Kenthurst UC Community Craft

Post-Moelbourne Cup day 2014
Craft group with knitted bandages to be sent to the Leprosy Misson in Ethiopia

Kenthurst UC Community Craft meets in the Hall on Wednesdays from 9:30 to noon.

Come and bring some craft work with you, or come to be inspired and learn and use some of ours!
Enjoy the company of a friendly group of people over morning tea.

Suggested craft topics—

  • ♦  Knitting & Crocheting
  • ♦ Patchwork & Quilting
  • ♦ Jewellery & Beading
  • ♦ Embroidery & Cross-stitch
  • ♦  Cards, Scrapbooking and Paper Tole

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Since we began on 25th March 2009, we have been keeping some notes from each of our meetings —
Notes from our 2014 meetings are on this page.

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18th November 2015  15 present

Oh dear! Today was our last craft day for the year and that's a bit sad yet a break will be nice and then suddenly we are going to be counting the days and we are back again.

We enjoyed a festive morning tea with Christmas carols playing in the background.

Those of us who knitted cotton bandages for The Leprosy Mission posed for a couple of photos that Heather is going to send with just over 50 bandages. Scarves for The children's orphanage in Romania almost reached their quota of 100, there were 91 handed in ready to be sent over.

Thank you Joan for reading to us a poem that was written by your brother. I passed on an Invitation that has been given to us from Crossroads to attend their Sing Along for Christmas on 3rd December at 4.30 - till 5.30pm.

After the appeal to knit Teddy bears for The Children's Hospital, I can see those knitting needles and wool turning out some gorgeous and some cheeky little teddies over the Christmas holidays. Today we shared and photocopied patterns. If you were not here and would like to help please Email me and I will Email you a pattern. That's easy.

Our Christmas lunch is next week ~
WHERE ~ West Pennant Hills Sports Club, 103 New Line Rd West Pennant Hills
WHEN ~ Wednesday 25th November, 2015
TIME ~ 12 noon

Just remember if you would like wine or other drinks including tea and coffee it's at your own expense.

If for any reason at the last minute you need to make contact I am happy for you to phone.

A little thought for the week ~
Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
~ by Warren Buffet.

11th November 2015  15 present

On the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month, We Will Remember Them. Today is Remembrance Day and we stopped at craft to Remember Them.

I read this small poem that I had printed in Needlepoint News ~
I wear a little poppy, as red as red can be, to show that I remember, those who fought for me.

And Rosemary read The Ode ~
They shall grow not old, As we that are left grow old,
Age shall not weary them, Nor the years condemn,
At the going down of the sun, And in the morning,

🎈🍰 Happy Birthday to dear Deanne. Monday next is Deanne's birthday and our Choir burst into song and under the leadership of Joan, sang the second verse as well.🎈🍰

56 scarves have been given to me by you, so generously. I am so very grateful to all of you. Thank You.

CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL WESTMEAD ~ I have been in contact with the department who look after the distribution of teddies to sick children and they are also given to Ambulance Officers for children that they are transporting to and from all hospitals. I would very much like for us to think about supporting them again. I was saddened to be told that over Winter they "ran out." I have a teddy pattern that is very simple. Next week I will bring it.

CHRISTMAS LUNCH ~ Please ladies let us know if you are coming if we don't already know. Money must be paid to Josie next week. A reminder of the cost is that we are subsidising $10 for each of you so the total cost for you to pay is $20. We are going to West Pennant Hills Sports Club in New Line Road and the time is 12 noon on Wednesday 25th November. We will not have craft that day.

Grace has asked if anyone is interested in rooming with her cousin on a Fijian Cruise leaving Sydney in May 2016. This is being organised by The Church. Please talk to Grace about this.

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 18th November ~ Elsa

4th November 2015  16 present

My Weather Forecast ~ It was a drizzly, strange day today yet 16 of us were not phased by what was going on outside. We just love our craft and being with our craft friends.

We were so busy and motivated and keen to participate in our craft today and learning to make something new.

Lesley, we are so grateful for the work and preparation you put into our Workshop today. Many beautiful Angels and gift boxes were made using beautiful paper and many of you decorated your Angels with sparkles and bling.

At another table we sat assembling, stringing, gluing and hanging our Peg Star Nativity decoration.

Our new table is a marvellous addition to our craft room and we certainly are appreciating having more room to spread out.

We just have two weeks to go here at craft in The Hall. If you are still wishing to make a star peg decoration perhaps you will be able to make it next week. Next week 11th November is the last week for our scarves to come in. I am again appreciative for the response we have had for this request. Next week I will have the final count to pass onto you.

CHRISTMAS LUNCH ~ We have had to change our venue for our Christmas Lunch. Instead of us going to The Fig Coffee House we are now going to West Pennant Hills Sports Club,
103 New Line Road West Pennant Hills.
If you need to phone them for any reason, even to discuss the menu or food ingredients their number is 9980 8500 ~ This is a set menu and is as follows ~
Tomato Bruschetta, Smoked Ham, Turkey, Roast Potatoes, Steamed Vegetables and Cranberry Glaze.

Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce and Ice Cream.

Tea and Coffee is extra at $3 ~ Wine and Cold drinks can be purchased at the bar.

Being creative is not a "hobby" It is a way of life!

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 11th November ~ Marilyn.

28th October 2015  13 present

I heard this morning on the radio of people our ages wishing to start "studying again" and going to University in their 60's and 70's ~ personally I can't think of anything worse!!! I do say that I do still want to learn and practise new ideas and that's why we come to craft at Kenthurst. We are the best learning tool that anyone would want, don't you think?

I received an Email from Beverley telling us she has joined a wonderful Watercolour painting class which is once a fortnight. This is where Beverley's creative talent is isn't it? She is also enjoying building on her Family Tree on both her Mother and her Father's side of the family.

We have had the best day today ~ well ~~~ I should say it was one of the best!!! A few of us started our Star peg decoration and we were very happy with our achievement. Robyn had a lot of fun with her embossing and card making and I think she was giving a few instructions.

HERE IS A LITTLE SNIPPET OF OUR CHATTER ~ Thank you Lesley for our yummy walnut slice we had today. This recipe can be found in The Woman's Weekly Biscuits & Slice Book (if you have it). Gaynor's recipe for muffins was 3 ingredients ~ 2 cups grated cheese, 2 cups SR flour and 2 cups milk. Try this one too from Deanne ~ drain a tin of Lychees and fill them with cream cheese and chopped ginger and some nuts on top.

If you are looking for acrylic wool try the $2 shop at Winston Hills. Thank you Rosemary.

Those of you who missed seeing my exquisite Teacosie today I will bring it back next week. It was made for me as a gorgeous gift and is a "Work of Art".

This afternoon after we had our lunch we just sat enjoying our knitting while Robyn noticed that "SOMEONE HAS BEEN MESSING IN HER CUPBOARD!!" It can be like the 3 bears here at craft sometimes. We loved having our new table, it gives us more room to spread. We talked about our Christmas Lunch and we will talk about it again next week. We will also start taking bookings and money.

DONT FORGET ~ Padma would like you to save your egg shells for her.

Gwenda is still collecting tea bag tags.

NEXT WEEK ~ we are making paper Angels and little boxes so bring along a pair of scissors if you remember and I will bring a few pairs too.

I will continue to bring the Star Peg decorations for those of you who didn't make them today.

Thank You for more scarves that have come in today for the children's orphanage in Romania.

I can't think of anything else at the moment. Have I forgotten anything?
"In Joy or Sadness FLOWERS are our constant friends." ~ by Kozuko Okakura

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 4th November ~ Deanne

21st October 2015  15 present

Happy Birthday to dear Christine for tomorrow. We wish you love for a very happy day. Our Kenthurst choir burst into song and Rosemary gave Christine one of her gorgeous "handmade with love" cards.

October is slipping by and we have too much to do and too little time to do them. I have seen some other lovely ideas for Christmas that we can make so I have made a note for next year. We can't do everything we see ~ OR CAN WE?

I appreciate your help in the request for children's scarves for the orphanage in Romania. I have spoken to my friend Rebecca and the cut off date for these is 15th November. I will say Wednesday 11th for our craft group and I will take them to Rebecca during that week. I understand that the lady whose "bucket list" this was had completed close to 30 until she was too weak to continue. Her aim was to make 100. Sadly she passed away just 10 days ago, aged just 24 leaving behind her husband and a 3 year old son.

