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Cancer Council Morning Tea 2013
Cancer Council Morning Tea 2013

Kenthurst UC Community Craft meets in the Hall on Wednesdays from 9:30 to noon.

Come and bring some craft work with you, or come to be inspired and learn and use some of ours!
Enjoy the company of a friendly group of people over morning tea.

Suggested craft topics—

  • ♦  Knitting & Crocheting
  • ♦ Patchwork & Quilting
  • ♦ Jewellery & Beading
  • ♦ Embroidery & Cross-stitch
  • ♦  Cards, Scrapbooking and Paper Tole

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4th December 2013   Christmas Party   21 present

Happy birthday to Josie, Lyn, Beryl and Suzanne who are celebrating their birthdays in December. Rosemary handed out birthday cards to our ladies and we wish you all a very "Happy Day."

21 happy faces sat around our table at Regal Gardens today celebrating Christmas together. Our table was decorated with our "Puff Christmas Trees" and the table looked elegant and classy, and to add to this was a stunning and delectable Gingerbread Christmas Tree made for us to share by Lona. How lovely to have it with our tea and coffee. We did feel sad breaking it up - that is what we were to do!! Thank you Lona.

Thank you Gaynor for saying Grace for us.

I shared the Email of our knitted flowers arriving in Norwich in England and the photo of the Knitted Pergola (that our flowers are being made into) I think I even recognised some of them being ours!!!

A very intrigued gentleman left his company in the restaurant and came and enquired from a couple of our ladies "Who are you and what is the occasion?" Now that says it all! We knew we were a special group and that we are unique!!!

We all look forward to a little break from commitments ~ I know I do, yet as I say that I admit I am looking forward to us being back together in the New Year.

29th January, 2014 is our first day back together.

Christmas is a time to remember those who have meant so much to us and a time to remember those who still do.

Have a Happy and Blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

I will send you another little note before our "Craft Year" starts in January.

27th November 2013   13 present

Our music today was Sing-a-long Christmas Party

Happy Birthday to dear Rosemary for your birthday on Friday. We gave Rosemary a card and she was treated well with The Kenthurst Craft Choir singing Happy Birthday under the leadership of our conductor Robyn!!! We had a wonderful morning of "Friendship" together. There was something in the air that brings this group together and I know what it is ~ It's the "People"

Our morning tea was just gorgeous ~ it looked gorgeous ~ it tasted gorgeous. Thank you to those of you who contributed.

When we think of The MESSIAH we think of Christmas and on Saturday 14th December at 5pm, a 500 voice Combined Churches Choir are singing The MESSIAH at the most beautiful venue in Australia ~ The Sydney Town Hall. Our Marilyn is in the Choir. Tickets can be purchased on line and from The City Recital Hall at a cost of $36 Adults and $33 Pensioners. This will be the 73rd year. This is always a beautiful afternoon.

We shared around the table and we heard some lovely stories of giving and appreciation of receiving. Often it was the "small" things that were appreciated as we heard today. A dolls pram that has been passed onto Grandchildren, two dolls called Debra and Carol, and Lyn's story about an orange. I think we were a little "wowed" when Grace told us her sister received a COW called Mrs Jones - named after a neighbour (as you would!!!!) I am still smiling as I think about how "country" is that story? I think it's marvellous. Alison showed us Jack's note to Santa and his Santa photo.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 4th December ~ REGAL GARDENS.

Josie read us a Helen Steiner Rice verse entitled Let's Keep Christmas. May the Lord's Great Love Bless You this Christmas.

Thank You Josie for helping me with my cutting and stamping of notes for The Village.

Gaynor has asked me if anyone has any cosmetics that they don't need, if you could bring them to her next Wednesday please. They will go a Woman's Refuge in Parramatta. Thank You.

Deanne and I were saying that we are both prepared with our ingredients for our Christmas Cakes but just haven't "slurped " the sherry over it yet. Well Deanne I say let's do it today as I was inspired by Rosemary's "Thought for The Week." For those of you who were not with us today, here it is. ~

Our Christmas Party lunch is being attended by 21 of us next week this is so beautiful as I said with a genuine tear in my eye "I feel so proud of this very special group of Craft friends".

Until next week at Regal Gardens at 12 noon

20th November 2013   14 present

Our music today was Michael CrawfordA Christmas Album

There was a delay for Josie and I as we approached the front door of the Church this morning. We had to stop to admire the magnificent lillies on the front verandah. The beauty of a maroon one was gorgeous and just near by were a couple of yellow lillies showing their happy faces. If you missed them today I am sure they will still be there next week. Grace planted them.

Next week is our last craft day for this year. Let's have some fun by telling a fun story or bringing something "Christmas" along to show.

This could be a verse, poem, story, or show a card an ornament or "anything!!"

I was sitting next to Josie who was jewellery making - oh yes she was making earrings for a friend! So what was everyone else doing? We all loved seeing how much Betty's baby shawl is growing, Jenny was sewing her little puffs and knitting, Lyn is knitting a Rib beanie, Diane that beautiful shade of mauve square, Rosemary was sewing squares together for a Wrap and Deanne was helping Rosemary, Lesley is knitting her vest, Grace is knitting a baby pullover, I have started a little cardigan for my 2-year-old Cayla and Gaynor is knitting a triangle square, Marilyn is knitting a triangle square, Heather is knitting a triangle square and Dot was knitting a triangle square. We were so happy to have Dot back with us - we like that!

We did have a "sneak preview" of the two little fairy skirts that I have bought Cayla for her 2nd birthday. That Christmas Tree card I brought today, I think we are going to have to make some next year.


KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 27th November ~ Rosemary.

Rosemary read to us Philippians Chapter 4 verse 8 and Josie read us a verse called Phenomenal Woman and I certainly can relate to some of what Josie read!!

Don't forget to bring a little "something" next week to read or show us.

13th November 2013   14 present

Our music today was Mona Lisa

Happy birthday to dear Deanne for Saturday 16th November. Rosemary had a birthday card for Deanne and we sang to her.

Our final count for our flowers is 162. This is an amazing effort and as I have said before I am so grateful and appreciate you helping me. I think you all know me well enough by now - that when I get excited about something "my bubbles just burst with excitement". Our flowers are travelling to the other side of the world to Norwich in England to be displayed in Norwich Cathedral. Does that make you feel special? I hope so because you are. We don't always have to participate in projects because being supportive is just as important.

I thought today was a strange day it wasn't "us", it was "the room." When Josie and I arrived the room was set up like a Coffee shop so after a little thinking we decided to leave it the way it was. It ended up reminding me of different groups that knew each other sitting in a coffee shop!!! Does that sound strange? Next week we will be back to how we like it.

Emma came to visit and was delighted to take home with her the beanies and scarves that Lesley and Suzanne had knitted for her for Samaritans Purse.

It's a very strange feeling when you don't know what to do? I will explain ~ for weeks I have been making puffs - they're finished; knitting teacosies - done enough; knitting flowers - done and posted. We have all "Been There Done That" haven't we. Well that feeling makes me fidgety so I will go back to my cardigan that I haven't touched for a couple of months and try and remember how to do "that stitch again!"

Around the tables you were all so busy and I found that there was only one person who wasn't being productive (as in doing craft) and that was me! So I spent my time enjoying seeing what you were doing ~ and this is what I found ~

Josie was busy with paperwork and writing up her Christmas list. Guess who has made all of her Christmas cards? It's Josie!
Rosemary was crocheting her colourful blanket,
Lyn was knitting a green square,
Diane was knitting a mauve square,
Gaynor was multi tasking completing her Puff Christmas Tree and then knitting,
Jenny was also multi tasking by sewing little puffs for her bags and crocheting her rug,
Suzanne was knitting a blue striped scarf,
Lesley is knitting herself a pretty grey vest,
how clever is Marilyn she was excited because she can now knit "triangle squares",
Heather was teaching Marilyn and knitting exquisite beaded decorations and
Deanne was doing her fancy work.
Heather brought in a completed Wrap that had been knitted by Dot. Dot it looks wonderful.

Oh Grace! Thank You for bringing that gorgeous cream cake for morning tea.

Suzanne Thank You for sharing your tomato plants with us.

KITCHEN DUTIES = Wednesday 20th November - Lyn.

Rosemary shared a beautiful prayer for our Thought for the Week from a Christmas book of verses.

We are realising that Christmas is only a short time away so next week we will start listening to Christmas music.

6th November 2013   18 present

Our music machine was playing Irish music as Fiorente was born in Ireland.

We certainly are different, unique, have a mind of our own and will do things our way ~ and that all comes down to yesterday being Melbourne Cup Day and tomorrow is Crown Oaks Day traditionally known as Ladies Day and today "they" forgot to put us on the calendars that it's traditionally known as OUR DAY!!!

We had 18 here at our High Tea Post Melbourne Cup morning.

We had a fabulous, fun day today. Everyone was chatting and laughing and we were just too busy for knitting or craft. Beverley came to visit and have the morning with us. This is tradition now and we will expect this yearly visit!!! Please ~ ~

Just look at the "high" class of dress with hats and fascinators today. We did look the part. Thank you to Graeme (Beverley's husband) for judging our hats. Judged on "creativity" the congratulations went to Gaynor. Gaynor's story was that she phoned Alan Jones to tell him of her and Peter's 60th Wedding Anniversary and he sent them yellow roses. The roses were decorated with feathers. Well done Gaynor.

Well how inviting was our morning? Pretty table cloths and serviettes, little horses sprinkled down the middle of the tables, tea pots, plunger coffee, china milk jugs and gorgeous delicacies on tiered cake stands and not to mention exquisite cups, saucers and plates. Fit for the Queen I would say!!!

We had several photos taken by Rod when he came at 11. We can look forward to seeing them and if anyone would like some prints we will do that. I will try and bring them next week.

Flowers going to Norwich in England. You should feel proud of yourselves as I am posting off 135 at the end of this week. I am going to enclose photos and a letter. My last Email from them said they were "excited and unbelievably shocked that someone from Australia wanted to help." Well that "someone" is all of you and I am so proud. I will find out what their next project is and ~ ~ ~!!!!!

Thank you everyone for helping today.

Thank you to our Committee for all your help and enthusiasm.

Next week I have an Invitation and a couple of other lovely things to share with you.

Kitchen Duties - Wednesday 13th November ~ Deanne.

30th October 2013   15 present

Our music today was Piano Music to Celebrate the gift of Love

Another "Tea Cosy" came to craft today and it was a Coffee Cream Cake with Strawberry Icing and Cherry decorations!! Oh yes I agree I do have what appears to be a slight obsession with these "jolly things" but I do have to admit I am having fun as I constantly am wondering " what can I create next"?

