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Kenthurst UC Community Craft meets in the Hall on Wednesdays from 9:30 to noon.

Come and bring some craft work with you, or come to be inspired and learn and use some of ours!
Enjoy the company of a friendly group of people over morning tea.

Suggested craft topics—

  • ♦  Knitting & Crocheting
  • ♦ Patchwork & Quilting
  • ♦ Jewellery & Beading
  • ♦ Embroidery & Cross-stitch
  • ♦  Cards, Scrapbooking and Paper Tole

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Since we began on 25th March 2009, we have been keeping some notes from each of our meetings —
Notes from our 2017 meetings are on this page.

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1st November 2017 9 present

As I start to think about writing my Christmas cards I am set in the mood instantly as long as I place a CD of Christmas Carols in my player. I guess we will be writing our cards soon so try my trick and you will be dancing with your pen and your cards will be written in no time at all

It's November and Christmas is in the air whether we are ready for it or not.

We have been invited to join Crossroads for their Annual Crossroads Christmas Sing a Long.
DATE ~ Thursday 7th December. TIME ~ 4.30 ~ 5.30pm. This is held at Kenthurst Church.

Our lunch as most of you know is on Wednesday 29th November at Glenorie RSL Club at 12 noon.

I will send an Email to our ladies who have not yet received an invitation with some choices to be made. All our ladies are invited and we will be very excited to have us all together again.

These are our Poppies in a bowl that have been made so far ready for a journey to The Australian War Memorial in Canberra that I have been talking about over the last few weeks. This is a project for not just now but will continue next year too. They will not then be placed in a box and posted as Rod & I will personally take them on their journey by Car. “A journey with pride” I will call it.

Until the end of our craft year I will be bringing this bowl of Poppies with me.

Next week I am going to tell you a little story about Me and Anzac Day next year.

I would hate to think that I have offended anyone over the decision made by Committee Members at the beginning of the year and that was not to exchange gifts at Christmas. My personal feelings are that if anyone feels that they would like to continue this then I would like to think that you continue. I think it's a personal decision. It has been pointed out that
“Christmas is a time for giving" and yes it is!

At our Christmas lunch we will have a Christmas tin if anyone would like to make a donation we will add to this and send a donation to FRONTIER SERVICES.

Over the next couple of weeks Christmas will be peeping out amongst us with Christmas music and a few Christmas ideas that I will bring along to show you.

11th October 2017 13 present

We were happy to be back at craft today and enjoyed our little break away.

MY THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH is a verse from C. J. Lewis ~

“You can't go back and change the beginning,
But you can start where you are and change the ending.”

Quite a few of us started to knit Poppies. I absolutely love these flowers. I know there will be thousands and thousands of people knitting and crocheting these meaningful flowers around .the Country but that does not matter as our Poppies will be appreciated equally as anybody else's. So let's knit and give too.

This weekly report I write is going to become a monthly report in the future. Each week I pass onto you what we have coming up and it will now be shared as a monthly reminder and if there is any last minute notes to pass onto you I will then send an extra email to all. If I send my report at the beginning of the month you will also know who is having a birthday for the month. Nothing weekly will change.

We mentioned at the beginning of the year and this will be a gentle reminder of that. We would prefer to give a Christmas donation to the needy instead of giving little gifts to each other at our Christmas Lunch. We will send a donation from our group and if you would like to make a small donation to this we will place a small Christmas tin on our morning tea table during the month of November.

Please make a note on your calendar of these dates ~
22nd November ~ Our last craft morning in the Hall.
29th November ~ Our Christmas Lunch. Venue yet to be advised.
31st January 2018 ~ Our first day back together again.

20th September 2017 15 present

Our weather forecast for today in Kenthurst was 9 deg at 7.30 and a top of 19 this afternoon. Saturday is going to be warm with a top of 36. What a difference is that.

Our thought for the week ~
“A day when you don't learn something new is a day wasted.”

Looking around the room today, many of us are making squares.

When we come back on 11th October we are going to be making poppies that will be forwarded to The Australian War Memorial. I am looking forward to helping you with these and sending them on when completed.

I will have a pattern and picture and sample and will show you how simple and how gorgeous these beautiful flowers are to make. Once you start you may not want to stop!!!! I have a little bowl of poppies sitting on our table at home and I will bring them along for ”show n tell.”

Heather has red wool and between us We have yellow and black for their centres.

Bring along your knitting needles ~ just an average size that you enjoy using.

We spent some time talking about our Christmas lunch and where we could be going.

We are now on holidays from craft for 2 weeks. Our first week back will be 11th October.

Here are a couple of dates for your diary or calendar.

  • 11th October ~ Craft is back
  • 22nd November ~ Our last Craft day in The Hall for 2017
  • 29th November our Christmas Lunch.
  • Holiday long weekend is 30/9 ~ 2/10
Daylight saving commences on Sunday morning 1st October when clocks go forward 1 hour.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 11th October ~ Elsa

If you are going anywhere over the next 2 weeks drive safely.

Until 11th October

13th September 2017 10 present

Oh my goodness we were told it would be a warm day and it is. I don't want Summer to come too quickly it would be nice to enjoy Spring first wouldn't it?

Josie did do a lovely Newsletter last week as I had a day with our son who was down from Queensland for a couple of days on business. Thank You Josie.

