Kenthurst UC Community Craft

Post-Moelbourne Cup day 2014
Post-Melbourne Cup day with fancy hats 2014

Kenthurst UC Community Craft meets in the Hall on Wednesdays from 9:30 to noon.

Come and bring some craft work with you, or come to be inspired and learn and use some of ours!
Enjoy the company of a friendly group of people over morning tea.

Suggested craft topics—

  • ♦  Knitting & Crocheting
  • ♦ Patchwork & Quilting
  • ♦ Jewellery & Beading
  • ♦ Embroidery & Cross-stitch
  • ♦  Cards, Scrapbooking and Paper Tole

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3rd December 2014  Christmas Lunch 18 present

We are certainly having plenty of singing rehearsals at the moment and I can see us joining Marilyn in The Messiah next year! What do you think????

We sang Happy Birthday to Josie, Beryl and Suzanne who are all celebrating their birthdays in December. We wish you all a very happy day and hope you can be spoilt. We really enjoyed being at Mother Earth for our Christmas Lunch Party. The food was very nice, the service was good and the company of each other was perfect. What more could we wish for?

Thank you Gaynor for saying Grace for us.


A story is told of a hard working man who struggled to keep food on the table for his family. This particular year he was quite cross to find that his young daughter had taken and used the last of a roll of gold wrapping paper to wrap a shoe box without asking permission to have it. She placed this parcel under the Christmas Tree. Where did she get the money to buy this gift, her father wondered.

On Christmas morning the little girl went to the Christmas Tree and picked up the parcel and handed it to her father and said "this is for you Daddy."

Feeling embarrassed that he had been cross with her, he went ahead and opened it only to find the box was empty. "When you give a present you are supposed to put something inside it" he told her.

The little girl looked up at him with tears rolling down her cheeks and whispered "Daddy it's not empty, I blew kisses into it until it was full."

Her father was crushed, he fell on his knees and threw his arms around his precious little girl and begged her to forgive him for his bad behaviour.

An accident took this little girl just a short time later and her father kept his gold covered box close to his bed and whenever he felt sad or faced difficulties he would open his box and take out one of the imaginary kisses and remember the love of his little girl who had placed them there.

## I don't know who wrote this story.

In a very real sense, each of us has been given an invisible golden box filled with unconditional love and kisses from our children our family our friends and God.

Today has been all about sharing, love and fun together. I knew this story would be appropriate for today because we don't expect gifts from each other just a hug or a kiss shows that we care.

Have a Very Happy and Blessed Christmas with your families or friends.

Keep safe

Take care and we will be back at craft on Wednesday 28th January, 2015

26th November 2014  14 present

Our music today was Christmas Carols

Our Craft Choir burst into song again today for we celebrated Rosemary's birthday which will be this weekend. Our soloist Joan sang the second verse for us. Rosemary, enjoy your birthday and if you can be waited on then sit back and enjoy it.

I came to craft this morning thinking this is our last Craft morning for this year and then I came home thinking it's never our last and never our first because we continue non stop don't we. Most of us are completing some small Christmas project. It was lovely to see so many dressed up in a "Festive Way" and what about our Real Elf? Deanne you were amazing.

I'm not sure just how much craft was achieved today by anyone - what I did notice though was how busy we were being happy and sociable. Gingerbread slice for morning tea, fresh coffee in the pot, and even the aroma of Twinings Tea.


Next Wednesday we are going to Mother Earth for our Christmas Lunch. We are booked for 12 noon.

We won't be coming to the Church first - just going straight to the Cafe. You may wish to bring some extra cash with you as the nursery attached to the Cafe does have some beautifully presented plants that may be difficult to leave alone!!!!! We are back together again on Wednesday 28th January, 2015 and we will do it all over again!

Crossroads Sing -a - long on Thursday 4th December 4.30 - 5.30pm

The Combined Churches presentation of the 74th Messiah is at The Sydney Town Hall on Saturday 20th December at 5pm and on Sunday 21st at 2.15 pm. Our Marilyn has been singing in the Messiah for 50 years. Isn't that fantastic.


125g butter, 1cup sugar, 3tablespoons golden syrup, 1 large egg.
Place these ingredients in a saucepan and mix until sugar is dissolved.
In a bowl add -
1 1/2 cups plain flour, 2teaspoons ginger powder, 1teaspoon carb soda, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder; mix well with a wooden spoon and add your syrup mixture to your dry ingredients and stir well
Pour into a greased or lined slice tin and bake at 180deg for 30 mins for a firmer texture or 20 mins for a little more chewy texture.

And last but not least we welcome visitors and today we welcomed Elizabeth's little Ruby, how soft and happy is that little puppy.

Until next week at Mother Earth

19th November 2014  10 present

Our music today was Christmas Carols

We had a little visitor today at Craft and his craft was "sleeping & cuddles". Baby Patrick as we know was born on our craft day 3 weeks ago today. He did bring his mother Kylie. I do think that they are coming back next week too.

Today was a gorgeous Spring Day and it's hard to believe that we only have about 10 days before Summer is upon us. Where did Spring go? I'm afraid that I'm not keeping up!!

A few ladies have been knitting those "Beanies Knitted Sideways" and they look so good. Lesley has knitted one and by changing her needle size we will see how the size will change.

Josie has "put me in the mood": I am going to write out my Christmas cards. Now is the time for us to all think about them.

We loved Suzanne's little Angel peg doll made with her pom pom maker.


We have been invited to Crossroads Sing-a-long on Thursday 4th December 4.30 - 5.30pm

I think we should dress or wear something decorative for Christmas NEXT WEEK for our last craft day.

You could wear red or green, fun decorations, a hat ------ let's have a little bit of fun.

I will bring something Festive for morning tea.

I love this verse and will share it with you -

All alone in the night, beneath stars glowing bright
The tree looked toward heaven for light,
A star sailing by in the twilight sky
Shined its light on THE LITTLEST TREE.

12th November 2014  14 present

Our music today was Enya ~ St Marantine

We graciously appreciate what each other has to offer to this special group. I came home and sat with a little lunch and a cup of tea.

The Kenthurst U C Craft Group Choir burst into song with a rendition of "Happy Birthday" and two of our Soprano Soloists sang the second verse. It is Deanne's birthday week and Deanne we wish you a very Happy day for Sunday, Love from us all.

Today felt a little like Christmas as many of us had "show 'n' tell." Let's start with GAYNOR ~ three little beanies knitted in garter stitch sideways, and by the end of this you will all have the pattern. JOSIE ~ beaded decorations for dressing up bare feet. JOAN ~ blue flowers from her garden for me to bring home. HEATHER ~ has the "shield" patterns for our kits for Days of Girls. They are so well placed and intricately thought out. This project is going to be ongoing. Washers can be purchased as well as knitted. DEANNE~ brought me a little dressed peg doll with pipe cleaner arms and a tiny ribbon in her hair for Cayla. GRACE ~ had a display of items for sale to raise money for maintenance at the Church. GWENDA ~ brought in her finished cot size patchwork knitted blanket for baby Patrick and also a crochet case holder for crochet hooks.


We are invited to attend The Kountry Kloset at 5 Jane Place Dural. November 18-21st from 12-8pm, and Saturday 22nd 9.30 -2pm. Crossroads have invited us to their Sing-a-Long. On Thursday 4th December from 4.30 - 5.30pm.

Our last craft morning in the hall is Wednesday 26th November.

Our Christmas lunch at Mother Earth is Wednesday 3rd December.

2015 - Our first craft day back for the New Year is Wednesday 28th January.


Yesterday was Remembrance Day and Joan brought for us to hear a beautifully written verse that her brother wrote and sent to her while visiting the War Cemeteries in France. It's truly beautiful and moving. Rosemary read to us "The Ode."

5th November 2014  14 present

Fragile china cups, saucers and plates were delicately placed around our tables today and there they sat in all their glory. Today was "tea cups day out". I would love to tell you all the beautiful stories that went with them and as you know I wrote them all down BUT we have a blackout at our place and I think it could be most of Kenthurst that has been affected. My excuse is that I can't read my notes by candlelight. This report may not be too detailed this week. I will do my best!!!

We did have some beautiful conversations and one of those was talking about and looking at photos of baby Patrick who is just one week old today. Congratulations to Suzanne who has a lovely new Grandaughter who is a couple of weeks old.

Rod came at 11am and photographed us outside in front of the garden it's a lovely photo - we know it is because an hour later he came back with it printed out for us to see. I have pinned it to our new board in the hall for us to share with anyone who would like to see it.

I have received an email from Heather giving me a summary of what we have put together for Days of Girls I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you read this summary:
50 Bags, 11 pantie packs, 40 washers, 1 large box of soaps that Heather and Peter have calculated at being probably 500 cakes. There were 25 extra cakes. Heather had already taken some items to Wesley. This is fantastic and from a small group it's wonderful.

Well the time is now 6.20pm and still no power. (I would love a cup of tea). We have a couple of candles lit and I think that number will have to grow. I am fortunate that I am writing this on my iPad.

I know I would like to have said much more but I am going to send you this before my Wi-fi runs out.

Don't forget ladies we need to have your menu choices for Christmas lunch at Mother Earth back as soon as possible please and your $25. Thank you.

29th October 2014  13 present

Our fearless leader is awaiting her new grandchild today and is babysitting the other two little ones............we can't wait to hear of the new arrival.

Today has been our allday craft day, which has had a Christmas theme. Deanne has provided the felt elves kit for each to sew their own and decorate their Christmas trees. There are a few left if anyone is interested, see Deanne.

Joan brought along her beautiful calico embroidered bear for all to see before she hands it over to her granddaughter. It is an exquisite heirloom, originally made by her daughter's godmother.

Suzanne has finished two more woollen bears for the children's hospital, well done they will be a blessing for a sick child.

Robyn also left many lavender bags to be filled at a later date, when we are doing our lavender day theme.

Some of our ladies were knitting the washers for Days of Girls, and Christmas card making was also on the agenda.

Next week morning tea~~
Post Melbourne Cup day is upon us. Don't forget to bring along a nice cup, saucer and plate for your own use, a party hat or fascinator, and stylish apparel. There will be a photo taken to insert into our Needle Point next issue.

19th November is the cut off day for Christmas menus and luncheon payment of $25. Deanne needs the completed menus for catering and Josie will take your payment.