Holly came to visit today and how exquisitely she was dressed. - little bloomers, floral dress, petticoat, apron, little shoes and tucked under her bonnet was her beautiful curly hair. Why wouldn't she have a smile on her face when she lives with Lyn and was made by Lyn.

Emma came from Samaritans Purse and has requested anyone who would like to knit scarves and beanies they would appreciate them.

I am so grateful for the flowers that you have been knitting that are going to John Grooms Court - the Home in Norwich that houses young adults who are physically disabled. In total we have 91. There will be over 100 by the time we are ready to send them. I am going to post our flowers, photos and a letter to John Grooms Court by Air Mail at the end of next week.

Well I don't DOB!!!! but ~~ our friend Elizabeth didn't know Christmas bush flowers were white before it turned red either. So after last week when I thought I was all alone and feeling deprived of knowing something important I am not alone. Who else didnt know?? Thank you Elizabeth for your company!!

6th November - High Tea Post Melbourne Cup bring your cup, saucer and plate and a little story about them if you have one. We will wash our own china or you can take them home and look after them.
20th November - We would like to have your menus back and payments for Christmas lunch.
27th November ~ is our last craft day for the year. But don't be sad BECAUSE 29th January is our first day back for 2014 and our fun will start all over again ang go all year until~ ~ ~!!!

KITCHEN DUTIES Wednesday 6th November - Suzanne.

We are all looking forward to Beverley coming to be with us next week. I have booked the photographer to come next week at 11am to take a group photo - sounds good but it's really only my Rod!!!

We do sometimes hear of some sad stories of people close to us who are unwell or struggling through hard times they are sometimes family and sometimes they are our friends. Every day it's nice to say a little prayer or just to think about them and don't forget that sometimes it can even be yourself!

23rd October 2013   14 present

Our music today was Andre Rieu

Our thought for the day was for us to Pray and Think about those who have been affected by the terrible fires, those who have lost their homes and the fire fighters and volunteers.

I brought along my cutting of White Christmas Bush and told my extrordinary story of how I bought this shrub last year and it was brilliantly red and how this year it has changed colour and is now white. Well - - silly me!!! My father who was a great gardener didn't teach me (or I didn't listen) that all Christmas bushes flower white and change to red closer to Christmas!!! Please "someone" tell me that you didn't know that either!!! And I had better stop picking my White Christmas bush or I will never have any red to pick. I'm telling you this because it happened today and thank you Lesley.

Thank you Heather for printing out the story of The Knitted Christmas Tree. I am thrilled with the flowers that we are going to be sending to Norwich. At our Post Melbourne Cup High Tea, Rod will come up at around 11am and take a group photo of us and we will send a copy of this photo with our flowers and our names to Norwich.

I loved the story from last week when Diane told us she had gone into the city to see Prince Harry, from that we learned that Diane's grandfather drove "The Royal Train" and then Joan told us that her father was a Guard at Buckingham Palace. Who else can tell us an exciting story of "Importance"? We would love to hear it. Bring that story along next week.

Last week I told you what we have coming up so keep an eye on those dates. It's terrible to think we are counting down the weeks.

We do wish Gaynor and Peter a very happy Wedding Anniversary as they are celebrating their 60th next week.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 30th October - Beryl.

My thoughts for you all are to keep cool, keep out of the wind and away from the smoke. Yes I'm playing Dr!! So just another thought is to keep drinking plenty of fluids.

Betty thank you for your bag of lace and material.

16th October 2013   15 present

Our music today was Blue Sails

This was Rosemary's thought for the week ~
You are never too old to have a new dream. Let's just think about this, what are your dreams?

We had lovely treasures to share and admire today. We all Wowed with Diane when she called out "finished." I love the feeling when we have completed something and this time it was a square!

Sheila came to visit. Lyn has completed her little Australian named teddy.

The story that Grace told us of her 83yr old friend who makes and gives "Verses on Patches" and what a beautiful verse and thought.

Heather and I brought our hand made Christmas decorations and the patterns to go with them. Have a look at our album of photos and patterns you may see something that inspires you and "you just have to have it!"

How lovely with so many of us knitting the flowers that are going to Norwich. We will have a little parcel that I feel proud to add all our names to and post. We have two more craft Wednesdays and then we will parcel them up ready for their journey to the other side of the world.

We are all knitting different colours and for a little bit of fun I have investigated what the different colours mean. ~
Red is for love, Light pink ~ sweetness & grace,
Deep pink ~ gratitude,
Yellow ~ joy,
White ~ purity and innocence,
Lavender ~ love at first sight,
Coral~ desire, Burgandy~ beauty,
Red and White together ~ unity.

Suzanne brought us her new purchase of the fairy peg dolls that she is placing on the top of her little Granddaughters Christmas presents.

Beryl was wearing her lavender bamboo wool cardigan that we all saw her knitting.

Christmas Menus ~ Deanne they look inviting and creative. We all love them. I did say I would go home and google what "Dauphine" is as its on our menu.

Dauphine ~ is the French name for the woman who is waiting to marry her Prince Charming!!! No that is not what we are going to eat!!!!

I then googled Pommes Dauphine (we knew it was some sort of potato) ~ it's mashed potato in a Choux pastry.

Please continue with what you are doing ~ your knitting, flowers for Norwich, your Puff Trees, and we will bring pine cones and all that you will need to make them. Just bring your decorations and glue.

5th November - Post Melbourne Cup High Tea.
20th November - Last day for return of menus and payments. $35.
27th November - Our last craft day in the hall for 2013.
4th December - 12 Noon Regal Gardens Lunch
29th January, 2014 - Our first day back together.

9th October 2013   12 present

From the moment we walked through the Church doors we knew we were going to have a great day today and we were right!

We were happy to welcome two visitors to our all day craft day and we were so happy to have Louise with us too.

Well what were we doing today that put a buzz in the air that was so warm and inviting? Potted Christmas Tree Puffs, Potted puff Christmas Trees, Puffs on a Potted Christmas Tree ~~~ I don't know what we should call them except that they are "gorgeous trees." We cut our puffs, we stitched our puffs, we decorated our puffs and we attached our puffs with pins and glue. Great discussions took place with us all giving our opinions as to how we should and could attach the star on the top.

The star is so important because it has a beautiful story. It was the star that led the Wise Men to Bethlehem to worship baby Jesus.

We placed and sewed little bells on our trees ~ the meaning of the Christmas bell is "To ring the bells and bring people together". The bells also rang to tell of the birth of baby Jesus.

Last week I shared my warm hearted story of The Christmas Tree.
The Tree, The Star and The Bells brings our theme of The Potted Christmas Tree Puffs to a meaningful story of its own.

Don't you agree that all that we do within our craft group "Tells a Story" or we can certainly turn it into one!!!

Rosemary and I had some fiddling fun making bows and~~
Card making was enjoyed by Joan and Betty.

We even took a break from our "puffs" to bring out our wool and needles to knit some flowers to go to Norwich.

It was suggested today that next week it would be nice to knit some flowers for Norwich in England. As I mentioned last week I am going to be sending them a parcel from us.

Today our music was varied as we had longer to play and listen to it. We had 10 of our ladies with us today and two visitors.

2nd October 2013   13 present

Today's music was Susan Boyle To dream a dream

I was excited to share my story of The Knitted Christmas Tree with you today. For those of you who were not with us I will tell you too.

In Norwich in England sits a dwelling that houses 28 wheel chair bound residents. In August of 2012 their lift broke down and had seven of these residents stranded upstairs for over a week. Friends, relatives, organisations and "the locals" looked for a way of raising money to install a second lift. Mandy, a resident, asked if someone would teach her to knit (as she wasn't going anywhere.) This idea came to fruition "LET'S KNIT A CHRISTMAS TREE". The whole community of Norwich and afar started to knit green squares for leaves. The shops in Norwich ran out of green wool. Over 600 knitters came forward and knitted over 4,000 squares, and 2,000 decorations. The tree was 15 feet tall holding 200 branches. It went on display in the Forum of the local shopping centre and also in the entrance of Norwich Cathedral. £10,000 was raised.

They are now appealing for more help to extend this dwelling in Norwich to enable more disadvantaged to move in.

The appeal is for knitters to come forward to help knit a FLOWER PERGOLA. This large collage will be displayed as was the Knitted Christmas Tree.

This is where I have become involved. Would you like to assist me with knitted flowers? I will be sending a parcel to Norwich at the beginning of December. So easy ~ here is my pattern.

PETALS ~ Cast on 51 sts. Stocking st. 4rows.
5th Row ~ knit 1, cast off 9, knit 1, cast off 9 continue like this until the end of the row (6 sts)
Using a sewing needle pass thread through through. Sew two ends together.
CENTRE ~ Cast on 2, increase in 2 sts. (4sts), knit 5 rows, knit 2 tog twice, knit 2together. Draw thread through.

I am happy to sew any of these flowers up for you or next week I can sew one up to show you how it's done.

I also promised my TEA COSIE Pattern so I will send it separately as an Email with a photo.

Fresh dried Lavender continues to come to craft ~ just look for the little orange bucket and help yourselves.

WHAT IS COMING UP~ Next week is our all day craft day. A few reminders- $5 for the day, Tea and coffee all day when you would like it. 12.30 Lunch break. Bring your Christmas Tree puffs, needle, cotton, decorations, glue etc. bring material and all you need except milk bottle tops for your wall hanging, cards and decorations for card making. Wool and needles if you would like to knit flowers 8ply wool and aprox No 4 needles. Your own knitting or crochet.

POST MELBOURNE CUP HIGH TEA. 6th November. Bring your cup, saucer and plate - bring your knitting too.

Our last craft day for 2013 is Wednesday 27th November..

Our Christmas lunch at Regal Gardens is Wednesday 4th December at 12 Noon. We have a change in cost for you and we are contributing more than $10 each. The cost to us will be $35 pp.

We had fun today with our "Show n Tell" Suzanne brought us a little baby boy feeder with an Elephant trunk and attached dummy! Rosemary brought her Christmas shopping bag that we made last year. I brought my bed scarf back , this time it had flowers sewn in place and what a difference they make. Deanne had her poster from Dolly magazine and who was on it? Ashley, Deanne's Grandson who is a star band member with 5 Seconds of Summer. Lyn brought her stunning wall hanger and table top. Grace a completed Wrap. I'm not sure that I can think of anything else! So much to say - so much to share. Surely I couldn't have forgotten anything? I will send a separate photo and easy pattern for my Tea Cosie though.

From next week we will have a table set up of our past craft Christmas pieces and patterns. Heather has an album of photos and patterns so try and remember to have a look through it.

We must say Thank You to Grace for looking after us by bringing a sponge cake for morning tea.

