Mesh and recommends Spotlight at Mt Druitt as being "very helpful" - what a treat, not too many stores can be bothered helping us with questions these days -!!!!

Josie has completed her socks for her friend and "happily" has posted them to her!!!!! Gaynor told us what happened to the green socks she knitted for Peter last year... they went camping and the socks were washed and hung from the car window (as we do) to dry! They drove on and did some shopping which meant the "sock door" was opened and shut and they drove off ........ Someone unbeknownst to Peter & Gaynor has a lovely warm comfortable pair of socks on their feet???

Louise was away staying in the Blue Mountains happily knitting with her Giggles wool. Jane has had a lovely time with family in Tasmania and brought home a snug "blue dressing gown with white cows on it."

Deanne and Leslie will be featured in the Wagga Wagga local paper knitting squares...... Wow we have celebrities amongst us!!

Josie is knitting scarves, some lemon & some mauve with this new "ribbon" wool (I think it was called that)

Today my thoughts were with my husband so I may not have been concentrating quite as much as I thought I was ~~~~
Please let me know!!

We will be back together on 2nd May for our Theme of "Back To Yesteryear"

CRAFT HOLIDAY ~ next week for Anzac Day 25/42012.

Don't relax too much though - here is my ANZAC BISCUIT RECIPE for you to make!!!!!

11th April 2012   14 present

Our music today was Piano, by Brian Dullaghan.

I don't mean to give a weather forecast each week yet today was CHILLY.

We were cosy inside, happy, chatty and welcomed Joan back, Jenny - Elizabeth's friend and Marlene.
Marlene came to craft a year or so ago and Marlene it was lovely to have you back with us.

Jenny was able to visit us as she can in school holidays. Jenny brought some of her lovely patchwork cushion covers, place mats and shopping bags. A few of us purchased a gift or two.

What do we have coming up?
2nd May we have a Theme morning Back to Yesteryear. ~
Bring along something old and from your past eg. An old dress, shoes, bag, brooch, book etc etc.....
We can talk for up to 2 minutes about this "thing that belongs to us"
This will be a lot of fun!

I won't tell you how many I tried to make and messed up at home before I worked it out to show you "like a professional!!!!!!!!"
We had fun today trying and succeeding.
Well done ladies they are fabulous.

For anyone who doesn't know what I am talking about - on May 16th we are holding Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea and we are hosting a Devonshire Morning Tea. Our beautiful Daffodils are going to be scattered on our tables as decorations.

I showed a beautiful tablecloth that a friend has sent me. She has Hobbytexed this cloth and it just happens to be "Daffodils." This cloth will be a feature at our Morning Tea.

Joan brought the promised "tea bags" for our guessing competition. The gift Joan has donated is a Cancer Council Mug - that's so appropriate isn't it? Thank You Joan.

Heather brought another couple of Wrap with Love Rugs. The colour combinations are just beautiful.
Grace is working on edging another couple of rugs.
Ann brought a bag of goodies ~ A couple at rugs, scarves, crocheted edge towels, washers, tea towels ~ these are going to be saleable items for our upcoming functions. Thank you Ann.

Today was a busy day. Each week is so very different ~ it's amazing isn't it how we walk in the door to come to craft with no idea how our morning is going to be.

I can't guarantee there won't be any surprises next week. The plan is we can relax with our craft and chatter and a hot cup of tea or coffee.

4th April 2012   15 present

Our music today was Rhapsody, by various composers.

As I left home to go to craft I listened to the birds singing and felt the sun shining and a crispness in the air. My thoughts were "It's Easter."
Autumn is just so beautiful.

We walked in the door and immediately everyone goes about preparing the room, the hum of the kettle in the kitchen, our music echoing around the room and conversations take place just like one big happy family.

Georgie arrived with a bowl of Easter eggs. Thank You Georgie - Yes it's Easter. Allison brought some wonderful little Easter baskets and half eggs with a chicken inside and other Easter decorations. Allison shared with us that Jack won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at Castle Hill Show with his entry in card making. Congratulations Jack, not only do we feel proud of this dear little 9 year old but so does your MUM!

Gaynor has returned from her holidays at Sussex Inlet and the Kiama areas. She and Peter had a wonderful time. Did you all know there are two blowholes in Kiama and that the smaller one is "the Best?" mmmmmmmmmm! I didn't!!!