22nd October 2014  12 present

Our music today was The most beautiful piano ever, Volume 3

We couldn't believe that we could have been placed in a position of not being able to have our beloved "tea and coffee" today ~ What a disaster this could have been Josie even offered to go and buy takeaways! Thank goodness for modern technology and mobile phones. Thank you Gaynor for making a couple of calls and the problem was resolved over the phone. (We didn't really complain yet we did wonder how to cope with this very important situation.)

Beryl we so appreciate your kindness in making and sending in another 10 draw string bags for Days of Girls. Some of our ladies are still busy knitting the cotton washers.

After receiving a phone call from my CWA Secretary on Monday telling me that there were some knitted squares on my table at our rooms, Rod and I decided to go and pick them up on Monday evening can you imagine my surprise when I unlocked the door and found the bag was a garbage bag full. Isn't this fabulous? As I pick up squares I am able to give the toiletry items that you ladies give me from time to time. It's all just working together and that's just what we do best. It make us feel proud to be who we are!

We were all busy with our various craft works today and it was all so varied and at the same time we spent quite some time discussing what we have coming up.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 29th October - Lesley

Our thought for today was called Concentrate on your Strengths from Rosemary's Book of Words. When I sit here writing this letter to you all, I can so easily go into "la la land" and I started thinking how so many people think too much about their weaknesses and not their strengths and so often don't give themselves the credit that they should for the good that they deserve.

15th October 2014  12 present

Our music today was The most beautiful piano ever, Volume 2

Massive storms swept across our city last night with 25,000 homes reported to have been damaged. This was the news that we woke to this morning. We hope our craft friends, our friends and families are safe. Today it's cold, windy and wet and those of us who had thought we were finished with our Winter woollies I think we have to have another "think" (I certainly do).

