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Leprosy Mission bandages
Craft group with knitted bandages to be sent to the Leprosy Mission in Ethiopia

Kenthurst UC Community Craft meets in the Hall on Wednesdays from 9:30 to noon.

Come and bring some craft work with you, or come to be inspired and learn and use some of ours!
Enjoy the company of a friendly group of people over morning tea.

Suggested craft topics—

  • ♦  Knitting & Crocheting
  • ♦ Patchwork & Quilting
  • ♦ Jewellery & Beading
  • ♦ Embroidery & Cross-stitch
  • ♦  Cards, Scrapbooking and Paper Tole

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Since we began on 25th March 2009, we have been keeping some notes from each of our meetings —
Notes from our 2014 meetings are on this page.

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23rd November 2016  (Christmas Lunch)

We don't mind where we are when it comes to celebrating each other's birthdays and we will always sing to them as well. Joan our conductor and tutor was there to lead us. Happy birthday to Rosemary, Josie, Niela and Beryl. Suzanne's card we will post to her and we wish Suzanne a happy day too.

We welcomed Louise and Margaret and would welcome them at any time throughout the year.

Some little gifts were given out by some of us and we say "how gorgeous" and "Thank You for that."

INVITATION ~ We have been invited to attend Crossroads yearly sing-a-long at Kenthurst Church on Thursday 1st December from 4.30 ~ 5.30pm.

I only share little stories that I am fond of and this is a story that I know you will enjoy too ~

There was once a poor Mexican girl called Pepita who had no present to give The Baby Jesus at the Christmas Eve Service. As Pepita walked sadly to the Chapel her cousin Pedro tried to cheer her up.

"Pepita" he said "I'm sure even the smallest gift given by someone who loves Him will make Jesus happy." Pepita didn't know what she could give so she picked a small handful of weeds by the side of the road and made them into a small bouquet. She felt embarrassed because she could only give this small present to Jesus. As she walked through the Chapel to the altar, she remembered what Pedro had said to her. She began to feel better and knelt down and placed her bouquet at the bottom of the Nativity scene. Suddenly the bouquet of weeds burst into bright red flowers, and everyone who saw them were sure they had seen a miracle. From that day on they were known as 'Flores de Noche Buenaventura' (The Flowers of the Holy Night). The shape of the Poinsettia flowers and leaves are sometimes thought as a symbol of The Star of Bethlehem that led The Wise Men to Jesus.

2017 ~
Pack your craft bag, knitting and Crocheting as we are going to be together again on 25th January 😄

I wish you all a very Happy and a blessed Christmas. If you are travelling stay safe and enjoy your families and friends. From my family to you and your family.

16th November 2016  17 present

Today is Deanne's Birthday. Happy birthday Deanne and our love to you for a very Happy Day.
When Rosemary handed Deanne her personally made birthday card our "Craft Choir" burst into song and of course our unique and traditional 2nd verse.

High Tea today was beautiful and very "Exclusive" looking good and tasting beautiful. Thank You everyone for participating and with beautiful hats, fascinators flowers and just dressing "the part."

We had some gorgeous stories told to us about our beautiful cups and saucers. What special pieces of China we have in our China cupboards and they are all bursting with stories.

WESTMEAD CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL ~ Our teddies that I took on a journey well over a month ago to The Children's Hospital were not only appreciated but have been followed up by a letter. This is how it reads ~

Dear Gwenda and your Craft Ladies, Thank You for your kind donation of Trauma Bears for the children.

It will be allocated as instructed by the Co - Ordinator. The hospital is extremely grateful for the donations that we receive as our Volunteers Department has many diverse avenues in which they assist.

Yours Faithfully, Jill Jenkins, Volunteer Co - Ordinator.

An Invitation has been extended to us to attend Galston Gala Concert this Sunday at Galston Uniting Church at 2pm ~ 4pm, Cost $30 for Seniors. Marilyn can tell you more.

I would love to tell you about a project that we could become involved in that has been organised by Cherrybrook Cottage Crafts. We can talk about this in the New Year. Rosemary can tell you more.


It's amazing how short my list is becoming.

23rd November ~ Our Christmas Lunch at The Galston Club at 12noon.

9th December ~ Carols by Candlelight at Rotary Park Nelson Road Kenthurst.
TIME ~ 7.15 ~ 10pm

2017 ~ We are back together on 25th January.

Until Next Week Take good care of yourselves

9th November 2016  13 present

Oh dear we are winding down and that is a little unbelievable when you think and know that Christmas is just next month. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

I may have read this before yet I am going to say it again for those of you who haven't read it.
MY THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK ~ this is a favourite little Christmas story of mine, here we go ~

All alone in the night beneath stars shining bright,
the tree looked toward Heaven for light
A star sailing by in the twilight sky
shined it's light on "the littlest tree."

We had a lovely day making cards, embossing and discussing our High Tea for next week and our Christmas Lunch in 2 weeks time.

Have a think if you have any ideas of themes, activities or demonstrations that you would like us to do next year.


# 16th November ~ High Tea bring your cup, saucer & plate perhaps your China has a story to tell! This is our last craft day in The Hall.

# 23rd November ~ Christmas Lunch at The Galston Club at 12 noon.

# 2017
# 25th January ~ let's do it all again and come to craft for another great year together.

2nd November 2016  11 present

Our Thought For the Week was a gorgeous verse that Gaynor read to us so here it is again ~

A 10 year old little girl was asked by another classmate, "What is it like to be a Christian?" The 10 year old little girl replied "it's like being a pumpkin. God picks you from the patch, brings you in, washes all the dirt off you. Then he cuts open the top and scoops out all the yucky stuff. He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, greed etc; then He carves you a new smiling face and puts His light inside of you to shine for all the world to see. ~
So cute isn't it?

We had a fun day embossing cards and next week we can do it all again.

Gaynor has cross stitched some little Christmas Trees and embossed around them ~ so elegant. Christine brought in a dressmaker's dummy called "Dolly". Would anyone like to have it? Otherwise we will see if it can be sold at The Village Garage sale.


9th November ~ Card making. My Embosser machine will be returning.

16th November ~ Last craft day for this year in The Hall ~ High Tea. Bring your cup, saucer & plate, dress for the occasion ~ hats fascinators etc. You can bring your knitting if you like.

23rd November ~ Christmas Lunch at The Galston Club. 12noon. The cost is $20. The menu is Turkey, Roast and Steamed Vegetables. Dessert is Christmas Pudding or Fruit Salad. I have the invitations for you to mark your choices on. If you are in transit and need to make contact, my mobile is 0416 147 714.

I am having trouble keeping awake as I write this and it's only 3.30 so please ladies be kind to me if you find any errors. Have I forgotten to tell you anything?

Our first day back together is Wednesday 25th January.

26th October 2016  15 present

My THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK is so true at times, yet fun ~

"I'm so tired, my tired is tired!!!!" Do you ever feel like this? I know I do

Niela read to us "10 Good Reasons to buy Fabric" This was fun and we did love it and had a good laugh so I thought I would repeat for you the first 2 and the last 2, so here we go ~

1. It insulates the cupboard where it is kept.
2. It keeps the economy moving. It is my duty to support the cotton farmers, textile mills and fabric shops.
9. It's on sale.
10. Buy it now before your husband retires and goes on all your shopping expeditions.

Robyn brought in for us to see & buy if we like "mug cakes" from her friend Kaths Mad about Cakes.

Show & Tell from Elizabeth was an exquisite table cloth that is a family heirloom over 100 years old was an absolute " must see". If you missed it you should ask Elizabeth to bring it again to look at.

Don't forget bags with products, for ladies in need, that I mentioned 2 weeks ago. Marilyn will hand these on for us.

Gaynor was happy to share with us her patterns of cross stitch for cards. Just gorgeous.

I gave out our lunch invites for Lunch at The Galston Club. We have a couple of weeks to bring them back.


2nd & 9th November (can you believe that is next week?) we are card making if you would like to. I will bring my Embosser for you and you need to bring your cardboard and stickers, stamps or whatever you like. Bring your knitting if you prefer to knit.

16th November High Tea bring your cup, saucer and plate and dress for the occasion!

23rd November our Christmas Lunch at The Galston Club.

19th October 2016  14 present

It was lovely singing Happy Birthday to Christine today. Our choir leader Joan wasn't with us so we didn't sing our traditional second verse! Happy Birthday Christine and enjoy your day at the weekend.