You may get a shock when I tell you that I have 27 scarves that we have so graciously made and donated. Kindly I say to you that we have been kind and generous in our response to this request and I think if we just complete the ones that we have started we can call this a very humble donation to someone in need.

REQUEST ~ from Padma to please save your egg shells for her for her garden.🌻

BUS TRIP ~ we have been invited to join with Probus next Monday 26th October on a day outing to Leura and surroundings. The coach will leave the Church at 7.45 am Cost being $65pp. This price includes morning tea, lunch at Leura Golf Club and entrance to the Rhododendron Gardens. Please phone Gaynor for further enquiries on 9654 1243.

VILLAGE GARAGE SALE IS ON 14th November from 8am - 1pm. Come along as you never know what you may find.

Heather told us of her visit yesterday to The Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia shop in Turramurra. Such a worthy organisation that raise funds for those less fortunate than us in Ethiopia. The merchandise in this shop is worthy of our visit. You will find them at 1396 Pacific Highway Turramurra

SHOW n TELL ~ Marilyn's son and daughter-in-law brought back from Turkey some long hand knitted bed socks knitted by a lady sitting in the street. We drooled (well I did) when we saw that beautiful baby girl cardigan and hat that Christine knitted.

THANK YOU ~ Suzanne we thank your husband Neil for drilling holes in our stars for us. You have made our job easy. Josie checked out tables at Office Works this afternoon for us and their prices. Thank you Josie. Tomorrow Rod and I will look at Bunnings and between the two we will have a new table for next week. We have the funds for another table so we are going to make it easy so we can spread out a little more. This is another place where our weekly $2 goes.

Thank you to Christine for bringing morning tea for us today.

Cotton bandages are still being knitted and our quantity is growing.

SPOTLIGHT ~ as we know is moving and their planned date for opening at their new premises is 16th November, 2015.

🎄 CHRISTMAS LUNCH 🎄 is on Wednesday 25th November at 12 noon at The Fig Coffee House. We will start taking names and orders soon. The nursery that is next door is still called Mother Earth Nursery. These plants are very good quality.

I will finish with this little thought ~!

Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile. 😀

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 28th October - Josie

14th October 2015  16 present

I'm going to start by sharing this lovely verse with you, It's called "The Tea Party."
I had a little tea party this afternoon at 3
'Twas very small ~ Three guests in all ~
Just I myself and me.
Myself ate all the sandwiches, while I drank all the tea,
Twas also I who ate the pie and passed the cake to me.

— by Jessica Nelson North. How gorgeous is that ~ ok now you have to read it again!!!

Mingling in our room today were colourful scarves that we are knitting and crocheting for an orphanage in Romania, colourful cotton bandages for The Leprosy Mission, colourful squares for Wrap With Love and then we found quite a few of us had released our mischievous monkeys for a photo session.

Our monkey photos will be featured on our cover of Needlepoint News in February.


October 28th - ALL DAY CRAFT DAY - We just ask $2 for the day and you can have "bottomless cups of coffee and tea." Bring anything that you like to do and I will bring my Embosser Machine if you would like to do some card making. Feel free to come and go at anytime on that day and we will finish at 2pm. If you're staying for the afternoon just don't forget to bring your lunch.

November 4th - ANGEL MAKING - Lesley will show us how to make an Angel using craft paper.

11th ~18th November - STAR NATIVITY this day we can assemble our pegs to our stars with our little verse on the back. 18th November will be our last craft day in The Hall for the year.

Our first day back in 2016 will be January 27th.

🎄 CHRISTMAS LUNCH 🎄 ~ We love this day together. This year we are going to The Fig Coffee House (was Mother Earth) our lunch will cost you $20 for a main course, dessert, tea or coffee. When we know more we will tell you more. Lunch will be at 12noon and we won't have craft at the Church that day.

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 21st October ~ Lesley

We constantly think about you when we know that you are unwell and we miss you.

7th October 2015  18 present

Our music today was Piano for Pleasure

We said welcome to Doris, Elsa's sister who is visiting her and baby Patrick who is almost 1 who I was baby sitting for the day.

My weather report ~ what a beautiful break we had today after temperatures of close to 40 deg.

We even felt some fine sprinkles as we were leaving the Church but to no avail. Our gardens would have loved a nice rain fall. Tomorrow is going to be similar to today.

We are constantly busy with our craft and our conversations and this enthusiasm to help others and participate in new projects is just so heart warming.

THE LEPROSY MISSION ~ We continue to knit these much appreciated bandages and I'm sure you all know what we are doing with these and what the requirements are. If anyone isn't sure about the peak at the end and the crochet cord I will volunteer to finish them off if you would like.

CHILDREN'S SCARVES ~ A friend of mine has asked me if I know of anyone who knits to help out with the story I am about to tell you. It's a very simple request and this is the original message " A friend of mine has put up an unbelievable fight against her rare and aggressive lung cancer, sadly her prognosis is 3months. She is a young mother with a 3 year old son. One thing on her 'bucket list' was to knit 100 scarves for an orphanage in Romania. This young mother's family are from Romania"

A few years ago whilst I was involved with Westmead Childrens Hospital and our knitted teddies I learnt that if scarves are knitted for children they should never be long enough to loop around their necks. If you are willing to help out and I know some of us are this is all you need to do and know. ~
Using any ply wool. Any size needles. Any colour - you may knit stripes of different colours if you like.

Any stitch you like. I am knitting with 20 stitches. My advice that's important is NO LONGER THAN 70 cm.

WRAP WITH LOVE ~Heather has put a lot of time and thought into pinning squares for Wraps together so we can continue to sew them. Just remember to bring your wool needle.

We are so charitable and this thought makes me smile with a warm feeling of how we like to help others less fortunate than us.

Deanne brought in two simply beautifully completed children's jumpers to show us that her Nephew will take overseas for the needy at the end of the year.

Doris spent the morning looking and trying to solve a problem with Gaynor's over locker.

Gaynor has had a clean out of her cupboards and brought in some books to share if anyone would like them.

Deanne I'm sorry I was distracted and really wanted you to read and share an Email that you were sent through the week. Please bring it back for next week.

This whole report is about "giving to others" it's just amazing isn't it? As I type all this I feel overwhelmed.

KITCHEN HELP ~ Wednesday 14th October ~ Niela

30th September 2015  15 present

Our music today was On Wings of Love

Tomorrow we are into our second month of Spring - where did September go? I think it was a cold Winter and we are being told it's going to be a hot Summer.

Daylight saving commences this weekend so our clocks go forward 1 hour at 2am Sunday morning.

Well there we go ~ that's my weather report!!!!

We said hello to Ann who came to craft with Padma. Ann was very interested in what we do, what we have been doing and would like to join us in knitting cotton bandages and our Christmas star decoration. Grace gave Ann a lesson in knitting Fair Isle as she is knitting her doggy a Fair Isle jumper.

Well what about Christine? This is a Good Samaritan story. Christine went to Queensland last week and brought back a very large crochet rug belonging to her friend. This rug is being repaired by Christine as her friend's dog had a lovely time attacking it as it as it hung on the clothes line.

Quite a few of us are knitting cotton bandages ~ they really are not a chore but something different.

At first I didn't think I would do any then ~~~ I thought only one, then only two ~ I have found now I just can't count and here I go again!!!!

Did you see Heather's adult "bootie" today? I am certainly going to knit these for my girls.


We were talking about Floriade in Canberra today and it is open until 11th October. Watch Sunrise on Friday Channel 7 as "5 Seconds of Summer" will be there. Ashton their drummer is Deanne and Bruce's Grandson.

28th October ~ All day craft day
4th November ~ Angel paper decoration Workshop with Lesley
MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 7th October ~ Rosemary

Again our little verse for the week can be the verse I have printed for you to attach to the back of your star which reads. ~ We have seen His star and have come to Worship Him.- Matthew 2-2.

23rd September 2015  12 present

Our music today was The Borderers ~ Just Now

It's 8pm and I haven't been home since craft this morning, listening to a message on our answering machine from Rosemary to say she had been to Spotlight and had found and purchased the stars for our upcoming Christmas project. Rosemary Thank You so much. I was never worried about us not finding these stars but I sure am smiling and am happy. (It's not that we want everything to be perfect because we aren't perfect but we make that extra effort and that's when everything does work out to be perfect.)