Joan Brennan came today and we look forward to seeing more of Joan. Joan shared with us her stunning photo albums of her "Special Birthday" and her trip to Canada.

Most of us were knitting today - Myself - Easter chickens, Josie her friends socks, Grace is crocheting another skirt (or Grace is this a dress) it's a very pretty dusty pink colour. Many of you are knitting squares.

Marilyn is selling tickets for Circular Keys Chorus - Mother's Day Raffle. Money raised is to support her group as they represent Australia in Denver.

Robyn was offering camera films and Garden Australia books if anyone would like them. Heather and Peter have had 3 much needed days in Canberra. Heather's warning though! Don't book your accommodation for an apartment on line!!! WHY? They may omit to inform you that you're on the 3rd floor with 60 stairs to walk up and down! Heather told us of their visit to Bungendore Woodworks, Leatherwork and many other shops to explore in Bungendore.

Elizabeth came to say hello and brought her friend Maggie. I spoke of our upcoming Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea which is on Wednesday 16th May. Next week we are going to make paper Daffodils for table decorations. Please bring a pair of scissors, I will bring the other materials that we'll need.

Joan has offered to hold a guessing competition of "How many Tea Bags are in the?????" this will add character and some fun on the day. Thank you so much Joan and we did love having you with us.

I wish you all a happy, safe and Blessed Easter.

28th March 2012   11 present

Our music today was a CD that Grace provided.

Lesley told us about her trip with the family to Hawaii, seeing some of the usual sights, ie . the USS Arizona in part of the national park. How Hawaii is very commercial now. When travelling overseas old passports have been up dated to ‘Smartgate’ where you swipe a card and answer a few questions, and your ticket is just a printout from a computer.

Lesley’s teddies were delivered to Westmead and she received a thankyou note.

Many of the Deanne's chickens were sold for Easter and that contribution will be included in the Cancer Council Big Morning we are holding in May. We are hoping to have a sales table Beryl and Elizabeth have contributed a couple of items to that, and others have ideas in mind.

Deanne and Lesley plus husbands went to see - "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" and quite enjoyed it, so if you are looking for a film maybe this is one to consider.

Quite a lot of discussion was had concerning the TV programme “Who do you think you are?”. This is a new series of a number of Australian personalities, and this led on to discussion about and looking for information of your own personal family. Of course not all of data base is complete as many church records and other records were destroyed in fires etc, and prior to that not all events were recorded.

Most ladies were knitting, Beryl was sewing oven mitts.
Heather brought a completed wrap — the multi-coloured squares that Rosemary brought from a friend, put together with a number of plain coloured squares that the ladies at this group made.

We were sorry that Gwenda and Josie were unable to be present and we hope that they will be recovered from their ailments by next week. Georgie hobbled up late to see the doctor and get more knitting yarn. Rosemary’s cousin passed away and the funeral was today.

Gwenda we missed your thoughtful selection of music.

This report is not as detailed as Gwenda’s so I will be glad to let her do it next week.

21st March 2012   13 present

Our music today was -~ The Stolen Generation by David Hudson.

Happy Birthday Marilyn for next Sunday. We wish you a very happy day and a happy year to follow.

Elizabeth told me that today is Harmony Day - a day to think about other people and their acceptance of others. Ask a child "what does this mean" and their answer would be to give someone a hug!

Someone else told me (I'm sorry I'm not sure who it was) that today is also "World Poet Day" ~ I can't help but wonder who thinks these days up and makes them official?

Deanne and I have been knitting our little chickens and they do have character so from next week if anyone would like to give a happy home to one or two - we will be supporting The Cancer Council. We thought perhaps $3?
Deanne and I are also up to "no good" in our search for a little easy hooded baby jacket. We are now trying an attempt at the 3rd pattern that has come our way!!!

Jane has knitted two large squares, sewn them together and is making a bag or holder for toys for her dear little granddaughter.
Grace was looking amazing wearing her crocheted skirt that she completed last week. The camera will be fully charged for next week Grace.
Louise has just had 10 lovely days away with her sister. They toured up around the Clarence River, Harrington and also caught up on a couple of movies together.