Christine brought in birthday gifts for us all. Freshly laid eggs from her chooks.

OUR THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK ~ you could almost put a tune to this and sing it as you read it!

Soft Yarn, Worn Yarn, Little Ball of Fluff,
Happy Yarn, Pretty Yarn ~ I Can Never Have Enough.

Grace told me a Handy Hint today that if you grow mushrooms indoors place them in the sun for 1/2 hour and they will give you the Vitamin D that we need. It really can be that simple.


# Today & Next week 26th October ~ Christmas decorations, and it was fun to make our Paper Clip Angels today.

# November 2nd & 9th ~ Christmas decorations and card making. These can be Christmas cards, gift tags etc. Bring your own cardboard and stickers or other decorations. I will bring my Embosser machine.

# 16th November ~ High Tea morning tea. Bring your cup, saucer and plate and dress for the occasion.
This will also be our last craft day in the hall.

# 23rd November ~ Christmas Lunch at The Galston Club at 12 noon. 🎄🎄

# GARAGE SALE ~ Kentgrove Village Yearly Garage Sale & Craft Market is on Saturday 5th November.
Bar B Q, Cake Stall, Bric a Brac, CD's DVD's, Books, Furniture and lots more.

KITCHEN ROSTER ~ Wednesday 26th October ~ Niela

12th October 2016  14 present

This will put a smile on your face when you read it ~ OUR THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK ~
"I want my children to have all the things I couldn't afford; THEN I'LL MOVE IN WITH THEM."

Some of our ladies are unwell, some are away, some left a little early today and someone left very early today!!! ~ this shows how different our lives all are doesn't it. We are sending our love to those who are unwell and recovering.


Marilyn told me about a campaign for women called "Share The Dignity". I was so impressed that I have googled it to find out a little more. They call it "Fill The Bag" and are asking us to reach for a hand bag that we no longer use and place useful items inside. I am sure we all have one of those! This is an example of what can be placed into our bags. Tissues, wipes, shampoo, conditioner, hand cream, soap, scarves, hair ties, jewellery, deodorant etc use your imagination ~ no perishable items like lollies, chocolates biscuits etc. Can you fill a bag you no longer use? I certainly will. This campaign finishes for us on 16th November. Marilyn will be handing them on for us. The bags go to the charities that look after the needs of Women. Thank You Marilyn.

Robyn ran a workshop today making Christmas bags. This was so impressive and we can continue this in a fortnight if you would like. Thank You So much Robyn.

Next week we will make our "Paper Clip Angels" most of you have requested to make 10 and they are in little kits ready for you. These work out at 50c an Angel. The main expense was the the ribbon and the beads.


OCTOBER ~ Christmas decorations

NOVEMBER ~ 2nd and 9th Card making. We can also be making our Angels ~ we can do as we like!

16th ~ High Tea Morning Tea bring your cup, saucer & plate, and dress for the occasion ~ hats, fascinators, flowers etc ... Rod will come and take a group photo of us. Our committee will be catering on the day. This will be our last craft day for the year.

23rd November our Christmas Lunch ~ 12 noon at Galston Club. West Pennant Hills Sports Club is at present being renovated so it should be "beautiful for us for next year."

# 2017 ~ JANUARY 25th Pack your knitting as craft is back in the hall for another lovely year together.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 19th October ~ Gwenda

5th October 2016  8 present

Our Thought for the Week :
"I love the feeling that you get when someone cancels plans that you didn't want in the first place."

I think it was Robyn who said "Today was like having friends around for Morning Tea" ~ that is just what today felt like. Little numbers, friendly, chatty and like every week we had a lovely day.

Talking and thinking about Christmas, Grace showed me some Christmas ideas she had on her iPad. They did look like fun.

Robyn brought in the Christmas bags and motifs ready for us to complete next week. Robyn we appreciate the trouble you have gone to for us, so let's enjoy them.

Deanne helped me to put our kits together ready for our Angel making. These we will do over the next couple of weeks. They work out at 50c for each Angel.

Deanne brought in her beautiful little knitted dolls ~ cute and so colourful.


# OCTOBER is our month for making Christmas decorations.

# NOVEMBER 2nd and 9th, Christmas cards - if you would like to make these please bring some cardboard or cards and stickers etc over these two days. I will bring some more samples to show you.

# 16th High Tea ~ Bring your own cup, saucer & plate, and Dress for the occasion.

# Christmas Lunch out. I will have our final details for this and cost next week.

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 12th October ~ Marilyn

28th September 2016  12 present

When Joan arrived at Craft this morning our room was filled with the aroma of Lavender freshly picked from her garden this morning.

OUR THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK IS ~ The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you've come. ~ This is very true isn't it?

We had a lovely assortment of Brooches come to craft today ~ Gaynor had a pretty assortment that had belonged to her Grandmother. Joan's Cameo was from Florence, given to Joan by Charlie on their Wedding Day.

Heather's brooch was decorated with the most delicate of dried flowers. Lesley's brooch had a fascinating story about John The Baptist.

Another count of 50 bandages were at Craft today. It's amazing how they mount up.

HANDY HINT: I shared this today ~ after boiling your egg to make an egg sandwich, place the egg (shell on) in an empty jam jar with the lid on, give it a vigorous shake and then tip it out and the shell will come off without any effort.

SHOW & TELL ~ Heather showed us a silicone lid for placing on your casserole dish instead of its own lid. Not only can this be placed in the oven it can also be used on a saucepan or pan as long as it isn't touching a flame or hot plate. It's simply marvellous. Heather had purchased it in a set of 3 sizes from Innovations.


  • OCTOBER ~ is our Christmas Thinking and Theme month for decorations.
  • NOVEMBER 2nd & 9th Card making if you would like to use my Embossing machine. I showed an example today for those who haven't seen it before. If you like this and would like to participate bring your own cardboard. An idea is that you could Emboss on 2nd and decorate on the 9th. Bring your own decorations or stickers too.
  • HIGH TEA MORNING TEA ~ Wednesday 16th November. The Committee will be looking after our catering. We ask you to bring your own cup, saucer and plate and to dress "For The Occasion." This will be our last craft day in the hall for this year.
  • CHRISTMAS END OF YEAR LUNCH OUT. ~ details to follow and cost.
  • Our first day back together in 2017 will be Wednesday 25th January.
MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 5th October ~ Deanne

21st September 2016  16 present

MY THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK ~ Don't worry if someone does not like you. A lot of people are struggling to like themselves.
— Karen Salmansohn.

When I opened our blinds this morning it was very bleak outside so I looked into The Weather Forecast and it appears to be "rain, possible showers & cloudy" until next Monday when we will see "The Sun!!!" Of course we know that can change - although I realised that I shouldn't have looked it up!!!

Today I took orders for who would like to make our little "Paper clip Angels". I will bring them again next week to show you if you missed out seeing them today. We can make them during the month of October and any other Christmas decoration that you would like to make. Robyn has some Christmas bags to decorate as well.

CARD MAKING ~ On Wednesday 2nd and 9th November I will be bringing along my Card Embosser machine if anyone would like to do card making. Next week I will bring a sample card to show you what you can do and then I ask that you bring your own cardboard if you would like to participate.

WHAT DO WE HAVE COMING UP? Here are a couple of dates for your calendar or diary.

# Wednesday 16th November ~ Our last Craft morning in The Hall is going to be "High Tea"

We are going to High Tea so let's dress for this special occasion by wearing our High Tea clothes. A hat or fascinator, flowers etc.... Bring along your own cup, saucer and plate. If you have a story to tell us about your china we would love to hear it. I will ask Rod to come and take a group photo of us.

# Wednesday 23rd November ~ Our Christmas Lunch out. I will have more details in a week or two with the Venue and a price.

MORNING TEA DUTIES - Wednesday 28th September - Lesley

14th September 2016  15 present

You know you're addicted to knitting and crocheting when you've watched three seasons of a TV show and have no idea what the characters actually look like!

We welcomed Padma back today and she was able to see the final three teddies of her seven that she knitted and we finished off for her. We will re-unite them next week and take their photo with Padma.

Another count of 47 bandages are close to being forwarded on their journey to The Leprosy Mission. It's amazing isn't it that the more we measure them for "that metre length" the less they seem to grow!!!!