Quite a few completed bandages for The Leprosy Mission were circulating around our room today and more were started. Deanne summed this up when she said - "How would you feel if you were suffering from Leprosy and you were given one of these bandages that has been knitted especially for you?

We are grateful to have our tables back home again after a journey that they can't tell us about. One of them is a stray and our third table is still on holidays "somewhere!"

Thank You Robyn for your generous parcels of parsley and basil.

We talked about our Christmas lunch which is being held on 25th November.

Our all day craft day is on Wednesday 28th October. The cost for the day is $5 this covers all day tea, coffee and biscuits and a little extra that we give to the Church as our donation. Bring your lunch and any craft that you would like to be doing. If you think of anything extra or you have a request please tell us and I'm sure that we can bring it or "whatever."

Now that we have our stars and are collecting our pegs for our Christmas projects we certainly can proceed with making them sooner than we thought if you would like. I am printing a little verse for you to attach to them if you would like one ~ it's up to you and I will bring them next week to show you how it can be placed. The verse is ~ "We have seen his star and have come to Worship Him" Matthew 2:2

KITCHEN DUTIES Wednesday 30th ~ Gaynor

16th September 2015  15 present

Our music today was The Return of the Borderers

What a wonderful success The Church Stall was at The Orange Blossom Festival under the guidance of Joan Brennan. Certain items were very popular including homemade cakes and biscuits.

The stall made $525.

Needlepoint News is out giving us the information that we need to know until the end of the year
Keep it handy as a reference and a reminder.

What happened to our Craft tables? Were they borrowed? Were they stolen? Were they hidden and we just can't find them? So many thoughts were discussed between us. We spent an hour and a half of anxious moments wondering. Many, many phone calls were made by Gaynor including a call to the Police.

# Then we had a breakthrough ~ Rotary had borrowed them for Orange Blossom in The Park last Sunday. Obviously a decision had been made that there was no rush to return them? This does leave me curious!!!

We can be very adaptable and we sat around mostly doing our craft.

Heather, Deanne and Gwenda were sewing squares together. We can continue doing these if you would like to join in. We just ask you to bring a wool sewing needle.

We have plenty of knitting cotton if you would also like to join us in knitting cotton bandages for The Leprosy Mission. The requirements are using 3 or 4 ply cotton and size 11 needles. Cast on 20 stitches and knit until your work measures 1 metre long. Some of our ladies started knitting these today.

Then we held a "chooks egg draw" (we do it all here at craft.) Suzanne brought us 1 dozen eggs from her own chooks at home. Everyone was given a ticket and two names were drawn, the winners were Marilyn and Elizabeth who were fortunately given 1/2 dozen eggs each.

MY HANDY HINT ~ When knitting always slip your first stitch in all rows. This will give you an even and neat edge.

This was passed onto me many years ago by a Handicraft judge after I entered a knitting competition with CWA.

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 23rd September ~ Rosemary

"The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up." - by Mark Twain

9th September 2015  19 present

Our music today was The Borderers

As our sock monkeys grow and begin to take shape they begin to become quite noisy, naughty and even excited and they are looking quite real. Monkeys, Monkeys everywhere and they certainly have taken over. By next week some of them will be finished so can you imagine how it will be? Today we started placing their noses into position, sewing their tails and arms and we discussed how we are going to make their eyes. When they are all complete I think we should have a "monkeys picnic" it truly will be fun to have these little mischievous animals altogether for a photographic session ready for next year's "Needlepoint News." Again a big Thank You to Suzanne for putting up with her students, persevering with us and most of all making them fun.

We had a record number here at craft today - how fantastic just knowing that we love coming when we can and being together gives us such a warm feeling.

Orange Blossom Festival is next Sunday 13th September and a beautiful reminder of this was when Lona came and brought a large supply of decorated bags and many covered coat hangers for The Church Stall. Lona they are just beautiful.

Christine brought some crafty ideas that I have asked her to show us at another workshop (a little peep into these ideas are) how to make and wear a false jumper when you don't wish to be wearing one and a very pretty knitted collar.

I mentioned last week that we can support The Leprosy Mission by knitting in Garter stitch Cotton Bandages. Using 3 or 4 ply cotton cast on 20 sts and knit until your work measures 1 metre long. These Heather has told us will take from beginning to end 5 hours. Did you know that to knit a square for WWL take 5 hours also?

I brought in a bag of mainly crotcheted squares from some CWA ladies. I think they came from Berowra Branch. The other bag contained 100 they are beautifully knitted and packed for sewing. The lady who made these is from my Castle Hill Branch this dear lady is 94.

Hopefully I will have Needlepoint News with our up-coming events and dates to give you next week.

I'm just mentioning once again if anyone has seen a camera in a pink zip case please talk to Padma.

Rosemary's Thought for the Week was from Hebrews 13 1-2 ~ Let brotherly love continue. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.

Kitchen Duties Wednesday 16th September ~ Jenny

2nd September 2015  12 present

Our music today was Richard Clayderman

It was real Monkey business today. Serious monkey creativity. Our teacher was marvellous and there were no cutting corners or "that will do" attitude. Suzanne you taught us well and we know now to use the correct colour cotton to match our sock, not to cut too far or too crooked, not to use buttons if the child you are making it for is young, our stuffing should be just right ~ not too much and not too little, pin to make your stripes match and make sure our ears are rounded ~ we didn't need to look at our print out instructions with Suzanne as our teacher. We are going to continue with our monkeys for as long as we need to. We hadn't had a workshop for a while so today was good fun.

Thank you so much Suzanne. We know we gave you a hard time but it was all in fun and we love what we are making.

Some beautiful items came to Craft today for "Show n Tell." I am sorry that we didn't show them and I would like to show them next week if you don't mind bringing them back please. Marilyn brought a story book of knitting. Joan was given a crocheted flower with a pipe cleaner swan and lavender in the base. Perhaps we could make these at a workshop in the future. Deanne brought in an amazing throw rug filled with family photos for Ashton for Christmas. I brought in a very detailed patchwork wall hanging. Let's bring them back next week. Talking about Lavender, our Lavender Fairy Grace has given me a batch of Lavender to dry so we will have fresh Lavender to play with.

Heather has told me of another project that we can help and support if we would like to. It's called The Leprosy Mission Australia. Their request is knitted cotton bandages for Leprosy patients in Ethiopia.

I have the pattern and will have it out next week.

After next week I will have details of our upcoming projects and events.

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 9th September ~ Deanne

A little thought to think about ~ The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.

26th August 2015  12 present

Our music today was West life "Face to Face"

This was my "Thought for the Week" ~
"If I knit and Crochet fast enough ... Does it count as Aerobics?" ~~ Is this questionable?
I would like to think that it wasn't.

Niela and Robyn have sorted out quite a bit from our cupboard and supplies. There usually is something for everyone if you happen to want some haberdashery items. If you see something that you would like just ask Robyn as some of our stores are there for a reason (like Christmas) otherwise it's yours.

We were all busy in our own way with what we were doing eg rugs being knitted, rugs being crocheted, squares being knitted, jewellery making, sorting and brewing coffee and tea, and not to be forgotten "happy chatting."

Heather brought another completed Wrap for us to see. Soft pretty colours in this one. Lesley showed me the graph she designed for her star that she has knitted into her daughter's beanie. It's very clever Lesley.

Joan you will place some smiles on the faces of your birthday people at Crossroads this week with your lovely birthday cards that you have made with lots of love for them.

We talked about the changes that will eventually take place at Round Corner. Joan remembers taking her dog to The Post Office and buying him an ice cream for 1 penny. How cute is that?

I am going to leave another thought with you as I sometimes think about this if I am feeling a little "flat" as we do sometimes. ~
  If you can lie down at night, knowing in your heart you made someone's day just a little bit better, you know you had a good day.

MORNING TEA ~ Wednesday 2nd September ~ Lesley

19th August 2015  12 present

It was grandparents day at several schools today, so two of our regulars were enjoying their time with the 'little ones' on their special day. No doubt there will be some stories to share with us next week.

To start with our Star of Stars managed to knit a star on the beanie she was making for her daughter. Well done Lesley. One of our newest members Chris was finishing off a gift to take to a Baby Shower that afternoon. A very pretty woollen ball in blue.

Both Joan and Maureen were knitting scarfs. Grace had presented us with a finished wrap which she had lined to make it more cosy to use. Heather was also knitting a square. And Jenny was on her 28th square, which will now be enough to sew up to complete her wrap. A true labour of love.