25th September 2013   12 present

Today's music was from the movie Quartet

On Sunday evening while I was out the back watering our garden I had a Lavender Fairy ring our front doorbell. Thank You so much Grace. Ladies we have more Lavender if you would like some. My kitchen has my favourite aroma back in it (and it's not my cooking!!!) "it's lavender time again."

Our Thank You's continue ~
Rosemary you have done a great deed for us by packaging our Potted Christmas Puff kits together for us. Thank You so much we appreciate the time you have taken to do this.

NB - ladies to complete these you will need = scissors to cut your circles of material, "something" to weigh down your pots eg rice, needle & cotton, glue or pins to attach your puffs and decorations.

Emma came to visit and have the morning with us and "amazingly" when she heard us mention that we were collecting milk bottle tops , she went out to her car and brought in a part garbage bag of "bottle tops" ~ there would have to be a couple of hundred tops!! Thank You so much Emma.

Thank You ladies for taking over my kitchen duties today.

I loved sharing my teacosie with you and that would make a good workshop if anyone would like to make them. 45 sts for a medium size teapot.


Kitchen Duties ~ Wednesday 2nd October - ? It Could Be You?

Smile this week at someone you don't know and I tell you "they will smile back"

18th September 2013   12 present

Today's music was Scottish Moods - The pure Sound of Scotland

All alone in the night, beneath stars glowing bright,
The tree looked toward heaven for light.
A star sailing by in the twilight sky
Shared its light on THE LITTLEST TREE.
This is just what we were talking about today - Christmas Trees. I often like to share little verses and stories with you - so this is just another one! We are going to be making our "Potted Puff Christmas Tree" that Rosemary is putting together in kits for us. Elizabeth brought her gorgeous Christmas Tree decoration that is made from milk bottle tops, SO ~ ~ we are asking for anyone and everyone to please save these lids for us.

We were busy bees today working towards our all day craft day on 9th October in practise and in conversations. I'm convinced that some ladies may be staying overnight and ordering a take away "delivery" pizza for their dinner.

Our conversations were varied and funny - we discussed our pet fish and snails. We talked about the family of ducks that have been waddling around the village. Bandicoots keeping an eye on new tomato plants. The desire to have pet chooks and a rooster.

Apart from all this activity, knitting needles were clicking away, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafted from the kitchen and new teabags and biscuits, goodness me we do get looked after by Deanne and Lesley don't we?

Well I did mention Elizabeth yes and we loved having you back with us. We miss our friends when you aren't with us yet we know you are all going to be here when you can and we like that!

KITCHEN FUN - Wednesday 25th September. Gwenda.

Talking about Christmas Trees I am going to tell you a moving story next week about a Christmas Tree knitted with 4,000 green squares, 2,000 decorations by over 600 knitters.

PS ~ we realise not everyone will be making our Potted Trees. Please send me an Email if you are going to make them as Rosemary is putting these kits together and we would like to know how many to prepare. Just let me know yes or no. Thank You.

11th September 2013   13 present

Today's music was Love Songs from the Shows, Andrew Lloyd Webber

The most beautiful greeting that we receive each week is waiting for us on the verandah at the church. Grace has placed these magnificent potted plants in place and I know quite a few of us can't walk past them without bending to smell their perfume and to admire. No one can tell me that flowers don't smile and along the pathway is one lonely daffodil sitting up in all its glory!!!

I think we are getting a little excited about our "all day craft day" that is coming up on the 9th October. There is so much that we can do that day that we joked this morning about staying overnight!! Here is a summary of some of our thoughts for you to think about.

1. Christmas Tree Pots ~ we will put together kits of cones, pots and material. These will be under $5 each. We ask you to bring your own decorations, glue and needle and cotton.

2. Christmas cards ~ bring your own cardboard red, green, white etc, decorations, stickers etc. I will bring my Embosser machine, Christmas stamps and Christmas punches.

3. Bow making ~ I will bring red, green gold (if I can find some) and white.

I love seeing what you are all doing and Lesley, Diane, Lyn, Beryl, Heather, Marilyn, Jenny and Rosemary were knitting squares. It was "Wrap with Love's day" at Kenthurst U C Community Craft today!!!!

my template measurement for the small puff 8cm, med 11cm,and large 13cm.

KITCHEN FUN ~ Wednesday 18th September ~ LYN.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything else that I wanted to pass onto you ~ because I feel I have. If I have please let me know???

4th September 2013   16 present

Today's music was Norma O'Hara Murphy

We wish Dot a very Happy birthday for next week and Thank You Rosemary for our "Thought for the Week". We were bubbling with Spring in our steps this morning, it was in the air, It was everywhere.

After the thick fog this morning the sky was smiling with a cloud not to be seen anywhere. What an amazing day. I can't go past big Thank You's today ~~ To Suzanne ~ for bringing her beautiful spray of Spring flowers, they could have been a bridal bouquet. To Beryl - honestly I have never seen Bluebells growing in Australia I have seen them grow wild in England so I questioned Beryl!! So gorgeous, so dainty. To Gae ~ for bringing your box of treasures - material and buttons. To Grace ~ who continues to bring and share her ribbons and laces. To Gaynor ~ for another little premi bonnet and booties, your Pansy tea cosy picture and sharing your knitting verse with us.

OUR SHOW n TELL TABLE ~ held so much to look at and share. Crochet daffodils, pansies, daisies, lavender puff books, patterns, crochet butterflies (Suzanne may have to provide us with a "tutorial") and fresh Lavender.

Our music machine played for us the fun song "take a cutting". Who of us hasn't taken a cutting from somewhere sometime? (I know I have.) I can't go past thinking of William Wordsworth's poem The Daffodils. Its all fitting for our Spring Theme. I will write "that familiar verse that we all know" at the end.

Next week I will bring more Lavender. If anyone has fresh and you don't mind giving it to us I will keep the drying process going and bringing it back for using in your puffs.

Well ~ around the table we shared our favourite flower with each other and some of the lovely stories that went with them were so enjoyable to hear. Here is a snippet of what we heard~
Deanne likes roses, Gae - Gardenias, Lesley - gardenias, Grace- all flowers, Suzanne- freesias, Beryl - bluebells, Marilyn - daffodils, Joan - dahlias and carnations, Heather - rock orchids, Diane - red roses, Lyn - lavender, Betty - all flowers, Rosemary - gardenias and orchids, Josie- proteas all natives, Gwenda - lavender.

1. When taking cuttings dip the stems in honey before planting. From Lyn.
2. For a different table decoration cut your roses at the heads and stand them in beach sand and water - they will last for a couple of weeks. From Betty.

SUNDAY - Orange Blossom Festival is this Sunday at Kenthurst.

NEXT WEEK - We will continue with our Spring theme.

Joan wore a flower Lei to share our theme. Perhaps we could wear something that resembles Spring ~ LET'S DO IT!

KITCHEN FUN - Wednesday 11th September - Rosemary.

I wandered lonely as a cloud,
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
a host, of golden daffodils,
Beside the lake beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

~ William Wordsworth.

28th August 2013   14 present

Today's music was Midnight in Paris

Lavender in The Attic is a book I started to write some time ago so to complete our Lavender Theme that has played a big part of our craft month of August, imagine me reading you this story.~
"Miss Ruth was told never to climb the stairs into the attic as it was forbidden - one day the intrigue was just too great, so up she went. She found herself looking at an old trunk and being inquisitive she opened it and found a 'never worn' Wedding Dress covered in Lavender. Too afraid to remove the dress she found herself reading a lavender stained sheet of paper. As she read it she found it was her Aunt's. With tears rolling down her cheeks it was her Aunt's death certificate. Now Miss Ruth must learn more. - How? When? Who was she marrying and why was Lavender so important?"
There is a little bit of intrigue for you!!! That is just an excerpt, I wanted to share because it is about Lavender.

Josie and Grace a big Thank You for picking more Lavender for us.
I have had my dehydrator working hard to dry it. I will bring it next week if anyone would like to continue with their puffs. They don't have to stop.

Today was Gollywogs day out - Dianne asked me a couple of weeks ago to bring the gollies and patterns so today I'm sharing my treasures.

We talked last week about making those Puff Christmas trees in Terracotta pots. Thank You to Rosemary she priced them at Bunnings and they are $2.98 each or $2.99 for glazed. We then need the polystyrene cone inside.

It's Spring - What is your favourite flower? Spring makes me think of daffodils, pansies, tulips, gardens and cuttings.

I have a song for us to gather around "the Music Machine" and listen to. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you. ~ You will like it.

We welcomed our visitor Geraldine to our Craft group today. She brought with her some beautiful knitting and crochet ideas and her handy hint in separating wool in your bag using milk bottles.

How busy were we today with our lavender puffs, books, ribbon hangers and and and!!! It's amazing how enthusiastic our beautiful group is I love it so much. It realy comes down to one thing and that is "We need each other!"

Thank You Beryl for your beautiful baby knitting.

Gaynor is back from holidays and shared with us.

Grace continues to share her ribbons, lace and buttons with us. We love this.

I read my poem "The Black Man" and have been asked for a copy by a couple of people, I might put it in my report next week.

KITCHEN FUN = Wednesday 4th September ~ Josie and Beryl

21st August 2013   12 present

Today's music was The World of The Violin

The aroma of Lavender wafted in the door and into our craft room today as I arrived and removed the lid off the little bucket. Two weeks ago this lavender was fresh and on its stems and now it is "play material" for us to continue our little lavender puffs.

Today was one of the busiest mornings of activity that I have seen with our group.

Grace walked in this morning with so many bags that we thought she was leaving home! Grace you are amazing with the lovely laces and ribbons that you brought to share with everyone. We are so grateful.

Grace brought a Wrap that she had completed. (that was in one of Grace's bags.)
Josie thank you for bringing back your material samples and beads.

I was relieved to find and purchase the books we were covering and decorating today. The love of making our Lavender Puffs goes on. We all love them.

What about Heather's scales to weigh wool to see if there is enough wool to knit a square? Have you ever heard of this before? I was left with "eyes open wide" and a realisation of the dedication Heather has with Wraps.

Ladies, Dianne pointed out that Spotlight has reduced prices on Christmas materials. This would be a good time for you to buy some in readiness for our all day Craft day in October. Depending on what you would like to be doing that day, start giving some thought so you can do some shopping in readiness. Over the next couple of weeks I will give you some ideas of what you can do and then what you will be needing to buy and bring. Marilyn brought in those gorgeous decorations made with Christmas Puffs. that's a great start to our Christmas ideas. Thank You Marilyn.

Today's activity of what we were doing can continue next week. Bring along anything unfinished and take it home complete!!