Squares for Wraps will never be "a thing of the past." While ever anyone wishes to knit squares we will always be sending along our Wraps. Just remember 50 stitches for a square and 28 squares for a completed Wrap.

Teddy bears for The Children's Hospital will continue as these teddies are not only given to our sick children in hospital, they are also distributed to Ambulance drivers for the children that they attend to while on their journeys.

A new addition to our contribution of voluntary service from our Craft group are miniature knitted dolls for Samaritans Purse. The cut off date for these for this year is at the end of September. These dolls can be knitted all year. We handed out the pattern if anyone else would like one.

Next week let us make a display of our brooches that you may have brought today and those you may like to bring next week. I know a couple were circulating today yet I am sure not everyone would have seen them.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 21st September ~ Gwenda and maybe Gaynor!!

7th September 2016  7 present

Beautiful spring(y) day for craft today.........we were small in numbers but BIG in chatter and laughter. A good morning.

Today we started off with three more teddies to be added to their predecessors for the Children's Hospital. A new project from Deanne was started with knitting dolls for an orphanage in Africa. Joan brought along her 80th birthday photo book compiled by her granddaughter, it was beautifully done and a real heirloom. Along with this keepsake was a new Certificate of Appreciation from her Bowling Club. Well done Joan.

Both Marilyn and Rosemary continued to knit squares and bandages, Grace is also undertaking a personal knitting project for herself, in vivid blue wool on circular needles, in an unusual stitch.

Bling brooches were all the go today, from Marilyn and Joan. Also Niela wore a pretty oval shaped one.

This weekend is the annual Orange Blossom Festival. Josie made some small items of jewellery for the Festival to add to several other pieces which are ready to go. Joan (amongst so many other interests) is running a stall at the Festival with the proceeds to go to Frontier Services. It would be nice for our Craft Group girls to support Joan in all her efforts. It starts at 10am in the Kenthurst Rotary Park on Sunday.

I do hope and pray for any of our girls who are 'under the weather' to have a speedy recovery.

Kitchen duties for next week - check your diaries.

31st August 2016  12 present

Tomorrow is Spring yet I thInk our Winter woollies will be with us for a while longer even though it's been a very mild type of day today.

Dance like no one is watching. Because they're not ~
There're all checking their phones .......

Another mobile phone joke I read that made me laugh was ~
My phone died so I spent some time with my family today. They seem like nice people.

It's good to have a laugh isn't it. Life can be too serious sometimes 😊

What a happy day we had today. Those who haven't been well are feeling well and those who have been away are safely home.

Deanne brought her "little girl photo" today and if you still would like to bring them that's ok.

For September it's "bring a brooch month" do you have a collection or just one or two that we could have a look at? Tell us its story ~ So from next week it's "Brooch's Day Out!"

Padma's Teddies are coming together and I think it will be a lovely reunion for the 7 of them and we will send their photo to Padma when that happens. Heather brought a completed and colourful Wrap for us to see. Did you recognise one of your squares?

Jenny and her completed Wrap had a photo taken together. Rod carried up two bags of squares from my CWA ladies which we placed straight into Heather's car.

A box of Alpaca wool was given to me if anyone would like it. It's Mauve in colour.

A NOTE FOR YOUR CALENDAR ~ 11th September is The yearly Orange Blossom Festival stalls at Kenthurst Rotary Park.

In a couple of weeks I will give you details of our High Tea morning tea and also our Christmas Lunch details.

Committee Meeting next week at Herbs & Roses ~ I will send out an agenda and other details.

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 7th September ~ Gaynor

24th August 2016  10 present

I just loved feeling much better than I had been and being back with you all today.

OUR THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK was a beautiful prayer that Elizabeth was sent by her friend Audrey. We loved it so much that I borrowed it from Elizabeth so we could all hear it again - here we go.

Count your blessings instead of your crosses.
Count your gains instead of your losses.

Count your joys instead of your woes.
Count your friends instead of your foes.

Count your smiles instead of your tears.
Count your courage instead of your fears.

Count your full years instead of your lean;
Count your kind deeds instead of your mean,

Count your health instead of your wealth
Count on God instead of yourself.

Author Unknown. Thank You so much Elizabeth.

Continuing our photos as a little girl, we had more to admire today, It's interesting isn't it when we think back to all those years ago to when we were little and all that has happened to us since then to now!! And not two people will have had the life that we have lived ~ that makes us so unique don't you think?

So many treasures and beautiful things to look at and admire ~ what about the photo album that Grace brought in to show us of herself as a little girl and her family? And then there was Robyn who has made and filled a cuddly dog and a cute long eared rabbit for Samaritans Purse, a candle wicking draw string bag for her daughter and her gorgeous 3D butterfly wall hanging which she has embroidered. Then we admired Elizabeth's handmade birthday card that has been embroiled with daisies.

We are so proud when we have little masterpieces from our Grandchildren as this is just how Joan was when she showed us her latest card from her 8 year old Elvie. I still have more!! Padma who can't be with us at the moment as she is still recovering from her recent operation sent in a bag of teddies which we are very happy to complete for her. Well I am a happy girl that I was able to see Jenny's gorgeous rug that she completed last week. It's simply beautiful Jenny and we will have it looked after in our cupboard so we can take your photo holding it.

Thank You to Elizabeth, Robyn, Lesley, Josie and Gwenda for helping with Padma's Teddies. When we have completed them we will take a photo of us with them and send it to Padma. Padma will love this.

Thank You Josie for writing our last couple of reports for me and writing them so interestingly.

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 31st August ~ Niela

17th August 2016  12 present

We send best wishes to those of us on holidays, and also a speedy recovery to those who are not well.

Jenny will be celebrating tonight as she has finally finished her beautiful wrap, which has a diamond shape in each corner. A real labour of love! Well done Jenny. Grace decided to fatten us all up for morning tea with a lavish sponge cake with plenty of cream etc. Thanks so much Grace! A friend of Joans donated a bagfull of 8ply wool from Lincraft. It has been put to good use by all. Thank you Joan.

Our girls today were knitting squares for wraps and bandages for the lepers to be sent overseas. Joan enjoyed her ruffle scarf knitting, and Elaine was doing embroidery. Niela had fun measuring and cutting out cute material for drawstring bags to give to her grandchildren. As August has been the month for bringing in a photo of ourselves as children, Elsa had one of her as a 6/7yr old, nursing a rabbit I believe. So come on girls dig into your archives as there are only two more Craft Wednesdays 'til the end of the month.

I'm sure we all look forward to having Gwenda back with us next week.

Kitchen duties - don't forget who's turn it is. Thanks to the girls who looked after these duties today, and also those who helped pack up.

10th August 2016  12 present

It was a mild day walking up to Craft today, with a slight breeze and sunshine. Heather brought in another beautiful wrap which Margaret had sewn together, colours were so nice and I'm sure the wrap will be appreciated by the recipient.

Joan and Robin were the only ones who brought in photos today, so there were no guesses as to who was who. The guessing competition is still on for the month of August. Grace shared a dear little illustrated children's book which came from her grandparents. Unfortunately there was no front cover so she was not sure of its age. The theme of the book was to teach children as they are growing up consequences of their actions.

Today the main knitting projects were leper bandages, and squares. Heather had been in touch with the lady at Maitland who looks after the bandages and evidently she sends them off to India when the number reaches 500. We saw a photo of her with the unfortunates who were affected.

Robin being Robin brought in a huge bunch of parsley and also basil for anyone to take home. Thank you so much.

Kitchen duties - don't forget who's turn it is.

3rd August 2016  14 present

With us bringing photos this month of ourselves as a little girl, I found this little quote and I loved it.

Little girls dance their way into your heart,
Whirling on the tips of fairy wings,
Scattering gold dust and kisses in our paths.

What a wonderful response we had today. It was fun and we look forward to seeing more next week also.

Our choir burst into song today straight after Rosemary told us it was Elaine's birthday. We sang our two verses in a manner that we are known for!!! Happy birthday Elaine and we wish you a very happy day.