Niela brought in a beautiful blue sequined top which had been caught up on some of the sequins. She managed to sort it out so that she can now wear it when the weather is warmer. It's amazing how creative we can be in just a few concentrated hours in company with our friends! Gaynor is knitting a jumper, and Grace and Padma also had their hands full, with kniting. Robyn dropped in for a chat and cuppa. Discussions were quite lively almongst our girls and altogether a good morning was enjoyed by all.

12th August 2015  12 present

Our music today was Mimosa

I don't normally complain about Winter as I love Winter and rugging up but it's colder than I have ever known. It's snowing in The Blue Mountains, Orange, Bathurst. I wonder if Kenthurst has ever seen snow ~ it's the only thing missing from here isn't it?

We welcomed Christine to our happy group today and with her came some beautiful crocheted treats ~ cheese sandwiches, cup cakes chocolate chip cookies and today she was crocheting Sushi rolls.

Heather brought along a very bright and happy completed Wrap.

We sadly watched Elizabeth undo her knitting. What can I say except that sometimes when we are doing something a little complicated it takes too much concentration time when we could be completing something a little easier and less complicated. It's a gorgeous colour Elizabeth in Aquamarine.

Josie is back from her trip and hearing about it as Josie said "It was a trip of a lifetime."

I brought along my knitted Minion that I am knitting for Jeremy. How wise was Grace with her Crochet rug that was keeping her legs warm as she crocheted. Padma thank you for your homegrown Mandarines. Josie is back with her jewellery making. Lesley would still love an easy to knit Star. Rosemary's crochet rug is growing as she only started it last week. Heather is concentrating on putting together squares and creating them. Elsa is also creating squares. Joan is finishing a scarf I think it's from a friend.

Niela brought out a couple of donated boxes full of various craft items ~ it was a little mobile haberdashery shop. We had fun going through them finding little items that we knew that we would enjoy finishing and making.

Well I hope I'm not in trouble for missing anything important in this Report of today's doings! I didn't take notes so it's all from memory: if I have missed something that I should have said please drop me a line as I am always happy to be reminded and corrected.

KITCHEN DUTIES next Wednesday 19th ~ Josie

5th August 2015  6 present

Our music today was Michael Crawford

What a cold chilly morning it was today at Kenthurst with the temperature being just 3 deg at 6am.

It didn't seem to warm up by 9am either. Our "Barista" Lesley kept our coffee going and it was all so homely.

Well our news of the day was that Lincraft at Castle Hill is "closing down" so ladies if you need anything that is a Lincraft line be up there within the next two weeks. Their stock has been running down but it wasn't obvious that this was their plan. Spotlight is moving opposite to where they are now in Victoria Avenue when they have built the new store. The Craft Depot at Pennant Hills is another good store for your craft and wool supplies.

Marilyn is knitting Richard's jumper sleeves, Grace is crocheting her rug, Lesley is knitting a blue Cleckheaton beanie for a lady who has a small head, Rosemary started a new crochet rug and Gwenda is crocheting Hexagon squares.

Our conversations were quite funny yet very serious at the same time??

If you have visitors how do you get them to go home when they have almost overstayed ~ tell them "it's time to look at the garden", Ask them if they would like a coffee before they leave", or get up from your chair and say "I'm going to bed" ~~~ What would you do?

So many solutions and oils for polishing and restoring our furniture. Through the week a couple of us went outside to see why it was so bright and wondered if a light had been left on ~~ NO (it was full moon )

Have you tried the Thai Restaurant just down from Westpac Bank Round Corner. Did you know that Lorikeets love pears? Enjoy your week and as I write this report this afternoon I feel it could be snowing outside, it's cold so turn your heaters up and Keep warm, keep out of the wind and swallow your pride and wear a hat or beanie if your head and ears are cold!!

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 12th August ~ Elsa

29th July 2015  10 present

Our music today was End the Day ~ Erana Clark

Next week is Elaine's birthday and we wish you a very happy day Elaine as we know you will celebrate with your family.

Our music today was very moving and also very pretty. This CD was put together by a husband and wife as a dedication to those who were left behind after the April 1996 Port Arthur massacre.

Our beautiful Teddy theme continued today with more Teddies having car rides and days out. Our visitors sat in all their glory making new friends, firstly we had Graces bear "Grunt" with a priceless story to tell.

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Grace, she grew up with a loving family but no Teddy Bear. Years later Grace was hospitalised for an operation and her family knowing that Grace didn't ever have a Teddy knew that it was time she did. As Grace suffered with pain she cuddled her new Teddy "Grunt" and her pain was reduced ~ something that medication couldn't seem to do. Was this a "fairytale"? No it wasn't. I just loved this story about Grace's Teddy.

Elaine brought her daughter's Teddy, a beautiful Teddy that would be about 42 years old. Suzanne's Teddy was given to her when she was 12 months old. This Teddy was wearing a dress that Suzanne made for her Intermediate Certificate. How special is that? Suzanne also brought us a photo.

Elsa brought along a Teddy and a Panda, and where did they come from? Well~~~ Elsa thinks she probably bought them for her children and may have forgotten to give them to them!! Well what I think is that if she had they probably would never have had the day out that they had today.

Gaynor brought in a patchwork blanket that she made from patches of different garments she has been making over the years.

Robyn has made a very generous amount of covered coat hangers ready for Joan for The Orange Blossom Festival.

Kylie, Cayla and Patrick came to craft today. Children can be entertaining and they are so innocent. When I gave Kylie Patrick's new little knitted jacket he was suddenly wearing it.

It's such a lovely feeling when we make something for someone and we see them appreciate it. I showed Cayla the monkeys that Suzanne is going to show us how to make. When we went home Cayla shrieked out "Oh no Oma you forgot to make me my monkey. I love those monkeys." There is one little girl who is going to appreciate hers when I have made it.

How about this ~ I cannot do everything, but still I can do something, and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 5th August ~ Marilyn

22nd July 2015  10 present

Our music today was Teddy bears Picnic and Josh Groban

We had some very important Teddies attending craft today. Their age and the cold still brought them out and they sat all morning on their picnic table with their teaset playing Noughts and Crosses.

Marilyn's teddy is over 70 years old he is described as ancient and much loved. Deanne's cousin gave her hers and he would be over 80. Another hand made Teddy Deanne made many years ago was decorated with pretty pastels, lace and beads.

Rosemary brought four teddies, two of which were her sons'. The large brown one came from New Zealand.

Gwenda brought a Noughts and Crosses game with play pieces being Teddies and Gollywogs.

We also had a honey bear to go with our tea and coffee.

Bring your Teddies back next week and anyone who has a Teddy at home I'm sure if you asked them if they would like a day out, they will be in the car before you!!! That's how Teddies are!!!!

We talked today and we shared stories and we laughed and we did do some craft then after all of this we found it was time to go home so we can do it all again next week. I would love to tell you our beautiful doggy stories. You will have to just imagine them.

Talk about generosity -
Suzanne brought a bag of Cumquats for anyone to help themselves to, and when I say a bag full I mean over 100!!! Home grown pumpkin and little red bundles of chillies and her recipe for her Thai Pumpkin Soup. Lesley brought us the crochet and knitted Poppy patterns she collected from the Library.

Deanne brought in her exquisite collar that she fancy worked in blue for her Intermediate Certificate.

A REQUEST - I appreciate you all saving tea tags for me. The Hills Grammar School are still calling for them so I am still collecting and passing them on.

Padma has asked if you could please save your Egg Shells for her for her vege garden. Gaynor has invited anyone who is interested to attend a Multicultural Event on Saturday 8th August at 11am at The Church. Invitations have been given out.

Rosemary's thought for today was - A Teddy is a Cuddle with Paws at the End.

Kitchen duties next week -Wednesday 29th July - Gwenda.

15th July 2015  14 present

Our music today was Diana Princes of Wales - Tribute Album

I am back from my holidays and so is "The Music Machine." From sunny warm Queensland to snow in Glen Innes, I am colder now I'm home than I have been in 16 days of holidays. Our holiday was "the best" and it's always nice to come home too.

Grace read to us this very funny poem and if you would like to hear the rest of it send me an Email and I will send it to you. This is how it started ~
When I'm an old lady I'll live with each kid, and bring so much happiness just as they did. I want to pay back all the joy they've provided, Returning each deed! Oh, they'll be so excited ~ When I grow old and live with my kids. ~~~~

Elizabeth read to us also and this was about "perseverance" about a Frog.