Victorian ladies had servants who took great pride in keeping their mistresses' clothes well laundered. Items of clothing were packed with great care and skill in preparation for a journey. Shoes were packed in their own soft bags and inside those shoes was lavender.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 28th August ~ Rosemary

14th August 2013   13 present

Today's music was 20 Golden Classics, from Maestro Masters

Alexandria is the home and warehouse where Wrap With Love live. In 1992 the late Sonia Gidley-King knitted the first Wrap when she heard of the need to help other people.

Over 21 years more than 300,000 wraps have been sent to over 50 countries. Just think some of those have come from Kenthurst Uniting Church Community Craft.

Today we participated in a Knit - In. Knit - In's were started by the ABC by bringing people together to knit squares.

Wraps are the size generally of a single bed. Thank you Heather for explaining some more about "The Wrap With Love Story."

Next Week ~ we will continue with our Lavender Puffs and what we can do with them. If you have any material, lace, buttons, decorations, ribbons etc - bring them along. I will bring the book I decorated and the ribbon hanger.

I have dried our Lavender and will have it with me.

Thank you Grace for the Lavender you gave me today.

My sister Robyn visited us today and that was nice. We love visitors.

Oh Lesley we did outsmart Deanne by knowing exactly where she is. I'm sure Deanne you wouldn't have known your Postcode ~ Well we did!!!

Treasury of Craft will be at Carlingford Court from 12~ 18th August.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 21st August ~ Gwenda.

This was a day of humanity and thoughts of caring for other people less fortunate than us.

7th August 2013   10 present

Today's music was Timeless, Kingsley Looker

It's Thursday evening and here I am writing my report and I don't have a note from "My Mum" for being late!!!

Last night I was packing as I am going to Katoomba tomorrow for the weekend and today I was babysitting so here I am writing my report as I love to do.

I will share a favourite verse of mine that I have just been reading.~~
Take a cup of kindness, mix it well with love, Add a lot of patience and faith in God above, Sprinkle very generously with joy and thanks and cheer - And you'll have lots of Angel food to feast on all the year.

Lavender Puffs all that was missing was a dollop of cream!
They were gorgeous ladies and didn't we have fun. Josie picked Lavender fresh from our garden and I can tell you now ~ I was in fairyland with that smell. Thank you Joan for the bunch you brought for us.

Besides making our delectable puffs most of you found time to still do your much enjoyed knitting and crocheting. Diane's basketweave square is finished, Grace continues her friend's cardigan, Josie is continuing her baby boy jumper, Rosemary is continuing her crochet rug, Betty was busy cutting out our Puffs and knitting her Baby jumper, Lyn is knitting squares as is Heather and Marilyn, Joan and I continued with our "Puffs." I love that teddy Lyn is sewing up.

I have a message for you from Beryl - and that is "please watch where you are walking or you risk having a fall!" Beryl get well soon!

Have a think about our Spring Theme for September. What is your favourite flower? You may have a story that goes with it.

I have found patterns for knitted and crochet Daffodils!
Can you imagine a vase full of knitted daffodils? The thought of them makes me smile and determined that I want to do them. They certainly would be a talking piece ~ and a bit of fun!!!

Kitchen Duties - Wednesday 14th August ~ Marilyn.

If I have forgotten anything that I should have included please let me know. That is why I quite like writing this on a Wednesday!!!

31st July 2013   12 present

Today's music was Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

Beryl shared a poem with us from an old book called "School Ideals" - The poem is called "The Village Blacksmith" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. There were several verses that Beryl read to us and the verse that Beryl's father used to read to her reminds her a little of our "Craft Group"

I hope I am writing this correctly please correct me if I am wrong ~ Here we go with that verse ~

Toiling, - rejoicing, - sorrowing
Onward through life he goes;
Each morning sees some task begin,
Each evening sees it close;
Something attempted, something done,
Has earned his night's repose.

Thank you Beryl.

This is what our group is all about we come together each week and bring our craft with us - we also like to share and feel comfortable with each other.

One thing I love to do each week is to walk around the table seeing just what you are doing and this is what I saw!

Lesley is knitting Wrap squares, Jenny is knitting Wrap squares, Grace is knitting a cardigan for a friend, Robyn a Toy Story scarf, Rosemary crochet rug, Beryl a Tunisian crochet rug, Josie is crocheting a blue jumper for a little boy, Diane is knitting a basket weave Wrap square, Lyn is knitting Wrap squares, Betty is knitting for her great grandchild, Marilyn is knitting a Wrap square and I am knitting triangle squares for Wraps.
Today Grace brought in a completed Wrap that she has sewn together these squares and pieces have been knitted in 20ply! So well put together Grace and she has crocheted around the edge too!

YOUR WISH IS GRANTED - if anyone has any Lavender to spare we would love it please. We are going to be making Lavender puffs (for those of you who would like to). This is going to start next week. If you have some material that you would like to use bring it along and a sewing needle that you feel comfortable using ~ I suggest not too small and not too big. I will bring some white cotton and I'll have a play making them (or one) in readiness. I just had a thought I will cut out some templates that will make our cutting easier ~ so as I said I will have a play!!!

We missed you Heather and look forward to you being with us next week?
Thank you to Heather's husband Peter for bringing the box of Samaritans Purse in for Emma. We were visited by Emma today.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 7th August Josie.

Today I handed out Needlepoint News and inside tells us what is coming up until the end of the year. Already conversations took place about some of these themes and activities. We are going to have a lot of fun and good times together.

24th July 2013   13 present

Today's music was Blue Mountains Trio.

A verse that I have always loved and have taught my children came from my mother - This verse she wrote in my Autograph Book when I was "small." ~
"Don't look for the faults as you go through life, and even if you find them, be good and kind and somewhat blind, and look for the goodness behind them."

Today we were visited for a short time by Louise and Murray. That was lovely.

Last week Elizabeth was asking if anyone has seen white bird cages anywhere and thank you Diane as these can be purchased from K Mart and The Reject Shop.
Diane you are very kind and thoughtful as she has purchased and placed a new clock in the kitchen for the use of everyone.

We talked about your ideas of what you would like to learn and be shown during the month of August. These ideas and a full detailed programme will be given to you in Needlepoint News in the next couple of weeks.

On 14th August we are going to participate in a "KNIT IN." This is an annual event where we are encouraged to knit squares for Wrap With Love. We haven't participated as a group before so this year is our first. On the day we will all knit squares for Wraps. Invite your friends and family to join us. One square from each person will make such a difference to "someone who is cold."
A reminder of the sizes - 25 x 25 cm, using 8ply wool and 4mm needles. The number of stitches will depend on the tension of your knitting. We do have other patterns, but the size is important so that they fit together.

We do have a generous box of acceptable items ready for Samaritans Purse. Thank you ladies. Deanne and I showed great excitement as we showed our triangle squares that we have mastered. There was a big "Da Da" as we showed them to our teacher Heather.

Over the next couple of weeks and August we will teach you to Crochet, knit triangle squares, sew flower puffs with lavender. BRING ALONG -
4mm crochet hook and sewing needle for the puffs.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday, 31st July. Lesley.

Today was a good day we even had fun guessing what we thought the new little Royal Baby will be named.

17th July 2013   13 present

Today the Music Machine played several different CD's so our music was varied.

When we try something different we never know how successful it will be!! Today was a day of inspiration for us all, a day of sharing, learning, helping each other, chatter and laughter.

We welcomed Elaine, Sharon and Angele.

Heather showed us how to knit "triangle squares". We loved these and I know a few of us are going to see if we can do them.

I brought along my Embossing machine and you did make some beautiful cards for family and friends.

I showed you how to decorate a brown paper bag using a doily and a bow.
"A Bow" yes we then made bows just like we purchase in a Newsagent.
Just remember the rolls of ribbon can be purchased from Hot Dollar and Roni's, for around $2 or $3.
Thank You Rosemary for bringing your box of cutters and punches.

Deanne and I tried real hard to remember how we made those fabulous "well mastered" crocheted flowers that we were making a couple of weeks ago. We made so many we thought we could open a shop!!! Today Elizabeth was ready to be shown --- well---- "was it 5 chain and then-----? Maybe 10 double treble ---? and before our eyes Elizabeth taught herself and Elizabeth your little daisy was gorgeous. I am looking at the 101 that I made and can't believe I could forget! Something else we have to practice Deanne ~ this is where the fun side of being in a craft group comes from. (As I am writing this newsletter guess what is sitting on my lap?) oh golly yes it's wool, a crochet hook and half started flower.

It was lovely to see Josie's "labour of love" finished. Josie was given a little cardigan and jumper to complete and sew up. Today she was able to complete them.

Thank You Diane for bringing your lovely slice to share.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 24th July - Lyn.

Thank you ladies for being a part of our "first of many" All Day Craft Days.
Today was a great success.

I feel our day was summed-up with the comment Robyn made as she was leaving and that was "It's been a Wonderful Day."

Until next week ~ Take good care of yourselves.

10th July 2013   15 present

Our music today Was - Piano music to celebrate ~ The Gift of Love.

Dear Friends,
We wish Elizabeth a very Happy Birthday and even though you can't be with us at the moment we are thinking of you, we miss you and we hope your birthday was a happy one.

Rosemary's thought for the week is from her Friendship Book -
"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show it that you have a thousand reasons to smile."

We welcomed Gae to our Craft Group and we hope Gae that you enjoyed being with us.

SHOW n TELL~ We did have a little this week - Deanne had a small teddy with embroidery, Rosemary had a teabag that was actually a lavender bag and I brought a finished little dress I knitted for Cayla, next week I will have photos of her wearing it.

As I looked and walked around the room this is what I saw everyone doing - Lesley, Marilyn, Diane, Jenny, Heather and Deanne were knitting squares. Joan was knitting a scarf, Rosemary a baby rug, Gae a crochet rug, Grace was knitting a 20 ply wool rug, Gaynor was knitting with feather wool, Josie was sewing up a couple of jumpers for a friend, I was knitting a bed scarf and Lyn and Beryl were knitting teddies.

Please if I have any of these wrong let me know!!

I need to thank Lesley because a fortnight ago Lesley gave me a bag of Premmie sets (booties and bonnet) and in that bag was an amazing "20 sets."

Deanne and Beryl gave Teddies for Samaritans Purse.

YOUR WISH IS GRANTED - If anyone has any small pots Betty would appreciate them for Crossroads. also ~

Gaynor has requested if anyone has spectacles they don't wear any longer Peter would like to receive them as he sends them to Queensland and then they are sent overseas.

NEXT WEEK.- is our all day craft day 9.30am~4.00pm. There will be something for everyone! Come and learn "something new."
eg Card making, Bow making, Wrap a gift using a paper bag, how to use up little wool scraps and turn them into triangles for our Wraps and More!

WHAT TO BRING - $5 for the day. Your lunch, knitting and crocheting for when we have had enough crafting.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 17th July -Diane.