Goodness me what a variety of activities and actions were taking place today ~ how is this for my memory (and if I miss something I do apologise) ~ Knitting bandages knitted using 1 yarn and bandages knitted using 3 yarns, teddies, squares, a husband's jumper, baby cardigan, earring jewellery making,

Not only were we busy singing, chatting and making beautiful things we had time to share and admire these. ~ Elizabeth brought an exquisite draw string bag that a friend had made from tablecloth material, beautifully embroidered and then we saw the return of a fabulous knitted jumper that Elizabeth had made it was a country scene with fences, grass, clouds, sheep and more.... Robyn brought some more items for our collection of items for Samaritans Purse. Suzanne is about to make her daughter another Maxi Dress. Lesley handed around the Morning Tea Roster for the next couple of months. Thank You ladies.

We think of Grace who hasn't been well and we think of Padma who has had a fall and is in hospital. Thank You Rosemary for sending a Thinking of You card to her.

On Sunday I attended an Andre Rieu "Concert in the cinemas" from Amsterdam and Andre as he spoke and addressed audiences around the world in Cinemas said his favourite saying was that "Music brings people together." This can be true can't it?

Morning Tea Roster ~ Wednesday 10th August ~ Wendy

27th July 2016  16 present

OUR THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK IS ~ How to have a lovely day ~
Smile at strangers, slow down, say Thank You, give lots of compliments, dress nicely, wear perfume, observe and listen, be charming, laugh, wish people a lovely day.

If you are bothered by ants try this ~ place your used ground coffee in a chux and place it in the track of the bothersome ants ~ Robyn tells me they won't be back!

Thank You Robyn for your sewing of undies and pyjama pants for Samaritans Purse.

Josie brought a washcloth made into bloomers her friend from America sent her - very cute!

Gaynor brought the cutest calendar you have ever seen, the photos are oil paintings of children. Joan wore her Poppy that her neighbour gave her that is crocheted. Joan we have to see it again so we can make one the same.

Grace brought us her very pretty satin scarves and we certainly loved the finely woven scarf that Elizabeth brought in so light and feather soft.

Christine has made us aware that we are to follow Cameron who is a Rower representing Australia at The Olympics. Christine works with his mother ~ so that's good enough for us ~ now we have someone to cheer on and pretend that we know him too. I have just Googled the following information for you ~ Friday evening 5th August is the Opening Ceremony of 2016 Olympic Games. This will be telecast at 7am Saturday morning 6th August in Sydney. Rio is 13 hours behind Sydney time. Don't forget we are behind Cameron (now I must find out for us when the rowing is) ~ Isn't this exciting?

Next week is August and we would love you to bring along a photo of yourself as a little girl ~ this will continue for the month.

KITCHEN ROSTER ~ Wednesday 3rd August ~ Lesley

20th July 2016  14 present

I am so happy to be back from my little trip to Broken Hill. If you haven't been there before it truly is a remarkable place to go.

Our THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK is a sign to be placed at your front door ~ "Ring bell 🔔 - if no answer pull weeds!"

Lovely things today to see and look at ~ Joan wore with pride a beautiful satin scarf that her Granddaughter brought her back from Japan.

Grace brought in for Joan a completed rug of squares that she had offered to put together for Joan that had been crocheted by her Mother. This is for Joan to give to her daughter Vanessa.

Jenny your rug is growing, each time we see Jenny she has added some more squares to her rug.

Lesley we loved your imaginary sign "do not disturb me, I am learning to crochet!!!"

Our workshop today was to make a scarf from 12 ply wool without knitting or crocheting. Joan, Niela, Deanne, Marilyn and Gwenda we did have fun with these and we learnt little techniques from each other along the way. We posed for a photo wearing these warm little accessories.

Needlepoint News was out today hot off the press for July. Our next edition is at the end of the year. If I don't think to give you one please ask me as I will have them with me.

Next week being the last Wednesday in July and you would like to bring a scarf for show 'n' tell, then we would love to see it and hear about it.

August we ask you to bring a photo of yourself as a little girl.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 27th July ~ Deanne

13th July 2016  11 present

For those ladies whose husbands cough all night and keep us 'beauty sleepers' awake here is the tip of the day........ 'rub Vicks on his feet and then cover with a pair of socks' - works wonders. Thanks Deanne for the excellent tip. Wintertime is an ideal time to try this out.

Our fearless leader sent a message from far away in Broken Hill - enjoying her time with her sisters and also the delightfull temperature, 3 degs. With such a cold wind today in Sydney it felt like the same brrrr.

We stayed warm in our airconditioned room, knitting like mad - also tongues wagging non stop. Scarf news for the week - Lesley wore a beautiful green and cream soft wool one, quite long and ever so cosy. Joan had a Cameron tartan scarf on from Scotland, given to her from her auntie, and Wendy's was maroon with an unusual spiral fringe.

Hot chocolate and marshmallows were on the go, thanks to Deanne. The knitting today was leper bandages, squares, scarves, and also card making and pencil sketching. So we weren't idle.

Gaynor had nearly finished a little child's jacket, minus the buttons, similar to the one she brought last week. Very pretty.

We hope those on holidays are up north in the warmer weather, lucky you!

Kitchen duties for next week - Lesley.

6th July 2016  11 present

We say Happy Birthday to dear Elizabeth and we know you will be having a day spent with your family, and in your letterbox is a birthday card for you from us all.

Of course I talk to myself when I craft ~~~ Sometimes I need expert advice.

Our Theme for July of SCARVES brought with it some lovely stories.

Heather has knitted a "small squares" scarf using one ball of wool it's very effective and the stitch is called Entrelac knitting. The second of Heather's scarves is very fine using 3ply crepe, and her final scarf was a hairy wool that was very fashionable about 6 or 7 years ago.

Wendy brought her "beginner" scarf that she had knitted on chunky needles about 10 years ago.

Deanne's cousin brought her a very lovely scarf from her trip to Nepal.

Beryl has a long time special friend living in Gundagai who sent her a scarf with lots of meaning from her overseas holiday.

Rosemary's cousin Eileen gave her a hand knitted Calhoun tartan scarf possibly knitted in 4ply wool.

Niela when travelling in Vietnam purchased a beautiful cream printed scarf to "dress up" her small wardrobe of clothes that she had taken away with her.


We look forward to seeing more scarves over the next couple of weeks until the end of July in fact! I am going to show you how to make a scarf that you don't have to knit or crochet this will be on Wednesday 20th July. This will be a demonstration and if you would like to participate bring along a ball of 12 ply wool on that day. I will have one completed to show you.

Don't forget 1 ball of 12 ply wool ~ no needles and no hooks !!! Heather showed us a leaflet on how to wear and fold scarves in many different ways.its amazing how easy the pictures always look isn't it?

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 13th July - Rosemary

Thank You Deanne for spoiling us with Hot Chocolate and marshmallows today. Suzanne Thank You for bringing in those marvellous toiletries that are packed into draw string bags and donated to local hospitals for "emergency patient packs."

I will see you all in two weeks time and hopefully I will send you a message via Deanne from Broken Hill.

Take good care of yourselves by keeping snug and warm in your beautiful scarves.

29th June 2016  16 present

If you have a family that loves you, a few good friends, food on the table and a roof over your head,
You are richer than you think you are. ~ Anonymous.

There was so much for us to admire, and enjoy this morning and it's difficult for me to know where to start and even more worrying that I may forget something!!! Let's have a look.

Grace showed a fabulous scarf that was knitted with fingers and not needles. Deanne has completed her gorgeous tapestry and it is framed to suit the tapestry to perfection.

Gaynor has completed her "big baby Fair Isle" cardigan and baby bonnet. Gwenda brought a craft caddy made from material that hangs over a table or lounge chair arm.

Heather displayed Grace's completed Wrap that she knitted in cotton, it's pretty in pastel shades.

Christine knitted tea cosies, baby jacket, and other items for Joan for Orange Blossom Festival.

Joan modelled for us her "jacket scarf"

Rosemary brought a Thinking of You / Get Well card to send to Johanna. Rosemary also was circulating knitting patterns for Koalas and Orphans Comfort Dolls.

Elsa brought a Sara Lee dessert for us to enjoy.

It's cold it's Winter and what do we love to feel snug with? Answer ~ SCARVES. They are warm, they are snug and they are a great addition to our appearance so bring along a scarf or two and show us, perhaps you have a story. July is Scarf Month.

11th September is Orange Blossom Festival festivities in Kenthurst.

Next Committee Meeting ~ 6th July at Gwenda's.

Morning Tea Roster Wednesday 6th July ~ Marilyn

22nd June 2016  15 present

My Thought for the Week ~
If I had a flower for every time you made me smile and laugh, I'd have a garden to walk in forever.