HANDY HINT - this came from Lesley when knitting with a couple of colours - take a sandwich bag, cut the corner, poke your wool in the bag and through the corner and seal the bag and the result is no more tangles.

Heather has a partly knitted Men's jumper in Fishermans Rib that was given to her if anyone would like it.

Suzanne brought in a large bag of Cumquats and Grace is going to make some jam and requests if anyone has some small jars she would appreciate them. Suzanne has also let me know that she will be bringing another bag of Cumquats next week for anyone else who would like them.

We loved seeing Elizabeth's birthday photos today.

I so wish that I could repeat for you the pattern for a sleeveless jumper that Lesley read out it was complicated, funny, different, unusual and knitted on two circular needles ~ whew!!! research, study and being social that was our Lesley today, Gwenda brought her crocheting and it just stayed where it was put when she arrived I guess I could say I was just "social too", Deanne is knitting a gorgeous green charity jumper, Josie was making earrings, Lona was learning how to knit lace into coat hangers, Rosemary was crocheting a rustic colour rug, Elsa has a talent for drawing and was busy sketching, Suzanne was showing us how sock monkeys are made, Grace is crocheting a rug, Jenny has just completed 27 squares and a rug is made up of 28! Well done Jenny it's a whole rug! Marilyn and Heather are knitting squares and Elizabeth is knitting for a Grandchild.



Teddy Bears Picnic next week so bring along your Teddy and anything else that goes with that theme.

I will bring a CD of Teddy Bears Picnic BUT we don't want to hear it all morning so if you have some appropriate music that we could hear bring it along. This theme can continue for this month.

AUGUST ~ We are going to make Sock Monkeys. Suzanne will purchase the socks and those of you who would like to make one or two Suzanne is happy to purchase them. I think they are just $2 or $3 a pair and each monkey takes 1 1/2 socks.

Next week I will bring along our Christmas project for you to see and decide if you will like to make one or a few of them. We think you will like them for gifts.

I would have liked to share some of the recipes that we talked about ~ perhaps another day when our news is a "little light on."

KITCHEN DUTIES NEXT WEEK Wednesday 22nd July - Deanne

8th July 2015  14 present

There was such a 'buzz' in our group this morning - much chatter as well as plenty of fingers on the go.

We celebrated Elizabeth's 80th birthday with song (and second verse). Rosemary sent her a beautiful card during the week. Her cards are always a keepsake.

Grace finished off another wrap from odd shaped squares to go over to Alexandria. Well done.

Creative juices were apparent with our girls today, with both knitting and crochet. There were neck warmers, squares, ruffle scarf, tea cosy sachets, childs cardigan, ear making for a colourful inherited bear, and a wrap.

We are so appreciative for Lesley and Deanne each morning as they take over kitchen duty and also pick up the slack when necessary. The smell of coffee tantilises the senses as you walk thru the door. Great job girls!

1st July 2015  10 present

We welcomed back our 'groupee' granny today. She and husband enjoyed their time in Melbourne recently with #1 grandson who was playing at the Rod Laver Stadium, no less.

Grace brought in two wraps which were on display, one knitted and the other crocheted, very colourful.

Most of us were knitting squares today, and when finished to be sent over to 'Wrap with Love' at Alexandria.

Gaynor brought in her string of pearls to be restrung and made a little longer. These were a special gift from her husband many years ago, so they had sentimental value.

Marilyn and hubby spent an enjoyable three days in Brisbane recently to celebrate his birthday.

The cooler weather has not dampened our members' enthusiasm from travelling around our beautiful countryside, although still officially winter.

A gentle reminder to who is on kitchen duties next week.

24th June 2015  10 present

Our music today was Celine Dion

Life is like a camera - Just focus on what's important. Capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don't work out, take another shot. I think this applies to our craft and our projects too doesn't it? If we make a mistake just try again.

We say Happy Birthday to Alison and wish her a very Happy Day.

Our Thought for the Week was based on Proverbs 16. This was very meaningful. Thank You Rosemary.

For those of you who would like to make the sock monkey that Niela made keep an eye out for plain children's socks - a lot of what is in the shops are patterned. Plain are better!!

Beautiful conversations took place and I will never remember them all yet a couple stood out and my favourite was PEARLS (my favourite stone) How about the beanie that Gaynor knitted for Peter (I don't dob -- but) she knitted it too small and it just popped off his head!!!! Gaynor why don't you try 50 sts, bigger needles and knit an extra panel into it. I have just completed an adults one and it worked.

Spring cleaning was another of our chats along with decorating shopping bags, keeping warm, we are going to update our list of telephone numbers, holidays, baby sitting, our children who sleep walked and those of us who were afraid of the dark when we were little. We have placed a couple of books in the cupboard for anyone to borrow on "doll making" Thank You Peter for bringing us some Craft Magazines to share and take. Can you imagine all these conversations plus much more and doing our craft at the same time??? We are such clever "double taskers."

Padma's duck is coming along, squares are being knitted by Heather, Jenny and Lesley, a child's jumper is being knitted by Rosemary, Niela is finishing an unfinished crochet rug that has been given to her for completion, Gwenda is crocheting a very pretty rug with a combination of colours that just blend together, we know what Gaynor is doing -it's a beanie for Peter, Grace is knitting a square, Josie is making a bracelet.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 1st July - Marilyn

Take good care of yourselves

17th June 2015  13 present

Our music today was Celine Dion - Let's Talk about Love

Rod brought a large box of hidden treasures into our Craft Room this morning for me. This box was given to me "for anyone who is interested" - far too big to carry it came by car. Knitted squares - just the right size for Wrap With Love, bags of wool from 4ply to 12ply, crocheting cotton on reels and spools, knitting Rolls of Nylon and flannelette and cotton materials. Have you ever seen such happy sharing as you did today?

We were very happy to say hello to Elsa's sister Doris today who is holidaying from Coffs Harbour.

Two beautiful Treasures came to Craft. Robyn proudly brought a stunningly beautiful Ruby ring that was bought for her Mother by her Husband in Singapore. Joan brought a Beaten Silver stole that is an "Heirloom" and belonged to her Great Grandmother. Deanne read to us some points to think back on about the 1950's. This was a lot of fun to hear and we sat there nodding our heads in agreement. This did create a conversation about "the old days."

DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR ~ How often whilst out shopping do we see something we like - leave it there - go home to think about it - go back to make a purchase and IT HAS GONE??? Niela and I were talking about this and our new quote for the week is "SEE IT - BUY IT!"

Good Will notes - Thank You Rosemary and Deanne. Rosemary has sent a very beautifully written Thank You card to Suzanne's friend who sewed and gave us those beautiful little girl skirts and tops and crocheted hand towels. Deanne has sent a note of gratitude and thanks to Woolworths for the scones they donated a couple of weeks ago.

As busy as we were most of our ladies found time to sit and be busy with the following ~

Josie was with her jewellery making, Lesley, Deanne and Joan were knitting scarves, Marilyn, Elsa, Doris and Jenny were knitting squares, Gaynor was knitting a cowl (a cowl is a modern style scarf), Grace was crocheting squares, Padma is knitting a duck and Rosemary, Robyn and Gwenda - well you see we were just busy in our own way!!!

Here is a little saying to end our day ~ "Flowers whisper what words cannot say."

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 24th June ~ Niela

We are constantly thinking of our ladies and their families when there is sickness and worry in your home. We miss you when you are not with us yet we send you our love and thoughts.

27th May 2015  14 present

Our music today was Reflections of Paradise

Had you heard the news? Cadbury have brought out for a limited time only Vegemite Chocolate!!
So today I brought along a block of this said chocolate for you to taste. There were many comments.

Well our CCBMT is upon us next week. So much discussions took place between us.

Our visitors will arrive from 10am. Feel free to come from 9 on as we may have a few last minute items for pricing and setting up. The Committee will have set our room up on the Tuesday. Instead of us having a display table it was suggested that if we have an item of clothing that we have made we should "wear it" and that would certainly be a great display of our work. Our arrangements are that when our donation ($5) is paid we will give a green lucky door ticket. This also enables the ticket bearer to a Devonshire Tea - the lucky door winner will be able to choose a gift from our Sales Table. The winner of our Guessing Competition wins the jelly beans and also a Cancer Council Cup. Joan, thank you for organising this for us.