Today is officially "Ride To Work Day" I actually hope nobody does ~ it's just not nice today for that!! Our Glen Innes friends (who we have just been with) text us to say it's snowing.

~~~Well~~~ that's enough from "The Kenthurst News Rooms" I have done my bulletin!!!!!

The Lavender fairy has visited my home again so ladies at All Day Craft I will bring our dried Lavender if you would like to take some. Thank you Grace. Thank you Grace for bringing us the lovely jam sponge cake for our morning tea. You do spoil us.

Joan has also been bringing over the last couple of weeks some fresh Lavender from her garden to share with us as well. Thank you Joan. We love all this.

I showed the Avon book Christmas tree to see if you would like to make one - these can be made from Women's Weekly's also.

29th October is our next and last All Day Craft Day for this year. Don't forget Deanne is bringing Elf kits for us to make and I am bringing Handbags to make from cardboard. Keep in mind I will bring my Embosser machine also. We are going to be so busy aren't we?

We did have some fun conversations, one being about children swallowing coins.

Josie talked about Frontier Services as we all agreed to donate some money to this very worthwhile organisation.

How about Beryl? From pieces of material she has sewn for Days of Girls 30 of the needed drawstring bags. Several ladies are knitting face washers.

Josie brought in her Amish decorations. A little girl beautifully dressed with a little hat, her face and body were wooden and her arms and legs are buttons.

Sitting on a park bench was a Mama lady and a man, he is eating watermelon and Mama is nursing a cat and at their feet is another little cat - gorgeous!

We talked about the performance of 5 Seconds of Summer on X Factor and how we feel connected to Ashton!!! We do know how proud Deanne and Bruce feel but we like some of the praise too we must share him because we know his Grandparents.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 22nd October ~ Gaynor

Keep warm, dry and well

8th October 2014  10 present

Our music today was The most beautiful piano ever, Volume 1

Rosemary read to us her Thought for The Week and she has kindly written it out for me so I can share it with you all again and for those of you who were not with us. It's called ~

Live as though you have no idea of your age,
The primes of our lives come at different stages
You're only old if you surrender your dreams
After all, who says you have to play by set rules.
Live by the day ~~~~~
The years will take care of themselves.

I am happy to be home from my holidays and happy to be back with my "craft friends."

We are enthused to be able to support our new project Days of Girls. If you would like to help out with the face washers ~ they are
Using 8 ply cotton
Cast on 50 stitches
Using any pattern or stitch that you like, work until your knitting becomes a square.

Any colour can be used but "The Brighter The Better" if you can.


29th October is our All Day Craft Day. This will have a Christmas theme.
Would you like to make an Elf from felt?
Would you like to make a Christmas Bag from cardboard?
Of course we would and we will have fun doing them on that day.

KITCHEN DUTIES _ Wednrsday 15th October - Marilyn

1st October 2014  10 present

After such a hot day yesterday (just to give us a taste of Summer) today was sunny, cooler and windy. But that does not stop us from enjoying ourselves with our craft activities and good social company.

Many were knitting squares, Padma was learning to knit squares on the diagonal.

Beryl was turning tapes through ready to be put into the drawstring bags and Deanne was doing knitted face washers (both of these for the ‘Days of Girls’ packs).

Lyn was finishing her jumper. There was plenty of discussion on a variety of subjects and much laughter.

We had a text message from Gwenda who is on her way back home after a family visit to Queensland.


More details later as we get closer to each event.

Those who are on KITCHEN DUTIES next week will need to consult your duty rosters.

Until we meet next time, look after yourselves.

24th September 2014  13 present

Spring has 'sprung' into summer today - about 27 degs. A beautiful day.

It was so good to have Lyn back with us, and also our newest ladies, Ann and Padma. Ann brought a huge suitcase and bag full of 'goodies' for us to browse thru and help ourselves to. Thank you so much Ann.

Busy fingers today either knitting or crocheting or cross stitch. The end results will be a jumper, ruffle scarf, square, pair of socks, rug, beanies, and on huge needles (looked like size 20) open weave top.

Heather explained to us again about the Days for Girls, which is an initative from her church. So we talked about buying a box of travel soaps from Campbells which Deanne had checked out, and supplying them to the cause. Gaynor will check out another supplier (family member) that maybe able to help.

The morning ran smoothly with plenty of chitchat and suggestions.

Our Christmas luncheon in early December has been booked, which will be the last time our craft group meet for the year. Keep on crafting girls...!

17th September 2014  11 present

Our music today was Gift of Love and French Cafe

Spring is in the air, the trees are starting to blossom again. Daffodils and pansies are in full bloom and I have to say how much I love these spring flowers and how "cheery" they are.

As we drive and walk past this "array of bloom" it has to put a smile on our faces and that is just how we were at craft today.

We welcomed Padma to our group today and made her feel welcome. Grace, thank you so much for taking Padma home to your place to machine her fancy work ready for her to begin her stitching.

My Embossing Machine loves its outings to craft so much so that our ladies would like us to have another All Day Craft Day before the end of the year.

Today was a busy day making cards and gift boxes. We all really did have a lovely day full of creativity, fun and laughter.


Church fashion parade is this Friday.

Back by popular demand! All Day craft day with a Christmas Theme ~ 29th October.

Post Melbourne Cup morning tea - 5th November.

Our Christmas lunch at Mother Earth ~ Wednesday 3rd December

I will give you finer details about all these events a little later.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 24th September ~ Rosemary.

10th September 2014  14 present

Our music today was BONJOUR!

We welcomed Ann to our happy craft group today. We are sure you will enjoy being with us Ann.


Well it's crept up hasn't it? Next week is our All Day Craft Day 9.30 ~ 2pm. We do have a lot of fun on this day and it enables us to even complete a project with that extra couple of hours to "just keep going!"

Rosemary and I are going to bring some additional ideas for Christmas gift box making and I will bring my Embossing Machine if you would like to do some card making.


Your lunch, scissors, cardboard and embellishments for cards if you have any (and if you don't it's not a problem) as I will bring along some of mine to share. Just bring anything else you can think of.

FASHION PARADE ~ at Kenthurst Uniting Church on Friday 19th September at 10am. Stafford Summer Fashions. Entry fee $10. We at craft have been warmly invited.

Heather shared with us a project that Wesley Church is participating in called Days For Girls. WHAT IS DAYS FOR GIRLS? Every girl in the world deserves education, safety and dignity. We help girls gain access to quality sustainable, feminine hygiene and awareness by direct distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits. # NOW How can we help and what is needed for these kits? 8 liners, a pair panties (girls sizes 10-16), a handmade wash cloth, an unwrapped hotel size bar of soap, large zip lock 35x37 bag (not the zipper type), a draw string bag to hold the kits, and to maintain privacy. Each kit lasts up to 3 years with proper care. Heather will have a few more tips for us next week.

A card I shared from The Cancer Council thanked us for participating in CCBMT and Australia wide this year they raised $4.56 million.

Lona brought in several puff bags she has made for Joan for their Church stall at Orange Blossom Festival. Lona they are so gorgeous and cheerful.

As well as enjoying our tea and coffee we were crafting too and around the table I was observing - Lesley fancy working a fox on a pin cushion, Deanne is fancy working a tablecloth for her daughter, Ann is knitting (one of my beloved) tea cosies, Marilyn and Gaynor are knitting beanies, Elizabeth has just about completed the little white frilly cardigan, Josie is making a 3 string bracelet, Beryl is re- knitting the back of her garment, Heather and Rosemary are knitting squares. Joan was knitting a scarf in beautiful rainbow pastel shades. Well myself I think I intended to make some more flowers!!!! Talking about flowers I brought in about 30 flowers I have knitted and crocheted for my Christmas Wreath. I will show you the photo next week of what I'm making and I think you will all want to make one too. I'm looking forward to showing any of you how to crochet and knit these next week. Just bring your needles or crochet hook and we will do them together.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 17th September - Gwenda

Every week is a busy week and every week is just so different ...

3rd September 2014  12 present

Our music today was Enya

It was sad today for us to talk about the sad, sudden passing of Bobbie Johnstone. Most of us have some memories of Bobbie who often came in to visit us. It would be nice for us to think and continue remembering her.

Photo sharing continued as a gorgeous little girl's photo was passed around ~ Her name was Rosemary.

Show n Tell is always fun and we certainly enjoyed it today. Joan brought us her amazing photo album she has put together so proudly of her father Harold. Heather read for Joan a very romantic, poetic poem that was written by her G G G Grandfather on Valentines Day for his loved one.

The family lived in Yorkshire.

Rosemary brought in her Mother's daisy wheel and a Pram cover in apricot made of daisies on the wheel that was hers! Spotlight sell the other two plastic daisy makers that Rosemary brought in. Would you like one (I would) and I'm off to Spotlight tomorrow evening if you would like me to purchase one for you I will, just send me an Email some time tonight or tomorrow. We do love to play don't we and why not? Just remember it's "supposed"to be Spring so let's all make "happy daisies."

We love Handy Hints too -

GWENDA'S handy hint was a Spring one. When placing your Tulips in a vase pierce the stem just under the flower 3 times with a pin - this will release air in the stems that cause your flowers to droop.

Bulb flowers eg Tulips, Daffodils, Freesias etc don't like fresh water they thrive when left in their stalewater!!!

GRACE'S handy hint was don't mix your bulb flowers with other flowers in a vase. It sounds like they don't like each other and just don't socialise together.

We still did craft even though all of the above was happening.

ELIZABETH you are knitting a beautiful little jacket for a lucky little girl, BERYL has been busy making little Toddler pyjamas for Anglicare, GRACE is knitting her little child's cable and I asked her "is that 4ply Grace? "no" said Grace "It's 2 ply!" Can you believe Grace is knitting with 2ply??? "Amazing Grace" I say!!

JOSIE - your jewellery is a delight and I watched the gorgeous bracelet being made today.

I knitted a flower!!! Gwenda knitted a flower - The flower was -
Cast on 30sts, knit 1 cast off 4, k1, cast off 4, Rep to end. Using a wool needle pull sts together -

Did that really take from 9am till 12?

HEATHER, MARILYN, ROSEMARY, JOAN & LESLEY were knitting our beloved squares. GAYNOR was knitting tiny flowers

ALISON brought in her Raku Pottery - it's beautiful, it's elegant, it's so tasteful.

Rosemary's Thought for the Week certainly gave us a laugh, it was -
3 Steps in Preparing Yourself for a Mammogram ~~~ OUCH!!! Was our reaction.

Morning Tea Roster ~ Wednesday 10th September ~ Marilyn

27th August 2014  10 present

Our music today was On Wings of Love

It was cold and wet and windy and miserable outside and inside it was warm and cosy and happy.

So happy that we tried to devise and create poetry ~ of course that's what craft groups do!!! well ours does!!! We then started reciting Dr Foster went to Gloucester, which led to myself and Gaynor reciting the first poems we ever learnt ~~ we are a craft group and even "crafty" with our words. We are supposed to come to have fun and that's just what we do.

Josie read to us "Life begins at 80" this was very humorous and gave us all a good laugh. What it told us was that we are safe being 80 rather than 70 and we can enjoy 80 and "play on it too."

Have you seen the latest Woolworths ad? After you see the cow there is a boy pulling a cart ~ well that's Ben.

Show 'n Tell was exciting today - Lona was showing us how her puffs can be made using a plastic disc, we also loved Lona's bag decorated with little daisies. Joan brought us a cut down coke bottle amazingly cut and folded to look like some sort of decorative dish.

I brought my small bags decorated in Granny squares.

More photos flowed in and if you would like to continue with them that's ok with us.

Lesley brought in some tapestry wools and Deanne and I had fun knitting flowers with them.

Grace was busy with her knitted sweater, Rosemary, Lesley, Marilyn and Gaynor were knitting squares, Josie was jewellery making, Joan was knitting daffodils and Elizabeth has completed little Bob's vest.