How about a Spring Thought For The Week ~
“SPRING is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be.” Anonymous -

With fewer numbers at craft his morning it didn't change how we were or what we are doing.

We do need squares for our Wraps. We are running short & running short of squares for Heather to hand along to Margaret - who so kindly sews them together for us. WELL……

I am going to set myself a goal that I will have at least a couple completed in a week and see how long I can keep this going. Have you seen the show "This Time Next Year?” Well my aim is to tell myself “This Time Next Week” I will be giving Heather at least two squares.

Next week 20th September is our last craft morning until after the school holidays.
Wednesday 11th October is our first day back after the holidays.

I am going to have the Poppy pattern and a picture for anyone who would like to make these gorgeous commemorative flowers that we can make to help support The Australian War Memorial. Heather has enough red wool for you to use & we have the black and yellow for the centres.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 20th September ~ Marilyn & Joan

6th September 2017 15 present

Tables were already set up so no heavy lifting and setting down afterwards this morning.

It was so good to see Shirley back today full of beans and sharing her recent experience in hospital. You are a 'true Brit' as they say.

We have been given a bag of cross stitches and other bits and pieces for the girls to share. Some of the picture/photo frames in the bag were passed on to Joan for the Orange Blossom Festival this weekend.

Squares, wraps, bandages, scarf and a pretty teacosy were all the go today, with lots of chatter and bonhomie. We missed Gwenda and hope to see her back next week.

Kitchen duties - you know who you are.

30th August 2017 14 present

You know you’re a KNITTER when the first thing you pack for a VACATION is your KNITTING.

Everything about our craft group is exciting but the highlight today was when our dear friend Louise and her husband Murray walked in. We love these visits and seeing Louise.

Padma has returned from her overseas trip with her family and was very proud of her photos that she loved to show us.

Joan is busily preparing for Orange Blossom Festival on Sunday 10th September. If you would like to attend it's at Kenthurst Rotary Park.

Joan brought a cake for morning tea today made by her daughter. Elaine brought us some Anzac biscuits.

Through the week Suzanne sent me an interesting article from the Houston Times showing a photo of a flooded Nursing home with residents being rescued and in one corner of the room it appears that a lady is sitting in waist deep water KNITTING!! Can you believe that?

Kitchen Duties ~ Wednesday 6th September ~ Niela & Joan

23rd August 2017 16 present

OUR THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK is a message that has been passed onto us from ABC news.

A request is out from The War Memorial in Canberra for all knitters and crocheters to participate in making “poppies". The request is for knitters and crocheters from around Australia to make 60,000 red poppies to mark the centenary of the end of World War 1, in November 2018.

It is hoped that the poppies will carpet part of the ground at The War Memorial for commemorations. Each poppy represents an Australian life lost in World War 1. Some of us participated in a similar journey with poppies a couple of years ago and I am enthused to do them again. I do have a very simple pattern that I am happy to print and share.

I will make them too.

Today we talked about our supply of knitted squares is running down. If anyone or anyone you know would like to help us with our squares they will help Margaret with sewing them together. Let's knit a square and help Wrap With Love.

Gaynor gave us something to laugh at when she read to us “The Preacher's Donkey.”

Happy flowers came out of the Embossing machine today. Closer to Christmas and I will bring it back again.

We did love to see Heather's Point Ground Lace work. How intricate and elegant this craft is.

Deanne brought in several knitted dolls dressed and looking happy ready for their trip to The Children's Hospital to make some little children happy too.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 30th August ~ Elaine

16th August 2017 15 present


“I don't go crazy, I am crazy! I just go normal from time to time!” I read this on a coffee shop blackboard in Kiama.

It's Thursday morning as I write this letter to you. After a busy day yesterday at craft and then a gorgeous day and evening with 3 of my little ones completed my day with a smile and an early night!!

Thank You ladies for cleaning up in the kitchen for me yesterday. I appreciate that.

Yesterday was a busy day around the card making table. Next week we are making flower cut outs using the same machine. These make a plain card look amazing. Next week will be the last week that I will be bringing The Embosser. We can do this again then closer to Christmas.

Jenny brought along her friend Denise. We welcomed Denise and look forward to seeing her again.

I am going to Brian King Gardens with a bag of goodies tomorrow. Thank You Joan for another Twiddle Muff that I will add to my bag.

Thank You Niela for sharing your buttercake recipe with us.

Robyn has gone to a lot of trouble putting together the Christmas kits that Gaynor donated, there is a pack for everyone so when we have our Christmas decorating morning Robyn will guide you to putting these pieces together.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ 23rd August ~ Deanne

Don't forget ~ an embossed card with a flower cut-out would be lovely for you to give a friend.

9th August 2017 14 present

Our THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK ~ I have written this before and I love it so here it is again just in case you have forgotten it or you havnt seen it before.

I had a little tea party this afternoon at 3.
'Twas very small, three guests in all ~
Just I, Myself and Me
Myself ate all the sandwiches, while I drank all the tea
'Twas also I who ate the Pie, and passed the cake to Me.

Just a little card making took place today using my Embosser Machine. Next week I will show you how to make some flowers on it. I will bring the paper for this and you can bring some other decorations if you like.