Just remember to Email me if I have missed something or if I have something not quite right. We are all looking forward to our day next week. Just come and go and come back as you like!! Here is my mobile phone number if you would like to make contact with us during that day - Gwenda 0416 147 714.

It's lovely having holidays as a few of us have just had - it's also lovely coming home and being back at craft too!!! We returned from our holidays safely so let us all have a safe week.

I thank Heather for looking after last week and for writing last week's report.

Take good care of yourselves

3rd July 2013   11 present

The music machine is on holidays, but we filled the air with plenty of chatter.

Thought for the week, courtesy of Gaynor:
‘People don’t care about how much you know, but like to know how much you care’.

Beryl brought some ‘aids’ baby jumpers, and provided patterns if you wish to make some.
Joan is collecting them to send to PNG, also sewing machines, any vintage.

Grace brought the finished wrap we had been sewing up the last couple of weeks.

Everyone else was busy working and talking (as we do!).

Reminder of upcoming events:

Samaritans Purse contributions: We will be collecting up until September.

Kitchen Duties: Wednesday 14th — Rosemary.

We hope all those on holidays will return safely,

As Gwenda always says:
Take good care of yourselves

Until next time. ~ Love Heather.

26th June 2013   13 present

Our music today ~ Swoon Collection II

'No one ever hurt their eye-sight by looking on the the bright side of life.'
This was our Thought for The Week. Thank you Rosemary.

We were so happy today - you only had to sit back and listen to the chatter and happy laughter. I walked around the tables "to see what I could see" and this is what I saw!!!

Suzanne is knitting a cuddle bunny in blue. Rosemary is making a Wrap in hot pink. Lyn is knitting her 4th teddy. Dianne is knitting a square for a Wrap, Marilyn is knitting a square for a Wrap, Helen is knitting a scarf, Alison is Journaling in her Scrapbook, Jenny, Grace and Gwenda were sewing strips together. Heather had sewn the squares together for the strips that we were sewing. I have left the most unusual till last ~ Robyn was busy with her "double treble" crocheting and sewing little dolls and beads on it!!!


17th July - 9.30—4pm All day card and craft day. This day I am organising several craft ideas to show you - I am bringing my Embossing card machine, a fancy edge cutter to play with, I will show you a very different way to wrap a gift using a paper bag, and how to make your own Bow for your gifts. Bring along your knitting or whatever you would like to be doing.

We will pay $5 for the day and bring your own lunch.

TREASURY OF CRAFT ~ 20th July Neutral Bay Bowling Club.

ELOUERA COTTAGE CRAFTS ~ 6th July Cherrybrook Uniting Church.

We appreciate the lovely goodies that are coming in for Samaritans Purse. Lesley brought a lovely mixed bag and Grace has crocheted some little girls' hats. Heather and I sorted these items and we now have them all together in one box.

I was going to send you a separate email with the original ideas we were given by Emma. I will include them here.


KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 3rd July ~ Suzanne.

I will be away for next week as Rod and I are going to Queensland to visit our little family. I am looking forward to knitting along the way and I will think of you all next Wednesday and I will try and have a coffee around 10.

We missed our friends who weren't with us today and we do look forward to us being together when we can ~~

19th June 2013   14 present

Our music today ~ Midnight Classics Sensual Classical Masterpieces

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. ~ This was our thought for the week. Thank You Rosemary.

Marlene is celebrating her birthday this week and we wish Marlene a very Happy Birthday from us all.

Our Theme today was "Do you have a Treasure that you would like to share with us." Our stories were meaningful and beautiful. Here is a shortened version of what we heard.

Rosemary brought us a couple of photos of her cat ~ she told us that as a kitten she was quite ugly and grew up to be a gorgeous pet and cat.

Beryl brought her mother's crocheted doilies ~ when we saw the intricate, delicate work in them a big "OH" went around the room.

Gwenda showed her little cream jug that was given to her while dining in Holland with relatives.

Gaynor shared her story of her grandfather's silver teapot. He won this in a 100 yard dash - the date inscribed on it is 1904.

Lona had a little plaster painted teddy bear that her grandson made for her in Preschool. He told her he was making something as a surprise "but she had to be good!" he is 18 now!!

Marilyn brought a very old Pears Cyclopaedia (not an Encyclopaedia) of her mother's; this book is 37th edition and was revised and reprinted in 1931.

Grace brought a framed painting that was given to her by her cousin Merle. This picture means a lot to Grace and is cherished.

Jenny told us of her Mother of Pearl picture that was her grandmother's and then her mother's and now it's Jenny's.

Heather wore her Venetian glass and silver bracelets that Peter gave her for her birthday. So elegant Heather.

Helen's most treasured belonging is her granddaughter, a precious girl, and in second place comes her violin.

Diane treated us with two items her grandfather gave her ~ a gold bangle - with little teeth marks from her sister and a china bowl that was handed down from Granddad, Father and now Diane.

Lyn's treasure is an alabaster picture this belonged to her grandmother, her mother and it holds pride of place with Lyn now.

This was a beautiful morning of sharing a "little bit" of ourselves. We learn so much of each other. Thank you so much. Hearing these stories is inspirational for us all.

NEXT WEEK ~ If you would like to help sew some strips together for our Wraps we would like that to help Heather and to help Wrap with Love. Bring your sewing needle with you and let's sew together.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 26th June ~ Jenny. I will help too.

Well this has been a long Newsletter yet I wanted to share your stories. If I have not told your stories correctly please let me know. (it's easy to miss some details of what you are telling us and to listen at the same time.)

Beryl we loved having you back. Lona we love seeing you when you can come. Thank you Lyn for the soap for Samaritans Purse. Next week we will have a look at what we have.

I will also give you the dates for Treasury of Craft for 2013. At the moment they are at Cherrybrook Shopping Centre until 23 rd June.

12th June 2013   10 present

Our music today ~ André Rieu

Despite the day being dreary, overcast, rainy, sunny and cold outside ~ we didn't care what it was like! ~ We had the aroma of coffee wafting through the air, André Rieu entertaining us with his repertoire of music, a crocheting hook and a ball of wool by our side and we were set!!! What a group of happy little crocheters we were.

Diane and Lyn were my students and we played with chain stitches and turning them into little flowers. Learning to crochet for the first time isn't easy yet guess what? You were crocheting!

Suzanne was teaching Jenny to make double crocheting flowers and Jenny your flowers were like "little daisies in a garden."~ ( we are poetic today)

Rosemary was teaching Marilyn the basics of crocheting.

Heather was showing Deanne how to knit ~ "Double Moss Rib."

Grace has some patterns and is happy to share them.

SAMPLES TO LOOK AT~ Grace brought a crocheted pouch, Suzanne brought a rug she had crocheted many years ago and I had some crocheted squares for rugs and a tea cosie with the little flowers that we were making.

Don't forget you can wear your slippers for Winter.

Bring along or tell a story of "something" that is precious or special to you. eg a book, something old, something new, something you made, your grandmother's, your mother's, your child's, maybe it doesn't belong to you!!!!

Deanne shared photos of her grandson's band "5 Seconds of Summer".

We talked about Samaritans Purse I will talk to Emma and have something more to tell you next week.

YOUR WISH IS GRANTED ~ the junk mail continues to come with Marilyn.

We talked about Louise and Murray's Wedding and looked at a few photos. Rosemary shared her Thought for The Week.

We missed our friends who are not feeling "the best" at the moment and hope real soon you will be back with us.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 19th June I think you will know. I will pick up the new roster from Deanne through the week.

5th June 2013   15 present

Our music today ~ Grand Dining

Did you see the gallery of photos from our Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea last week? Take some time and have a look.

A Wedding card was circulating today for Louise and Murray as they marry on Saturday 8th June. If you weren't with us today don't worry as I have included your name.


Bring or wear your slippers - it's winter and we love warm feet!!!!

12 June ~ Bring your size 4mm crochet hook and a ball of 8 ply wool. Any size hook is OK but a 4 is easily manageable. All of us who can crochet consider yourself a teacher!! This could be a lot of fun as we are going to teach each other. Joan brought along some easy instructions on crocheting and Lesley brought a beautiful book from the library. After you have learnt the basics I am happy to show you how to crotchet "those double sided towels."

19th June bring a story or a "something" that is precious to you. Let's share and we will continue our crocheting.

Rosemary brought one of her colourful rugs a great example of crocheting.

Heather brought squares for anyone to help sew together.

CHANGE OF DATE - Our all day craft day has changed from 19th June to 17th July.


We were talking about Third World Countries. Deanne told us about "The ship hospital" called The Mercy Ship. We then heard other similar stories. Marilyn told us that the bras that we don't wear any longer are appreciated in these countries. Josie told us how in America there was a place that a front fence was decorated with "bras". I told my story how I lost my Pierre Cardin pearl earring while out for lunch with family and went all day wondering where I could have lost it ~ getting ready for bed that night "oh dear it was in my bra." Joan told a similar story about a spider!

Lyn told us about her Tick & the question is Where Did He Go?

We wish Betty all the best as she has surgery on her eye on Friday.

We wish Johanna happiness as she moves to her new home next week.

We look forward to Beryl being back with us as soon as she is feeling stronger.

This week we wish Gaynor, Diane & Johanna a very Happy Birthday.

Thank you Rosemary for our Thought for The Week.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 12th June ~ Marilyn.

Take good care of yourselves

29th May 2013   18 present and 27 visitors 

Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea for 2013 and we did it!

Today was just extraordinary for us and so successful.

Before I write anything I would like to thank you all for all your work and contributions to today.

Yesterday Heather, Josie, Deanne, Rosemary and myself came to the hall and "set the scene" ready for today. The room did look lovely right down to the vase of chrysenthenums I spotted in the church and thought "they would look nice on our table!!!" and they did. And yes I did return them to exactly where I took them from ready for Church on Sunday.

Are you ready for some good news?
We raised just over $600 today ~ this is after our expenses have been taken out. I sure had a smile on my face when Josie phoned me and I am sure you will be smiling too.

In my welcome I did say that last year $12.5 million was raised. biggest Morning Tea is celebrating its 20th year.

Over the last 20years $110 million has been raised, these figures are Australia wide. We did sell quite a few items from our sales table. I'm not sure what our break down figures are at this stage.

18 of our Craft ladies were present today.
27 Visitors (approximately) and 3 little children.

I will be sending Heather and Peter some photos from today and you will be able to look at these here on the church website.


Winter is here so you can have warm feet by wearing your slippers.
Our theme for June is "What do you have that's precious to you?"
Bring it along to share or just tell us your story.
8th June - Louise and Murray are getting Married.
June 19th - all day Craft day from 9.30am~ 4.00pm.