## ~ I'm so sorry I came to a sudden halt in completing this it was suddenly 3pm and time to pick Jeremy up from pre-school. - IT'S NOW FRIDAY and Kylie has a most shocking dose of the dreaded flu and with Eddie in Darwin we needed to "drop everything" ( well we wanted to be there for not only her but Jeremy and Cayla.) Please forgive me if I have forgotten anything else that was important as I am still at Kylie's.

All day craft day is on Wednesday 17th September.

INVITATION - on Friday 19th September at 10am, we have been invited by the Church to attend their Fashion Parade. Cost is $10

20th August 2014  14 present

Our music today was from the movie, Midnight in Paris

Family photos, Wedding photos, childhood photos, pets and beautiful stories were passed around today as we continued our theme of Photos. Next week we will look forward to more???

Heather brought in another Wrap and this one she had knitted in Mohair, and yes it was soft and gorgeous. Heather also brought a scarf that was not only in PINK! but very cleverly knitted with a twist. Deanne brought her completed little mauve and purple jumper knitted for a 4 yr old friend. Elizabeth brought to show us an unusual rubber waterlily that a friend gave her to place on your coffee cup to keep it hot. I brought in 60 squares from my CWA ladies and Lesley brought more toiletries for my CWA ladies for the Hospital Emergency Packs. Thank You Lesley.

Despite our chatting and conversations about everything! Everyone was busy crafting, this is what I was observing ~ Knitting of squares, beanies, pullovers, vests and jumpers. Crochet square. Jewellery making and Patchwork.

It was lovely to have Grace safely home from her Cruise and lovely to see Elaine. Gaynor couldn't stay but found the time to call in and have a cup of coffee with us ~ we like that!

Every single evening as I'm lying here in bed,
 this tiny little prayer keeps running through my head,
God bless all my family, wherever they may be,
 keep them warm and safe from harm, for they're so close to me.
And God there is one more thing I wish you could do;
 Hope you don't mind me asking, Please bless my computer too.
Now I know it's unusual to bless a motherboard,
 but listen just a second, while I explained it to you Lord.
You see, that little metal box holds more than odds and ends,
 inside those small compartments, rests so many of my friends.
I know so much about them by the kindness that they give,
 and this little scrap of metal, takes me in to where they live.
By faith is how I know them much the same as you.
 We share in what life brings us, and from that our friendships grew.
Please take an extra minute from your duties up above,
 To bless those in my address book that's filled with so much love.
Where ever this prayer may reach to each and every friend,
 bless each e-mail inbox and each person who hits "send."
When you update your Heavenly list on your own Great CD-ROM,
 bless everyone who says this prayer sent up to
This is what my weekly report is all about - it's about what we have done and shown and shared and this was our Thought for the Week that Rosemary read to us. Thank You Rosemary for the effort you go to in reading to us.

KITCHEN duties for Wednesday 27th August ~ Deanne

13th August 2014  10 present

Our music today was Sissel, Innerst i Sjelen (Deep within my Soul)

Our CD today I purchased in Norway. Our Trafalgar Tour director played this music as we drove through picturesque snow capped mountains in Scandinavia, after writing down the name of the CD "I found it" - it's not in English it's just beautiful to listen to.

We had a wonderful day of craft, of stories, of laughter and working together. Only one thing spoilt it for us and that was "we were cold!"

Thank you Rosemary for taking us through the steps at our Gift Box workshop. We loved making them and as I listened to the conversations around me, as to who was going to receive them and what was going to be placed inside. It made me smile as these boxes became so real and personal.

We didn't share photos today so have a look and bring them along next week. They can be you, your children or anyone just bring them and we will see if we can guess who they are.

We are having another All Day craft day on 17th September so mark this date on your calendar and we are going to make some other style of gift boxes with a "hint of Christmas" to the theme. I will bring my Embossing machine so you can do some cards as well.

I am going to finish my letter to you with Rosemary's Thought for the Week. Are you ready????

A group of 40 year old girlfriends discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was decided that they would meet at the Ocean View Restaurant because the waiters had tight pants and nice --.

10 years later at age 50 the friends once again discussed where they should meet for lunch. It was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View Restaurant because the food was good and the wine selection was excellent. 10 years later at age 60 the friends again discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View Restaurant because they could dine in peace and quiet and the restaurant had a beautiful view of the ocean.

Ten years later at age 70 the friends discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View Restaurant because the restaurant was wheel chair accessible and had an elevator.

Ten years later at age 80 the friends again discussed where they would meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View Restaurant because they had never been there before.

Some days we can feel sad and even feel all alone in our thoughts and when you read something like I have just written it will bring a smile to your face and even make you laugh out loud. And that's just what I hope this does for you.

6th August 2014  11 present

Our music today was (back by request) With Love from New Norcia

New Norcia (where our music is from) is a Benedictine Community and here you will find the Monastery. This unique hamlet is about 130 k's from Perth.

Are you coming with me? I think I will put this on my list of places to visit.

Well this report from me to you is coming from our Motel room in Kiama and our Motel is directly opposite the "quaintest" row of little craft shops you have ever seen. Perhaps a quick trip by me in the morning is going to have to happen. I am looking forward to visiting my old school friend (she was also my neighbour in Currarong) in the morning. We became friends at 4 and have been apart for 51 years!! I will tell you all about my visit when I see you at craft next week!

Our morning started as we watched a video of 5 Seconds of Summer this was a very catchy song and I am going to buy for myself the CD. It was a proud Grandmother that brought it for us to watch. Thank You Deanne.

We did share some photos of ourselves and some family members and this was great fun. Keep bringing them in even if you brought some in today you can keep bringing more each week. This theme is going to continue until the end of the month.

Next week we are going to make some gift boxes. If you remember you can bring a pen and a ruler we will supply the rest.

I really enjoyed showing Lona, Joan and Robyn how to make those gorgeous knitted flowers. We can continue these whenever you would like.

Keep an eye on these reports as I have more to tell you of what is ahead of us at craft.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 13th August ~ Suzanne

Rosemary's Thought for the Day gave us a message of Give yourself the best chance to be creative. It's telling us to look after ourselves and to take time out.

30th July 2014  12 present

Our music today was André Rieu

A friend sent me this saying so I thought of you all when I read it ~ so here it is ~
When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say "I used every thing that you gave me." The smiling faces that have been greeting us at the Church door is so heart warming, if you haven't been to craft come and admire the spectacular Orchids that Grace has placed on the verandah.

The Lavender fairy has visited my home - so ladies, Would you like some dried Lavender?


Rosemary read us our Thought for the Week from a book called "Do What You Love" we can look forward to hearing more as this is very lovely.

Heather has completed a Wing Span scarf that she was wearing today and another scarf she is 1/3 of the way to completion is her scarf in entrelac knitting. It's unusual, it's beautiful and it's difficult and I am not going to attempt it even though I want to!

Heather has delivered 40 more Wraps to Alexandria some of these being ours. We saw a photo of the huge quantity that have been "bagged & packed" - 600 are on their way to the Philippines and 1,000 to Ukraine.

Today 10 of us were knitting - Elizabeth, Lesley, Gaynor, Grace, Jenny, Rosemary, Marilyn, Heather, Joan and Myself. Josie was jewellery making and Beryl was patch working.

I love the new little pattern for small knitted flowers that Gaynor has given me. Gaynor you are right they do look like little pansies.

The Wrap that Grace gave Heather today is knitted in 20 ply wool and often these thick rugs are used on the ground as "floors" - often just placed on the dirt for people to sit on. ~ When we look around our homes at our comforts we can appreciate what we have and how our lives are compared to theirs.

KITCHEN DUTIES Wednesday 6th August ~ Lesley

23rd July 2014  9 present

Our music today was With Love from New Norcia

Today I shared a handy hint from an old world book of mine that I was reading last night. This will put a smile on your face but then again you may wish to try it!!! Let me know if you do.

A reviver for tired-looking hair is to simply beat an egg yolk and rub it through the hair. Put on a shower cap and leave it for about ½ an hour then shampoo your hair as usual. I would imagine that the warmth of your head would "cook" the egg!!! What a "crafty" mess I would think trying to wash this mess out!! This then led to conversations of ~ rub your hair with satin to give it a lovely shine, wash limp hair with lemon juice and rub oil into dry hair. We are going to have such beautiful hair after we have tried all of these solutions ~~~.

Josie shared another thought that she read to us called To a Phenomenal Woman. Telling us that life does go on and life gives us a second chance. Reach out and touch someone. People do forget what you say but they don't forget who you are.

Grace you brought a beautiful thick and warm Wrap that you have created. Grace was busy making her child's pullover and thank you Grace for the lemons. Josie was concentrating on picking up where a friend left off with her knitting of a sweet child's jumper.

Lesley is knitting her son in law a two tone grey beanie - the instructions are no pattern and no pom pom!! Lesley looked after us with the morning tea shopping and thank you Lesley for your sample of toiletry items for my CWA group*.

Gaynor was knitting squares and we loved seeing Peter in his lovely blue woollen jumper that Gaynor had knitted him when he came to pick Gaynor up.

Marilyn you are knitting a beanie!

Rosemary is often multi tasking but she was knitting beanies today.

Kylie was crocheting granny squares.

Beryl was practising "entrelac knitting" ~ It's a form of knitting where the texture looks like diamonds - it is for advanced knitters yet I looked it up on "Mr Google" and I am going to try it because I liked it!! After sitting with Beryl I think many of us could do it.

Gwenda — and what was I doing? — well I was going the opposite way with my knitting, instead of seeing my knitting grow I was undoing because I had dropped several stitches!

There is a real pattern isn't there with what we were doing today - it's beanies, jumpers and rugs.

I shared a photo Kylie had given me of a display of Granny Squares some were sewn together that completely covered a stadium in Helsinki it's extraordinary! And what about the other photo I showed of Granny Squares that are a cover for a car - so funny.

We had such varied conversations yesterday (it's now Thursday): we talked about cats! dogs and pigs, Grace's beautiful orchids on the Church verandah, lemon butter, TV programmes - Foyles War, Midsummer Murders, Poirot, we talked about having a supply of knitting needles and some wool in the cupboard for use amongst us when we would like to practice something different instead of using what we are presently using for a current project.

*I will just explain what I meant when I mentioned the toiletry items Lesley had given to me for my CWA branch. We (CWA) put together emergency packs for hospitals to be given to patients who are admitted without having these important necessities. We have a few ladies who sew draw string bags that these items are placed in. These are what we collect when we stay in hotels and motels. Heather and Lesley have been helping me out with these for quite a while. If you would like to help with some unwanted pieces I am happy to pass them on. It's just another way of helping others.

Morning Tea Roster - Wednesday 30th July, - Gaynor

16th July 2014  12 present

The airconditioner was turned on first thing this morning, it was raining as we came to craft, however some girls started to strip off halfway thru the morning. It's quite efficient, with low fan going. The sun was out again as we left, typical winter's day, aren't we lucky.

Fingers were all moving 'full bore', Jenny was sewing embroidery to attach to the bags she makes. Beryl finished off yet another quilt, beautiful work for some lucky person. Lona was stitching puffs for her hession bag. Her daughter was horrified that she was covering up the stencilled tree on the front of the bag, as the marketing people would be upset! Heather brought in another completed wrap, with inserts of dark blue smaller squares on each 10" one, it looked very effective. Heather has a challenge to figure out a new type of scarf she's making. There is a video to go with it, so when she has become an expert we will all share in her new found knowledge.