OUR HANDY HINT OF THE YEAR ~ this is the best we have heard for a long time. Thank you to Lesley for this. While recently holidaying in Montville a very lovely bangle was purchased by Lesley, now here is the hint ~ if it appears to be slightly tight place a sandwich bag over your hand and it will just slide on. Do the reverse to remove it. Pressure stockings will work the same way.

I showed an easy way to create a pair of bed socks if you don't have any and need some "RIGHT NOW!!!" ~~
Take a 100g ball of wool, remove some of the wool from the centre and then push your foot up into the centre of the ball. How easy is that? Better this than nothing don't you think? ~~~ we have solutions to everything here at craft, just ask us!!!!

Christine and Beryl thank you for your donations of craft items to Joan for Orange Blossom Festival stall.
Joan and her dear Charlie created their services to this stall many years ago as a fund raiser for the Church.

There was lots of chatter when Deanne showed us an article from a magazine about knitted dolls for overseas missions. Chatter about our new wool called Big Baby Fair Isle from Lincraft. Gaynor is knitting a baby jacket, Gwenda is knitting a baby hat and booties. We are certainly in love with this wool.

Chatter and admiration for Heather's pink dish for her ball of wool. Padma thanks you for bringing me many Tea Tags today and I know Padma would like us to remember she would like us to save egg shells for her garden.

From the beginning of July our Theme for the month is "Scarves"
Do you have a favourite or several favourites? Bring them along and let us see them. Let's call it Our Exhibition of Scarves!

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 29th June ~ Deanne

15th June 2016  13 present

MY THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK ~ At the end of the night before you close your eyes, be content with what you've done that day and be proud of who you are.

Again Mrs "don't know who!" has very kindly left another bag of knitted squares at my front door.

If anyone ever hears who this could be I would love to know so I can send a Thank You note.

Patons you are so brilliant!!! Patons Big Baby Fair Isle 8ply wool has simply won my heart. Gaynor thank you for bringing it to show us. SO ~~ "a shopping I will go" for my little 4 year old Cayla.

What was Heather's gorgeous pink pottery dish she had sitting on the table in front of her? Oh if only we could go shopping for one of these too! Heather's daughter made this and its purpose is to keep your ball of wool from rolling on the floor.

Well I think I know what everyone was doing today. Let's see how observant I was ~ Marilyn, Wendy and Rosemary were knitting squares, Joan was knitting squares and a scarf, Dale was crocheting a hand towel, Heather was knitting a cotton bandage, Grace was placing curtain rings into new curtains for upstairs rooms at the church. Gaynor was giving Grace a hand and knitting with her "new found wool." Jenny continues to sew her 28 squares together and we are seeing it grow Jenny.

Elsa was sketching, Josie was jewellery making, Gwenda was knitting Rod's jumper (but knew she would like to be playing with wool like Gaynor had!!!!) And lastly where was Robyn? She's in the cupboard!!! No not quite ~ When we need something Robyn is there to help. Our cupboard would be a mess if it wasn't for Robyn. Thank You for keeping it all in order. Those of us who brought home Robyn's Thai Ginger plants, I have a print out about it so please ask me next week.

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 22nd June ~ Gaynor

8th June 2016  11 present

OUR THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK ~ is focused around the fact that we were talking about tomatoes and planting plants.
Kind hearts are the gardens, Kind thoughts are the roots,
Kind words are the flowers, kind deeds are the fruits,
Take care of your garden, and keep out the weeds,
Fill it with sunshine, kind words and kind deeds.

We were so happy to say Happy Birthday to Heather today, to sing and to give her a birthday card. Lesley is celebrating her birthday too and we hope you enjoy your day. Postman Pat will be delivering you your birthday card.

Some HAPPY stories echoed around our room today following our BIG day last week. How typical is this of our group!!! Doing things for other people is the name of the game here ~

Niela was mending a couple of small holes in an exquisite lace table cloth that Joan brought along that was crocheted by her Mother in Law. Along came our Grace who went home and brought back her collection of cottons to find and use the "most perfect matching one." Joan was so appreciative. Joan and Dale brought some balls of wool for anyone to help themselves to. Suzanne gave us three home grown pumpkins that we put everyone's name in a basket and gave three lucky ladies a chance to take one home. Suzanne showed us a "snoring ring" how absolutely amazed we were with this tiny object that works by pressure on a pressure point.

Marilyn was wearing ankle warmers that had been knitted by Lesley. They looked very cosy. Josie was card making today. Gwenda was knitting Rod's jumper, Heather your cardigan is looking so pretty with no joining or sewing up.

Rosemary continues to make the beautiful birthday cards that are given to all our ladies. I showed how to prepare and plant your next tomato plants easy and fun for something different.

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 15th June ~ Marilyn

1st June 2016  12 present

Well I am never this late writing my report to you all. The last couple of days since Wednesday has been real busy for me with my family and here I am now.

Happy Birthday wishes we send to Gaynor and Louise. We hope that your birthday and your year ahead is a happy one.

Thank You so much to all of you for all your help leading up to our Big Event this week. Thank You also for all your wonderful help on the day. Comments as people arrived were how lovely the room looked and appearance is what sets the scene isn't it?

Food donations for our Sales Table also came from some of our friends and family. How kind is that?

Some figures from The Cancer Council are that $13.6 million was raised Australia Wide in 2015. Another figure for you approximately 35,000 organisations have registered with Cancer Council to host a BMT this year.

These figures are closer to home and I know you will be happy to hear how our craft group went on Wednesday. We raised ~
$270.00 ~ Devonshire Tea and extra donations.
$386.50 ~ Sales Table
$33.50 ~ Guessing competition of Jellybeans in the Jar.
We raised $690.00, After expenses $644.00

Here is a fun little poem that reminded me of our Devonshire Morning Tea.
"THE SCONES." by David Threadgold.
Out came the fancy cake plate, filled with fresh baked scones,
Six of them and four of us ~ I hope for more than one.
We finish off the platter, the scones were piping hot,
I didn't eat mine quick enough, so one was all I got!

JUNE WORKSHOP ~ How would you like to grow tomatoes from a slice of tomato that you normally would place in a sandwich? Come to craft next week and you can do one and take it home.

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 8th June ~ Gaynor

Until Next week

25th May 2016  12 present

Will you crochet in the park ? Will you crochet in the dark?
Will you crochet on a plane? Will you crochet on a train?
What about the dentist's chair? You can crochet anywhere!
Will you crochet in the car? Will you crochet in a bar?
Will you crochet on a walk? Will you crochet while we talk?
Yes! I crochet here and I crochet there. I will crochet anywhere!
    by Laurinda Reddig

How welcoming was our surroundings of fresh, newly laid carpet when we walked into the Church Hall this morning.

Ladies I don't know quite how to say this without being teary ~ ( the beautiful music I have playing in the background as I write this report doesn't help!!!)  —
The thoughtfulness and enthusiasm with everyone helping to prepare us for our Big day next week was just so heartwarming to see. How many other craft groups are there that are just like ours? I know the answer to my own question! We are Unique, we are Rare, and we are so Special.

This togetherness was the highlight of our day and I am going to just leave this by saying Thank You so much and saying how proud I am to lead our group.

Next Tuesday we will be setting the scene in the Hall ready for Wednesday then on Wednesday we will be there from 9am and you can come anytime from then on. Have a good week ~

18th May 2016  12 present

As I poked my head out the door this morning a shiver ran down my spine. It was 9deg ~ today will be a top of 23. We don't want to go from Summer to Winter ~ I love that in between "it's called Autunm!!!"

Our thought for the week is a fun one for us to smile and nod our heads at! ~
A MEMORY - was something that you lost with age,
AN APPLICATION - was for employment,
A PROGRAMME - was a TV show,
A KEYBOARD - was a piano,
A WEB - was a spider's home,
A VIRUS - was the flu,
A HARD DRIVE - was a long trip on the road.
We need a smile sometimes!!!! 😀

1st June - Two weeks until our Biggest Morning Tea. Please invite your family and friends to come along and enjoy the morning with us.

Well what were we looking at at craft ~ Colours really stood out around the tables today ~

Josie with her jewellery making, Deanne knitting a little lemon baby jacket, Lesley knitting hand warmers, Jenny sewing together her 28 completed squares, Wendy, Marilyn and Heather are knitting squares, Christine finishing an elegant shawl, Beryl knitting a Mocha men's jumper, Joan knitting a teddy, Gwenda took notes and socialised!!