KITCHEN DUTIES~ 5th June ~ Josie

Take good care of yourselves

22nd May 2013   12 present  

Our music today was Blue Sails by Stewart Dudley

Rod and I love minding our grandchildren and they are always happy being with us ~ I want to share one of the most beautiful moments for us is seeing their little faces light up when their Mummy walks in the door. To stand back and watch their little screeches of Mummy and to watch their hugs brings tears to my eyes ~ it's so precious. This group doesn't bring tears to my eyes but it is "precious" too!!! Hearing Deanne telling us of the love shown to them when her grandson returned from the U K. is just the same.

We had a little mini workshop today in crocheting flowers. I showed Deanne my simple style and Suzanne showed Deanne and I her more intricate style. Both are different and we are going to pursue "let's learn simple crocheting" at a workshop soon. ~ Let's keep talking about Suzanne!! Gorgeous beanie patterns are circulating if you would like Suzanne's pattern they look amazing with "the little flowers" on them. But we do ask "what do you do if one doesn't look right?" OF COURSE (silly me) you cut a small hole in the side for a spout and turn it into a Tea Pot Cosie. We did laugh and love it. See how creative our group is ~ I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

YOUR WISH IS GRANTED ~ The junk mail continues to come Thank You to Marilyn. Gaynor has asked if anyone has a pattern for a floppy style beret?

We were slightly entertained by the sound of fire alarms coming from the school ~ Jenny investigated and we hope it was Fire Drill.

Jenny has also donated one of her lovely bags and shower cap for our table.

Heather told us of a programme she has become interested in at Wesley Uniting Church called Stepping On. It is designed to help reduce a risk of falling, helping with balance and much more. This is a 7-week course. Heather has also made some very sturdy bags and baby booties.

Advertising brochures were printed by Heather for our Biggest Morning Tea and everyone has taken some to hand around. Thank you Heather for doing them for us.

We had a visit from Helen who is going to join our group very soon.

WHAT DO WE HAVE COMING UP. Next week 29th we are hosting our Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea. We ask you to come at 9.30 with our guests arriving at 10am. Devonshire teas are $5 with a separate donation box for Cancer Council ~ these donations can be any amount ~ this gives you an idea if you are asked. We will have a guessing competition these are 50c a guess and numerous guesses can be sold ~ still at 50c per guess. If you are puzzled about anything to do with the day just phone me at anytime. Also coming up ~

June 5th ~ Winter is here so start wearing your slippers or bring them and wear them ~~ our Theme for June is - What do you have that is precious to you? Bring it along and tell us about it. "we love to share."

June 19th is our all day craft day. $5 for the day covers numerous cups of tea and coffee and donation to the Church. Bring your lunch you may heat something in the microwave if you like.

Lyn told us a fun story/joke about a pregnant woman and a child.

Thank You to Grace who has given me some Crucifix Orchids for our table.

Rosemary's Thought for The Week is -
Today's beautiful moments are tomorrow's beautiful memories.

Take good care of yourselves.

15th May 2013   12 present  

Our music today was Piano Tributes by Kingsley Looker

At 7 am this morning I looked at our outdoor temperature and it was 9 deg. We have just returned from holidays with friends in Glen Innes as we went to attend The Glen Innes Celtic Festival and this year's theme was Scotland so The Highland Fling was put into action and we had a wonderful time.

I did miss our craft group and am so happy to be back.

I thank Heather and Josie for looking after our gorgeous group.

We have had the most wonderful morning sharing, chatting, listening to Kingsley Looker playing piano, sipping tea and coffee and just enjoying each other's company.

I brought along some little craft ideas from my travels & shared ideas of what we can do with them.

Robyn brought a box of "lovelies" ready for our sales table.

Lyn is up to her 3rd teddy. These teddies are far too young to leave home yet and will stay together for a while!!!!! Bruce is the youngest ---

Gaynor has returned from their lovely holiday after taking their van down to Kiama, Nowra and Saddleback Mountain. and there's more!!!! Gaynor has completed Bronte's jumper - it looks lovely. Perhaps a hat to match???

Joan was telling us that during her hospital nursing days many a baby survived as a result of being wrapped in brown paper and cotton wool. Joan was also knitting a scarf to give a friend today.

Suzanne had with her a heat pad and a conversation took place about "the stupid person" who placed one in the microwave for 23 minutes and didn't expect that it would explode!!! well da!! IT DID---

Grace brought in three satin patchwork covers she has made for her grandchildren. Also a patchwork cot cover for our stall.

Heather has more squares for Margaret to sew together. Each Wrap is made up of 28 squares. Heather has 8 bags of 28 ready for sewing. - that alone is 224 squares - this is marvellous. (I love statistics)

YOUR WISH IS GRANTED - Robyn has asked if anyone knows how to convert movies on Reels to DVD or CD?

There were a few lovely stories of Mothers Day and they are always lovely to hear.

We are hosting a Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea on Wednesday 29th May; this is only two weeks away. We would love for you to come at 9.30 for 10am start and to help serve our guests. Please invite your family and friends.

The "Kit" I've been waiting for from The Cancer Council arrived today!

KITCHEN DUTIES = Wednesday 22nd May ~ Gaynor.

Josie shared a Helen Steiner Rice thought for the week -
People Need People and friends need friends ~~~
But just in knowing that someone cares and holds us close in their thoughts and prayers. ~~~

This is just a small snippet and it's beautiful.
We think about our ladies who aren't well or just not feeling themselves.
Take good care of yourselves

8th May 2013   11 present  

What a beautiful, busy, chatty morning! It was so nice to see Suzanne with us again, as she has been looking after her daughter, who is having health issues.

We commenced with a reading from Margaret Fishback Powers and also Helen Steiner Rice who were impressing upon us the thankfullness and gratitude we should share for our God-given lives.

Deanne is off to Newnes camping with friends next week to enjoy the attractions, mainly the ruins and escarpments which they have often visited before.

Betty is also on the move shortly, however not so far. She is to live in a selfcare unit at ARV. Jenny is currently on long service leave and is checking out various projects she can enjoy when she retires.

Grace has generously been planting new cuttings/flowers in the church grounds, to beautify the outlook.

Lyn has now a new drivers licence after a 14 year break. Go Lyn!

Josie has some exciting news with her grandson Steve travelling to Rome to propose to his girlfriend. PS: she has said yes.

And all of us were knitting to our hearts content.

Gwen will return next week from holiday. Both Heather and I will gladly hand back the reins.

Kitchen duty for next week has been arranged.

1st May 2013   12 present  

We welcomed back Jenny (Elizabeth's friend) who comes in the school holidays, and Marlene whom we have not seen for a while.

Grace's birthday today, so we sang happy birthday and Rosemary presented her with a card.

There was much chatter about lots of different things, firstly the Village garage sale. The craft group's table which Gwenda and Josie capably ran, only contributed $32.50 to our funds which seemed disappointing, but if the items you have for sale are not interesting to the buyer then they won't sell. It also seems that there are some dishonest people trying to get an already bargain for less or perhaps stealing. A very difficult thing to monitor!!

There was discussion about items for the up-coming Cancer Council morning tea. What shall we make?? What might sell??  
Some of the ladies are making the bears, which we could be put on the sales table, and if there are any left they could go to the Children's Hospital.   

Elizabeth's granddaughter has been put on solids as she seems to be always hungry, and really enjoyed the Farex.
Jenny was doing more patchwork for her projects.
Grace has lots of fabric to exercise her imagination into projects.
Deanne's daughter and grandson home for a while then off to USA for another band tour, also took her other grandchildren to Jenolan caves during the school holidays.
Betty, “the Gadget queen” sported her daughter a mop and bucket. This may seem strange but it saves wringing the mop by hand if you have arthritic tendencies, as it has a built-in wringer.

firewheel tree Heather brought a branch off her "Wheel of Fire tree", known as the fire wheel tree, (stenocarpus sinuatus) for all you plant buffs. Naturally found in the rainforest gullies from the Bellinger River North NSW to the Daintree in Queensland, tall slender tree grows to 20 metres spreads 2-3 metres. Evergreen large glossy dark green leaves 300mm x 150mm. Good container plant. Attracts nectar feeding birds. Pruning not necessary maintains a dense and formal habit. Tube stock available at the Forestry Commission nursery. Look for the picture on the Kenthurst Website on

KITCHEN DUTIES : Wednesday 8th May - Gaynor.

Gwenda hope you are enjoying your holiday and will bring us some new ideas !!! I”m sure you will be visiting some craft shops.

I have added Jenny Eames email address to todays report. Jenny, hope this email gets through to you.

Josie will send report next week.

Love Heather.    

24th April 2013   10 present  

Today is Anzac Day and as dawn pierces the night it is an emotional feeling as I am up and watching the Dawn Service from Martin Place Sydney. It's 4.30am. We fly the flag at my CWA rooms and I have always felt honoured to help look after this as it goes half mast at dawn, up at midday and down at dusk. We all have special thoughts in different ways on Anzac Day.

Our music yesterday was a little different than normal ~~~
I had to laugh because I felt like I was on a Merry-go-Round. Let me explain myself ~ The church organ specialist was in the hall ascertaining if any repairs were needed on an organ they are donating, SO -- we didn't need our own music, we were being entertained by this gentleman whose "checking" style of music was like we were on a Carousel.

Grace brought in an embossed tea towel completed with cup cakes and along with her leftover thread just as Heather mentioned that she had run out of thread to complete her cup cakes on her tea towel. We even share our threads.

golden rain tree Heather has an amazing tree in her garden it's called Golden Rain so beautiful have a look on the website as if we ask Heather nicely she might put the photos she had with her today on the site. Just a reminder it's~~

Josie is busy making little bags from our sample swatches. These are great for iPads, water bottles, umbrellas - you name it. So handy. Josie has also been knitting our little premmie baby sets.

Grace showed us a beautiful handmade card that was sent to her and has been sent to several people - the idea is to keep passing it on. Grace also had a crocheted handkerchief made by her sister, so dainty and delicate.

Gaynor is knitting for her granddaughter - then maybe she will knit her long awaited vest!

I am still happy knitting tea cosies and little crocheted flowers to decorate them. I hope they are still in fashion because I can't stop knitting them!!!

We didn't talk around the table as our visiting organist marked his spot and we didn't mind, as we constantly say "every week is different". So our usual chatting between ourselves didn't quieten us at all!

We chatted about holidays, village garage sale, boat and bus trips, specials, OPSM, my card making demonstration at Spotlight today and so much more.