Both Leslie and Rosemary were knitting beanies, Grace had an extra thick rug she was knitting, made of all colours. Suzanne's bear looked a treat, as it's all in one and very colourful. Gaynor was getting very close to finishing her hubby's blue jumper, nearly there. Both Gae and Elizabeth were knitting a baby's bonnet and a child's vest respectively.

And 'yours truly' spent the morning chatting - or so it seemed.

9th July 2014  11 present

Our music today was On the Wings of Love

Whether you choose colours from nature, colours from your closet or colours from your imagination, it will be a stunning addition to anything that you can imagine. What am I talking about? They are flowers - knitted or crocheted. I don't think our thoughts of homemade flowers will ever go away or certainly we won't stop talking about them.

Wrap With Love is here to stay also. Today I brought in another bag of squares from my CWA ladies. We heard a knock at the door and on opening and calling out "Come In" we met Chris who brought in some squares from her Mum and a friend. They knew we were here and I know we haven't seen the last of her. We did invite Chris to join us on a Wednesday. WHERE DO THESE SQUARES GO WHEN WE GIVE THEM TO HEATHER?
(They go to Wrap with Love)

Heather so kindly sorts these squares and takes them to Margaret who sews them together. The Rugs are returned to Heather and their journey begins when they are taken to Wrap With Love headquarters at Alexandria. Heather first became involved in 1992.

What a friendly happy snug day we had today. The kitchen housed our gorgeous tea and coffee aromas and besides our conversations we were busy as usual with our craft.

We had a play making Chocolate Spaghetti (as one would do at a craft group), I showed Deanne how to knit baubles, Grace showed me how she is knitting her single cable, Rosemary shared with us how to make our Pea & Ham Soup in future.

And around the tables I walked and "Bingo" Heather and Marilyn are knitting Squares. Suzanne is completing a Teddy, Beryl is completing a Patchwork Throw, Josie (our official Jeweller) is busy with a Bracelet, Deanne is knitting her beautiful blue jumper, Lesley is knitting her daughter a "big needle" scarf, Jenny is making an intricate Shower Cap, Grace is knitting a boy's cable pullover, Rosemary is knitting a beanie and Gwenda was happy playing around with her new book on Knitted Flowers, showing the Chocolate Spaghetti and just learning more about Wraps from Heather and Watching Grace.

The Craft & Quilt Fair is on again and the venue is The Sydney Exhibition Centre Glebe Island, Rozelle from 9 - 13 th July.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 16th July - Lesley

2nd July 2014  9 present

Our music today was Diana Tribute - varied artists

I've been saying for about 40 years that I love Winter and it's my favourite season of the year wellll ~~ it's cold and today we all found it difficult to be warm. Coats, jackets, scarves and gloves ~ there is a streak of elegance and coziness about them don't you think?

Our Kenthurst Craft Choir burst into song when Rosemary told us it was Elizabeth's birthday this week. Elizabeth have a lovely birthday.

Needlepoint News is out and hot off the press so don't forget to take your copy. I will post a copy to Louise, Beverley, Dot and Alison.

We're a craft group so lovely craft ideas we shared today. Flowers that resemble Magnolias, Roses and Carnations all made from tissue paper. I showed my friend Margaret's 1-hour scarf made from two balls of wool and loop after loop and you have a very warm scarf. On the back of Needlepoint News is a picture of two needle cases as elegant as they are they would make beautiful gifts. Elizabeth brought in her Van Dyke blanket that her Auntie crocheted for her at the age of 94. It's so soft and pretty. It's a treasure when you have something so precious. I smiled when I saw Gae and Elaine making The Harbour Bridge with a strand of wool. I could never get past making Daddy Long Legs! Josie you are now in business with your jewellery making we are now wanting to place our orders. Your bracelet you were making today is beautiful.

We talked about everything today and one topic was SOUP, beautiful hot soup and who doesn't like it? Josie and I were saying that we could eat it all year - the flavour of the day was Pea & Ham. Elizabeth's is made with Split Peas and Ham Hock, carrots and onions. Rosemary's is made from Edgells tin of peas and bacon bones.

I passed on a message to you from The Church that they are holding a Jumble Sale on Saturday 23rd August. We have been offered a table at a cost of $20 and the takings then go to the "Table Holders."

Did you watch 60 minutes last Sunday night? Deanne and Bruce you would have been sitting there with loving smiles of pride. Ashton with 5 Seconds of Summer are climbing right to the top.

I shared an Email I had received from Louise. Louise will always be special to us.

Rosemary's thought for the week was telling us the latest news from her Cousin who lives in Norwich England. He visited our Flower Pergola at Norfolk Show he talked to the organisers and they told him where it will be moving onto - next venue is Hampton Court Cathedral next to Alexandra Palace in South London, and Norwich Cathedral. We have several places to go to see "The Knitted Flower Pergola."

MORNING TEA - Wednesday 9th - I don't think anyone is rostered so if you would like to come at 9.15 and volunteer you are welcome to do so.

25th June 2014  8 present

Our music today was Andrea Bochelli, Bonjjour and With Love from New Norcia

I heard on the radio that today is "International Day" so I thought our music could be a little bit of Italian a little bit of French and a little bit from Australia. Some more information I heard this morning was that it's 25 years since the Internet came to Australia ~ gone are the days when we had to find our information from a book or encyclopaedia ~ NOW IT'S 3 CLICKS and we have it!! Quite extraordinary isn't it?

Today was "Pie & Craft till 2" day.

We shared many stories and conversations this morning as well as being busy with our hands.

Grace wasn't well yet she called in with a completed Van Dyke Wrap for Heather to take to Alexandria.

FINISHED!! !! Lesley has completed her beanie! I completed my yellow square. Josie completed Lesley's earrings. Jenny completed sewing up her blanket. Rosemary has also completed her colourful crochet blanket that we have seen her do from the beginning. Elizabeth is knitting Little Bob's vest. Deanne is now knitting short sleeves for little Coco's jumper.

Today completed our June theme of gadgets. Heather had a miniature hot water bottle called a "Pocket Hottie." It works by cracking the crystals and "bingo" (talk about magic.) I brought my unusual way to use a teapot ~ place your ball of wool in your pot, thread the wool through the spout and start knitting ~ this will stop your ball from bouncing around the floor. Lesley had another method where it becomes a wrist band and you thread a pin through the ball and it hangs off your wrist. Elizabeth had a quite old needle gauge that is silver and in the shape of a bell.

This afternoon we had a little bit of fun making a simple flower out of tissue paper. For those who missed out I will bring it again next week.

IMPORTANT NEWS FLASH ~ we have been loving hearing about Deanne's grandson's achievements with his band "Five Seconds of Summer" not only do they have an album about to be released but they are going to be on 60 Minutes on Sunday night. You will remember that Deanne's daughter along with the other band members' mothers were flown over to England a couple of weeks ago ~ well this is the result.! The boys are in Amsterdam at present. It's just wonderful isn't it?

Deanne and Bruce we thank you for organising and shopping for us today. We did enjoy a lovely hot pie on such a cold Winters day.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 2nd July - Gaynor.

18th June 2014  13 present

Our music today was The Piano at its Best

Some people - like myself - can and do knit all year. When I stop to think about what I have completed over the past year it's quite amazing not to mention the pieces of sewing that I have produced as well. Just have a think about what you have achieved in the past year and you will be surprised just as I am. You may have to put on your "thinking cap!"

It's gadget month and what little surprises did we have today? Grace brought us a nut cracker that was a Wedding present. Marilyn brought a jar opener to share, Suzanne has all her cards that we carry on a large ring with a hole punched in each. Beryl brought a shoe horn made from something from the 1920's. I brought my microwave chook cooker.

We discussed The Craft Fair that is on at The Exhibition Centre, Glebe Island from 8th - 13th July from 9-5pm.

There was a lovely feeling of sharing recipes and patterns. Some of us now have Elizabeth's Passionfruit Curd, I have Robyn's knitted finger puppets pattern. Deanne and I were reminded who had shown us how to crochet flowers - it was Suzanne. Gaynor has had a tidy up and a throw out and we benefitted by going through her bag of materials. Grace brought me a bag of Lavender from her garden.

I wore my very warm completed jacket today with my shoe buttons that finished it off nicely. Deanne shared with us photos of her daughter and grandson in London.

Lesley hasn't been well and we miss you Lesley and look forward to seeing you soon.

WHAT DO WE HAVE COMING UP - next week is our All Day Craft Day 9.30 - 2pm. It's "PIE" weather don't you think? Deanne is happy to shop for them, we just need numbers. For $5 we can have a pie, fresh bread and sauce. If you would like this please send me an email and this will make it easier for Deanne. You may wish to bring your own lunch from home and that is fine. We do have plates and cutlery at the Church.

We are going to have a paper flower demonstration a little different to the style we have made in the past.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 25th June - Marilyn.

Rosemary's Thought for the Week was from a book called Peoples Friend and what we heard was a story "Larks or Owls."

Our mornings and evenings are cold and we need to rug up and keep warm, try not to breathe in that cold air.

11th June 2014  10 present

Our music today was The Beatles and Enya

It's 50 years today since The Beatles made their amazing visit to Australia.

I do remember that day like it was yesterday!!!! It's amazing how our taste in music changes as we grow ~ "older and wiser!" I loved "Rock" and a tiny bit of Classical now I love Classical and a tiny bit of Rock.

We had a fun day today with much laughter and happy chatting.

Our "gadgets" continue to come to Craft and they are wonderful and some had us guessing???

Josie brought her folding scissors from Oregon - what a clever person to think them up.

Suzanne brought her Awl - yes an Awl doesn't everyone have one??? I am off to Spotlight in a couple of days if you would like me to purchase one for you. An Awl is a tool for making holes.

Heather brought a cord with a hook attached - it's for pulling up a zipper that you can't reach. Heather's second gadget was a button-doer-upper it also enables you to do up bracelets and watches.

Beryl was also full of surprises - a stiletto Mother of Pearl Awl for doing eyelets - there's that Awl again! A screwdriver made by her father and a knife that had us all guessing and we still are, it could be a fruit or cheese knife yet it has this intriguing spike on the side.

Deanne brought her Moo crumb catcher (doesn't everyone have one of these?) it's battery operated and cute and funny "but it works" we do love cows don't we?

Remember the Nursery Rhyme - Sing a song of sixpence, A pocket full of rye, Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie? - Elizabeth brought us The Blackbird which she acquired when her Auntie Jean died. I wonder how many pies Auntie Jean's Blackbird has been in. Jenny and I learnt something today that we didn't know! This blackbird sits on Elizabeth's kitchen window sill.

DON'T FORGET ~ our gadget theme continues and you can wear your slippers. Our weekly $2 coin covers expenses, helps our donation to the Church, covers our morning tea, and we do support those who are less fortunate than we are.

We loved being able to sing Happy Birthday to Heather today and are sorry that Lesley wasn't well and unable to be with us today as tomorrow is Lesley's birthday. Happy birthday Heather and Lesley.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 18th June ~ Jenny.

Rosemary's Thought for the Week was by Patrick Lindsay — Make The Most of Life.

What Breakfast Does For You. Another quote that was spoken was ~ Eat Breakfast Like A King. Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day.

4th June 2014  13 present

Our music today was Wings of Love

What we do for adventure!! - I will tell you how my craft day ended up - I spent my morning with you (my craft friends). Home to change into warmer clothes then Rod and I went to our favourite Café called "Cosmo" in Castle Hill for lunch. We then caught the city bus to Town. We walked around Queen Victoria Building then headed down to Circular Quay and walked up to "The Rocks" and by this time a cup of coffee was in order to give the feet a break, back down to the Quay where we did sit and relax listening to "talented buskers" until my sisters arrived who were joining us at City Extra for dinner. We then enjoyed walking around and taking in "Vivid" and what this amazing light show has to offer is nothing less than spectacular! We took the train to Town Hall and a crowded bus trip home. Are you exhausted reading this? I WAS! Oh dear it was Rod's birthday and he thoroughly enjoyed his afternoon and evening as I did too.