Some of our Sale items that came in today were ~ Joan's scarves in very pretty colours. Jenny made a beautiful patchwork shopping bag and a slice, Lesley has knitted three elegant neck warmers, Beryl has machined beautiful shopping bags and cup protecting carry bags and Suzanne brought little girl skirt and coordinated top sets, crochet hand towels and laminated verses. Suzanne brought in to show us a monkey made from 1½ socks. This will be a project that we are all anxious to participate in.

CHERISHED TREASURES - "Our Theme for May and June." Today was Sally's day out, she was a Christmas gift from Santa to Deanne when Deanne was a little girl, Sally was dressed in a lemon crochet dress. Joan's treasure was an Autograph book that belonged to her grandmother. This was not just a book, it's exquisite and holds valuable knowledge. A letter in this book was written by Queen Victoria to her as she was the leader at the time for The Women's Union in England - this letter is dated 1887.

Grace brought in a case of teaspoons with sugar tongs. Not only was the case original but the attached ribbon was still attached. These were a Wedding Present belonging to Grace's great grandmother. These date back to 1850's.

What beautiful Treasures were these!

Thank you ladies for bringing in those Tea Tags for me. Don't forget to wear "something" that you have made next week.

Rosemary read from a book of Inspiring Stories a quote on Kindness.

13th May 2015  15 present

It's time we had a theme don't you think? Mothers Day has just passed and it made me think about the things and thoughts of "What we cherish" with so much thinking of what we are doing and making for our CCBMT ~ I think sometimes we forget about ourselves ~ so let's add to our day by thinking about us. Let's start this next week Wednesday 20th and it can continue for a few weeks. We can just share a thought, bring along a cherished item - your Mother's, Grandmother's, your own - this could be fun and it could be interesting. "The mind could boggle couldn't it????"

We sure were alive today, happy, laughing and sharing. Outside the sun was shining yet it was windy which tells us Winter is certainly coming and tonight as I write this it's only 9 deg outside.

We were happy to have Niela back and safe - unfortunately "jet lag" came with her!! Niela brought an unfinished crochet rug that has been given to her to finish. Robyn was putting together more lavender bags. I brought my show and tell cow/sheep ~ I thought I was knitting a cow yet it turned out to be a sheep!!! Josie was jewellery making. Sorry Josie and Robyn you were outnumbered by the "Knitters", Rosemary, Grace, Padma, Elaine, Elizabeth, Marilyn, Jenny, Gaynor, Neila & Gwenda.

Grace told us a story about a relative who was wheel chair bound after a nasty fall from a ladder. This story her father told her as a child and very recently Grace's sister found a photo of this very man in his wheel chair. We love hearing these stories.

Rosemary read us a verse that reminds us of what Friendship is.

We are often sad when we have loved ones who are not well. Sometimes it's the loved ones around those not well who are tired and feeling low too ~ they are often "the forgotten ones." We don't always know when you are not well - we think of Heather and Peter. My little Jeremy is going into Macquarie University Hospital next Tuesday to have his Tonsils and adenoids removed and "those little grommets" inserted into his ears. I do know there are other procedures amongst some of you.

CCBMT is on 3rd June from 10am ~ 12 noon. Please invite your friends and relatives to come and join us. We are asking $5 for Devonshire Tea and any other donation is gratefully accepted. We will just make our guests feel welcome and a donation no matter how small is a great contribution from our little friendly craft group.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 20th May ~ ? When we don't know it just really doesn't matter, we are always there to help each other anyway.

29th April 2015  7 present

We were happy to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Anzac Day as promised from last week. Rosemary had prepared the reading of the Ode and To Whom We Owe The Debt by Heather Prentice. Also a packet of Anzac biscuits with a poppy embellishment and attached verse 'the poppy has become the symbol of both great loss in war and hope for those left behind', was handed to each one of us along with a sprig of rosemary bush as a memento. Well done Rosemary.

It was quite cold to start off, however thank goodness for air-con. Most of us girls were either knitting squares, or sewing up squares into a colourful rug. Leslie was knitting a neck warmer, very appropriate for this time of year. Lona brought along her latest project a pretty flower adorned hessian bag.

Kitchen duties for next week: Josie

Continue thinking Big Morning Tea and what you would like to make......

22nd April 2015  5 present

I want to thank everyone who 'braved' the bad weather today, and there was plenty to talk about because of it. Most members were either experiencing blackout or were away on holiday, or not available to venture out due to the cyclonic rain Sydney was currently experiencing.

Rosemary, Lesley, Marilyn, Gaynor and myself all managed to keep our fingers busy with knitting squares and jewellery making.

The general concensus of opinion was for Rosemary to pospone the Gallipoli presentation due for today until next week, because of the small number of members present. We will look forward to the display.

Kitchen duties next week: Lesley

Just a gentle reminder ladies keep your thinking caps on for the up and coming Big Morning Tea on 3rd June -

15th April 2015  8 present

Our music today was The Great Relaxation Collection Volume 3

Robyn is celebrating her birthday during this coming week and we wish you Robyn a very happy day.

Joan's Thought for Today was ~ "Love One another" ~ It's simple and true! We liked our re-arrangement of our tables today. We will give it a try and see what we think.

There is no excuse for me not to know what we were all doing today - Rosemary was crocheting her rug which is close to completion, Deanne has completed her child's jumper so snug and warm, and is now knitting a beanie, Elizabeth is knitting a child's jumper, Marilyn is knitting squares, Joan is knitting Poppies, Heather was knitting triangle squares, Jenny is sewing a gorgeous red and white spot swimming hat and Gwenda was knitting Flannel Flowers.

I would share with you what our conversations were about ~ yet they were extraordinary and interesting and all I can say is what didn't we talk about?

I would like us to think about our sales table at our Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea on 3rd June.

Last week I had a bag of Lavender brought to me by Grace and this I am drying and will bring for next week, so much appreciated Thank You Grace. Robyn has asked for a Knitting pattern which I am sure that Deanne is able to help out with.

My movie review of seeing Shaun The Sheep yesterday with Peter, Jeremy and Cayla is ~
"You may enjoy it better if you were to take your knitting with you!!!" It was for the children and they did enjoy it ----

I will apologise for being a day late yet I know there are no time restrictions with my letter and the reason I write it in the first place is because I like doing it and it certainly makes me think..

I have a lovely bag of surprises to bring and show you next week.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ I haven't had an updated list so I promise I will remember to ask Lesley for next week.

8th April 2015  14 present

Our music today was Golden Relaxation Collection

The weather report for today is ~ Top of 22 deg, I think Autumn has arrived and some of our ladies this morning thought it was Winter!!

We all seem to knit all year yet many people who find it difficult to knit in the "warmer weather" you can bring out your needles and wool now.

Heather has found a great bargain at Spotlight 200gram balls 100% acrylic for $3.

Today when Josie and I arrived at The Hall we looked at each other and laughed: the room was pre-set in the form of a Coffee Shop. We decided to leave it and we watched as it slowly changed into another form - it certainly created conversation.

Today was a good day we chattered and laughed and discussed everything imaginable.

Bendigo Wool could run out of certain colours and the very colour that you want? "NO" ~ "YES!!"

A knock on their door is what Deanne will do. Furniture restoration - "have it done for you" versus "do it yourself," the weather, the best place to purchase your "greens" Woolworths verses Martellis?

Who wins ~ knitting or crocheting? Heather, Deanne, Gwenda, Marilyn. Beryl, Lesley, Joan, Padma, Grace and Gaynor were knitting. Rosemary was crocheting, Jenny was sewing and our resident Jeweller, Josie, was jewellery making - today Josie created a very nice brown tone bracelet.

Robyn is getting us into action ready for our CCBMT by assembling our Lavender bags, they looked gorgeous and there will be more.


We are hosting another Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea on 3rd June. Have a think about saleable items that you can help out with if you like. The times will be 10am ~ 12 noon. Heather very kindly is printing out some advertising for us to hand out.

I don't have a copy of The Easter Prayer written by Helen Steiner Rice that Joan brought along today as our Thought for the Week that Rosemary read out.

Here is another thought of interest for us to think about ~
Helen Steiner Rice was born in Lorain America in May 1900 and died in April 1981 at the age of 81. She became a renowned writer of Poetry and an author of Inspirational Verse. Helen's father died when she was 18. In 1922 she married Franklin Rice and unfortunately he suicided in 1932. These events made her a very strong willed business-woman but her true love was her writing.