When Christine comes to craft she always has some surprises to share and today it was an assortment of beautiful fabric remnants for us and some lovely crafts for Joan’s stall at Orange Blossom Festival. Now is an opportunity for me to promote this stall for Joan and her helpers. Orange Blossom Festival on 10th September at Rotary Park Kenthurst.

Kitchen Duties ~ Wednesday 16th August ~ Gwenda

2nd August 2017 14 present

It's August already and our last month of Winter. This morning on my back verandah it was 7deg at 7am.

OUR THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK ~ People will come and go in your life but the person in the mirror is there to stay forever: So be good to yourself.

Some cards were started today and this will continue next week. Bring along your cardboard or cards, envelopes etc.

Another Muff was given to me from Joan today and I will wait a couple of weeks before I take a visit to Brian King Gardens at ARV. Did you see the little jacket made from 3three chux that Josie brought in today? It's very clever.

I don't have very much to tell you this week so this will be very short and sweet.

KITCHEN DUTIES -~ Wednesday 9th August ~ Rosemary

26th July 2017 16 present

OUR THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK ~ Oh dear I was thinking of a lot of things today and forgot that I was going to tell you this little story about how “Christmas in July” came about. ~ In 1933 a group of girls attending Summer Camp in North Carolina decided to exchange small gifts with each other and said “Let's call this Christmas in July".

Today was a joyful day of fun, beautiful food, laughter and sharing news and conversations with each other. Thank You to all of you who brought morning tea. It was all such a treat and enjoyed by us all.

There was certainly a song in the air when we passed around our “Pass the Parcel” how hilarious was that? If our children could have been “flies on the wall” they would still be laughing. So much fun! We had lucky door prizes too.

Our music today wasn't our traditional Christmas Carols it was a CD entitled Christmas in Vienna.

Beryl showed us a completed Vest beautifully knitted for her brother.

Niela gave me three soft and cuddly Teddies to join a few others I have at my house that are looking forward to their car trip to The Children's Hospital soon.

Rosemary brought in 64 knitted bandages (some knitted by her and some knitted by a friend of hers). This is not a typing error, Yes 64 of them. What a beautiful thing! I was excited to give Heather one knitted by my sister Robyn. With 65 that Heather has taken home today that makes 155 in total to be sent on their way to the needy suffering from Leprosy. Of course this is on top of the others that we knitted that have already been sent months ago.

We have always known about The August Winds and they are here early. Keep your washing untangled from the clothes line, stay inside and keep warm. If you don't want your heaters on early fill a hot water bottle and place it on your lap when you are sitting through the day ~ it does warm you and it's cozy too.

NEXT WEEK ~ we can start to do some card making or Embossing anyway. I will be bringing my machine for you to play with. Bring your cards and I will bring you some ideas.

KITCHEN DUTIES Wednesday 2nd August ~ Lesley

19th July 2017 16 present

Holidays are now over and I find it hard to believe that Rod and I were driving home after 2 weeks away just one week ago. This morning when I turned the radio on the first item that I heard was that today is “National Do Something Day” my first thought was “everything we do is doing something, isn't it?" Where do these sayings come from?

Here is the little saying that I read out to you today. “My doctor suggested a high fiber diet ~ so I went shopping for wool.” from the book ~ “Confessions of a Knitter.”

So many interesting things for us to look at today. I will try to mention everything and I just hope I don't forget anything. Please let me know if I do! Beryl brought this small block with a map on it from Tasmania called an Exercise Block. You place it on the floor and walk around it and then say “I have walked around Tasmania!” If only exercise could be that easy.

Gwenda brought a couple of knitted and crocheted hot water bottles to show,

Heather brought two “Keep Cups” that are made in Byron Bay and some toilet paper called “Who Gives a Crap”, this item can only be purchased on line, 50% of money raised when purchasing this enables Third World Countries to build toilets.

Deanne up you get and show us your finished jumper it's pale blue, patterned and very lovely. Josie brought for show n tell her beaded necklace scarf. It came from her friend in America and it is the latest in jewelry and fashion.

Do you remember Wendy brought a bag of squares a month or more ago that would complete a rug. Well, Heather brought the completed rug today all sewn up by Margaret. Wendy it looks so happy and bright and we know it will bring a smile to whoever receives it. Grace brought a selection of buttons for anyone who would like them.

Joan brought in another lovely Twiddle Muff, Robyn brought some sundry items and a couple of plants to share. Has anyone visited Virginia Farm Woolworks on Annangrove Road? I think this place needs investigating. Thank You Lesley for showing us the ad.

Next Wednesday 26th July is our Christmas in July. Come dressed in Red or Green or anything that reminds you of Christmas. Our committee will supply our morning tea. Festive it will be without taking away the respect that Christmas has when we celebrate Christmas in December.
AUGUST ~ think about card making. I will bring along my Embossing machine and you bring your cards to go in it. I will bring some along too and some ideas for you to follow if you would like.

Gaynor told us of a seminar coming up “How a Man Lived in Three Centuries” on Tuesday 8th August.

I am finishing writing this report as I baby sit tonight. We have just tucked the little ones into their warm beds but the 2 1/2 year old thinks I need his company!! Wellll they just don't stay little forever.

29th June 2017 11 present

The airconditioning was very welcome today, as far as I know it was a record 'cold' for many years. Our morning as usual was filled with plenty of chatter and warm discussions.