Gwenda brought one of Rod's completed sleeve and the back of his jumper in progress and was very happy to have it for "show n tell". It's a great feeling when after a year you can happily pick up your knitting "and not want to put it down" I love that saying "JUST ONE MORE ROW!!!" Yes that's me ~~~.

Heather is knitting a mauve cardigan for herself ~ the pattern is all in one which at one stage she was knitting with 160 stitches and 10ply wool. It's elegant, it's pretty. I think Heather will be wearing her cardigan before Rod will be wearing his jumper!!!

Christine Oh my goodness!! You have certainly set the scene for our "sales table" in 2 weeks time with your generosity of knitted items. We are so grateful and amazed.

Beryl brought us for morning tea "the Queen Mothers Favourite Cake" how delicious and tasty it was. This recipe we will be selling laminated for $2.

Joan we loved hearing your story of your visit at the weekend to Marella Mission Farm at Kellyville.

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 25th May ~ Gwenda

11th May 2016  13 present

My Thought for the week ~
That item you saw today and want to think about tonight ~ It will be sold later today to the people who saw it yesterday and thought about it last night.

" The lesson here is if you see something that you really wish to have, buy it now as you run the risk of someone else buying it before you."

I'm home from holidays and what a wonderful time we had. Well we certainly had a different kind of "welcome home" when we arrived home last night. A frog in the toilet was a surprise!!!

Happy birthday to dear Dale. We wish you a very Happy day and we enjoyed singing to you and Thank You Rosemary for your card to Dale from us all.

We loved the Poem verse that Deanne read to us about memories of the past. So true and my - how times have changed.

Joan brought photos for us to look at of her holiday in Tasmania at Easter with her family.

Lesley and I were very happy with our new knitting "row counters."

A huge big Thank You for the help and encouragement I was given today with "The many times unpicked jumper that I am trying to knit for Rod!!!" The biggest problem I have been having is the stitch that keeps going wrong! Well I am very happy now and Beryl has phoned to check on me and put me right. So just wait until you see what I will have to show you next week. I even think that I am a little excited.

We talked about our coming event ~ Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea on 1st June. We haven't advertised so please invite your family and friends to come along. We ask visitors to come at 10am or if you are coming earlier and your friends are coming with you that's fine with us. We will be organised and set up in readiness. $5 is the donation that we ask for a Devonshire Tea. Keep in mind craft and cake, slices, biscuits etc, etc ~~ for our Sales Table. Don't forget it's the 1st June.

Thank You Dale for bringing us such a generous morning tea today.

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 18th May ~ Beryl

4th May 2016  12 present

Two and a half hours of lots of chatter, catching up with friends and enjoying our weekly craft morning. Of course coffee and tea and the odd biscuit also went down well.

Good to see Christine (who brought egg cartons to use) and of course Robyn and also Elaine joined us. Heather brought along the beautiful jacket she had finished for a church friend. It will be such a treat to have on our sales table at our BMTea. There was a variety of craft making this morning - crocheting, knitting squares, sewing rugs together, knitting bandages (the last count is 92 samples), pencil sketching, and jewellery making.

Cruising is in the air - some of our girls were doing last minute chores in preparation for their on-the-sea experience in readiness to be able to board tomorrow.

We had a beautiful pink bromeliad out of Joan's garden gracing our servery. Thank you so much.

A gentle reminder about the BMTea on 1st June. Cakes are always a very welcome preference for the sales table.

Kitchen duties - you know who you are........

27th April 2016  11 present

# I'm not addicted to knitting! ~ I can stop after "just one more row" ~~~~

This is me ~ Is it you too?

Happy Birthday to dear Grace from us all. Our choir burst into song and we were guided by our conductor Joan with the 2nd verse. Thank You Rosemary for your beautiful handmade cards.

Flowers made from crepe paper are a pretty and inexpensive way to decorate a birthday present. Today I showed how to make them.

Gaynor brought in her exquisitely made and framed tapestry for us to admire. Joan brought for us to admire a beaded purse that was given to her father 100 years ago by a Turkish war prisoner - It had an amazing story. Joan also read an Anzac poem that was written by her brother.

We say Thank You to Elsa for bringing morning tea today. Thank You Eleonor for spoiling us with chocolates.

We were very happy to have Lesley back with us and looking well. Padma is back after her knee operation. We do like our ladies to be well.

A request from Padma for us to save egg shells for her garden please. I am still collecting Tea tags.

On 1st June we are hosting our Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea. If you would like to make or donate items or to do some cooking for our Sales Table we would appreciate that. We serve Devonshire tea and ask for a donation of $5. We will welcome your family and friends if you would like to invite them to join us. Our starting time is 10am and we finish at 12 noon.

20th April 2016  11 present

ANZAC DAY by D Hunter
I saw a kid marchin' with medals on his chest,
he marched alongside Diggers marching 6 abreast.
He knew that it was Anzac Day - he marched along with pride,
he did his best to keep in step with the Diggers by his side.
And when the march was over, the kid was rather tired,
a Digger said "Whose medals son?" to which the kid replied,
"They belong to Daddy but he did not come back,
he died up in New Guinea on a lonely jungle track."
The kid looked rather sad then and a tear came to his eye.
The Digger said " Don't cry son and I will tell you why,
Your daddy marched with us today - all the bloomin' way -
we Diggers know that he was there - It's like that on ANZAC DAY."

With Anzac Day on Monday next and another couple of little stories to tell we enjoyed Anzac biscuits for morning tea.

The ABC Telecast of The Dawn Service on Anzac Day commences at 4.28am.

Don't forget last week's newsletter had our Anzac biscuits recipe in it.

Robyn celebrated her birthday through the week. We hope your day was a happy one Robyn. We said hello to Vanessa and we look forward to seeing her again.

We were all busy with our own projects, lots of chatter, listening to Andrew Lloyd Webber ( I even heard someone singing) to one of his many familiar songs, sipping tea and coffee, munching on an Anzac biscuit, Niela teaching Vanessa how to crochet.

## A little reminder note to our Committee ~ We have changed our meeting date from Wednesday 4th May to Wednesday 25th May. The following Wednesday is our CCBMT.

14th April 2016  13 present

We are almost half way through April, good grief where is it going?

Let's start our week with our Thought for the Week ~
"Someday everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, be strong and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason."

This recipe that I am going to share sings with a gorgeous aroma as you remove it from the oven. You just can't resist needing to have one with a cup of tea or coffee. I thought by giving you the recipe early you may have to bake a second batch closer to Anzac Day. Next week our Thought for the Week will be an Anzac story.

CHEWY ANZAC BISCUITS. ~ 1 cup rolled oats, 1 cup plain flour, 2/3 cup brown sugar, 2/3 cup coconut, 125 gm butter, 2 tablespoons golden syrup, 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate soda.

Set oven temperature at 140 deg C. In a bowl add oats, flour, coconut and sugar. In a saucepan add golden syrup, chopped butter, 2 tablespoons cold water, heat until butter has melted and add bicarbonate. Add this to dry ingredients and mix well. Roll into balls and flatten with a fork. Bake for approx 10 - 12 mins.

Ladies did you see Heather's samples of squares that were pinned to the board. I was fascinated as I stood back and admired them. If Heather doesn't have them next week I took a photo. Heather, Deanne, Josie and Gwenda were sewing squares together and several of you were knitting squares. We could write a book about the varied conversations that take place at craft.

Beryl Thank You for your draw string bags that are beautifully made and lined. Thank You Gaynor for the gorgeous lace pieces you brought for me.

We loved having Deanne back safe from holidays.

7th April 2016  10 present

Our Thought For The Week is very crafty see if you think it applies to you as it certainly does apply to me.

"When you buy something handmade you're purchasing more than the object that it is.You're buying someone's hours and hours of errors, experimentation, times of frustration and PURE JOY. You're buying a little piece of their HEART. ❤️"

Lesley is still unwell and we send her our love. Padma is recovering from knee surgery and we send her our love as well. We think of Elizabeth as she recuperates. Josie is home from her holiday and it's lovely to have her back. We miss our friends when you are not with us and when you are unwell or on holidays we just want you to know we are thinking of you. When your family members are not well, our thoughts are with them too.