I loved our Gadget morning - would anyone have guessed what Rosemary's was? A jar opener about 48 years old.

Joan brought a jar opener that releases pressure from the jar and then it opens. Gae brought a thimble that was around 100 years old.

I brought a very modern tea strainer that is rather newly purchased, and also my little case holding my "much travelled" favourite peeler and knife set. Deanne shared a flask belonging to her Uncle who died at 99½. He was a "postman on horseback" and the glass cylinder was encased in a leather holder. Lona brought her "buttonhole scissors" with her name engraved on them and they were around 60years old.

We listened to beautiful stories about a lovely wedding that Deanne and Bruce attended at the weekend where the bride wore her late mother's Wedding dress; and Deanne's daughter's phone call from 60 Minutes. [Their grandson is one member of Five Seconds of Summer, now touring the world as a supporting act for One Direction. The 60 Minutes program is arranging for Deanne's daughter and the other parents to travel to London.]

GADGETS continue over the month of June so keep bringing them in to share.

SLIPPERS are for winter so bring them, wear them and keep your feet warm.

A story of a tea cosy - Deanne had an old tea cosy with pansies on top, she removed the pansies and gave them to me, Josie was knitting a cosie and I gave her some of the pansies to decorate the cosie. Joan last week purchased that cosie at our CCBMT as it reminded her of her mother as pansies were her favourite flower.

I know that is one cosie that is smiling as it sits on Joan's teapot.

Suzanne is busy designing curtains for her granddaughter's doll's house.

Many people I have spoken to are "singing with praise" after our Biggest Morning Tea last week. What a wonderful success our morning was.

Two birthdays are this week and we say Happy birthday to Louise and Gaynor. Our Thought for the Week was from Hebrews 10: 24 and 25. Rosemary read this from a book called "Because You're Special".

KITCHEN ROSTER - Wednesday 11th June - Suzanne

Photos are for looking at, enjoying and for reminding us of happy times - this is a reminder to look at "Our Gallery" of photos and information that is on The Church Web site. then look under Craft Group. Heather and Peter regularly update this site.

28th May 2014 Biggest Morning Tea 36 present

Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea 2014 was today and we should all feel proud as we hosted this special event with success. Josie has counted the money and I think you will be surprised and delighted when I tell you we raised (after expenses) $602.90.

At 4pm on Tuesday afternoon our committee set the room in readiness and as we walked out at a quarter to 6 we knew it was looking inviting and it was.

At 9am this morning Josie and I walked back in "The Scene Was Set" and we were ready, all we needed were the people.

Visitors came from everywhere and the morning was friendly, fun, happy and inviting. This would not have been the case if you ladies weren't the type of people that you are.

Thank You for being so generous in helping and donating cooking and hand made crafts as you do. Our sales table did very well and why wouldn't it? It was inviting and impressive.

We could have sold many items from our display table today too!

We thank Deanne sincerely for purchasing our scones, jam, cream, coffee and milk and for her dealings with Woolworths. This is appreciated Deanne.


June is "GADGET " month so bring along a gadget and tell us what it is and why you like it!!! It can be anything - and that's not all!!!

IT'S SLIPPERS FOR WINTER ~~ the 1st June is on Sunday so wear or bring your slippers to craft no matter how funny or worn they look. Mine are pink and fluffy so bring yours and keep me company.

This afternoon a neighbour gave me a little bookmark in the shape of a hand and the verse that went with it reads ~
Just a little hand of friendship
With a grip so firm and true
When you read your favourite book
I'll hold the page for you.

I loved being back with you all today after my lovely holiday and I look forward to craft next week.

21st May 2014  13 present

Yes, the airconditioner was switched on first thing this morning, warming us all very nicely.

Both Beryl and Suzanne brought in more goods for our Big Morning Tea next week to go onto our trade table. Thank you so much girls, well done.

Heather displayed all the beanies she has been knitting, all different colours and types of yarns. This has given a few others in our group encouragement to do likewise.

Gaynor is at present knitting a very nice blue jumper for the man in her life, and Lesley looked the part in her finished grey vest. Loved your report about the 'makeover'.

We also had a visitor drop in this morning, who is a friend of Joan. Lee came armed full of tapestries, accompanied with frames as well and wools. Grace's eyes shone and now the goodies have a new home.

Most of our other lovely ladies were spending their time knitting, sewing, chatting or having the inevitable cuppa.

Betty dropped in to advise that she is unable to keep coming on a Wednesday due to overload. We will miss her sunny face and many stories.

For all those who could not be with us today and are not well, we pray for a speedy recovery.

It will be good to have our 'fearless' leader return to the fold next week. Don't forget girls BIG Morning Tea next week. Please come earlyish, say 9.45am for our start at 10. All recipes must have been already handed in.

14th May 2014  10 present

Firstly, I want to thank all our ladies who helped look after the kitchen, and also helped to pack up "already" setup tables and chairs and then setup our own chairs and tables, which made for a cosier craft morning.

Our thoughts for the day came from one of Helen Steiner Rice's 'Thankfully' poems and also a poem intitled 'Threads Of Fellowship Never Break' which Suzanne's husband had beautifully presented and donated to be given to our up-and-coming Big Morning Tea.

It was good to have both Heather and Jenny back from their holidays. Heather travelled north with fingers never still knitting all the way, and Jenny travelled south managing to visit many craft shops. One of the items purchased was a 'french knitted' necklace with an attractive felt flower.

This morning Heather set up a table with items left over from a stall with bits and pieces, such as lace, wooden beads, several packets of adornments and some ribbon, buttons and tapestry frames etc. All up for grabs.

Suzanne has been busy making things for our Big Morning Tea in two weeks time. Decorated aprons and small girls' headgear. Thank you so much Suzanne.

We could have done with our slippers this morning, our room was on the chilly side. Don't forget your tootsies girls. Most of us were either knitting or crocheting so our fingers were not complaining.

28th May ~ Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea is only two weeks away. There is still time to bring in recipes and we will photocopy them for you. Please give them to Lesley, who also has cellophane packs to hold your goodies for the Sales table.

If you have some craft that you have completed here at craft would you like to bring it for our Display Table. Even a couple of unfinished items can give a creative rustic effect.

7th May 2014  13 present

Our music today was A Day Without Rain, Enya

We said hello to Sandra today who was happy to observe our group and she asked for some instructions to knit some squares.

Rosemary's Thought for the Day was a verse from Winston Churchhill about Temptation.

For those of us who love our slippers, I think it's ~ "Wear your slippers to craft" and keep your feet warm. We started this three years ago and it's been a little bit of fun. It's cold and winter is rushing to be here before it should be.

28th May ~ Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea is only a few weeks away. There is still time to bring in recipes and we will photocopy them for you. Please give them to Lesley.

We don't expect you all to do this but not only did Robyn bring us her recipe for Orange Almond cake SHE BROUGHT THE CAKE TOO! Thank you so much Robyn. We are so spoilt because Grace brought us a cream sponge for morning tea as well. Thank you Grace.

A little home cooking if you would like would be appreciated for our "Sales Table." If you have some craft that you have completed here at craft would you like to bring it for our "Display Table". Even a couple of unfinished items can give a creative rustic effect.

I have given some cellophane bags to Josie to hand out to anyone who may like to make some sweets or cookies etc. these bags are ideal and we gratefully thank Lona very much for them. Please take as many as you would like as Lona was very generous in the amount she has given us.

Grace has been generously giving me Lavender to dry so I am going to fill a few bags and we can sell them. Thank you Grace.

Robyn gave me an idea of - As a Lucky Door gift "Why don't we have our winner or winners select an item from our Sales Table". Joan and I were quite excited with that idea ~ that's what we are all about isn't it. I have spent quite a few hours trying to think of all the ideas we have had so I can share them with you and I'm running out now!!!

Here I will mention "our fairy" who has been tidying up our shelves and continued this task for us again today. We love you Robyn thank you.

We were still busy with our craft despite our conversations about Baked Dinners and the price of lamb etc etc ...

Robyn brought in a pattern for easy bed socks, baby jacket pattern using one skein of wool and a conversion of knitting needles. I have them and I will carry them in my folder - just ask me for a copy.

What about Grace finishing off a crochet blanket in Van Dyke stitch that came from "someone!!!" Talk about "someone" I brought in several crochet squares that were left at my house by "someone!!!" Josie was doing a good deed too by finishing off a pretty little jumper for a friend.

Oh dear I am going to miss you all and my Wednesday mornings with you for a couple of weeks. I feel far too young to think that our son James is turning 40 yet at the same time "I can't wait to get there!" I will certainly be knitting next Wednesday as we are travelling north to Queensland. Oh and just one other thing ~ I have given Josie "the bell ....!"

I will see you at Our Biggest Morning Tea. Happy Mothers Day to all our Mothers.

30th April 2014   11 present

Our music today was Midnight Serenade

Happy Birthday, to dear Grace - we sang and Rosemary gave her a birthday card. We wish you a very happy day for tomorrow.

I love umbrellas and there is something about waking up to hear the rain. My very first thought for the day was to open the doors and "I can take my umbrella to craft." By the time I left home the rain had stopped. Today is a typical Autumn Day - it's fresh and the sun is now shining.

The thoughts of Anzac Day are still fresh in our conversations. It holds such deep thoughts for us doesn't it? Beryl spoke lovingly about her family enjoying her Anzac biscuits from the recipe in our report last week. We were very serious discussing which type of rolled oats are best?? What is the ingredient (or lack of) that keeps them? I remember reading it's the exemption of eggs that preserved Anzac Biscuits for their long journey to Gallipoli all those years ago.

Joan shared with us her beautiful story of Jasmine her 16 year old granddaughter who won a History Prize for her story about "The Anzacs". Six Tasmanian young people from various schools around Tasmania have received The Frank McDonald Award and with a team of Teachers, Parliamentarians and Media were travelling along The Anzac Route. On Good Friday evening Jasmine laid a wreath at The Arc de Triomphe in Paris and had the task of lighting the Eternal Flame. Joan how proud you are and we feel proud because we know you and we're able to share your story.

Grace has made two beautiful patchwork covers from materials that have been donated to us.

Our multi tasking skills are extraordinary here at craft because not only can we talk and hold in-depth conversations we are busy with our hands too ~ Grace was busy crocheting as was Rosemary; Lesley, Deanne, Beryl, Elizabeth, Joan and Gwenda were knitting, Jenny was sewing squares together, Josie was jewellery making and Lona was sewing puffs.

28th May. We are hosting this event. Please invite family and friends. We will have a sales table, display table and small cake and cookie table. We will be selling recipes on A4 sheets. If you would like to contribute with a favourite then we would like it.

On display at Pennant Hills Library from April 29 - May 29 and Hornsby Library from May 31 - June 26 is A Knitted Rural Landscape.


23rd April 2014   13 present

Our music today was Old Wartime - The Mona Lisa Smile

Today we sang Happy Birthday to Robyn who celebrated her birthday on Good Friday. Happy Birthday Robyn xx.

When we think of Anzac it can hold personal saddened memories for some and feelings of proudness for those who fought for our Country and came home.

Deanne read to us a moving story "Why do we wear a Sprig of Rosemary?" and so appropriately chosen was Rosemary who followed this by reading "The Ode". Prior to this Rosemary handed us all a Sprig of rosemary.

We were very grateful to Deanne for making Anzac biscuits for us to enjoy at Morning Tea.

There are many stories of The Origin of Anzac Biscuits. This is mine--- The ingredients are thought to have been carefully selected by women to bake and pack for the long journey to their loved ones dating back to World War 1. These biscuits were enjoyed by the troops on the shores of Gallipoli.