Our girls kept out the cold by lots of knitting - Deanne continuing to finish her jumper, Lesley made a cute pompom and leper bandage, Shirley is halfway through knitting a baby jacket for a girl, and several of the others helped one another with projects.

Gaynor brought in a 'treasure' from a recent trip to Vanuatu. It was in the shape of a cone about 12cms tall and purple in colour. It was unravelled in strips and zipped up as each strip came together. I've never seen such a long zip in all my life. The end result was a very pretty and useful tote bag with a long shoulder strap. The colours were very attractive, alternative pink and purple. Well done Gaynor.

Due to school holidays Craft will resume on Wed 19th July.

Have a good break and keep safe and warm.

22nd June 2017 13 present

Our thought for the week is a little tongue twister by Benjamin Franklin ~
Money makes money, and the money money makes, makes more money.

Thank You Beryl. This quote is from a little book of Beryl’s called Pocket Positives.

Wow! It was very Foggy in Kenthurst this morning and if we had had to meet at 7am we would never have found our way here!

It was lovely hearing the reports from those who attended the Probus Meeting on Monday to hear their invited speaker from The Sanctuary and hearing all that she had to say.

Thank You Rosemary for your help today with my confusing “double moss” and I also noticed that Grace was giving Padma a hand in teaching her something new.

It's holiday time coming up for our craft group. Wednesday 5th July and Wednesday 12 th July. 19th July we are back together again.

26th July ~ Christmas in July morning tea. Try and wear RED.

AUGUST ~ We are going to be making cards. This means that if you forget to bring "something that you needed" you have the next week to remember.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 28th June ~ Deanne I will not be at craft next week yet depending where we are I may send you a message. Be careful with yourselves, enjoy our little holiday break and I look forward to being back on the 19th July.

15th June 2017 15 present

"She turned her CAN'TS into CANS and her DREAMS into PLANS."

Happy Birthday to dear Heather. Yesterday 13th June was Heather's birthday so her birthday card was placed in her letterbox. Our choir sang as we do in tune and in harmony.

We welcomed Shirley to our little group today and we wish Marilyn a speedy recovery after her mishap.

I was proud to bring Rod's (giving it it's correct name) "Bendigo, Luxury, color Bark" jumper completed and ready to wear for showing. I must say a quick story about it as so many people were involved in its beginning 2 years ago when I brought the Bendigo colour and style catalogue to craft announcing "I am going to knit Rod a jumper."

Deanne, Lesley and I agreed on the color. Weeks later after the wool arrived and I had knitted half the front I wasn't happy with the stitch so Rosemary and Beryl (doing me a huge favor) unraveled the jumper and wrote a new stitch for me. WHAT CAN I SAY ~ I am just a bit excited is what I want to say and my dear Rod loves it. It's not very often that a jumper has a story to tell is it?

Would you like to know what each of you were doing today? As I write this it is like singing a song to you.

Lesley was knitting a blue square and Deanne was knitting her blue jumper, Elizabeth is knitting a bandage and Rosemary is crocheting a rug, Beryl is sewing her patchwork & Gwenda is knitting her Anzac squares, Josie is making her jewellery while Niela is creating Pom Pom flowers, Robyn is tidying and sorting our cupboard while Grace is crotcheting another lovely rug, Padma is fancy working a wall hanging and crocheting a rug is Shirley, while Wendy and Heather are knitting some squares and last but not least is Joan with a knitted Twiddle muff.

5th & 12th July are School Holidays. That means craft is on holidays for the school holidays too.

26th July ~ Christmas in July for morning tea. Wear RED or at least something with RED.

AUGUST ~ Card making this you can do for 1 week or for every week in August. I will be bringing my Embossing machine and will have some great ideas to show you.

7th June 2017 11 present

It certainly is a cold, wet Winter's day today. As I write this I am comfortable in my gown and fluffy slippers with the heater warming our house and I hope you are too.

We only had 11 of our choir members at craft today yet they sang from the heart wishing Lesley a very Happy Birthday. Led by our conductor Joan, we sang our traditional 2 verses and I am sure Lesley will have a very happy day. Louise, Gaynor and Heather are celebrating their birthdays this week and we wish them a very happy day too.

Grace today told me of another Dementia Unit that would appreciate receiving our Twiddle Muffs at Pendle Hill.

An Invitation has been extended to us to attend this Church at a Rotary event to hear a speaker representing Sanctuary Women and Children's Refuge on Monday 19th at 10.15am.

~ JUNE ~
Keep bringing in your Pasta & Rice recipes and I will put them all together in a sleeve for you.

~ JULY ~
How about Christmas in July here at craft.
When ~ Wednesday 26th July
What do you wear -~ Something Red.

A month of card making. I will bring my Embosser machine and you bring along your cards. I will show you how to stamp and emboss all in one. How about embossed envelopes? They look stunning and I will show you those as well.

Well that all sounds like fun doesn't it?

MORNING TEA ROSTER Wednesday 14th June ~ Marilyn & Joan

31st May 2017 12 present

There is no such thing as too much junk,
There is, however, such a thing as ~ not enough room!

Padma told us a priceless story of love with her 9 year old Grandson.

Heather brought for Joan a letter which was read to us by Wendy about The Bible Society which has been around for 200 years, this was a very interesting.