Have you looked at our Website lately? Heather and Peter keep this up to date and it's all about our Craft Group. Have a look it's ~ When you find this then click on Craft Group.

Wendy brought in some beautifully knitted squares that Heather will pin together in a lovely colour form as she does so well. We were talking about Samaritans Purse and how appreciated this organisation is.

Another baby teddy came from Marilyn today. He is white so tonight he will have a tiny yellow scarf and a smiling face. What do you think Marilyn? Today we were still talking about "the chooks in jumpers" from last week.

WHAT DO WE HAVE COMING UP? Our kit arrived this week and we are hosting officially our Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea on 1st June. Next week I will explain some of the details that will be taking place.

30th March 2016  10 present

OUR THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK ~ see if you can relate to this!
"Sometimes it takes me all day to get nothing done."

This will certainly make you smile ~ A lady in England rescued 100 chooks that had spent a long time as "caged hens." These chooks had stopped laying and eating. They were featherless and shivering due to the condition she found them to be in. This disturbed her terribly. You will not believe what she did next!!! Out came her knitting needles and colourful wool and she proceeded to knit each of them a jumper. Within a matter of weeks her chooks were smiling and laying. No I'm not going to suggest that we knit chook jumpers, but when a friend sent this to me, I had to share it with you. For our ladies who were not with us today I will show you the photos I have next week. PLEASE REMIND ME!!!

What a Lovely craft morning we had today with lots of chatter, laughter and the aroma of coffee certainly set the scene.

So much activity. Squares were being knitted, squares were being sewn together, teddies were being knitted, teddies were being sewn together, teddy faces were being put into place, baby knitting, scarves and I know there was more.

Joan brought in scarves for our C.C. sales table. Marilyn brought a couple of colourful teddies and I have brought them home with very happy smiles on their little faces. They certainly made friends very quickly with Gaynor's teddies.

WHAT DO WE HAVE COMING UP? Our big event which isn't too far off is our Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea that we are hosting on 1st June. I have spoken with The Cancer Council and we are registered.

MORNING TEA ROSTER - Wednesday 6th April - Elsa

23rd March 2016  14 present

Our Thought for the week is for Easter ~
"And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they went in they did not find the body of The Lord Jesus." ~ Luke 24: 2-3.

It's Easter time and it's that time of the year when we start to receive a little relief from the heat and can feel a little more comfortable.

We celebrated Easter with Hot Cross Buns that Deanne brought in today for us to enjoy. Thank You Deanne.

Christine brought some eggs from her chooks. Again we are grateful.

Joan was able to take home her insulated cup from last week's "lucky seat draw." Deanne, Lesley, and I think maybe Gaynor brought in many Teddies from home for The Children's Hospital. My final count is (are you ready for this?) 50 and they have formed a "Teddy Club" here at my house and before they become too comfortable and settle in too well I will take them on a trip of a lifetime where they will be adopted into their new homes. I will take their photo and you will be able to pick out the ones that started their journey at your house.

Deanne and I were busy twisting ourselves and swapping threads as we set ourselves to sew another Wrap together. That's another completed one! Mostly everyone today was busy with their own thing and just being sociable and friendly.

MORNING TEA ROSTER - Wednesday 30th March, 2016 ~ Niela

Until next week take care out on the roads and enjoy your time away if you are venturing afar over the holiday weekend.

16th March 2016  15 present

Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don't matter,
and those who matter don't mind. ~ Dr Seuss.

I am mostly going to start with a Thought for the Week as at craft we sometimes become so entranced and busy in what we are doing we don't always have time to share these thoughts so writing these reports is a great way of sharing perhaps what we or I didn't get to say in our morning at craft.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE. We had a lovely morning. Gwenda brought balloons and lilies, Heather brought our serviettes and Deanne brought our beautiful sponge birthday cake.

Robyn gave me a Thermal cup that she had purchased and brought it in to give away, so we gave everyone a ticket and made it a "lucky seat" give away and the winner was JOAN BRENNAN.

Joan "how lovely is that?" We have it in the cupboard for you.

We received two birthday cards, one from Dot (Georgie) and the other was a beautifully made card from Joan.

I brought in the completed cardigan that I took home to knit the bands and sew buttons on. Lesley brought four smiling happy teddies that look very much like "getting up to mischief" when I take them home to my place to join up with all the others. I do know of another one from Gaynor that is coming and another 10 that are coming on their car expedition next week to say hello to us from Deanne's home.

A mystery visitor came to my front door over the weekend and left a bag of knitted squares ready to be sewn together. I would love to have found a little note with a name on, but no, so thank you mystery person. A bag of remnant balls of wool were given to me by my sister Robyn from her neighbour Margaret. Toiletries came from Lesley for Emergency Packs for the local hospitals.

If anyone would like a jar for our gift giving for Easter please Email me and I will bring you one next week. I will be bringing one for Marilyn and I am happy to bring you one as well. I need to know by Friday.

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 23rd March. ~ Marilyn.

9th March 2016  15 present

I am Wonder Woman ~
I wonder where my keys are.
I wonder where my wallet is.
I wonder where my money went.
~ This was said by Oprah Winfrey

We sat around the room in a different type of form and it worked well.

We had an Easter theme with some rabbits and chickens coming to visit, little hearts were being knitted to go in our gift jars.

Joan you have knitted many squares for our Wraps and Deanne, Heather, Josie, Gaynor and Gwenda were happily sitting sewing them into strips and then the strips into completed Wraps. Thank you Heather for pinning them together as it was easy for us to sit and sew them without having to match them up.

Heather gave me some information from World Vision to Wrap With Love Supporters and here is an update as to where some of our Wraps are going ~
Madagascar, Philippines, Fiji, Vanuatu, Mongolia, South Africa, World Vision, Days for Girls and of course there are more and also to The Needy in Australia. This is about when many Libraries hold their "Knit - Ins" and if you would like to be involved in these you can contact the Library to make enquiries.

Thank You Suzanne for bringing us some kitchen towels from your friend ready for our Sales Table at our CCBMT. Thank You also for the bags of shampoos etc that are packed in small draw string bags and taken to our local hospitals and given to patients. We call them "emergency packs". Robyn brought some Aloe Vera plants.

Next week is our Birthday celebration for our 7th Birthday so come and have a piece of cake.

The following Wednesday 23rd March is almost Easter and we will have Hot X Buns for morning Tea.

The end of Daylight Saving is Sunday morning, April 3rd when clocks go back 1 hour.

Morning Tea Roster Wednesday 16th March ~ Dale

2nd March 2016  14 present

Here is a thought for us to think about ~ it's a thought with a "Theme of CRAFT." ~

"LIFE IS LIKE A QUILT" ... Years bound together embellished with family and friends, backed with Tradition, stitched with love, with cornerstones placed carefully to create a one-of-a-kind Journey Through Time.

Today we say Happy Birthday to Lona. Lona we wish you a happy day as you celebrate with your family.

I continue to say Thank You for the tea tags that are being given to me. Padma continues to ask for us to save egg shells for her garden. I didn't mention last week that quite a few of us were sewing squares together for Wraps. Heather brought the finished Wrap today and it did look lovely.

Beryl, Heather, Deane and Gwenda are completing some donated cardigans and jumpers that hadn't been completed by the lady who has asked us to "do as we like with them." We thought we may put them on our sales table at our upcoming Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea on 1st June. We ask you to have a think about some "sales items" that you may like to make and help us out with.

I will give you some ideas of what we can do ~ craft items, jams, pickles, chutneys, lemon butter, cookies, slices, cakes etc etc. We said hello to another little smiling teddy that came and joined us today. Thank You Gaynor.

OUR $2 DONATION ~ Where does our $2 each week go? We do enjoy our morning tea, good quality tea and coffee and a selection of biscuits. Our money goes further than that. We give a donation monthly to Kenthurst Church for the use of the Hall, photocopying, we support The Cancer Council, Frontier Services, Samaritans Purse, postage to send items overseas and there is much more like pancakes on Pancake Day, Hot X Buns at Easter ~~~

We continue to think about Elizabeth and we send her our love.

Morning Tea Duties ~ Wednesday 9th March, 2016 ~ Rosemary

24th February 2016  23 present

We said Hello to Elvie who came with Joan and visited us today.

Our Craft choir burst into song to sing Happy Birthday to Elsa. Elsa we wish you "many happy returns" for your birthday.