1st April 2015  12 present

It's Easter and the season changes with it. With Easter comes Easter Eggs which means ~ New Beginning and we all know the meaning of Hot Cross Buns symbolising Jesus dying on the cross.

Our Craft Group is a part of the Kenthurst Uniting Church, but we don't promote ourselves as overtly Christian to the exclusion of others. Yet we are decent ladies who do believe in The Christian beliefs. Easter is a time of thinking and believing in the "meaning of Easter".

Did we wear our Easter bonnets and hats? We certainly did ~ Hats and Fascinators decorated with Easter Daisies, chickens, eggs, tulle and ribbons, head bands with feathers and chickens, necklaces with chickens and chicken earrings. We just do it all and don't miss a thing.

Thank you Deanne for shopping for us and buying Hot Cross Buns for morning tea with real butter on them.

After visiting Ebenezer for Devonshire Tea on Thursday their scones were just gorgeous ~ so as promised I am sharing their recipe as they loved giving it to us. ~
3 cups SR flour and a small spoon Baking Powder
1 cup cream
1 cup water or lemonade
Pinch salt
Mix ingredients lightly with a knife, cut into shape and bake in 210deg oven for 10 ~15 mins.


Spotlight, where we all love to visit, is on the move again. They are re - locating across the road in Victoria Avenue, I think around July. This will be a bigger better store with we hope more parking!


I think one of my favourite feelings is laughing with someone and realising half way through how much you enjoy them and their existence. I wish you and your families a very Blessed Easter. If you are travelling take your trip carefully and peacefully. Happy Easter from my family to you.

I know I am a couple of days later than I normally am in writing this report to you. I have been with both our girls and their families and that makes me happy.

Take extra care of yourselves

25th March 2015  11 present

Our music today was a variety of different CDs

Today was our first All Day Craft Day for the year and this day gives us an opportunity to work on larger projects rather than having to pack away in a short time.

Today is also Marilyn's birthday. Happy birthday to you Marilyn and have a lovely day. Our choir burst into song and our soloists sang the second verse as we are very well known for!!! Rosemary gave Marilyn one of her beautiful cards.

Added to our Easter display of various chickens, rabbits and eggs is a Hot Cross Bun! Two beautiful books were circulating around the room today, beautiful Cross Stitch book from Lesley and Gwenda's Crochet Book. Beautiful books ~ who doesn't love beautiful books? Lesley spoilt us with morning tea today. Your cake was gorgeous Lesley, thank you.

Pretty photographs were shared by Grace - so lovely for us to enjoy. We were happy to have Grace back from her holiday.

We are never looking for Good Samaritans yet Jenny you have made Joan a very happy lady and we enjoyed being a part of the unveiling. Jenny has made chair covers for Joan and her friends to be used in the Church.

Well did we laugh when we heard the story from Joan of how the gas man blew himself up!!! And it gets better ~ Joan then put him in the shower and the water got turned on and and and ~~~. We don't just come to Craft to do our craft!!!! We do so much more!

Josie has returned after a relaxing holiday in Queensland with Beverley and Graeme

Flip n Fish restaurant is now open at Round Corner

CANCER COUNCIL BIGGEST MORNING TEA ~ We are registered to participate on Wednesday 3rd June. We will have a table of saleable items. We would love you to have a think if you would like to help with a little home cooking or handmade handicrafts.

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK from Rosemary was -
When I have a doctor or dental appointment, I always take something to crochet ~ otherwise I know they'll be running behind and I'll have to wait an hour

MORNING TEA ROSTER - Wednesday 1st April -

18th March 2015  10 present

Our music today was Teddy Bears' Picnic

Allow me to set the scene. ~ On 14th March, 2009, after an invitation from Louise: Louise, Beverley, Heather, Josie and Myself sat together upstairs and discussed the forming of our craft group - how often, when, where, but never a WHY!! And here we are 6 years later and as strong as ever. Happy Birthday to each other and Thank You for supporting our group. We can see how much we have grown by the fact that we now have a second shelf in the cupboard.!!!! Don't you think playing Teddy Bears Picnic music was appropriate for today???

Can you guess what our Robyn was doing today? We were all busy with our own little projects and I will mention the beautiful ~ well I really mean "exquisite" Peter Rabbit patchwork quilt Beryl is making.

Heather reminded us of Days for Girls and how this will be an ongoing project for us to contribute to.

Feminine hygiene is just so important and for us to be able to support such a much needed organization is greatly appreciated. These packs are sent all round the world to these underprivileged countries.

HANDY HINT - for a sparkling glass oven door, mix a paste of Bicarb soda with a little water and spread it all over the door and leave for ½ hour then wipe clean. You will have an amazing "sparkle!"

I have tried this and IT WORKS


# 25th March is our All Day Craft Day ~ Bring your lunch and if you have any special requests for demonstrations please send me an Email or phone me and I will bring it or them.
Because we pay a little extra for having the Hall and bottomless coffee, tea and biscuits we ask for $5 for the day.

# 1st April - EASTER HAT TIME - be creative in a simple way by wearing an Easter bonnet. We will have Hot X Buns for morning tea too.

# 22nd April - We will remember ANZAC DAY

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 25th March - Lesley.

11th March 2015  12 present

Our music today was Piano for Easy Listening

Easter is in the air, you can feel it and our little knitted chickens are starting to make them selves know here at Craft and one little rabbit hopped in to say hello. Deanne had a photo of her 20 chickens with little coloured ribbons around their necks that she has made for her daughter's fete at work.

Gwenda has been knitting a different style for variety which is quite different and not as detailed using the same pattern for the rabbit and the chicken.

These chickens and rabbits will continue to keep visiting until Easter.

Lesley told us how "Flip n Fish" is coming to Round Corner but in the meantime if you are fancying "fish n chips" for lunch or dinner well we suggest you take a drive (just up the road) to Cronulla, Berowra Waters, Windsor, Mooney Mooney -----!

HANDY HINT - came from Lesley when she told us that "Ling" is a good firm fish to use when making a curry or any fish dish when you don't wish it to break.

Jenny has just returned from my favourite State in Australia ~ Tasmania. One of the highlights of her trip was visiting Salamanca Markets which I remember is in Salamanca Place in Hobart and what shocked me was that there are 328 Market Stalls. I knew these markets were large and I have walked around them but " that big?" Beautiful markets - they are truly my favourite too.

Even with our loving conversations, the aroma of coffee wafting through the air we were crafting away achieving great results. Here is a snippet as to what we were doing ~

Gaynor was completing a trauma teddy, Deanne knitting a beanie, Lesley is knitting washers, Rosemary continues to crochet her rug, Joan was turning out daisies on a daisy wheel, Heather is knitting Mohair squares, Gwenda is knitting another Rabbit, Padma continues with her Santa decorations, Marilyn is knitting corner squares, Jenny is sewing material puffs and Robyn was busy (bless her) tidying up our cupboard!!

Don't forget to check our up-coming dates of Events in Needlepoint News and last week's Report.

Write these dates on your calendar or in your diary.

Next week I will bring The Poppy Bag, Easter chickens and rabbits, Apple bag and if you think of anything else please don't hesitate to Email me and then I will bring it.

We loved Rosemary's THOUGHT for the WEEK which was ~
Groups of women have probably gathered to do needlework together since the dawn of time. When our fingers are busy, our minds are free to expand, and conversations flow swift and deep.

# This truly was us today our conversations flowed swift and deep!!!

KITCHEN DUTIES Wednesday 18th March ~ Gwenda.

4th March 2015  13 present

Our music today was On wings of love

I know we should be thankful for beautiful days yet really we are over these very hot days don't you think? When I heard the temperature prediction this morning for today I complained (to myself) "I'm over this" and then I thought about this little verse I am reminding myself of and sharing with you ~~

HOW TO HAVE A LOVELY DAY ~ Smile at strangers, Slow down, say Thank You, give lots of compliments, dress nicely, wear perfume, observe and listen, be charming, laugh, wish people a lovely day.

We wished Lona a Happy Birthday and our Craft Group Choir burst into song with our special rendition of Happy Birthday and our Sopranos sang the 2nd verse. Have a happy day Lona.


We were saying today "It's amazing what we learn at craft!" Did you know that twin packs of lettuce have risen in price from $1.99 to $2.99? Did you know that if you wrap them in paper towel they will keep fresher longer? If you part boil potatoes you can peel them by hand and tomatoes can be the same. Don't forget how beneficial Vitamin D can be if we take it with caution.