Wendy brought in all 28 squares that make one complete Wrap With Love. The colours in this rug will be absolutely gorgeous and we can look forward to seeing the end result after Margaret has sewn them together.

Joan was given two warm rugs which will be appreciated by Brian King Gardens when I deliver them this or next week.

Some of us are still making our Pom Pom flowers and we have worked out how to make them into brooches.

Scarves are being knitted, squares are being knitted, jumpers, Padma is continuing her tapestry, crochet squares are being constructed, purple beads were sparkling as Josie made them into earrings, I am excited with the Tea cosy Marilyn is knitting for herself.

Oh dear I am sorry that we didn't talk about our Pasta & Rice Recipes, but never mind next week we will. I have yours Wendy and I will bring it back. I brought my favourite to show you and I am sure it's doing acrobats in my bag because it didn't come out so " next week it is."

A little note to Joan ~ Bring your iPad back next week and let us have a little play.

Morning Tea Roster - Wednesday 7th June - I am not sure who is on!!!

24th May 2017 12 present


Joan was given a wall hanging from her family for Mother's Day, it is very lovely and it is even lovelier that we can share it together. "Families are like branches on a tree growing in different directions, yet our roots remain as one."

Winter is buzzing our way and that is obvious as a few of our ladies are busy knitting scarves, finishing off warm jumpers and crocheting rugs. It is that "warm thinking" time of the year.

A couple of weeks ago a few of us were missing from craft and we had talked about favourite pasta and rice recipes. By request let us repeat this for those who were not here. Please bring them in again for those who missed out and it can continue over a couple of weeks.

Thank You Rosemary for your Thank You card and we look forward to seeing you back at craft soon.

Thank You Grace for another knee rug for Brian King Gardens.

KITCHEN ROSTER ~ Wednesday 31st May ~ Lesley

17th May 2017 13 present


Robyn read us A THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK. This is a verse from her Auntie who collected verses from around the world in 1970. Here is one for us this week.

Faith came singing into my room,
And other guests took flight,
Grief and anxiety, fear and gloom,
Sped out into the night.
I wondered that such peace could be,
But faith said gently "Don't you See
that they can never live with me?" ~~

Thank You Robyn.

We loved the little all in one baby cardigan that Heather knitted and brought in.

Two more rugs from Grace to be taken to Brian King Gardens. So lovely Grace.

We are all going to have these vibrant flowers dancing around our gardens before we know it!
Google tells me they are very easy to grow, very versatile and don't need too much fuss.
Grace told us we just sprinkle our seeds on the top of our garden or pots and a very light water spray (not too heavy or they will drown.)
Well now we are ready to plant our seeds and stand back and wait, wait, wait for a tiny shoot to tell us they have taken off!!!! Waiting a week is like waiting a month when we want them to grow NOW!

Well Thank You Padma for bringing them in to us. We will have fun.

Today Heather was given some knitted bandages that Robyn took from the cupboard for her. They are not quite right so we thought a gentle reminder to everyone of how we have been asked to knit them. They are easy as we know ~ 4ply 100% cotton, Size 11 needles and just 1 metre long. With a triangle finish.

I am going to send you a very touching yet beautiful Poem sent to me by Wendy. It's a Poem by a teenager with Cancer. After you have read it please pass it on to your friends and family just as I am going to do.

Kitchen Duties ~ Wednesday 24th May ~ Gaynor

3rd May 2017 13 present

This is our Thought for the Week. It's funny and I hope you can laugh at it ~ "I love you more than YESTERDAY" ~~~~ "YESTERDAY you got on my nerves!"

At Kenthurst this morning at 7.30am the temperature was 12deg. Autumn is here with a dab of Winter following. Take a drive around and admire the magnificent Autumn trees.

Thank You so much to Grace for your lap rug and Joan for your Twiddle Muff that we know will be appreciated by Brian King at ARV. Elsa brought us some Party Pies for morning tea. YUM they were so delicious. Thank You Lesley for bringing us your gorgeous Slice recipe. Thank You Gaynor for our extra craft supplies that we are going to enjoy using.

Well we did make some Chrysanthemums today and we can make some more if you would like. I will continue to bring the wool and I am happy to knit some centres if you would rather just make the Pom Poms.

Well I have an announcement ----
I HAVE A PRIVATE SECRETARY! Sometimes when you create "something" or anything it can be difficult to place the instructions in writing and on paper but when you have a "private secretary" life is just so much easier. Thank You Wendy you are incredible. Wendy sat there as a professional does and came and gave me the instructions she had written down, so ladies here they are. Gwenda's Chrysanthemums.
1. Wind wool 100 times around fingers
2. Slide thread through bundle
3. Tie knot
4. Cut around circle & trim in Chrysanthemum shape
5. CENTRE - Cast on 2 stitches, knit into front & back of both stitches. 4 stitches on needle
6. Knit 5 rows
7. Purl 2 together, purl 2 together until you have cast off all stitches.
8. Trim ends
9. Glue centre onto flower
10. Trim flower.
11. Lovely!


17th May ~ try bringing in your favourite Pasta or Rice recipe.

19th June ~ An invitation has been extended to us to visit Kenthurst Probus to hear their speaker from Sanctuary The women & children's Refuge.