# I need to solve a knitting problem that I know a few of you have ~~

Using 8 ply wool and 4mm (No 8) knitting needles,
  1. cast on 32 sts
  2. Work 1 inch or 2 cm in garter or rib.
  3. Knit or stocking st for 2 inches or 4½ cm.
  4. K2, k2tog, k2, k2tog to end of row (24 sts)
  5. Knit 1 row
  6. K1, k2tog, k1, k2tog to end of row. (16 sts)
  7. Knit 1 row
  8. K2tog, k2 tog to end of row. (8 sts)
  9. Cut yarn and pull through remaining stitches.

The only change I have made to the pattern is how many sts you will have at the end of your rows.

YOUR WISH IS GRANTED ~ The Junk mail still keeps coming.
Last week we asked about Mrs Hetherington rose. Well the Rose is Lady Hillingdon Rose. The question asked is "is it a climber, what are the flowers like are they large or small, colour and smell?"

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 1st May is Marilyn.

I am going on holidays next week and will be away from craft for the next two weeks even though I will be having a good time I know I will miss you all and miss our craft morning. Heather and Josie will look after you and they will have "the bell!!!"

17th April 2013   10 present  

Our music today was Mona Lisa Smile. I continued our old fashioned theme of music today. Mona Lisa Smile was a lovely movie from 10 years ago.

At 6am this morning at our house the temperature was 13 deg. The day did warm up yet in our craft room the temperature was "warm and friendly."

I continue to say that there is so much giving in our group.

Robyn arrived with plants to share as she has been tidying up her garden.
Allison and her gorgeous Jack came with apple slice to share for morning tea and there is more ~ she brought us the recipe and yum I can't wait to make it.
Deanne brought the little crocheted pansies that she had told us about - I can't wait to make them either. Deanne also brought me some more lace and I continue to make my lace brooches.
Heather and Grace brought in a finished Wrap each.
Lyn brought in Teddy finished and I see another on the way in red & white.
Josie brought in some little Premmie baby sets and a tea cosie.
Gaynor brought in a set as well.

We had some show and tell when Marilyn brought in an Irish linen table cloth that belonged to her mother-in -law.

Heather and Peter celebrated their 53 rd Wedding Anniversary last week;
and Rod and I celebrated our 42nd Wedding Anniversary today;
and tomorrow is Robyn's birthday!

YOUR WISH IS GRANTED - the junk mail continues to make our ladies happy and this week's request is "Does anyone know what the Rose Mrs Hetherington is?" Diane would love to know so we will find out!!!


KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 24th April ~ Gwenda.

If you think of anything I have forgotten please let me know.

10th April 2013   8 present  

Our music today was From Austria and Doris Day

Oh yes the weather is changing I no longer come out and open my front door as I pass through the living room ~ we are now keeping it cosy inside. I'm not complaining as I've been waiting for Autumn as it took a while to arrive!!!

YOUR WISH IS GRANTED~ it is working!!!

Marilyn brought in "the junk mail" and Lyn brought in Doris Day CD. Grace brought in a couple of Austrian CD's that we played until Doris Day arrived.

This weeks requests are ~ Does anyone have a folding bed that Deanne can borrow? Please phone Deanne.

Rosemary is asking if anyone would like to make some Cumquat jam. Rosemary has them falling off her tree. Please phone Rosemary.

I have asked if anyone has any lace that I could knit with?

Grace brought in two Wraps that she has made and sewn together. Heather brought in two other Wraps and told us that Peter has taken 50 Wraps, 15 of which have come from our group into the Warehouse. Lyn has completed her Teddy and it's gorgeous. My teddy returned from his holiday with Lyn with a smile on his face ~ he obviously has had a good time!

Just remember if anyone would like a pattern for most of what we knit eg. Teddies, tea cosies, bed socks, premie baby hat & booties I can loan you my samples and give you a pattern.

I brought in my lace knitted brooches that I am making for our stall.

Josie will achieve it!!! She is finding the best way to make or knit flowers!!

Deanne brought appliqué tea towels ready for us to blanket stitch, some were little girls' dresses, piccaninny and cup cakes.


Rosemary read us her Thought for The Day.
Our music being Doris Day, Marilyn told us a little Trivia about her. She is 91 and has been married to four not very nice husbands and is now happy being single and surrounded with her beloved dogs.

Visitors are always welcome. We had a lady visitor who saw our sign and came in to say hello. She was very "keen" to demonstrate to us Indian Cuisine.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 17th April, 2013. GAYNOR

3rd April 2013   9 present  

Our music today was An Affair to Remember (back by request from last week)

We have a new section in our Newsletter so let's give it a name. I have asked Rod to come up with an idea (let's give him a job while I keep writing this!!)

I don't blame you if you're wondering "what on earth is she talking about?" Last week we were asked for some "junk mail" And Marilyn came to the rescue with The Junk Mail. Also Gaynor asked if anyone had a knitting pattern for a ladies Vest and Rosemary brought her one today.

"YOUR WISH IS GRANTED " he came up with a name!

This week's request in this segment is from Marilyn asking if we have any CD's of old time music or songs - eg Doris Day. Please have a look amongst your collection and bring it to craft just for the morning.

Rosemary borrowed a beautiful Wrap from a friend to show us - it's knitted by casting on 100 stitches and the Wrap is knitted in one piece. We all wanted it for ourselves!

I brought in several knitted Curley scarves to show the variety that is available. Also satin flowers made by my Daughter in Law's sister using scraps of satin.

We are going to introduce some new craft ideas Deanne will start next week with our Motif tea towels ready for our stall at our Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea. Check some dates at the end of my report.

I will show you how to knit lace brooches.

I realy appreciate the little bootie and hat sets that some of you are knitting. I am also excited to see some teddies coming to life ready for The Children's Hospital. Rosemary showed us how to knit flowers from casting on 31 sts knitting 2 rows and bingo we have a flower!

Our conversations around the table were interesting as usual.

We talked about our ladies who we haven't seen for a while and we miss you. I know you receive this report so we just hope you can come back sometime soon to see us.


Next week I will explain to you exactly what these days mean and what we do. Rosemary read her Thought for the Week -
Good friends are like the hands of a clock. They may only get to meet up once in a while - but they are always connected.

27th March 2013   14 and two halves present  

Our music today was An Affair to Remember

What are the two halves that came to Craft today? They were my little grandchildren Jeremy 3 and Cayla 15 months and through the door they came dressed as Easter Bunnies. Even if I say so myself "it was very cute".

We were very happy to see Leslie, Betty and Kylie today.

We weren't all busy with our craft today, Josie and I just looked at what we brought, the main area we covered was "Chatter". For some happy reason there was lots of "Chatter"!!!

We did wear our beautifully decorated Easter Hats. All made up using love, flowers, fluffy chickens, knitted chickens, tule, ribbons, ties and eggs.

Heather and Peter look after our Web site where our weekly reports and photos go. A lot of effort goes into this and keeping it up to date. Have a look it's We are very grateful to Heather.

Well bring back "The Junk Mail" Now!!!! This was another topic of conversation so until we can find a solution to this terrible catastrophe Marilyn has offered to take on the position that she was nominated for! She is now House Mistress of the "Junk Mail!"

Gaynor has asked if anyone has a loose knitting pattern for a ladies (no button) VEST? She would love to see it, interview it accept it and perhaps borrow it.

I have a couple of Thank You's.

I never mean to exclude anyone when I say Thank You for anything and if I do please remind me!

I received an email from Emma giving us some ideas for Samaritans Purse here they are ~
Soap, washers, tooth brushes, hair combs, hair brushes, teddies, beanies, any clothes, marbles, marble bags, pencils, sharpeners, rubbers, and Emma says "anything else you can think of".

On 27th APRIL, 2013
Kentgrove Village is having a Garage Sale. We are advertising not for donations but for people to come along with families and friends "YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU MAY FIND"

I think Rosemary's Thought for The Day is a lovely way for us to wish each other a Happy Easter. ~ Happy Easter!

May this Easter Season bring you happiness that will last the whole year through.

20th March 2013   10 present  

Our music today was The Best of Bach

I am starting by sharing an Easter verse that I am quite fond of ~

May the spirit of hope that Easter brings,
Help us find contentment in little things,
And restore our love in the Lord above,
Who gave His love for the ones He loves.
"This is my Easter verse for You."

EASTER HAT PARADE : Next week we are wearing our Easter Hats - this can be anything that your imagination can allow - eg a decorated hat, a flower, a chicken, an Easter egg placed "somewhere"!!! It's all just a bit of fun.

Our morning tea will be a Hot Cross Bun.

We were so happy to see Louise today and to hear some of her happy news.

We welcomed Diane to our Craft Group and loved having Elizabeth back with us and Betty called in to visit.

Rosemary read "The thought for the week" and we sang Happy Birthday to Marilyn. Marilyn have a very happy day on Monday.

Lyn showed us her patchwork panels of flowers she will make into a throw.

I shared the knitting pattern of bonnet and booties for tiny Premmie Babies. If you would like this pattern please ask me as the need is great.

Several conversations took place around the table ~ here is a snippet!!!
Gaynor told us of her brother and his wife joining " Blaze Aid" — this organisation helps farmers to replace fencing for example when they have unfortunately lost them and other damaged properties from fires.

Diane hadn't knitted since the 1970's, Josie when she joined our group hadn't either and look at the beautiful work Josie has completed in the last four years. We then moved onto clothes - Don't go to Millers or K Mart!! Target is better -well I mean Targét, Target Country is even better - and Rockmans is ok! Then we were told clothes shopping is good in Canberra and Melbourne - then Grace told us that Tumbarumba is good for quality and David Jones is best for coats. Well ladies we are set now aren't we?? I would like to know where the best bags and shoes come from??

Remember the Big Ram at The Big Merino in Goulburn? Well -- some local groups have knitted a 30 metre long scarf for the Ram to participate in The Guiness Book of Records.

We don't like thinking that you or your family aren't well and there are a few of you that I know of. We send you our love and we are thinking of you.

Thank you Grace for the lovely homemade cookies that you brought today.

13th March 2013   10 present  Our fourth birthday!

Our music today was Piano Pieces with Kingsley Looker

There was a buzz in the air today that fully indicated that it was our birthday. A Happy Birthday balloon flew high, beneath the balloon was a vase of roses and a Birthday cake with candles sitting on a cake stand that sang Happy Birthday.

I told our ladies how four years ago on the 14 th March Louise brought Heather, Beverley, Josie and myself together to meet each other and to discuss forming our craft group as it is today. We set our starting date, our time, our day and our name. And look at us today.

Needlepoint News was given out today this has upcoming events for you to read, feel free to ask any questions about anything that you may not understand. The next issue comes out in June and then again in September.

We were busy little bees today sewing together our small donated squares. Some of us have taken some home to finish off and crochet an edge around them. Others were busy knitting squares.