Heather and Rosemary told us in detail about the Warehouse in Alexandria where she takes our Wrap With Love Rugs. This is amazing to hear in detail. Volunteers have an amazing way of collating the stages of wool to squares to sewing together to finish to bagging to distributing. We looked at some photos showing some places where these Wraps go eg. aborigine Communities, Zimbabwe, Africa Down Under - just to mention a few!!

Heather brought her Cubic needles to craft for us to have a try!
Josie is excited because our dear Beverley is coming to stay with her. Both Josie and Beverley will be attending a 4-day Conference. Josie continues knitting her warm socks.
Suzanne you have made an Easter basket out of a honey bucket and wool. We loved it.
Elizabeth is knitting scarves. So soft and pretty.
Georgie is embroidering tiny grub roses on her beautiful baby booties.
Beryl has knitted a baby jumper that will go to The Bea Group. This group support the needy and is under the umbrella of Anglicare.

Wow there is so much to think about and remember of what we share together.
Please tell me if I have forgotten to mention anything! I try hard to remember everything as everything we talk about is so special and so precious.

Louise has completed a list of our details and handed them out today. We say Thank You so much Louise.

I mentioned today that if we had a Motto it would be SHARING ~ this report is all about sharing together, and that is what makes our group so Unique.

14th March 2012   7 present

Our music today is ~ The Swoon Collection by various artists.

When Josie and I hung the banner this morning, set up morning tea, arranged our tables and chairs and turned on the music we commented to each other that this may be a quiet day - and a quiet day of numbers it was.

Rosemary tried to help Deanne and me to sort out a complicated pattern of a baby's hooded jacket and we decided it was "unsolvable!" Instead Deanne started knitting mittens and I an Easter chicken. Deanne has made nine of these chickens, one for each of her nine grandchildren.

Josie continues with her warm socks for her friend in America.
Gaynor after starting three fronts of a cardigan has turned one into a sleeve!
Rosemarie and Jane are knitting squares.

Beryl has been busy with a beautiful crocheted pram cover, pot holders and knitting needle and crochet hook holders. An adventure begins for Leslie's teddy bears as Deanne has taken them to The Children's Hospital. These bears will bring a smile to the faces of these little patients receiving them just as I saw with my grandson Peter a few years ago when he received one too.

Our day with just seven of us was warm and friendly. Numbers don't mean anything do they? We had a beautiful day last week with 19 and today with seven was a beautiful day too.

We think about our friends who are on holidays and those of you who are "just busy" in other ways.

Take good care of yourselves.

7th March 2012   19 present

19 at craft today, isn't that wonderful. We had a fabulous morning of sharing, laughter, chatting and enjoying each other's company.

Morning tea started the moment we smelt the aroma of coffee in "the plunger" and Georgie "our cup cake Queen" walked through the door carrying her beloved chocolate butterfly cakes. Thank you so much Georgie. I appologise my report is "the morning after the day before" - my dear husband Rod left at 4am this morning to join with friends on an adventure to Phillip Island to attend Classic Car Race - so here I am at 4am thinking of you all as I tap away on my iPad writing my report.

A buzz was in the air at craft as we talked about mislaying our children and in my case leaving the baby at home - This is goose bumpy stuff isn't it?

Gaynor's book review was "Life Without Limits" by Nick Vujicic who is a renowned speaker and author - born without arms and legs he is remarkable.

Josie told us how waterlogged Beverley is in Queensland. The rain is everywhere isn't it. Beverley is going to peruse oil painting so we can look forward to some photos please!!!

The contents of Robyn's washing basket continues - Beryl has made the sweetest little pyjamas from some of the fabric. Thank you Robyn for bringing "your washing" that day to craft!! We need to have some fun with these little quirks to make us smile.

Beryl showed us a completed white baby jacket. Suzanne experienced 38deg temperatures whilst visiting family in Tasmania. Her family are coming to Sydney for Easter. Don't forget an Easter egg hunt!!

Oh my goodness!!! What can I say about Ann's Breakfast at Tiffany's patchwork blanket? (that is my favourite movie)! I was absolutely blown away like many of you too. Ann has made this for her daughter who is 21 soon.

Georgie brought wool to share - so help yourselves please ladies. Heather had 2 ply wool so fine. Heather had another completed wrap today which several of our ladies have knitted. Grace has completed her edging of another she has put together.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LONA. Louise gave Lona a card from us all and we sang. Lona is out to lunch and going Gold Class this afternoon. How lovely.