Kitchen Duties Wednesday 10th May - Marilyn & Joan

26th April 2017 14 present

Let's start with a really pretty Thought for the Week ~

A bird sitting in a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on her wings. ~ The message is "Always believe in yourself.

Happy Birthday to dear Robyn who celebrated her birthday on 18th April. We say Happy Birthday to Grace who is having a birthday on 1st May.

Thank You Lesley for spoiling us with your beautiful slice for morning Tea and we were so happy to have Lesley back from her lovely holiday.

Gaynor thank you for all these craft supplies that you are bringing to us from your friend. We will have a card making day soon using some of these.

Thank You Marilyn, Grace and Joan for our Twiddle Muffs and Rugs. I made my visit with our goods to Brian King Gardens this afternoon and they were gratefully accepted.

I did start to write this report yesterday after I came home from craft and here it is Thursday afternoon and I am still going.

It was lovely at craft yesterday and being back together after our little break.

Let's create a Theme for May and bring along a "cherished photo". This could have something to do with our Mothers as it is Mothers Day soon or absolutely anything that you would like. We can keep this going all of May.

I am going to show you how to make a knitted Chrysanthemum for yourself.

Bring along some white or yellow 8ply wool if you have some, if you don't I will bring some myself.

KITCHEN DUTIES Wednesday 3rd May ~ Marilyn.

29th March 2017 13 present

My THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK ~ Now this is different read on .......
Advice from a tree ~
1. Stand tall and proud
2. Go out on a limb,
3. Remember your Roots,
4. Drink plenty of water,
4. Be careful with your natural beauty,
v5. Enjoy the view.

Don't go thinking that your computer may have "sprung a leak" because My Report hasn't come through yet and it's more than a day late!!! Your computer is fine. I was out yesterday straight after craft and wasn't home until late. Today (Thursday) I have been out since early and now I have an hour to myself!!!

This is just going to be short so that you know I am thinking of you all.

We are very grateful to Robyn for her generosity not just for bringing in the rugs last week but bringing in the trucks and cars this week for us to share around with the little ones that we know.

Gae brought in a completed premi baby jacket that I will take to The Children's Hospital. Thank You Gae. So many little projects are being completed by everyone.

Don't forget ladies that there will not be craft during the school holidays. Those dates are ~
Wednesday 12th & Wednesday 19th April.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 5th April ~ Deanne

22nd March 2017 14 present

MY THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK ~ this was seen on a blackboard outside a cafe.
A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected. ~ so true!!

Happy birthday to dear Marilyn. We sang Happy Birthday and gave Marilyn one of Rosemary's pretty birthday cards. Have a lovely day Marilyn.

21 rugs were brought in by Robyn and given to me for passing on to ARV Brian King Gardens for their Dementia Patients. Thank You so much Robyn. I have come home and lined them up for a photo. This I have sent to my friend May for a preview look before I take them to her.

Thank You Niela for your cookie recipe which I will share with those who would like it.

REMINDER ~ There will not be any craft over the school holidays. Those dates are ~ Wednesday 12th & Wednesday 19th April. We meet back on 26th April.

We think of our friends who are in hospital, those who are not well or caring for loved ones and those who are having holidays. Our thoughts are with you all.

Today was so busy in one way or another that I can't speak about anything in particular. Thank You Elsa for washing up for me and Thank You Josie for packing up my trolley. Helping each other and being there for one another is what "this group" is all about.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 29th March ~ Josie

15th March 2017 14 present

Today we celebrated our 8th birthday. We sang, we laughed, we had presents, we had birthday cake, fairy bread, home made cookies. We had happy birthday songs and music. We had a beautifully hand made birthday card given to us and passed around made by Joan. We also passed around a birthday card posted to us by our long time friend Dot (Georgie.)

Along with the theme of us being 8 years old we had some beautiful stories and some mementos and photos to tell stories about our childhood memories. We will continue this theme next week also.

I must say a few Thank You's for helping today to happen.

Rod for helping me carry all my "goodies" to the Church and setting up our tables before any one arrived, Josie for coming early to help me hang balloons and setting up, Gwenda made the fairy bread & Deanne bought our Birthday cake. Robyn brought and wrapped presents for everyone. Niela cooked and brought homemade cookies. Josie made a pair of earrings to order as one of our gifts.

Heather brought some completed rugs to show. Ladies if you haven't looked through the albums that Heather brings each week have a look at them as they are amazing.

Deanne brought in 2 completed very attractive Twiddle Muffs. I will bring them back next week for another viewing.

NEXT WEEK ~ I am going to ask Heather to show her latest rug idea that she was working on today ~ If you didn't see it, they are small squares knitted together in a diamond fashion. Wait until you see it!

I will bring my tiny butterflies and will show how they can be crocheted or knitted. Niela we would love your cookie recipe (if it isn't a secret recipe.)

Brian King Gardens is where our Fiddle Rugs and Twiddle Muffs are going and there is more to the name Brian King than we would have known. I will share a little with you that I know.

Brian King was an Anglican Minister in fact he married Robyn and her husband and also Christened their daughter. He is a man that Robyn has looked up to with great respect. He was Archdeacon of Parramatta.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 22nd March ~ Gwenda

8th March 2017 13 present

Happy Birthday to dear Wendy for last Sunday. We hope you had a happy day.