Beryl you are very much appreciated for finishing the jumper that was given to us to finish off and it looks just wonderful.

Robyn brought in a Christmas wreath that has been made from plastic bags and tied onto a shaped wire coat hanger.

It just shows that we can all have decorations without it costing us a cent! Thank You Robyn for your little bag of goodies for Samaritans Purse.

Niela brought us two knitted bags from a friend that are also for Samaritans Purse. With Lesley came two little teddies for The Children's Hospital came peeping their little faces out of a brown paper carry bag and they have befriended Gaynor's little "Blue Teddy with the Pink Scarf." I am the privileged one to have brought them home to my house to join the collection of others that are laughing around my home.

Our Wardrobe Day continued today and "Oh my look what came today!" Robyn brought her Mother's Fur Fox Collar worn by her mother in the 1950's. Gaynor brought her elegant polyester - crepe dress bought in Hawaii. Gaynor also brought her Mother's Wedding head piece and train - she was married in 1930.

Grace made her floral full skirt dress that we all loved in the 1960's. Eleonor brought her striking purple dress made for her by a friend 45 years ago. This month's theme has been so interesting I thank you all for participating.

As I mentioned today I will bring "A message in a bottle" to show you next week and we can make them the following week - they will make a gorgeous gift for Easter and birthdays.

I've seen better days, but I've also seen worse.
I don't have everything that I want, but I do have all I need.
I woke up with some aches and pains, but I woke up.
My life may not be perfect, but I am blessed.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 2nd March ~ Elsa

17th February 2016  19 present

Well look what came to craft today from our wardrobes. Just simply amazing ~ Gwenda started by showing a Gollywog coat hanger that was knitted by an Aunt about 30 years ago. Deanne showed us two dresses, one her husband bought for her and another pretty pink puff sleeve party dress. Lesley changed into her silk blouse that she bought "many moons ago" and has put it on and taken it off so many times that it actually is still "brand new" as she has never worn it out. Niela wore what she tells us is a very old skirt that she made and a covered material necklace to match. We all told Niela she must continue to wear them and not throw them out as she had intended. Wendy showed and wore her beautiful Royal blue beads and crystal necklace. Rosemary showed us her beautiful baby dress that was given to her and worn by her three children for their Christenings.

Marilyn had a beautiful blue swim suit that she thinks could be 50 years old. Dale brought a jacket and long skirt uniform that she wore ~ so very elaborate - I think the term was called "Dining-in Night" ( I may have this slightly wrong.) Beryl showed us her blouse and brooch that when she saw them "she just had to have them", this was in 1988 at The Expo in Brisbane. This blouse has travelled around the world in Beryl's suit case as a favourite piece of clothing that she couldn't leave at home. Heather wore to craft her white dress hand painted front and back. These colours are just gorgeous. Josie attended her friend's Wedding last year in America and not only was Josie Maid of Honour but Josie walked her friend down the aisle. Josie visualised a dress and jacket that she would like to wear and there it was in a dress shop crying out "buy me." It's a very pretty blue.

If you missed telling your story today and would like to bring along your wardrobe treasure next week we would love to see it.

Thank You for all the lovely bags of goodies to share. ~ Dale gave us fill for teddies for anyone who would like it. Wendy brought us some wool, Joan brought a very tasty fruit and nut cake and Elaine brought Rugs to give away, material and knitting needles. Heather was given two unfinished items, a knitted lady's jumper and a cardigan. I have taken the cardigan to complete the front bands and add buttons, and Beryl will complete the second item and then we will decide what we will do with them.

From week to week we never have a week that is the same as any other do we? WHAT DO WE HAVE COMING UP? Next week would you like to sew some squares together for our Wrap with Love projects. If you have a Wool or Tapestry needle bring them or it with you.

I have been asked for my contact details if you need to be in touch - Gwenda Mackenzie Home~ 9654 2774 and mobile 0416 147 714. Email

Kitchen Duties Wednesday 24th February ~ Marilyn

10th February 2016  17 present

We welcomed and said hello to Christine's sister Marcel who visited us today.

Our thought for the week is just a little bit of fun, it's called ~ Riddle Me This! -
I have a bed, but I do not sleep, I have a mouth but do not eat. You hear me whisper, yet I never talk, You can see me run yet I never walk. WHAT AM I? (the answer is at the bottom of the page)

Today was a very "energizing day" I thought. It was happy noisy and busy. We were all busy with our own tasks, discussing what we were doing with each other.

Two more Teddies came to craft today with Lesley. One of them has gone for a week's holiday to Padma's home and his little mate I have brought home to my place to join his other little friends. Deanne and I were crocheting chickens. Robyn and Josie had a some lovely photos to share and everyone seemed happy to chat 'n' knit and chat 'n' crochet and chat 'n' just enjoying each others company.

Deanne thank you for bringing pancakes for our morning tea today. Today was Post Pancake Day. Yesterday was the day before Lent and better known as Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday). In some countries Pancakes originated as a way to use up leftover ingredients such as milk, eggs and flour and pancakes were made and shared.

😄 Answer to the riddle: A river 😀

KITCHEN DUTIES Wednesday 17th February ~ Josie.

3rd February 2016  18 present

Today we welcomed Joan and Wendy to our happy group.

Well do I have a story to tell you about the teddies that you knitted over the holidays and brought to craft last week!! Let me start from the beginning ~

I brought the teddies home last week packed snugly in a bag by Heather with their little heads peeping out and sitting above the top of the bag. They looked so cute and looked like they needed an adventure so I took their photo and along with a story of where they came from and where they are going. I sent this to a knitting site that I am involved in. This story and the photo have gone National. They have gone around the world and I have had over 150 comments from people complimenting us for such a wonderful cause. I have had many requests for the pattern. Today I showed a couple of photos of a couple of Teddies knitted by a lady named Birgid who I have become friends with. Birgid lives in Germany. . Her teddies are going to an Orphanage near her home. She has told me of her enthusiasm to enthuse her friends and some neighbours to help her with her "new found project".

Grace showed me some photos of a couple of different crochet ideas. A crocheted cat that hung over a chair and one extraordinary rug which was several crocheted pieces sewn together resembling Peacock feathers. Grace also showed me Owls for children made from socks. Gaynor called in for a short while with a knitted square and a cotton bandage. Did you all see Lesley's teddies that she brought as one cheeky little one was winking! Rosemary's teddies were wearing waistcoats! Many of us today were knitting squares, teddies and bandages.

I also continue with the Tea Tag collection. Thank you to those of you who are giving them to me.

WHAT DO WE HAVE COMING UP? It's all in Needlepoint News ~
Wednesday 10th February ~ we love "posts" so let's celebrate Post Pancake Day.
Wednesday 17th February ~ What do you have in your wardrobe that you can bring for us to see?

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 10th February ~ Gwenda.

OUR THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK WAS ~ I thank God for protecting me from what I thought I wanted and blessing me with what I didn't know I needed.

OUR MUSIC TODAY WAS Enya. Until next week

27th January 2016  15 present

Well look where we were today? Do you think that holiday time went fast or slow? What I can't believe is that January is almost over.

Needlepoint News will be out next week and it will tell you what we have coming up and when. Today we were busy being friendly, enjoying a lovely morning tea, making our visitors feel welcome and lots more.

We welcomed three new ladies: Eleonor, Carmen and Dale to our "happy group" and Deanne's Granddaughter Anna. Anna will be back at school tomorrow and we hope to see our other ladies with us next week.

Over the holidays Heather posted off the completed cotton bandages to Ethiopia with a cover letter of explanation. They could take a while to travel. Heather will keep us informed.

Teddy bears came on car trips from your homes today and are going to holiday with me until I take them to The Children's Hospital. I know quite a few of us are still knitting them so we will wait a while, there is no big rush. I would like to think that they will be ongoing.

January is busy at craft for birthdays. Our choir burst into song singing Happy Birthday to Joan, Padma, Beverley, Jenny and Gwenda. We then found that Eleonor has just celebrated her birthday as well.

This is the little verse that I read today

I had a little tea party ~ this afternoon at three,
'Twas very small, three guests in all
I, Myself and Me.
Myself ate all the sandwiches, while I drank up the tea;
'Twas also I who ate the pie
And passed the cake to Me.

KITCHEN DUTIES Wednesday 3rd February ~ Deanne


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