We love Alison coming when she can and today she and Jack had made rock cakes to share with us - this is so beautiful. Thank you Alison & Jack..

We all jumped with Elizabeth's excitement as she cast off her last stitch of her bright green square. We don't have to go to the theatre or travel to get excited ~just knit a square~!!!!

Lesley brought in a bag of bears who will be travelling to the Children's Hospital shortly. Just think about the different homes these little bears will go to. It's an amazing thought isn't it? Next week I will talk further about Events we have coming up.

Ladies have I forgotten to mention anything?

29th February 2012   11 present

29th February can play tricks if your birthday was today. As we listened to our French music Heather asked me had I chosen this music with Italian Composer Gioacchino Rossini because I knew it would have been his 220th birthday today ? ~ Heather I didn't know that ~~ how amazing ~ sometimes we do things without knowing why!!! Another incredible thing is can you believe tomorrow is 1st March. March already??

Heather, Deanne and I brought today some Easter ideas and patterns, little chickens with eggs, finger puppets, rabbits and beautiful, beautiful eggs of Heather's. Easter is such a beautiful time of the year. It's not just chickens and eggs and rabbits~ it's the true meaning of Easter that is important.

A can of worms opened up when Lesley shared with us how unhappy she is with the large amount of imported food on offer in our supermarkets. We all agreed. Glacé cherries, apples, peaches sultanas etc etc etc .... It's very disappointing. Dick Smith is a great ambassador for Australia.

Deanne we love your little yellow chickens ~ Each chicken takes just over an hour to knit. Now that is quick.

Grace is crocheting an edge around the squares she has sewn together. Grace attended a wonderful concert at The Entertainment Centre in Angel Place, the first of six; this one being "Venice Secrets" with Vivaldi.

Gaynor you did it!!! She was so excited having completed her 28th square. Gaynor now has a blanket. WELL DONE.

Jane enjoyed being looked after and taken out with her family last weekend. It's good to know your son is out of hospital and improving.

Louise is loving the soft feel of her face cloth she is knitting with "giggles" cotton. Louise is looking forward to having her family with her over this coming weekend and beautiful baby cuddles.

Remember Robyn's Washing Basket full of give away surprises last week? Heather brought some of its contents ~ a piece of Tapestry material ~ to fruition. A great tapestry knitting / shopping bag. Just wonderful.

Heather & Peter have visited Panorama at Glenbrook. I look forward to going soon too. Rosemary brought in a square in a square ~ This was a square with "character". It looked so unique ~ it was unique!!

Gaynor has asked us to keep an eye out for clear beads - her granddaughter is studying Textiles and requires some for a lamp shade.

I am knitting the next Wiggles (the yellow one), last week I gave Jeremy the "red" one and he loved it enough for me to want to continue!! Then blue, then purple !!!!! (I'm glad there aren't 5 or 6 or 7 or~~~~)

I came home and on checking my EMails there was a note from our dear Beryl saying she has completed her baby jacket - you may recall this pattern of Beryl's is 62 years old, Beryl originally knitted a pink one for The Renwick Infants Home. It'so touching to hear these beautiful stories.

Josie told us how unwell Johanna is and that saddens us. Louise wrote a message and we all signed our names this we will give Johanna in a card.

Today the time went so fast. That's just how it is when we are having fun. Don't forget Needlepoint News, if you don't have a copy, please ask me.

22nd February 2012   12 present

Our Music today was "The Great Relaxation Collection" by various artists.

Well it's out with the old and give away time at Heather's house. Craft magazines came with Heather to craft today and don't we love them?

Deanne and I are sharing a little pink hooded jacket from one of them that Josie found. I do look forward to knitting it. It was so funny when Robyn walked in today carrying a white cane washing basket. She said she "had brought the washing" and it looked like she had! Well - it was filled with lace, materials and Knit Wit sewing patterns. More give aways!! And there were more~~

Rosemary brought in several balls of "feather" wool for anyone who would like it.
Rosemary was knitting bedsocks today.
Josie shared with us news of Beverley. They are settling into their new home, have hung curtains and placed pictures on the walls. I can just see Beverley's beautiful artwork on her walls and how "homely" it will be looking.