I am positive that our Craft Choir has had an extra rehearsal this week as the singing to Wendy was exceptional, in tune, in time and of course under the leadership of our Conductor Joan.

Our Thought For The Week ~ "I was going to do something, then I got distracted for 5 seconds and then I forgot" ~~~ so true for us all, don't you think?

I went out my back door this morning and the puddles on my pavers (as I stepped in one) reminded me of our old childhood poem ~ "Dr Foster went to Gloucester in a shower of rain, he stepped in a puddle right up to his middle and never went there again." ~ This made me laugh and then I had a great thought that I decided to share at craft with you today, and here it is. Next week being our 8th birthday why don't we bring along something that reminds us of being a little girl. It can be a poem, book, trinket, ornament, photo or anything to make us smile. Let's have fun on our birthday. Im not sure how we can dress for our birthday but have a think. I will bring the fairy bread.

Talking with a representative from Brian King Gardens at ARV the need is great for small knee rugs called "Fiddle Rugs" and "Twiddle Muffs" for their Dementia patients and sufferers. They have 34 patients at present and they are supplying these Muffs to other sufferers outside of the village also. This is a local organisation that is in need. The Rugs are just like 4 squares sewn together, just big enough to lay on their laps.

We also talked about how we can help The Sanctuary. I have been in touch with them by Email. Their main need is food items, teddies and cleaning products. We could aim for Mothers Day.

Elizabeth mentioned a poem called "Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore" when we were talking about Dr Foster. Well I did find it and it's quite long so I will write it for next week ~ it's very funny!!

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 15th March ~ Niela

1st March 2017 13 present

OUR THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK ~ I read this in a shop window at Castle Towers.
I'm a huge fan of saying "You're Welcome," really loud when people don't say Thank You.

Thank You Robyn for giving us a very lovely diary which I know one of our ladies will love. Thank You Elsa for bringing party pies for morning tea.

It was lovely to see some of Niela's holiday photos from Dubai.

Thank You Heather for showing us a calendar with beautiful photos from Hamlin Fistula Australia.

We passed around my "Muddlemuff" or "Fiddlemuff" (they have 2 names) for everyone to see. I know Deanne has made one also.

Wednesday 15th March is our 8th birthday here at craft. How can we celebrate our birthday? Come dressed for a birthday party.

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS ~ I have mentioned this before and I will continue to remind everyone each week. We are not going to be having craft during school holidays anymore. Craft will be during the school terms.

The next school holiday dates are 12th and 18th April. That is no craft on these dates.

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 8th March ~ open to anyone!!

22nd February 2017 10 present

OUR THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK ~ this thought will put a smile on your face, It's a 3-year-old having a chat with his Grandmother (Sent to me by a friend)

"Geez Grandma! It's not that hard!
Go into settings.....
Select wi-fi .... select it! Tap it with your finger ....
OMG any finger!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr"

We love birthdays and today we were able to sing and to give a birthday card to Elsa.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Elsa and have a lovely day.

We loved looking at the family photo album that Gae brought in of Tom's 80th birthday celebrations with their family. Beautiful photos.

I showed another new project that we can participate in that was brought to my attention by a friend this week. As I said today I am happy supporting any organisation that is in need. Sometimes when we hear of one that is in our community and on our doorsteps ~ well that is nice too. Here is my latest ~ It's helping The Dementia Unit at Anglican Retirement Village ARV Castle Hill. They are Twiddlemufs, very simple to knit rectangles that are sewn into a tube to enable patients to keep their hands from shaking and to feel safe and still. Twiddlemufs are knitted muffs with interesting "bits & bobs" attached. Many sufferers from Alzheimers and Dementia find these comforting and therapeutic as they stimulate the brain and help sufferers to stop fidgeting. The "bits & bobs" sewn to these can be as simple as pieces of ribbon and lace, beads, bows, rings buttons zippers just anything to touch and fiddle with. I will bring a completed one next week and for the next couple of weeks.

I also showed my latest purchase. "A yarn holder". I will bring it back next week too. We have so much to do, look at, play with and try! It's all so exciting. Our day today was full of happy chatter. We were busy with our own projects. When knitting bandages isn't it amazing how that last stretch to a metre seems to take forever to get to.

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 1st March ~ Deanne

15th February 2017 14 present

Put yourself at the top of your To - Do - List every single day
and the rest will fall into place.

We have loved these towel borders they look so good and do make lovely gifts. I have the pattern if anyone else would like it. I have one for you Robyn!

Thank You Deanne for being my "Mrs Fixit" to my towel border when I was "over it," and it turned out to be too short for my towel. ~ Deanne came to my rescue!

Whispers of "Oh Yum" echoed around the kitchen as we tested Morning Tea when it came to craft this morning. Thank You Lesley.

Gwenda showed a little crocheted bag she made for 5 year old Cayla. I will knit a square one to show, as these are suitable for adults and young people too.

We thank Gaynor for bringing to our attention the following organisation that is in need and that we can help in some way. ~~
The Sanctuary is a Crisis Centre in Castle Hill for Women and Children who are fleeing domestic violence. In a small way we can help by knitting teddies for the children and perhaps a small gift for the mothers for Mothers Day. We can think about Christmas later in the year. If anyone would like to hear a speaker from The Sanctuary we have been invited to attend Kenthurst Probus at 9.30am on Monday 19th June. I have only been able to find them on Face Book so I have made contact by private messaging them. I will keep you informed when I hear back.