We loved having Georgie back with us and she was very grateful for Rod picking her up and Deanne taking her home. It's easy Georgie you just phone us. Lona we loved seeing you too and what about her doll's house! Lona has made little lounges using sponges for her miniature dolls to sit on and wooden tables and chairs all painted. Lona you are amazing. I KEEP SAYING WHAT TALENT WE HAVE IN OUR GROUP!!

Josie spoke of Herbs & Roses at Dural and of the workshops they are holding. Ladies go and have Morning Tea or lunch and browse in the gift shop.

The conversations around the table were extraordinarily funny.

At one stage Dot was reciting poetry to Josie, Lyn, Joan Deanne and myself, I then joined the party with my own poem that I have been saying (and driving my family nuts) with since I was 6 years old.

I won't reveal names - We then found our conversation was about reviewing underwear!!! This was followed by chatter about chemists, glasses, Perth and Adelaide, knitting, socks, music, antique shops, china engagement rings, husbands and recipes. Oh yes ~ and there was much, much more!!!

Rosemary wasn't able to be with us and gave me her thought for the day to share ~
"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something."

Thank You Dot for our group birthday card that was very thoughtful.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ 20th March ~ Rosemary

6th March 2013   10 present

Our music today was Andrea Bocelli

A fascination of mine is "body language". I have been reading books of the like for years. I love watching interviews and how the guests being interviewed sit and how they place their hands. I am a great observer and always have been. You may wonder "what has this to do with our craft Gwenda?" Well ~~ I think what I'm saying is that the friendliness and interest with each other in our craft group is nothing more than Love, Friendliness and Warmth.

Emma came to visit us. Emma volunteers her time and energy with Samaritans Purse. I will explain briefly what this organisation is as we as a group would like to support them as a new project for 2013.

Correct me if I'm wrong please!! Since 1993 100 million boys and girls in more than 130 countries have been receiving shoe boxes of needed gifts at Christmastime. This organisation is supported by many church and ministry organisations.

Emma visited us at the end of last year so let us help her to help these children and it would be heart warming to see their little faces as they open their boxes.

We will draw up a list of their needs and we will put a box together for Emma to take so our donations can be placed into individual shoe boxes. We have all year to complete our donations. We can start working toward it now though.

We listened to Andrea Bocelli today and I say Thank You Josie for bringing him with you. Josie and I attended a special screening last week called "Passione" Love in Portofino. This was a night of "sheer beauty and joy."

NEXT WEEK is our 4th birthday. What is a birthday without a cake and balloons? We are trying to sew together a box we were given of small knitted squares together for Margaret to sew together for our Wraps. Next week we would love you all to help us to do this. We need to empty this box! Bring with you your wool sewing needle. Thank you to Emma who sewed some together for us today. Thank you Lyn for your bag of knitted squares.

Thank you Robyn for your beautiful fresh basil. I loved the aroma in my kitchen this morning.

Rosemary read her weekly thought which was. ~
"The human brain is a wonderful thing. It starts working the moment you are born, and never stops until you stand up to speak in public."

We wish Lona a very Happy Birthday and a very happy day today.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ 13th March ~ Josie.

NEEDLEPOINT NEWS will have all our upcoming dates in it. I am handing them out for our birthday next week.

27th February 2013   7 present

Our music today was Quartet

We were very little today just 7 of us and we certainly were not short of conversation - it can be so funny when you stop and think about the conversations that we have. At one stage we were talking about CHINA - that is China as in crockery china.

Rosemary told us about China on Line. This is a site in The UK that sell replacement pieces that have been broken. Deanne told us how she was able to have a piece of Lladro repaired.

I spoke of my tea pot warmer I brought home from Notting Hill in England ~ We then moved on to CUTLERY -

Josie told us of her relatives' fish knives.

Rosemary talked about her cousin's cutlery set. ~ We then moved on to ~ DINING ROOM TABLES -

Lyn told us of her beautiful table that fitted better in their 3 bedroom home.

Grace read us a fun verse called 7 Rules of Life.

The clicking of knitting needles didn't stop despite our chatter and conversations. We are so clever at our craft group. We are so multi functional.

HOW ~ we talk, knit or crochet, sip tea and coffee and listen to music.

We did have a visitor visit us. He was a funeral director!!!! I'm not too sure how we could have helped him? We were far too busy living and enjoying ourselves. He kindly gave me a pen to give our ladies.

I love taking notice of what everyone is doing and this is what I saw ~
Rosemary was knitting, Lyn was knitting, Josie was knitting, I was crotcheting, Deanne was sewing tiny crocheted squares together, Marilyn was knitting and Grace was crotcheting.

Thank you Dot for your bag of knitted squares.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 6th March, 2013 ~~ GWENDA.

I would like to remind you of our Website -it's so easy to find ~ Heather and Peter keep this up to date.

Next week hopefully I will have completed our first issue of Needlepoint News for the year. This little booklet will give you dates of coming events and much more.

We are celebrating our 4th birthday on 13 th March. We certainly will be having birthday cake and balloons.

Until next week Take Good Care of Yourselves.

20th February 2013   11 present

Our music today was back by popular demand - Les Misérables

I am certainly not as prompt this week as I am normally in writing my weekly report. This week I am going to keep it short and friendly. Sometimes we are busy with other "things" ~ whether or not we want to be!

We welcomed Lyn Gelletely and Betty Boslem who came and joined our happy group. Lyn brought with her some beautiful patchwork wall hangings and her needlepoint peg hanger. We love your talent Lyn and loved you sharing them with us.

Gaynor and Jane were back with us and that was lovely.

Rosemary's Thought for the Week was - Laughter is the shock absorber that erases the blows of life.

We enjoyed hearing each others' stories as we shared around the table.

A reminder that The Stitches and Craft Show is on at Rosehill from 7-10 March.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 27th February. Marilyn

I know some of you are not well and others are caring for loved ones and some of you are busy with other important things. We miss you and we are thinking of you too.

Take good care of yourselves.

13th February 2013   14 present

Our music today was from the movie Les Misérables

We played Les Mis all morning until we had to pack up to go. Can you guess what our music is going to be next week? It will be back by popular demand!

We had such a lovely, warm and friendly time together today.

We shared some gifts and ideas from Christmas and Elizabeth showed us an exquisite scarf that resembled hand painting given to her for Christmas from her family.

Deanne was given an iPad and this took on a conversation about the little carry bag she brought it in and whether or not we could make these little carry bags from some samples of material we have been given.

I showed my 42 yr old plastic Nativity Scene that was the first Christmas decoration I bought. I showed two different styles of hand made Christmas cards.

Josie shared with us a gorgeous Pop-Out Christmas card her sister made. Joan showed us her beads her granddaughter made for her and a pretty photo frame she decorated with a photo of herself and Joan in it. Amelia, we look forward to you joining our craft group one day in the future.

Rosemary enjoyed watching the making of War Horse which will commence in March at The Lyric Theatre.

Heather showed us her exquisite fancy work of needlepoint Christmas card for a friend. We were given a box of small squares that Heather is putting together for Wrap with Love rugs, they look so lovely Heather.

Grace told us her eldest grandson is engaged and her granddaughter is in Nepal and on her IPad we looked at photos. Grace we love to see this and we love hearing family stories. Rosemary read to us a meaningful quote and verse from her Friendship Book and this will appear in our next "Needlepoint News." it certainly is to be shared.

I looked around the table and this is what I saw ~ Elizabeth crocheting, Marilyn knitting, Deanne crocheting, I was crocheting, Josie knitting, Joan crocheting and knitting, Rosemary knitting, Heather knitting and Grace was crocheting. This was looking like some sort of production line. My imagination had me seeing these items being hurried and placed on a conveyer belt and then we all start again.

Oh goodness where do our conversations come from? Last week it was King Richard III and DNA's on his nephews and this week it was funerals and courtesy. How respect has changed at funerals - it's so true what we were discussing.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 20th February. ~ Gwenda

We were real happy to see Heather back with us today and we miss all our friends when you are not here

6th February 2013   14 present

Our music today was Life is Beautiful

Louise is "Getting Married!" This was a beautiful fairy tale story of two people who were meant to be together. I am going to share this story.

Louise and Murray met in London 52 years ago when Louise was working as a Secretary and Murray worked in the same office. 52 years later visiting Mosman Art Gallery they have found each other again. They will be married in June in Mosman. Louise passed around photos from the past and one present ~ we love photos!! Marilyn and I went looking for Wedding books - but - no!!

We shared news around the table which was really lovely but our Wedding news was exciting. Rosemary shared a Thought for The Week from a book of Friendship about friendship. How true ~ it was beautiful.

Rosemary told us of a beautiful new floral cotton for knitting (mmm I must see if I can find it and bring it along.)

Josie has returned from being with Beverley celebrating her 70th birthday. Josie read to us a Thank You from Beverley and a poem that was written by a friend about Beverley for her birthday; it told of the magic move from their "country lifestyle" to their Sea change in Forest Glen ~ it was a beautiful story ~ a beautiful poem. Josie did have some excitement when she and a friend drove down south to visit Josie's son!!!

I'm not sure how we got talking about King Richard III and his mis-doings, murders and whether DNA's are being carried out on the remains of his nephews and The Tower of London.

Joan enjoyed her birthday last week and celebrating with her family. Joan again thanked Deanne for her Three Wise Men.

I enjoyed my birthday just recently too. I told how my son and his family are moving to Pacific Palms in Queensland in the near future. Rod and I had four lovely days in Canberra and loved The Toulouse Lautrec Exhibition at "our beloved" Art Gallery. We loved having our Grandchildren with us over the holidays.

We talked about Les Mis as most of us have seen the movie. Our music next week will be - just that!

Elizabeth showed us photos of her new grandson Bob David. Bob was born on 18th December and weighed 8lb 7oz. You are beautiful Little Bob!

How proud you would feel ~ Deanne and her daughter were shopping in Target and over the loud speaker came her grandson's band playing one of their numbers. I truly would want to scream out "that's my grandson."

Marilyn and Richard have just had some time away celebrating their Wedding Anniversary staying at The Sebel in Kiama.

Grace you are amazing with your colourful patchworks, your family will treasure them. Thank you Grace for bringing us a cake today.

Robyn always comes with treasures to give anyone who would like them.

I was given bags of material and books of samples. It was lovely to see them being taken to be used.

We were so busy talking that I don't know who was doing "what craft." We are together on a Wednesday to share and have a good time together and we certainly did do that. We missed our friends who were not able to come today. We missed you and don't like to think that you may not be well ~ we send you our love.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 13th February. ~ Deanne.

Next week bring anything from Christmas, shopping, something new, an unusual Christmas card etc etc and we can demonstrate , tell a story or just display them. Have a think about what you may have.

Take good care of yourselves


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