Josie has some beautiful Alpaca wool her friend from America sent her to knit her some socks. Ann and Robyn held their arms out wide while Josie wound those hanks into beautiful balls.

Ann advocates for a lady and is taking her to Tasmania. Ann enjoyed The portrayal of Real Life in the movie Descendants that she saw this week.

Following on with movie films: Heather went to see "The Artist" (no speaking, [written text], no sex, no violence, no blasting of the ears, no swearing), good story line. She also shared with us the book she has just completed "The colour of Water". This book portrays a white woman who had 12 children to two black husbands -- all of whom they gave a good education. - I suggest we all read this book! This lady was born in 1921 and just recently has passed away.

Heather has the dates of craft shows and craft exhibitions that are coming up all around N.S.W.

Deanne has been away with relatives to Oberon and on Saturday they attended Opera in the Caves at Jenolan Caves. It was wonderful.
Elizabeth has had a pleasant week at home and with family.
Leslie has been to Canberra and has seen everything you could want to see there - The Mint, Zoo, War Memorial, Museums, Art Gallery and "The Other Zoo called Parliament House" after being stripped of all their worldly posessions were able to sit in on Parliament.

Grace told us of the awful plumbing problems at her home. What keeps Grace happy is her crocheted skirt that we can see growing. You are so kind Grace sharing fresh bay leaves from your tree and knitting needles.

Gaynor told us she and Peter only argue in Canberra. Gaynor told us some time ago whilst they were reverse parking their blue van their tow bar caught on the car behind and - when they returned to move on they started to take the other car with them!! Oops ---

Beryl is knitting a very dainty baby jacket in white - this pattern is the same one Beryl used 62 years ago when she knitted the jacket in pink as a school project for a children's home called Penwick in Ashfield or some where near there.

I showed Cayla's little jacket finished and a knitted Red Wiggles near completion for Jeremy who is 2 on Sunday.

I also showed from a magazine patchwork cookies - some people will make anything won't they? And that's just how our beautiful group is we are not afraid to "GIVE IT A GO". From next week we are going to start thinking about Easter projects.
There is always something happening isn't there?

Today I handed out Needlepoint News, Our 3-monthly newsletter.

15th February 2012   13 present

Our music today was "Music for Grand Dining", by The Blue Mountains Trio.

Do you remember the song Little boxes, little boxes made of ticky tacky, little boxes all the same. There's a green one and a pink one and a blue one and a yellow one and they're all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same. —

I love this song and today's little boxes remind me of this!!
Our plan for today was to make a little all-occasion gift box.

At 10 o'clock we gathered around the table and chose our cardboard and printed paper. We measured AND cut AND folded AND glued AND chattered AND laughed AND re-glued AND punched holes AND made lace out of paper AND chose our ribbon AND tied it in a bow. Then sat back AND admired how pretty they were. This was a lot of fun!

Suzanne is off on holidays to Tasmania for two weeks to see her family.

Georgie showed us a pot plant hanger made from two colanders twined together one on top of the other. It was spray painted and lacquered a gold chain as a hanger and a decoration on the front. It was unusual and probably to be used for an artificial plant. This was given to Georgie to "bring and show" by a neighbour.

Gaynor shared an email with us, sent to her from her sister; it was about a Pastor and his flying cat. True story (?) - I would love to share it with everyone so I may include it in one of our Needlepoint News Letters.

It was lovely to have Louise well again.

8th February 2012   12 present

The sun didn't show its face this morning, it was overcast and steamy outside yet inside was a different story -- happy faces laughter and chatter.

We were intrigued by several knitted squares (aprox 30) that were given to Rosemary for Wrap With Love. They were knitted in double moss with 3 different balls of wool.

Leslie was in the kitchen setting up and the aroma of coffee was welcoming. Around the table we shared with each other. We missed Louise today as she wasn't well,  we send you our love Louise and hope you are feeling well real soon.

I explained  to our group the changes that have taken place on our committee.

We received a beautiful Thank You card from Beverley and I asked Josie to read it out. Grace was back from holidays in Perth and is crocheting herself a skirt, so far her colours are mauve, pink and white. Grace has offered some warm backing for anyone who would like to use it for rugs. Thank you Grace. Beryl has been knitting teddy bears and teddy bear clothes for her little next door neighbour. So cute and adorable.