When we walk through the doors at craft on Wednesday mornings, we never know what we are going to be walking out the doors knowing. Do we?

KITCHEN DUTIES ~ Wednesday 22nd February ~ Gwenda

8th February 2017 12 present

SMILING is infectious, you catch it like the flu,
When someone SMILED at me today I started SMILING too
I passed around the corner and someone saw my grin
When he SMILED, I realized I had passed it onto him
I thought about that smile, then realized its worth,
A single SMILE just like mine, could travel round the earth.
So if you feel a SMILE begin don't leave it undetected,
Let's start an epidemic and get the world infected.

~ Thank You Elizabeth x

Many voices of help, opinions, advice, praise, suggested ideas, encouragement for the work that we are all doing is so appreciated. If anyone has a question of any kind about anything just come to our ladies at craft and I can assure you that you will certainly go home with a smile on your face.

I do admit today is Thursday as I write this report of our happenings at craft yesterday. My daughter Sharon and I have a love affair with IKEA so straight from craft yesterday off I went to Spotlight, and then IKEA it's amazing how you can walk through that door without intentions of anything in particular to purchase and next thing you are chasing for a trolley as you can't carry the shopping!!!

Deanne and I have been knitting towel borders and they are lovely and make very lovely gifts. We didn't show them as we should have so Deanne please bring yours back and so will I. I will give out the pattern to those of you who would like them. Many squares and bandages continue to keep us busy. Little baby garments are being knitted as well as a certain "man's jumper", jewellery, Heather's stripe bandage is a good idea to add interest as we knit them.

Joan , Wendy and I were talking about a poem we knew from our childhood and funny enough we kept getting stuck remembering the last few lines so "me who loves googling" found the end so please just smile as this will bring back a memory for you all. (Are you ready??) We do do it all at craft!!!!


There was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile ~
he found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile,
He bought a crooked cat, who caught a crooked mouse,
and they all lived together in a little crooked house.

This all came about when I was showing Joan and Wendy a crooked house I had knitted.

KITCHEN DUTIES Wednesday 15th February ~ Rosemary

1st February 2017 12 present

We are now into February and we are pleased to say Happy Birthday to Jenny. We will be posting Jenny's birthday card to her and we hope your day will be a happy one.

OUR THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK IS ~ this is a "crafty one"
Families are like old quilts ..... Although they tend to unravel at times .... Each can be stitched back together with love.

Our Thought for next week has been given to me by Elizabeth, so we can look forward to it.

Joan showed a beautiful cross stitch that her Granddaughter sent her from Norway for her birthday.

We were such busy little crafters today and we welcomed back some of our friends who we didn't see last week.

Exquisite Bath Towels and Hand Towels are going to make some gorgeous gifts from us to some of our special friends. (You may ask "what is Gwenda talking about?") Well allow me to explain ~ Gaynor brought in her pattern for these borders for us to knit. I will make one this week and bring it for "show n tell" I am also going to show Elizabeth how to start crocheting for tea towels. If you would like to do these also we will do them too. These projects don't have to be straight away. If you are interested we can do them any time.

I walked around chatting and observing what we were all doing when we came to craft today ~ check my memory as I didn't write this down.

Elaine, Marilyn and Wendy were knitting squares, Elizabeth and Elsa were knitting bandages, Joan is knitting a feathery, fluffy hat, Josie is making her beloved jewelry, Deanne is knitting a gorgeous green baby jumper, Gae is knitting a blue baby jumper, Christine is crocheting flowers for a knee rug, Gaynor is knitting towel edges (as I mentioned before) and "Lucky Rod" ~ Gwenda is back to knitting his warm Bendigo jumper!! Did I pass the "test of accuracy remembering what we were all doing?"We truly did have a lovely morning together today.

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 8th February ~ Marilyn

25th January 2017 12 present

My "THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK" is Happy Australia Day everyone!

Our birthdays have started for the year and our Kenthurst Choir burst into song for our birthday ladies.

Joan, Padma, Beverley & Gwenda. Thank you Rosemary for our beautiful handmade cards ~ so special they are.

We loved having Heather back with us. It was also lovely to have received a Thank You from The Leprosy Mission Hospital that Heather read out to us. Our generosity in knitting these bandages is very much appreciated. Another Thank You card Heather read to us was thanking us for supporting the Hamlyn Fistula Support Australia. This is another organisation that we support where we can.

Heather showed us a bag that she has made for her Granddaughter's 18th birthday. It's simply stunning.

Heather brought in another completed wrap from Margaret, this time they are knitted basket weave patterns and were knitted by Christine.

Gae brought in and gave us a beautifully knitted baby jumper and booties in pink. I am going to take them to The Children's Hospital when I next visit them with teddies.

Joan was very proud to show us a jar that was filled with loving messages that her Granddaughter gave her.

I showed how to make Pom Pom's using your fingers for a larger one or a fork for a small one. We can do this again next week.

Lesley has drawn up our Morning Tea roster for the next couple of months so we will pass this around again next week.

MORNING TEA ROSTER ~ Wednesday 1st February ~ Gaynor

Well I don't think I have forgotten to pass on anything else. I will just say welcome back to craft for another year of friendship and happy times together.


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