Nine of us were knitting today - trauma teddies, hats, washers, flowers, squares and more, Rosemary was crocheting, Grace was sewing-up, Padma busy with her felt Santas, Josie with her jewellery and Lona showed me an idea of a beautiful felt flower with a puff and button decoration in a magazine - this gave us another lovely idea.


Stitches and Craft Show is on now at Rosehill Raceway, Rosehill.

25th March is All Day Craft Day - bring your lunch. Cost $5 with bottomless tea, coffee and biscuits.

1st April - Hot X Buns for morning tea and Easter projects to complete.

Easter isn't far away Good Friday is 3rd April ~ Easter Monday 6th.

Sydney Royal Easter Show dates are 26th March ~ 8th April.

ROSEMARY'S THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK ~ When you make time to knit - you experience the joy - and pride of making something with your hands, feeling soft fibres, and watching beautiful colour through your fingers.

We do miss you when you are not with us and look forward to seeing you soon.

25th February 2015  12 present

Our music today was On wings of love

We send our love to Deanne who is recovering at home after having surgery on her knee on Monday. We are thinking of you Deanne and hope you will be feeling stronger real soon. We missed you today.

HANDY HINTS - The poor banana 🍌 is sitting in the corner feeling sad not knowing what we are going to do with it!!! My handy hint was to separate them from each other 🍌  🍌  🍌  to prevent them from going brown. Josie heard that you do the opposite!!! 🍌🍌🍌. Next we were told when they ripen too much to be eaten - peel them and place in the freezer ready to make a Banana cake. Niela told us no don't peel them just place them in the freezer in their skins. ~ Well I ask you "do you have any bananas at the moment?" Where are they? And what are they doing?

Beautiful "lovelies" to look at today ~

Beryl we all admired with Wows your fabulous "mug bag" made from the beautiful fabric that we were given last week.

Niela brought a wonderful idea of a crochet dolly bed and doll with the base made from a drink bottle, for us to admire and YES some of us have "little girl treasures" that we are going to make them for, I know my little 3 year old Cayla will love hers when I make it.

Robyn generously brought some books and pencils to help Samaritans Purse. We will always be happy donating to this worthy cause. Robyn also brought us a lovely idea of placemats and cards that we may be able to play with at our All Day Craft Day on 25th March.

Around the tables so much activity was going on. I love sharing what you are all doing

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 4th March ~ Joan

18th February 2015  14 present

Our music today was André Rieu - 100 Beautiful Melodies

We welcomed Niela to our Craft Group today.

Sometimes small "things" are forgotten when it comes to writing my report and last week we were so grateful to Lyn for the beautiful quality fabrics she brought to craft for us to have.

Thank you Deanne for waiting on us, serving us and shopping for our Pancake Morning Tea.

Joan was asking us to be careful if buying and eating Frozen Berries as Joan had a packet of these said berries in her freezer.

On 25th March we are going to celebrate our 6th "Post Birthday". This will be our All Day Craft Day so what will we do that day?

HANDY HINTS continue to amuse us. Deanne read to us from an ancient Handy Hint book and it told us how to cook Chicken Broth - sorry to laugh but it was funny and not quite what we would do.
Beryl told us how to tap our tubes and get more out of it. We learnt how to add a tiny trickle of water to get more from our sauces, milk and condiments in jars.
Grace told us to save all those left overs in sauce bottles, give them a shake and add them to stews etc..
Gwenda told how to use a calculator instead of a stitch counter when knitting.
Also a drop of Eucalyptus oil placed on a flannel and in the dryer for a minute or two will freshen a room (or house.)
Heather told us to place a paper clip on the end of a tube of toothpaste and fold it up and keep in place.
Suzanne told us if we develop a Ganglion Cyst on our hand or wrist give it a whack with a Bible - really?? Yes that's right!!! (I'm not sure if it's the "Holy Word" or the weight of the book). Just come to Craft we learn everything here.

Suzanne thank you for continuing our search for Target bags.

On Monday morning The Postman arrived at Joan's house with a precious parcel that she is very proud of and "lucky us" Joan brought it to craft for us to enjoy too. They are photos of her family who live in Canberra.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 25th February - Rosemary

Rosemary's Thought for the week was -
You don't knit because you are patient. You are patient because you knit.

11th February 2015  This was the report that the Gremlins ate.

4th February 2015  13 present

Our music today was Kingsley Looker Volume 2

We chatted between noises today, it was very different yet at least we were able to craft away despite the sound effects from inside and the mowing outside.

We talked and discussed everything!! Lesley and I were saying how our group are never lost for a conversation.

Rosemary's thought for the week was from a tiny cute little daily desk calendar.

Knitting is a boon for those of us who are easily bored, take my knitting everywhere to take the edge off of moments that would otherwise drive me stark raving mad.

Many Poppies were being knitted and how real they are looking. Josie made a beautiful red necklace to match her gorgeous earrings. Squares will never be a "thing of the past." Little beanies were in our midst and so was the needlework that Padma is making with Grace's help.

Elizabeth brought her black and white bag that her Granddaughter sewed. Deanne told us a proud story of some friends going to a concert that 5 Seconds of Summer were and how proud her grandson was to be able to say "That was my Cousin!" I was sharing my catalogue from Bendigo Wool and thank you ladies for helping me choose a colour that I will send away for a jumper for Rod. I am looking forward to a larger project after knitting so many flowers.

TODAY'S HANDY HINT - before freezing you newly purchased bacon, try rolling it up and placing then side by side in a container or on a tray. When frozen, place then in a snap lock bag and just snap one off as you need it and microwave to thaw. This will only take a second.

As I looked around the room I noticed Lesley had a great hint right before us and it was - place your ball of wool in a snap lock bag and just pull it through as you need it. No more rolling around the floor as you knit. Heather also does this ~ well I don't but now I am sure we all will.

Needlepoint News is out and about. Don't forget to ask me for it if I forget to give you a copy.

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 11th February - Jenny

God's Wings is a very touching Email that Elaine shared with us today. It touched our hearts and Elaine has sent it to me so in a separate Email I am sending it to you from Elaine.

28th January 2015  14 present

Our music today was Kingsley Looker Volume 3 The Best Piano Music Ever.

We were so happy today. Everyone greeted each other just like we have been apart for weeks - well we have and we are back with new ideas to share and show.

Firstly we sang Happy Birthday to Joan, Jenny, Padma and Gwenda. Rosemary handed out her beautiful handmade cards.

We talked about happenings from over the holidays and a long segment of chatter was about Snakes. It all started when Rosemary told us of her visitor on New Years Eve. How extraordinary that so many of you had a story to tell of these Reptiles visiting your homes. Jenny and her son's Snake house, Gaynor's story, Suzanne's story, Joan's Yabbie in the bath. We eventually did change the subject as some of us were beginning to get "The Heeby Geebies!!!" Suzanne's handy hint was to place a bread tie on the end of your sticky tape and you will always find the end. We talked about how fussy we are to only drink "nice coffee", Retirement Villages, Easter bonnets for Easter.

Lots of lovely things came in today from the holidays. Teddy bears from Deanne, Squares from Gwenda and Marilyn material from Gaynor, gold corners for craft work and silk beads from Heather.

Joan shared her book "This is Your Life" photos and stories of her life given to her by her family for her birthday. Heather shared a story of 100 years of the discovery of the Opal in Coober Pedy. This is so interesting you may like to Google 100 years of Opals and then press on History and read about a young 14 year old called William.

Sadly Margaret who sews our squares together has had a fall and smashed her elbow; if anyone would like to help out in sewing squares please tell Heather. Gaynor has asked if anyone from craft has a Balaclava pattern and is willing to help a gentleman who has requested for someone to knit him a new one. Lesley showed us her little boxes she bought "on line" the site is called "hard to find."

I have gone a little Poppy mad and am thinking of our Red Poppy symbol of Remembrance for Anzac and Remembrance Day. I have an easy pattern for you.

Maria Andrew wrote this little poem which sums up our day of talking, thinking and "giving it a go" at knitting Poppies.

Poppies For Remembrance.

Scarlet Poppies can flutter like fragile butterflies in the dry yellow corn of Summer
And they can dance like graceful ballerinas among the feathery stalks of Barley.
Red Poppies can glow like bright little lanterns on our warm Summer evenings in November
And they can whisper like long-lost voices from the "Forgotten Fields."

KITCHEN DUTIES - Wednesday 4th February Deanne


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