Despite our beautiful conversations, I looked around the tables and knitting needles were clicking away and next to me was Josie with her gorgeous jewellery making.

Rosemary told us of her cousin in Norwich England visiting The Forum and seeing The Flower Pergola where our 162 flowers went!

We talked about our Recipes to go on sale for our Cancer Council BMT on Wednesday 28th May.

These Recipes can be hand written or typed on A4 paper. You only need to do one sheet of each as we will photocopy them at the Church, we also have paper. You can then tastefully decorate them a little if you like, we will then laminate them. We thought $1 per sheet. We are going to have a small cake stall to which these recipes will be a part of. We would love for you to do a little home cooking for our stall PLEASE - this can be anything from jams, spreads, cookies etc. Bless your heart Robyn - look what we found when Robyn started to tidy up our shelf in the cupboard - we will now have a small sales craft table too!!!

Thank You Heather for preparing and printing our Invitations - these we gave out and I will place some in The Village letter boxes. They look marvellous.


Melt butter and Golden Syrup together. Place bi-carb in boiling water and add to butter, stir together and add to dry ingredients.

Place spoonfuls of mixture onto baking paper and bake in a pre heated 180 deg oven for 15mins. MAKES aprox 30 biscuits.

Well today is now Thursday morning and all I can say about yesterday is "What a marvellous day we had." We are more than just a craft group aren't we ladies? Tomorrows Dawn Service is televised on 9 at 4.15am from Martin Place.

Anzac Service at Kenthurst Park commences at 9.30am.

16th April 2014   9 present

Our music today was The Most Beautiful Piano Ever

Hot X Buns for morning tea we are spoilt! Thank You Deanne for picking these up for us. Our morning tea table did look like we were celebrating Easter with little eggs to share and chickens to decorate.

Easter is such an Important date on our calendars. We know that Hot X Buns symbolise Jesus dying on the Cross. Little fluffy chickens and Easter Eggs symbolise New Life. I have one question? Where does the rabbit come from? Google told me there is no mention of a rabbit in the Bible and it couldn't give me an answer. Suzanne did say "The Easter bunnies carry the Easter eggs in a basket. That's good enough for us all. Life's little mysteries often do work out don't they.

We had a wonderful happy morning today and I'm sure we will all go home with a little buzz. Gae brought two elegant hats to show us and to put on one cream and the other pink. Marilyn wore a pink tiara.

Looking around the table there was a little time for some craft and this is what I observed ~ Deanne knitting a little girl's pink and striped cardigan, Lesley is knitting a vest, Gae is continuing her rug in a strip, Marilyn's knitting a square, Suzanne is continuing with a beanie for her son, Rosemary is crocheting her rug, Josie is making pretty jewellery and I am knitting my cardigan.

We missed Heather today, she was on "assignment" delivering Wraps With Love to the headquarters in Alexandria. Heather has asked me to pass on that today 1,000 Wraps were dispatched to The Solomon Islands. "The warehouse is only being given finished Wraps at the moment, so not many bags to be sewn up are available, we will have to find some more knitters to keep our sewer Margaret going."

It just doesn't matter how many of us are at craft because the funny-side of us will come out anyway. Our latest craft craze was playing with a length of wool tied in a knot to form a circle. I was proud of my "daddy long legs" until Gae and Rosemary showed their expertise by making "cats whiskers" and a "Parachute."

Then our conversations turned to hidden money in the undie draw, jewellery in the cupboard and money in the bed post. Suzanne is growing Mountain Devils and wishes to dress them. I remember my parents buying my sisters and I these dressed as fairies in Katoomba.

Gae read us a funny joke from Tom.

We talked about putting together some recipes which then had us talking about our ideas. We decided that we would like to do these for our Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea on 28th May. Our ideas were that we could sell these recipes for $1 each and laminate them A4 size, this would go hand in hand with a small cake and cookie sales table.

Please take care everyone over Easter if you are travelling anywhere. Have a lovely Easter and next week we will be thinking about Anzac Day.

9th April 2014   11 present

Our music today was Our Mimosa

Autumn is in the air and I am so grateful for these cooler seasons. I am thinking how interesting it is that some of our gorgeous trees suddenly change their names from being trees to becoming "Autumn trees" even though they are in the same position all year and they are still just beautiful trees.

The Friends of John Grooms Court in Norwich England (where our Knitted Flowers went) have told me they would like to make a mural or something of the like to show the Residents something of Australia. Have a think ladies of "What we can do and send them."

When Heather arrived and took her knitting from her bag she placed her three completed beanies (for Samaritans Purse) on the table in front of her, she sat and started to complete No4 on circular needles. This little exercise drew Lesley and me over to look at Heather's knitting - there was nothing unusual about her wool, the pattern, the colour or even her circular needles, it was what she told us that caused us to look at each other with mysterious expressions of "is this for real?" "is she serious?" " How can that be?"

Allow me to tell you what Heather told us. When knitting with a circular needle if you continue going "round and round" knitting GARTER stitch it will come out STOCKING STITCH, so you have to knit GARTER to your marker then knit PURL to your marker and continue in this way to have your knitting looking like GARTER STITCH????? ~~ poor Heather we still didn't understand this "logic" so out came another small circular needle to show us from the beginning how you have to do it to get the right effect!! By now we were all gathering around Heather and unfortunately Lesley & I were still exchanging those "looks!" I'm sure if I was to phone Lesley now we would laugh saying we still don't quite understand "Heather's Magic."

What a funny report this is this week ~
Lesley told us when she was in Lincreft a day or so ago she was talking to a lady who was purchasing wool for her daughter to do ARM KNITTING! Yes you read right the latest trend is ARM KNITTING so I just took a break from writing this report and Googled arm knitting on YouTube ARM KNITTING FOR BEGINNERS! Easy!! Is today Friday 13 th I just asked myself? I can't believe what I just watched. I will try again and I may bring this new "thing" next week!!

We did welcome Anna Deanne's Granddaughter who was with us and doing the most beautiful colouring in while Grandma tried to do Anna's FRENCH KNITTING!

Oh my goodness without mentioning what everyone was doing today we had a realy fun morning of togetherness.

Next week is our Easter Bun morning tea. Perhaps you would like to wear an Easter Bonnet or some Easter decoration. Come along and surprise us and I might surprise you with "ARM KNITTING"

2nd April 2014   11 present

Our music today was Grand Dining

Today was a day of beautiful stories and beautiful craft items to look at ~ I'm going to tell you about them yet where do I begin?

Elizabeth has completed the restoration process of her baby shawl. This is truly a work of art it's gorgeous a cream hand knitted lacy shawl knitted for her Grandson 18 years ago. This is going to be lovingly wrapped in "blue tissue paper" (remember this was our hint last week.) What else is Elizabeth knitting? We all admired the sweet little pink shrug that she has just completed.

Marilyn told us of her surprise 70th birthday High Tea where everyone came wearing a touch of Pink.

Gae is knitting her squares in strips now ~ so much easier!
Heather and Rosemary are knitting beanies.
Lesley is knitting a little green baby head band to match the little jacket that we have been seeing her knit. When completed it will have a little knitted pink bow.
Marilyn's squares are colourful and will look gorgeous in a Wrap.
I am sewing puffs and brought my completed puff bag.
Grace came for a short time and Lona came to say hello and we look forward to seeing you when you can be here.
Josie's scarf was growing as we watched it
Gaynor is waiting for a Bendigo delivery so she can commence a blue cable jumper for Peter.


I'm not sure how this subject came up? Yet then again we don't need any prompting to "get us going" (we're so smart) GADGETS! WHO HAS A GADGET that would love to come to craft? I know we all do! We are going to have a Gadget Day and I'll let you know when!!!

Wednesday 16th April we are going to have Hot X buns for morning tea.

Wednesday 23rd April I think we should have Anzac Biscuits.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 9th April ~ Gaynor

2 weeks ago Josie asked the question ~ What do you call a group of ducks? Many answers have "arrived at my desk!!!!" including the latest which was "quack, quack,quack." Josie quite liked Rosemary & Gae & Tom's answer which was ~ A BRACE.

26th March 2014   11 present

Our music today was Grand Dining

Today Valerie Wilson gave me a bag of treasures for us to admire. In this bag was her beautiful Christening dress, jacket, booties and two little bonnets. These were made for her by her Grandmother ~ they certainly were exquisite.

It was a dull and sprinkly day outside yet inside - come through our doors into our craft room and the weather changed dramatically to a bright and happy atmosphere.

Next week 2nd April is our first for this year -All day Craft Day. Bring along any craft that you would like to do or attempt to do and if you would like some help with something new we will assist you happily (if we can.) $5 for the day covers costs. Bring your lunch. All day means that you can come when you like for as long as you like from 9.30 ~ 4pm.

CANCER COUNCIL BIGGEST MORNING TEA ~ is on 21 st May. I will pass on to you more information later.

We were a busy group today and Betty brought her beautiful baby rug almost finished and Grace was teaching Betty how to crochet a finishing edge. Another unusual project was Jenny re-covering a bag with sequin material. Jenny has completed a few of these. We were all busy with our knitting and crocheting. We sang to Marilyn and gave her one of Rosemary's beautiful birthday cards. Happy birthday again Marilyn.

We are spoiling ourselves with cakes at the moment. Thank you Grace for bringing us your delicious cream cake.

Thank you Robyn for your books and pencils for Samaritans Purse.

HANDY HINT ~ To store clothing to prevent discolouring, try wrapping it in a good quality blue tissue paper. Not sure what the "blue" does ~ it does do something!!!

Oh dear we are still talking about "OUR GROUP OF DUCKS." well ladies all will be revealed next week. This is what I read out today ~

Perhaps it's a trick question and it's a Bon Bon joke! ~ A Flock, A Gaggle, A Raft, A Skein, A Brace, A Team, A Badling and A Waddling??? Thank you ladies for your ideas and I will have a little gift for the winner.

We hope those of you who are away are having a lovely and a safe time and if you are not well, just get well soon.

19th March 2014   9 present

Our music today was Sweet Dreams

We wish Marilyn a very Happy Birthday for next week.

Today we had jam cream sponge cake for our "post 5th birthday!!"

Such a busy group we were today with conversations about everything as we knitted and crocheted and sewed and completed "homework." HOMEWORK you might ask? Oh yes we do everything here at Kenthurst Community Craft!!!

Now put on your thinking caps ~ Josie asked this question?
What do you call a group of ducks? Only Josie knows what "Josie's" answer is - mmmmmmmm it could be a trick question!!!!

I have received ONE answer from Heather and Heather says - My Google says - a group of ducks is "a flock" and there is another term depending on where and what they are doing.

Come on ladies what answer can you send me.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 26th March - Jenny

12th March 2014   8 present

Our music today was Vivaldi The Four Seasons

It's hard to remember all that I wish to remember and sometimes "something" will come to me a few days after I have written and sent my report to you.

So this is where I begin ~ Suzanne brought in the most gorgeous little girl's headbands decorated with her crochet flowers. - so cute.

Rosemary continued her theme of "friendship" with her Thought for the Day.

We are a funny group of ladies because tomorrow is our 5th birthday and we are going to have a cake next week "why next week and not today?" well - - -
We are so unique at celebrating "post" occasions we will have "Post 5th Birthday" next week!!!

As we happily chatted today we were busy with our varied craft work.

After attending The Stitches & Craft Exhibition I found my cute little buttons that I was hoping to find for Cayla's cardigan, they are multi coloured cup cakes. My achievement today was to sew them in place, I too can shriek out "finished!"

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 19th March ~ Lesley

It doesn't make any difference to our day whether we have 8 like today or 17 present like last week because it's our time together and being together when we can that's important. We miss you when you can't be with us yet we look forward to seeing you when you are here. Just come when you can and I will continue to send you my weekly letter so you do feel as if you are in touch.