Gaynor has returned from a cruise on The Sea Princess to New Zealand. Seeing mountains capped with "fairy floss" and other breathtaking views made this a holiday "never to forget." Gaynor told us how the ship's pianist brought together 150 guests to form a fabulous choir.

Josie and Beverley - spending quality time together, took  themselves to Glenbrook to "Panorama" with stunning cafe and craft rooms - and then further on were panoramic pictures of Sydney and our Australian bush. Josie along with her family last weekend celebrated her daughter-in-law's  50th birthday with a harbour cruise.

Rosemary saw Annie and it was fun hearing how little dog treats help a dog to play his part so diligently! Marilyn went to High Tea with a friend in The Queen Victoria Building.

Heather showed us Giggles cotton from Lincraft and how it knits up -  it's  like angora it's so soft. Ann also saw Annie and told us the reason she was knitting was because she had run out of crocheting cotton and  what did our Grace do? She went home and brought back crocheting cotton for Ann!! Grace you are wonderful.  

Leslie told us of the run on Aquarian's birthdays in her family and the latest movie she has seen is - The  Artist. Where did Elizabeth  go last week? To see Annie!!! She told us how she had left her ticket at home and how amazing Alan Jones was or should I say is as an actor and a singer.

I am knitting a little pink bolero cardigan for baby Cayla a pattern I will share with Suzanne.

1st February 2012   19 present

Our music today was "The Most Beautiful Piano Music Ever." By Kingsley Looker.

Dear Friends,
Smiling faces, laughter, sharing and chatting greeted everyone as they walked in through the door this morning.

Kylie came for a short time with 5 ½ week old Cayla isn't she beautiful!! We welcomed Ann (without an "e" ) as a new member of our lovely group. Welcome Ann we are so happy to have you with us. Rosemary brought 22 little friends in a basket!!!

Finally we did sit down with our tea & coffee, cup cakes and Cob loaf dip.

Thank you to Georgie (Dot) for her beautiful cakes. she truly is our Cup Cake Queen. Georgie shared that she went to Perth for Christmas and realised how fit she is after being with her "old friends on walkers”.

Around the table Lona is crocheting a very pretty rainbow rug. Rosemary's friends in the basket were 22 teddies according to Rosemary they are all related - as their faces are all the same, 3 colourful crocheted rugs we looked at as well.

Suzanne's birthday was on Christmas Day so why wouldn't she want the day off from cooking? Josie and Beverley went to see Love Never Dies and summed it up as Wonderful. Beryl and her beautiful Patchwork - what can I say ?? Marilyn sang in The Messiah at the Town Hall again this year and told us the tragic story of "the car & the truck!!" Ann was crocheting towels that she had embroidered for her daughter-in-law.

Lesley is flying to Hawaii soon and needed to know "can I take & do my knitting on the plane?" Comments bounced back and forward with her question. We suggested Lesley phone her Travel Agent.

Deanne your fancy work is gorgeous. Her project is for her nephew and new wife in Bangkok. Allison your little Jack is in year 4 wow time flies, and Allison is pursuing her painting course at TAFE this year. Your work is beautiful Allison. Elizabeth is off to see Annie tonight with her 2 daughters.

Well Robyn has a new puppy Charlie - he is white with brown ears and finds his way into her bed at night. Jane has been to Tasmania and gave her Granddaughter her well accepted Humpty Dumpty. Louise is a Grandma to a beautiful little girl 3-week old Ruby Jo. We loved Louise's photos of Ruby her parents and her Uncles.

Heather had her family around her at Christmas and keeping Margaret in supply of squares is a busy business. After 32 years in her house Beverley and Graham sold their home in 3 weeks! Successful EBay selling and Garage sale has made packing and sorting easier for them! My news was the birth of Little Cayla on Christmas Eve. Excitement in our family of 4 little boys!

We then gave our time to Beverley. I thanked her for her love, her teachings, her caring ways and support. I told how we all have dreams and plans and this has been just that for Beverley and Graham. We sang Happy Birthday to Beverley - she had a birthday last week. Thank You for the lovely words you said to me Beverley.

I am happy to lead our group I will be different to Beverley but I will be myself and with the wonderful committee we have we will survive and flourish. Beverley handed me her "BELL" well -- that bell is like a mascot!

Let's look forward to next week.
Keep well and keep safe


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