5th March 2014   17 present

Our music today was Mimosa guitar and violin

Golden streaks across the sky was what I saw as I walked up to craft this morning and I thought how great is this for "Post Pancake Day!"

What is Pancake Day? Lent is a time of abstinence, of giving things up. Shrove Tuesday is the last chance of indulging yourself, and to use the foods that aren't allowed during Lent. Pancakes are eaten on this day because they contain fats and butter, eggs and dairy which were forbidden during Lent.

Thank You Heather for reading about these important days to us.

We often receive gifts of wool and material and today's bag of material was so large that Rod brought it up to craft on a trolley for me.

Deanne has completed her poppy fancy work and it's just gorgeous. I have completed Cayla's little cardigan all I need are "cute buttons."

Gae showed us her beautiful crocheted lavender bags that she completed some years ago. Joan was given a bag of knitted rectangles that Grace has so graciously taken home to sew together Thank You so much Grace and when Grace brings it back in one piece we will take a photo of her holding it for Joan to give her elderly friend. And what about Lyn's puff bag she should feel proud - its gorgeous. Robyn likes to keep her generosity quiet so I'm going to DOB! Robyn has given me a bag of clothing to start our collection for Samaritans Purse. Robyn you are such a generous lady.

I don't mention when anyone is going away - yet I do like to mention when they are back so welcome home Lesley we missed you.

I missed you all last week and was very happy to walk through the door this morning. I love Wednesdays, to come to craft and I love this moment when I am writing this report to send to you. (this is my hard thinking time!)

Deanne you were marvellous in bringing and cooking those scrumptious pancakes for us today Thank You very much. Rosemary thank You for the use of your frypan. "we are a team aren't we"

Stitches & Craft Show is on at Rosehill Racecourse the last day is Sunday. Next week Heather and I will have a table of Easter ideas that you may like. 2nd April ~ All day Craft Day. I will give you more information later.

I wanted to leave this until last as its nice to finish with something happy ~ Happy Birthday to dear Lona for your birthday on Friday with love from us all.

26th February 2014   9 present

We were only a small number today but we had some interesting conversations about all sorts of things, trips away, and other doings since we were last here.

Coffee and tea were well patronised .

Jenny, Marilyn, Gae and Heather were knitting, Beryl was finishing off a patchwork quilt, Grace and Rosemary were crocheting, Alison brought some lovely cards she made at a card making day, (some new ideas for later on), Josie was making jewellery.

We love celebrating "Post" things ~ Post Melbourne Cup and now we have post Pancake Day. ~ Post Pancake Day is on 5th March. Deanne and I will make them on the day.

5th March can be the start of our Easter theme. Gwenda will bring the knitted chickens and other Easter ideas and patterns and I know Heather and Deanne have some as well.

Ideas for Easter Cards would be appreciated.

Happy birthday to us on 13th March. We will be celebrating our 5th birthday on Wednesday 12th March. Listen and watch for details.

KITCHEN DUTIES — Wednesday 5th March — Deanne and Gwenda.

If you were not well or just not able to come, we hope you are feeling better and catch up with us as soon as you can.

19th February 2014   17 present

Our music today was A Gift of Love

It doesn't take much for us to take home a warm and happy feeling after a warm and happy morning at craft does it? Louise and Murray came to see us and we look forward to more of those mornings don't we ladies? We had Lona back with us, we made Elaine feel welcome and Alison is going to be able to come more often this year.

We never question anyone when they can't be with us. I will say that we miss you when you're not here and we know that when you can be here you will.

I can't not mention that incredible clown Louise brought to show us. The detail that he had was mind boggling!

FAVOURITE PHOTOS continued today as Grace brought us her family photo of 5, Rosemary had a family photo and then another of the same photo but 20 years later. Gaynor had her Grandchildren "all lined up in a row" from tallest to shortest. This has been a great month of sharing. Don't forget to continue bringing your photos if you would like.

I love making note of the work you are all doing and I hope that I don't miss anyone. Let's see how I go!!!

Squares for Wrap With Love will never be a "thing of the past" here at Kenthurst, knitting needles were clicking away knitting these much wanted squares by ~ Marilyn, Deanne, Elaine, Heather, Grace, Gae and Gaynor.
Rosemary is crocheting a wrap thats all in one,
Betty brought her lemon baby rug she has completed and it's gorgeous
and Lona is finishing her pink baby blanket for a new Great Granddaughter who soon will be "snug as a bub in a rug"; Lona has crochet little pink flowers and sewn them on.
Suzanne is knitting much needed beanies,
I am back knitting Cayla's little cardigan,
Josie was replacing some worn out lace with some new on her nightie and
Jenny and Lyn are busy with their "puffs" for bags.
Alison is just happy being with us when she isn't doing her Scrapbooking - and we like that!

I am going to miss you next week as I won't be here. My Castle Hill CWA rooms were left to us by a "past member" 60 years ago and now our house is "under threat" because of our ownership of this property. Our Executive Officer is coming to talk to us and it just happens to be at 10am next Wednesday. (not very clever of her I say.)  I sure will miss you all and my favourite morning of the week!! ~ Just be good ladies as I have given Josie "the bell!!!"

After sharing with you the letter in last weeks newsletter from Norwich, today I showed you the photo of the ladies sorting and collating the 10,000 flowers that they have received. We can look forward to seeing and hearing more of these updates.

We love celebrating "Post" things ~ Post Melbourne Cup and now we have post Pancake Day. ~ Post Pancake Day is on 5th March. Deanne and I will make them on the day. 5th March can be the start of our Easter theme. I will bring the knitted chickens and other Easter ideas and patterns and I know Heather and Deanne have some as well.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 26th February, 2014 ~ Marilyn.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 5th March. ~ Deanne & Gwenda

12th February 2014   10 present

Our music today was Candlelight Romance

Better Homes & Gardens magazines were surrounding me on Sunday as I took to them with my "hobby knife" (I'm sure it has an official name) I took out the pages that interested me - garden ideas, cookery, craft. These I will sort into sections and place into my newly purchased folders, these I bought in Kmart for $2 each. This is a great craft idea for you too. That's why I brought it to show you. This was my "Handy Hint" for the day.

Needlepoint News is now published and ready for you to enjoy.

Beautiful Wraps ~ the small squares that Grace had are all sewn together and edged and it's lovely Grace.

Heather brought the finished Wrap that was made up of knitted and crochet squares ~ they all went so well together. Some fortunate people will love these.

Our theme of sharing photos has been so interesting Heather passed around photos of Wraps being enjoyed and appreciated by adults and children alike, here and overseas. Gae had some family photos for us to look at, Lyn had herself, her sister and their mother, Marilyn had an interesting photo of her and Richard in front of a wedding photo of her son and his wife.

So many things to look at and to admire. ~
Suzanne brought some ideas she had picked up in Spotlight of knitted cats that can be turned into door stops. Lyn is knitting beanies for our collection ready for Samaritans Purse. We had our towel edge trims and talked about crochet tea towels. Puffs on canvas bags is a trend that is very popular, we first saw Jenny doing them and now a few of us are needing to try them. The idea of knitting with nylon for coat hangers brought back memories of yesteryear.

Rosemary spoke of her cousin's Christmas card of The Knitted Christmas Tree in Norwich again for those of you who hadn't seen it.

This little note came this afternoon with a photo that I will bring and show you next week ~ "Today we counted almost 10,000 knitted flowers and leaves. We would like to thank an army of knitters from Norfolk, across the UK, Canada, Australia and Italy for all their hard work."

Rosemary's thought for the week was a thought of when we have lost touch with a friend - a simple phone call can give a feeling of never having been apart.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 19th February - Josie.

5th February 2014   10 present

Our music today was Candlelight Romance

What happy laughter and chatting we had encircling our room today ~ I even forgot we had " The Music Machine" playing and this CD " Candlelight Romance" is very pretty ~ so that makes my "now what will I take for today" easy for next week as we will have the same one again.

Rosemary read to us her "Thought for the Week" on Friendship. This was truly beautiful. I don't know quite where to start in summarising our conversations and doings from today so much was said and shared between us ~ I am bubbling with enthusiasm to put this all into words.

I will start with the reason why I am feeling all bubbly.

Rosemary brought along a Christmas card from her cousin who lives in Norwich in England - well - this brought on a few OH'S!!! And then she continued to tell us that his Christmas card to her was of " The Knitted Christmas Tree" with the same story on the back of the card that I had shared last year. We were "GOBSMACKED" and I can tell you I still am!!! Rosemary told him of the flowers that we knitted and sent over and we may have some "real" photos of them when they are displayed at the Forum at Easter.

The saying "it's a small world is true isn't it!" we have just proved that.

A couple of us had photos to share. Gae had a couple of herself as a small girl, Deanne shared one of her Grandchildren that was taken at Christmas, and I shared one of my two sisters and myself from 62 years ago. Our photo theme will continue until the end of this month.

Beryl brought some oddments of knitting or crochet cotton and some material if anyone would like it.

Pillow cases for"Oncology Kids" can be made and passed on.

Lyn brought along Sheila, Bruce, Ken & Barry teddies. They are excited to be taking a trip to Westmead Children's Hospital after I finish off a couple that I have been making. They go to beautiful children that love them.

Betty excitedly was showing us a photo of her 5 month old Great Granddaughter.

Josie read to us a list of Handy Hints. Try using a bread tab on the end of your sticky tape or a wooden spoon placed across the top of a pot with water in it will prevent the water boiling over. "I love Handy Hints" perhaps we could have one each week if anyone would like to bring one along!!

My daughter Kylie and 2 year old Cayla came to visit us today. Kylie told me later she loved catching up with you. Grace's daughter came to take her out for the day.

We missed Heather and our other friends who were not with us today yet we know you will be here when you can.

We are happy that we will be seeing a little more of Alison this year when she can. We like that.

Deanne is on her way with our knitted towel edges if anyone would like a hand with the pattern I would love to help you next week and I will have a copy of the pattern if you would like it.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 12 th February ~ Gwenda. Deanne was kitchen hostess today not me!!! ~ silly me!!

29th January 2014   13 present

Our music today was Les Miserables

We all greeted each other with smiles and hugs. It was good to be back again.

Happy birthday wishes were expressed to our January birthdays. Joan's birthday is today, Jenny celebrates her birthday on Sunday and I thank you for my birthday card that Rosemary posted to me last week. I received a Thank You Email from Beverley for her birthday card that Rosemary sent to her.

My thought for today was a verse from one of my birthday cards ~
It's the little acts of friendship
That always mean so much
A little gift, a frequent call
That keeps good friends in touch.

Gaynor told us about Pillow Cases for Oncology Kids Appeal. I am happy to further look into this to see if we can help in any way.

Gaynor's beautiful fabric goes hand in hand with the Lavender that Grace has given me to dry. I showed the knitted edges that we can make for decorating towels. I will copy this pattern if anyone would like it. The idea is "Old World"


Let your knitting needles click away as you try my knitted towel edges.

What about an All Day Craft Day?

Can we tempt you with Post Pancake Day? [Isn't that Ash Wednesday? -Ed.]

Who can resist a fluffy knitted chicken for Easter and there's more ~

From next week until the end of February share with us Your Favourite Photo. This can be ~ yourself, your family, a pet, scenery, a dwelling or anything ~

I felt proud as Josie and I hung our banner today. It was like we were saying "We are open for business or We are back!"

I give you all permission to let me know if I have forgotten to mention anything!

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 5th February ~ Gwenda


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